Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 10

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Ten

Olympia's POV

After changing, I went back down to the basement where everyone was gathered and sat cross legged on my special purple beanbag chair. If you haven't already noticed, my favorite color is purple. "What do you want to do until Natalie and Francesca get here?" Kate asked. I shrugged and started petting Bella. She, being a dog, could sense the storm that was coming and was anxious. Bella whimpered and leaned her head on my lap. I unconsciously started petting her. "Shh, it's going to be okay." I whispered to my puppy. She looked up at me with her huge brown puppy eyes as if to ask, 'Really?' "Why don't we just chill out until they come?" I suggested. "Let's see if there's anything good on T.V." Kate picked up the remote and started channel surfing. I was still trying to calm Bella and Legolas looked at me, curious. "Is something wrong with her?" he asked. "She can sense the storm coming and it's making her anxious." I replied and Bella whimpered again. "Olympia, catch!" Kate threw one of Bella's chew toys to me. I caught it and gave it to her. She barked and started chewing it. Her bark sounded more like a squeak than anything else. I smiled. "SpongeBob's on!" Kate shrieked. "Put in on then!" I told her. Yes, we're young adults who still watch SpongeBob when it's on.

After a few episodes of SpongeBob, the doorbell rang. "I got it!" I announced and ran to go let my friends in. By this point it had started raining and I didn't want them getting soaked. "What's up?" I asked as I let Francesca and Natalie into the house. "Other than the fact that it's pouring out, nothing." Natalie answered. We all went downstairs and my friends plopped themselves down on the couch. We watched T.V. for a while longer and Bella decided she wanted to go and wait out the storm in a kind of storm shelter we had set up for occasions like this. It was a room in the same short hallway as the laundry room and had a bunch of her chew toys, a dog bed and things like that. Out of absolute boredom, I started singing the first song that popped into my head. Kate started laughing at the sight of it. I guess me hanging upside down on a beanbag chair, air guitar-ing, head bobbing and singing 'Blaze of Glory' by Bon Jovi is funny. "What's so funny?" Francesca asked. She had been paying attention to the SpongeBob marathon on nickelodeon. "Look at Olympia." Kate stated. "Shot down in a blaze of glory. Take me down, but know the truth. But I'm going down in a blaze of glory." I sang. Natalie threw a nearby pillow at me, successfully hitting me in the face. "Blech, pillows taste bad." I commented. "Well, what did you expect?" Francesca laughed. "Not feathers, that's for sure." I answered, brushing some stray feathers off of me. These pillows were old, shedding feathers had definitely seen better days. Francesca, Kate, and Natalie all burst into laughter. "What?" I raised an eyebrow at them. "That's what she said!" Natalie choked through her giggles. "Oh! Get your minds out of the gutter people!" I threw the pillow back at Natalie and made a face. Sometimes my friends are really perverted.

The storm had picked up and was now a full blown monsoon. The rain came down in sheets, but there was no thunder at the moment. "Do you guys want to play UNO?" Kate asked. She's putting her plan into action! I can picture dramatic music playing right now. Either that or a thunder clap or something. "What is UNO?" Gimli asked. Kate was about to answer when a loud clap of thunder sounded outside. Called it. "It's a card game." Kate told him, getting up to get the UNO cards. When she got back, we explained how to play. "What does UNO mean?" Merry asked as Kate shuffled and dealt out the cards to everyone. "It means one in Spanish and you have to shout 'Uno!' when you have one card left." I explained. "What is Spanish?" Legolas asked. "It's a language." Kate told him. "Do you speak it?" Aragorn asked. "Yes. I took it in school, so did Kate and Natalie. Also, Kate and I are Spanish on my dad's side so our grandma or abuela taught us some when we were younger." I said. "I took Italian. It's another language." Francesca added. "Can you speak some for us?" Sam asked. "Hay que hablar español para ellos?" (Should we speak Spanish for them?) Natalie smiled. "Sí." (Yes) I nodded. "Qué debemos hablar?" (What should we talk about?) Kate asked. "El tiempo." (The weather) Natalie suggested. "Es terrible." (It's terrible) I shouted over the loud clap of thunder that shook my house. My friends and sister laughed at the irony and I couldn't help but laugh along.

