Red Bones


Key Three: Rumors:

Word of Ami and Lavi’s child reached the Fallen City. Five months in and it took this long for the news to hit. Angels and monsters alike had their own opinions about this. There were many ways to look at this.

“This child could say us all.”

“This child could damn us all.”

Let’s look at both sides of the argument. Why is this Nephilim so important to this crumbling world? Why this baby?

Tyki sat in his office, smoking. He too heard the rumors.

“Heh,” he said. The doctor turned to Leda in her cage. He smirked at first before turning serious.

“Did you know this?” he asked. Leda raised her eyebrow.

“Oh!” Tyki said. “You didn’t? Well, then. Guess you’re not as powerful as you think you are.” Leda stared at him, wide-eye. The doctor gave her his full attention.

“What’s that face for?” he asked. Tyki raised his eyebrow. “What are you so afraid of?” He had a curious look on his face.

“Hm…?” the doctor asked. Leda tried to put her brave face back on. Too late.

They all know about the Woman in Red. She caused their misery. She was freed and the hell began. First Ikebukuro fell. Then it spread through Tokyo. Soon, Japan became hit with the poison. No one saw it coming. Some did, but they were ignored. Now, East Asia would soon pay the price. The Woman in Red is far from done.

The monsters fear her as much as they are excited by her. She made them after all. Not intentionally though. She never creates anything. No, they came from her wake of destruction. Sprung up and took over the city.

But what does this have to do with the baby?

Has the Woman in Red heard of this child? She’s looking for something in the living world. Or rather someone. It’s not clear what goes on in her head. Either way, it can’t be good. Let’s look at both sides of the argument.

Some of the monsters want to spread out the city. Their home feels crowded despite its size. A little more room wouldn’t have. But that will need to more destruction in the living world.


They just want the misery to end. It’s just going all too long. There is no end in sight. Worse things will be coming. At this rate, they will take anything. Even a half-breed baby sounded appealing. But is this healthy? The child isn’t even born yet. It might die in a miscarriage. It might die before reaching adulthood. It might turn to the dark side. They’ve had time to think about this. They are just desperate at this point.

Desperation is a cancer when left unchecked. Ugly things have come from desperation. History has demonstrated this time and again. It won’t change even after the end. Why is this time different?

There is more at stake. The remaining world. Overcrowding in Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, and Tartarus. A dead planet. It will all die. Those desperate know that it can’t go on like this. So they wait with bated breath. It’s been five months so far and now she knows the truth. She’s starting to hear the voices clearer now.

The angels and monsters all wait and see what will happen next.


They just want the misery to end. It might as well just end before it gets worse. They feel that this child will make it worse. Nothing good has come from a nephilim being born. This time will be no different. They are counting on, in fact. But what will they do?

Some want to kill this child. Death would be the only why to save themselves from damnation. But how and when? What can kill a nephilim? A knife? A sword? A gun? Would they have to bless? How many times would it have to be done? Also, would it be too early to kill a baby? But what if he grows up to kill them all? They cannot let this happen.

Others don’t want to kill them. They wanted to seal away any powers in his body. But how would they do that? What type of spells would be needed? Would they even work? Who would be able to do them? How long would it take? It just seemed to risky.

Both sides of the argument are uncertain. The Fallen City can’t do much because they cannot live. All they can do it work. Tyki does his research into this unborn nephilim. He’s found a new way to freak Leda out. Meanwhile, the angel was starting to see a disturbing picture. She shivered as she fought to stay brave. How long before it reached the rest of the Tower? What will happen after this child is born?

Meanwhile, Ami was unaware of the horrors coming for her. There is the pain. Oh, she can’t run from that. She can’t run from the voices either. She didn’t even know of the worse coming for her.

But someone else did…

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