Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 11

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Eleven

Olympia's POV

I sat in front of the fire for a long time. Natalie, Francesca, Kate and I were all in shock. We ate when the hobbits offered us food but otherwise we kept quiet and thought. That's what I was doing when Legolas sat down beside me. "Is something troubling you?" he asked. "I don't know. I'm just having a hard time getting adjusted to your world. I've only heard of this place in stories and movies. I never thought I'd actually come here. I'm not going to see any of my family of friends for a long time; and that's assuming we can get home when the quest is over. What are people going to think happened to us? What are they going to do when they discover that we're gone? Will Bella be able to survive on her own until someone finds her? What if we can't get home? I'm rambling, I'm sorry." I looked back to my friends. Francesca was starting to doze off, Kate was staring off into space and Natalie was talking to Boromir. "It is alright. I do not know how your family and friends will react to your absence and I do not know if you will be able to get home again. If there is a way, we will try to find it. If not, I would not worry about that now." Legolas turned to face me and I just looked at him. "I have a question." Kate joined our conversation. "What?" I asked, turning to look at her. "How long were we unconscious?" she asked. "I would say it was not long. It was long enough to cause us to worry about you." Legolas answered.

After I talked to Legolas for a while longer, Natalie, Francesca, Kate and I were given extra blankets and stuff. I lay curled up on my blanket but couldn't sleep. When are we going to learn how to use these weapons? I can't fight with weapons at all and I'm not sure how much Ju Jitsu would be able to help me if I'm fighting orcs. No, correction; I don't know how much Ju Jitsu would help me when I'm fighting orcs. Emphasis on when. Arrgh! With these thoughts running wild in my mind, I finally fell asleep.


Over the days that followed, Francesca, Natalie, Kate and I got more and more used to the idea that this was the real deal. That we were actually going on the quest with the Fellowship of the Ring. Of course we still laughed and joked around to try and keep everyone's spirits up. That part was fun and sometimes consisted of horribly off key singing. My friends, sister and I all still talked and usually walked together but we were steadily making friends with the Fellowship. Francesca would hang out with the hobbits sometimes. Natalie would talk to Bormir a lot. Call me crazy, but I think she liked him. I was kind of worried about that because Boromir is supposed to die and I really didn't want to see Natalie getting all depressed and stuff. Kate would either stick by me, Gandalf or Aragorn or whoever else would talk to her. Kate was a social person and talked to just about anyone who would be willing to talk to her, whereas I was usually quiet and kept to myself at school and when I wasn't with my friends or family. When I'm with friends or family, all bets are off. I did talk to some people though; I talked to Legolas, sometimes Aragorn, the hobbits and of course my sister and Natalie and Francesca. We travelled by day and when we stopped for the night, the Fellowship would train us. Boromir and Aragorn took on the task of training Natalie, Kate and Francesca on how to handle their swords. How they did it I'll never know. Legolas was teaching me how to use my knives and how to shoot a bow. Aragorn let me borrow his bow for that. Kate, Natalie and Francesca were making good progress with their swords and I was able to fight with my knives pretty well. I just sucked with a bow. I mean I was pretty bad. My sister and friends sometimes made jokes, but that's what they do. I knew better than to actually take their jokes as serious insults. Usually I would have a sarcastic comeback ready for their jokes so it was all good.

It was about a week after we had jumped universes into Middle Earth and we had just stopped for the night. That meant it was training time. "What are we doing first? Knives or bow?" I asked Legolas once we had all settled down a bit. "Today I thought we would work with the bow first. You need the most practice with the bow." Legolas told me. I heard Kate snickering as she sparred Aragorn. "Shut it!" I yelled to her. "I didn't say anything." Kate defended. "You laughed." I reminded her. At this, she laughed again and I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I looked over to Francesca and Natalie for a minute. Francesca was watching intently as Natalie and Boromir sparred. I watched too while everyone else was doing other things. Natalie was actually getting really good and could keep up with Bormir for a while. In the end though, Boromir managed to twist Natalie's sword from her hand. Afterwards, Francesca sparred with Boromir for a bit. I didn't get to watch them long because Legolas tapped my shoulder and started teaching me with the bow. Legolas had shot an arrow into the center of a tree and I could still see the mark. That was my target. Like usual, I took my stance and focused on my target. I stared at the center of the tree where Legolas had shot, aimed, took a deep breath and let the arrow loose. And…..bulls eye? Yep, bulls eye! My first one ever. "Woo-hoo! My first bulls-eye! Ever!" I cheered with a stupid grin on my face and hopped up and down on the spot. "That was very good!" Legolas smiled. Without thinking about what the hell I was doing, I pulled him into a hug. The weird thing was he hugged me back for a split second. After I let him go, Legolas raised an eyebrow at me and I blushed furiously. Damn it! What did I just do?!

"Nice shot sis!" Kate called as I went to the tree to get the arrow back and Francesca gave me a thumbs-up. I passed Natalie while walking back and she stopped me for a minute. "I saw that." She whispered quietly so only I could hear her. "Damn you." I knew exactly what she was talking about and matched her quiet tone of voice then walked back over to Legolas. I practiced shooting for a while longer and I was getting better. Slowly. After that, I gave Aragorn back his bow and we started training with my knives. I stretched out a bit first; I was stalling a bit because I wanted to put off my ass-kicking as long as I could. I was pretty good with my knives yes; I wouldn't die in a battle. Be that as it may, Legolas was much better than me. It's like Natalie trying to fight Chuck Norris.

