Red Bones


Key Five: Visions:

Ami sat quiet in the bathroom. She had twelve visions of how the end would be sped up again. Each one more horrifying than the last. Ami tried to pull her knees to her chest. She could see those visions playing in her head again.

Wall of Fire

Ami opened her eyes and saw a wall of fire. She couldn’t feel the heat around her. The young mother-to-be shouted out for anyone to come to her aid. No sound came from her mouth. Ami walked around through the enclosed space. She reached out to touch the flames.

No, don’t!

Ami froze and turned around. A girl in a hoodie stood inches away from her. Ami tilted her head and walked towards her.

“Hello?” she asked. The pain started to kick in. Ami grabbed her stomach and screamed in silent pain. The girl in the black hoodie reached for her neck.

Sea of Trees

The trees were all black and dead. They stood so tall that they could block out the sunlight. These were no ordinary trees. Ami could smell death from the trees. She covered her nose and backed away. Even worse it felt like her body was being eaten away as her eyes burned.

What is this?

Suddenly, the trees started to move. More of them grew, consuming the earth that didn’t have them growing on them. Growing at an alerting rate, killing everything in their path. She couldn’t stop it from growing. Their poison ripped through the air.


Ami awoke in a sea of needles. So small, but sharp like spikes. They cried for blood. She couldn’t get away from them if she tried. The endless sea of needles wanted her blood. But, their little tips already had blood on them.

Screams of pain filled the air. At first, it sounded like children. Then it changed to a woman. Soon, it became her own voice. Ami moved her hands to her stomach. She felt the needles stick out of her belly, trying to make their way out. When Ami moved her hand away, she saw more blood.

The needles on ground had their fill.

Bloodied Child

A little baby lay on tatami mat crying. It was hard to tell it was a boy or a girl. The little body was covered in blood. Its little legs kicked about in the air. The wailing shook the room but got lost in the dark. There were people in the room, but no one would tend to the child. Ami floated in the room watching them. She wanted to reach out to the child, but never could touch them. When that baby saw her, it cried harder.

Ami felt herself floating away into the darkness.

Face in the Mirror

A giant mirror hung in the sky. Nobody on the ground seemed to be looking up. Ami had the misfortune of doing so. All of the color drain from her face.

A man with a blue face looked down at her and grinned. His teeth looked rotted away. He had two black holes with eyes. The man seemed to be hissing down at the people staring down at their phones. Ami grabbed her stomach as she felt her child trying to claw its way out.

Hell in the Sea

The sea is screaming out. People stood in fire as they screamed with their flesh falling off. Their open mouths seemed like endless black holes. Their eyes had always been burned away and their teeth falling out. They blinded reached out for anyone, anything to save them from their misery. One of them clawed at their neck. The people walked closer like they were zombies. Their wails made Ami’s stomach turn. But, she couldn’t run away. The hands of melting flesh pulled her further down into the sea of decaying bodies.

The Burning Forest

Ami came back to the blackened forest. This time, it was on fire. She could hear the trees screaming. Again, there was no heat. But, the fire didn’t kill the fire. The trees seemed to be growing faster instead. The poisonous smell was making Ami dizzy.

I can’t… breathe…

Ami tried to swim up to the darkened sky, but the trees seemed to be pulling her back down. She could feel her body breaking down. The child inside her belly tried to claw its way out in the process.

The Morgue

Ami opened her eyes again. This time, the silence made her shiver. She felt so cold. The young mother-to-be froze as the smell of death filled her nose. Ami turned and saw tables upon tables of covered bodies. A sense of dread crawled up her spine.


Ami started to back away, her hand reaching for the door. She tried to turn the knob, but there was no knob. Against her better judgement, Ami turned her head. The door disappeared. Her eyes widened as the color drained from her face. There it came again. Her child clawed at her stomach to escape.

Red Earth

By now, the trees were dead. All that was left was the earth. All stained in red. Ami could hear the cries from the soil. They sounded inhuman. Ami wouldn’t even dare to lean down and touch it. Her feet burned just standing on it.

“You did this.”

Ami turned around. There was that girl in hoodie standing in front of her. She reached out for the young mother-to-be’s neck.

“Give it back!” she screamed. “Give me back my home!” Ami tried to push her off, but the girl’s grip was too strong. The last thing she could remember was everything going black.

Little Red Bones

Ami found herself back on the red earth. Only, there was tiny red bones laying at her feet. She reached to touch one, but it crumbled at her fingertips. When she drew back her hand, Ami saw blood on her fingertips. She tried to let out a scream, but no sound came out.

“You did this.”

Ami turned around. There was that girl in hoodie standing in front of her. She reached out for the young mother-to-be’s neck.

“Give them back!” she screamed. “Give me back my babies!” Ami tried to push her off, but the girl’s grip was too strong. The last thing she could remember was everything going black.

Train of the Dead

Ami opened her eyes to the sound of a train whizzing by. When she looked around, she found herself sitting inside of a car. The cold made her skin hurt. The rest of the passengers were hooded with their heads down.

“Hello?” she asked. They didn’t make a sound. They didn’t even look up. Ami looked around as she could see her own breath. Her stomach turned as she had a nagging feeling at the back of her neck. She reached out to the passenger on her right and shook their shoulder.

“Hey! Hey!” Ami shouted. But then, the passenger crumbled into dust. Worried filled her face as the others started to do the same. The sounds of the train drowned out her screams.

Broken Bodies

She found herself back at that red earth. Only this time, it was covered in bodies. Bodies that were broken, ripped, and crushed. Ami covered her mouth as she backed away with the feeling of throwing up hitting the back of her throat.

“I want my mama,” she whimpered.


Ami didn’t even get time to react. A sword went through her back to her chest. Blood ran down the corner of her mouth. The girl in the hoodie stood behind her holding the sword.

She had no emotion on her face.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Ami muttered to herself in the real world.

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