After speaking some more Spanish for the Fellowship and Francesca speaking some Italian, we started the game of UNO. This time around, I was winning. That's when Kate made it her personal mission to use all of her skip cards and all those types of things on me whenever she could. Francesca and Natalie were doing the same thing to the people next to them; Boromir was next to Natalie and Frodo was next to Francesca. Unfortunately for Kate, I was able to peek at her cards once in a while and see what she had. At the moment, the color was green. I didn't have any green so I put down my wild card that caused the next person to draw four cards. "Red." I smirked. Most of my cards were red. This earned me some evil glares, especially from Legolas. He had had only two cards left and now he had to draw four. "Maltida sea. Yo no tengo tarjetas rojas." (Damn it. I don't have red cards.) Kate whispered. "Sucks for you." I told her. The games went on like this for a while. I won two rounds. Kate, being an UNO champ, won five. Legolas won one round, Francesca and Natalie each won two rounds and Gandalf won three. We played for a while longer and eventually, everyone had won at least one round.

Then, there was a loud roll of thunder and the lights flickered. I let out a small scream at the noise. "What is wrong?" Legolas looked over at me concerned. "Nothing, thunder has just always scared me." I answered. Kate nodded in agreement. Lightning constantly lit up the sky and I could see it through the window near the ceiling, ground level since we were in the basement. It wasn't the lightning that scared me, it was the thunder. I flinched every time thunder rolled outside and Legolas gave me a look every time I did. At one point, the storm was closer to my house, making for louder thunder. BOOM! Thunder cracked above us and lightning lit up the room for a second. I flinched and the lights went out. This time however, they didn't come back on. "Well, now what?" Natalie asked from somewhere ahead of me. I couldn't see at all so I couldn't tell where anyone was. "I don't know!" Francesca answered. "Do we have a flashlight down here?" I asked. "Somewhere." Kate answered vaguely. I started drumming my fingers on the floor and someone put their hand on mine. I assumed it was my sister so I squeezed the hand lightly.

Suddenly, there was a crackling sound and the T.V. lit up the room with the evil blue screen of death. "Again?" Natalie shouted at the ceiling. At this point I looked at the hand I was still holding. I looked up at the person, but quickly turned away, blushing. It was Legolas who had been holding my hand. I really freaking hope he can't see how red my face is getting. I thought, feeling my face heat up as I blushed. "What's up with the T.V.?" Kate asked no one in particular. Just then, a swirling vortex appeared on the screen and the room lit up with a bright blue-ish light. I took my hand out of Legolas's and shielded my face against the light. Then something started pulling us towards the T.V. I remember my friends, sister and me screaming bloody murder, Bella barking and the feeling of falling. Then there was darkness and I blacked out.

When I came to again the first thing I saw was the very blurry image of Kate standing over me. Or sitting, I couldn't really tell. "You're okay!" she shrieked. "Yes, I'm okay. I can't see. Oww, my head!" I had a headache of epic proportions. "My head hurts too. Take your glasses off, it worked for me." Francesca added. I followed her advice and took my glasses off. Surprisingly, I was able to see perfectly without them, and I mean like, perfectly. It was weird. I had never been able to see so clearly in my life. That was when I got a good look around. We weren't in my basement anymore; we were in the middle of the wilderness. It was quickly getting dark out and it was cold. I looked around me for my friends and the Fellowship. Francesca, Kate and I were awake. Natalie was still unconscious nearby. "Wait a minute, what happened to our clothes? And what happened to Francesca? Kate, is this how a hangover feels?" I asked as my head started throbbing again. I asked Kate because on New Year's Eve, she went to a party and drank a bit too much and complained about a hangover for a good majority of the next day. Argh, My head felt like it was in a freaking vice. Francesca was now only about three feet tall, and she had hairy feet. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Look down. And to answer your question, no; hangovers are worse than this." Kate said. "Oh my God! I'm a hobbit!" Francesca yelled, drawing the attention of the Fellowship. They all looked very relieved that we had woken up. "How do you feel?" Aragorn asked us. "Our heads hurt." Francesca replied. "Meep. Francesca's a hobbit now." I smiled. "We have new clothes." Kate pointed out, looking down at her clothes.