I turned to face Legolas, unsheathed my knives and took a fighting stance. We circled each other for a moment. Kate and Natalie had stopped training to watch and were sitting off to the side with Francesca. Natalie whispered something to Francesca and my hobbit friend smacked Natalie's leg. Legolas must have seen the opportunity to attack me and took a stab at me. I turned to the side, blocked him with one of my knives and swiped at his ribs with the other. He quickly moved out of the way and took a step back. There was a pause for a moment as I tried to think about what to do next. I moved closer and tried to hit him in the chest; he blocked and spun to the side. Realizing he was now behind me I whirled around just in time to block a strike to the face. I pushed his knife away and stabbed at his ribs. I missed and stumbled forward a few steps. Legolas used this to try and trip me. My Ju Jitsu training kicked in and I did a roll and turned around to face him. Then I decided to take the offense, striking at him as fast as I could go. He blocked all of my strikes and knocked one of my knives out of my hand. Grr. Ah crap. I thought as Legolas and I started circling each other again. Legolas swiped one of his knives at my head. I ducked and stepped around so I was behind him. From this position, I pressed my remaining knife against his throat. "Holy crap!" Natalie exclaimed and I smiled. However, my victory didn't last long. Legolas spun away from my knife and somehow wound up behind me with one knife on either side of my neck. So close! I scowled and turned around to look at him. "That was very good, but you got distracted." Legolas said as he withdrew his knives from my neck. "You cannot let that happen in battle. It would not bode well for you and you may get injured." He continued as I went to pick up my knife off the ground. "I understand." I nodded and sheathed my knives.

By this time, there was food ready and we all sat down to eat. I sat in between Francesca and Kate. "You guys did pretty well today. I watched you for a little bit." I told them. "Thanks. Watching you fight Legolas was pretty fun." Francesca replied. "Even if you did get your ass kicked." Natalie added from her spot beside Francesca. She was teasing me and we all knew it. I stuck my tongue out at her and she laughed, as did Kate and Francesca. Once dinner was eaten and everything packed away, we all just kinda hung around. Francesca and Natalie had moved and were now sitting across the fire from Kate and I. Kate sat on my left and Legolas had come to sit on my other side. I randomly back rolled to get some space and stretched out some more. "What are you doing?" Kate asked. "Stretching. I'm bored and I didn't stretch enough earlier." I explained. "How is walking all day and training not enough stretching?" Francesca commented. "It's mainly because I'm bored and I want to practice Ju Jitsu. Okay?" I told her. "Well, why didn't you say so?" Natalie got up from the conversation she was having with Boromir and came to practice with me. We practiced some of the techniques we had been learning in the adult class because we needed practice with them. We practiced for a bit and by the time I went back to my spot between Legolas and Kate I was nursing a bruise in my left forearm and one on my right wrist. Natalie had a couple bruises on her wrist and arm too. What can I say? Wrist locks and judo throws will do that to someone. It doesn't really bother Kate and Francesca unless one of us gets seriously hurt. "How did you do that?" Francesca asked. "Do what?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "The wrist thing that Natalie did when you fell on your knees." She clarified. "That's one of the things we were working on in class a while back. I forgot the name but it really hurts." Natalie answered. Francesca nodded and then we decided it was time to get some rest. We all spread out our blankets and most people went to sleep while we set a rotating watch.

I sat and stared into the dying fire for a little while. Legolas was still sitting next to me. "You seem tired, Lady Olympia. Why do you not rest?" he asked. "I'm not sure." I shrugged. "You really did do well in training today." He complimented me. "Thanks." I smiled weakly and very likely blushed because Legolas chuckled a little at my reply. I rolled up my sleeve and started rubbing my arm where I had bruised it while training with Natalie. It didn't help that this arm was already bruised from where I had hit myself with the bowstring a couple times. Legolas looked at my arm and asked, "What happened to your arm?" I looked down at my arm; the bruise was about an inch or so big but it hurt. Not enough for me to complain about though, just enough for the pain to be uncomfortable. But hey, Ju Jitsu is a contact sport and bowstrings hurt. Not a huge deal though. "Nothing, I just bruised it training with Natalie earlier." I shrugged. Legolas looked concerned but said nothing. I yawned and rested my head on my knees. Legolas laughed again and just looked at me. "See, you are tired. You should rest." He pointed out. "Alright, alright. I'll go to sleep." I smiled, laid back and rolled onto my side. "Good night Legolas." I said. "Good night, Lady Olympia." Legolas responded. "Please, just call me Olympia. The formal titles annoy me." I told him, finally getting fed up with being called 'Lady'. "Well then, good night…Olympia." Legolas hesitated a bit at not calling me 'Lady.' I smiled and fell asleep.

Author's note: Grr! More fluffiness! I have no idea why, but I was in a strangely fluffy mood as I wrote this chapter, so yeah. Please don't come after me if you explode due to fluff overload. *sigh* I need to stop being fluffy. The next chapter might take a while because I'll have to scour the internet for movie clips. If anyone knows where I might be able to find them I would appreciate the help very much! Anyway, REVIEW PLEASE!

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