The truth is still out there..... For twelve years, conspiracies and the unknown have contributed for many challenges for federal agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully..... Many of these challenges represent life and death situations for the two partners of the federal Bureau of Investigations X-Files program. Fox Mulder will now face one of his greatest challenges yet.....

Scifi / Thriller
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: That Which Is, But Perhaps Should Never Be.....

Fox Mulder was surrounded by silence. The stillness of his placing, it was a little unnerving to the aging F.B.I agent.

The room, the space he found himself in; it was constructed of white seamless walls, a ceiling and floor of the same material. The material felt strange, it felt as if it were not real. Not metal, not stucco or any painted drywall, or even brick.

The walls, they had a natural balanced temperature to his touch, and they seemed to be vibrating.

Mulder, could not swear for any known certainty; but for a few minutes the F.B.I agent thought the walls may have been actually humming in a constant state of vibrations.

The space's illumination seemed to be radiating from the walls themselves.

Fox Mulder was feeling lost and a little confused. He did not know where he was, and he could not recollect on the events prior to his apparent imprisonment. he was beginning to feel as if the Bureau had finally gotten him committed into some institution because of his- extraordinary beliefs.

"..... Hello?"

Fox Mulder called aloud, the agent trying to find a point of communication. His voice seemed to echo and change in repeating frequencies as the wavelengths returned to his ears from multiple directions; and at different volumes. Some annoyingly louder than he reasoned they should have been. The F.B.I agent covered his ears on instinct.

Mulder now flashed incoherently on bits and pieces of past memory. The unfamiliar images played before his eyes in a chaotic sequencing of random collaborating.

He shook his head and rubbed his eyes with his right hand fingers. The images were making him a little dizzy, and he could not make any immediate sense of anything that he had seen.

"Hello?" Mulder now whispered low. "Where am I? can anybody hear me?"

To Mulder's comfort, the echo affect seemed to have ceased, although the mystery of where he currently was, had not been allowing for a whole lot of relaxation.

Fox Mulder tried again. The F.B.I agent still getting no answers, and this time he could barely hear his own words.

Mulder now decided to chance a bluff of sorts; in order to instigate a connection with his unseen captors.

"..... Facilities, clean rooms..... Possibly for secret medical experimentation; these do not scare me..... Cells, in different shapes and sizes; they are nothing but a curious familiarity, no matter how unrecognizable they may seem...."


Fox Mulder now paused. The voice he was now hearing was one that was all too familiar.

""Scully? I can hear you! Where are you?"

Fox Mulder waited a few minutes, and again there was nothing but silence.

Mulder was beginning to feel odd, the man shaking and teetering; his legs weakening and his eyes drooping.

"What, what's going...... on?"

Fox Mulder collapsed on the floor, the F.B.I agent immediately blacking out from consciousness.

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