That we did. I wasn't wearing shorts and a hoodie anymore. I had dark brown leggings and boots, a burgundy-ish colored tunic on and a brown cloak. I also had a belt with two fighting knives sheathed on it strapped to my hips. Kate was wearing black leggings and boots, a dark blue-grey tunic and a sword and a dagger at her hip. She was also wearing a cloak that was the same blue-grey color as her tunic. Francesca had brown pants, for lack of a better word, an off-white shirt, a cloak and a short sword. "Why does my head feel like I was hit with a ton of freaking bricks?" Natalie asked. "You're awake! Welcome back to the land of the living!" I called. "Shut up." She whispered. "What happened to our normal clothes?" she asked. "I don't know." Kate shrugged. Natalie was now wearing a red tunic, black leggings and boots, a cloak and she had a sword. "Francesca, you're short and have hairy feet." Natalie pointed out. "I know." She answered. "Now what?" I asked. "We cannot travel anymore today. We must rest for the night." Gandalf told us. "Does that mean we're coming with you now?" Kate raised an eyebrow. "Yes, you must accompany us. We cannot turn back." The wizard answered. Holy shit! For one, I didn't think Kate's plan would actually work! It was actually crazy enough to work. Go figure. Two, we're going on the quest! We should probably learn how to use these weapons then. I thought.

"Kate, Olympia! Your ears are pointy!" Natalie yelled. "What?" Kate and I turned to our friend. "You heard me. Your. Ears. Are. Freaking. Pointy." She responded. My eyes widened as I reached up to feel the tips of my ears. Sure enough, they were pointed now. "Oh my God." I whispered. "We're elves." Kate stated. "If we're going to go with you on this quest, someone needs to teach us how to use these weapons." Francesca changed the subject. "Yeah, she's right. We have no idea how to use these." Kate agreed. "We will train you in the ways of your new weapons, do not worry about that." Gandalf replied. By this point, someone had started a fire and we sat around it. Francesca was sitting with her legs stretched out and staring at her now hairy feet. Natalie was sitting in between Francesca and Kate and I sat on Kate's other side. I drew my knees up to my chest and listened to the sounds of the night. I felt like trying out my new elf hearing. I heard crickets, cicadas and a bunch of other creatures of the night. Somewhere in the distance, an owl hooted. "What are we going to do?" I whispered softly to my sister after a while. "We're going to follow the quest and stick to the canon as much as possible and not die doing it." Kate whispered back, leaning closer to me so no one else would hear us. I turned to whisper into my sister's now pointed ear. "Easier said than done. Does that mean we can't save Haldir?" I asked. "We'll see. He wasn't supposed to die, but everything else needs to go according to the canon. We can't mess up anything, everything happened for a reason." She answered. "Why do you think we changed into elves?" I wondered out loud. "I don't know. I'm not sure why Francesca's a hobbit either." Kate shrugged. Everyone else had settled down and was sitting around the fire. I pulled my cloak around me tighter and stared into the fire.

What exactly brought us here? How long were we unconscious? What are we going to do when the Fellowship breaks and everyone goes in different directions? Will we be able to get home after the quest? Why did Francesca, me and Kate change species but Natalie didn't? What are we going to do about sleeping? Is there extra stuff for us or not? Are we fucking up canon simply by being here? If we can't get home after the quest, what are we going to do? Francesca might go live in the Shire with other hobbits. But what about the rest of us? Ugh, why is the universe so confusing? Meep!

Author's note: So, there you have it. The girls got to Middle Earth! I'm not sure what made me turn Francesca into a hobbit, I thought she seemed hobbit-ish to me. Francesca also likes hobbits. Natalie requested to stay human for reasons I am not going to tell you yet. And I have no idea why I turned Kate into an elf too, but I have my reasons for me turning into an elf. I'm just not going to say why. I think you can figure it out though. Anywhatsitz, I used Google Translate for my Spanish seeing as I do not speak it fluently. If I'm wrong please tell me! REVIEW PLEASE!

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