Red Bones


Key One: Ami:

Ami sat there staring with big eyes. She struggled to speak. Lavi closed his eyes, waiting for the worst. He peeked out when heard silence. Ami stared at him, unable to move. Lavi gritted his teeth. Come on, say something!

“Is… this real?” Ami asked. She walked forward to touch one of his wings.

“Don’t!” Lavi said. “You will cut your fingers if you do that.” She sat back down as the color drained from her face.

“I… I don’t understand,” she said.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

“You really are…?”


Ami put her hands on her stomach. “Then what is this baby I’m carrying?”

Lavi lowered his eye. “A Nephilim.”

“A what?”

The angel sighed and closed up his wings. He probably should stop talking. He didn’t know how much more this she could take. Lavi took her by the hands.

“It’s a mix of an angel and a human,” he said. “Back in Heaven, they are considered abominations.” Ami drew back her hands.

“An… abomination?” she asked.

“I’m so sorry,” Lavi said. Ami started to back away from him. She got up and ran out of the room. The angel lowered his hand. He knew this was coming, but why did it still hurt?

Ami locked herself into the bathroom. She sank down on the floor, trembling. This couldn’t be a real. Lavi was an… angel? Ami pulled her knees to her chest. She could stop trembling. The baby started moving around in her belly. The heiress winced in pain.

“Why is this happening to me?” she asked. Tears ran down her cheeks. Looking back, it began to make sense. The feeling that something or someone was following her. The strange pains in her belly. The whispering around her. Ami closed her eyes and shivered.

She froze when she heard a knock on the door.

“Go away!” Ami screamed.

“Ami, please!” Lavi said. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen! I am so sorry!”

“Liar!” she screamed. She huddled closer into the corner. The heiress slowly shook her head.

“I won’t leave you!” Lavi shouted. “I can’t, not yet anyway!”

“Why?!” Ami screamed. There was a pause outside of the bathroom door.

“You are in danger because of the child,” he said.

“What?” she asked.

“Please let me in?”


“Just here me out! There will be many demons and possibly some angels coming for your baby. The child is drawing them to them.”

Ami looked as pale as a ghost. “This isn’t real. This isn’t real!”

“I’m so sorry,” Lavi said.

“Go away!”


“Shut up! Shut up! Just shut up!” Ami covered her ears, covering. The outside of the bathroom got quiet. The heiress finally broke down, crying.

By now, the demons knew about Lavi and Ami’s child. The rumor mill caught on fire four months in. They keep talking about the antichrist coming. Maybe it was a saint coming to save them all. The Woman in Red had heard about them by now. The angels hadn’t heard anything yet. Probably a good thing for the time being.

Back to the demons at hand.

They keep following Ami around. They whisper in her ear. They even watch her while she’s asleep. Lavi knew they were there. Even if she rejected him in the end, he would still fight back. He couldn’t leave her. He could already hear what Bookman was going to say.

“You cannot get attached to that child. Once they are born, they will be a stranger to you! If you form a bond, you will completely damn yourself further.”

Lavi shut his eye. I know that! He knew that too well. What choice did he have? It was either going to be that or face more disgrace if and when he made it back to Heaven. But still, he couldn’t leave Ami and the baby to be attacked.

He knocked on the bathroom door again.

“I said go away!” Ami screamed.

“No!” Lavi shouted back. “Not until the baby is born! You are free to hate me all you want, but it won’t change how I feel about you! I am staying with you to protect you both through the end! Do you hear me, Ami?” There was silence from inside the bathroom. Lavi leaned up beside the door.

“I will take your silence as a yes,” he said. The angel sighed and rubbed his forehead. Why did it keep becoming more tangled up like this?”

Outside, Stacy watched them from the bedroom window. So he actually did it, she thought. The demon chuckled to herself.

“Well, okay,” she said. “Let’s see what happens next. What will you do now, Lavi?”

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