Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 15

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Fifteen

Olympia's POV

"What is this new devilry?" Boromir asked as we watched the growing flame in the archway, horrified. Gandalf closed his eyes for a minute then answered, "A Balrog, a demon of the ancient world. This foe is beyond any of you. RUN!" For a minute, everyone's faces read 'Oh shit!' which coincidentally was my exact thought. Then we ran like hell. We raced out of the cavern we were in and towards a flight of stairs. They ended abruptly and if you fell, well, let's just say I couldn't see the bottom. Boromir almost fell over the edge. Natalie squeaked and rushed past Legolas to pull Boromir back from the edge. I skidded to a stop right behind them. We ran down a few flights of stairs before we reached a point where a chunk of the staircase had fallen away. The gap was too big to step over. Legolas, the showoff that he is, barely stopped before leaping right over the gap. Everyone else hesitated a moment and I heard the Balrog let out another fearsome roar as it followed behind us.

"Gandalf!" Legolas called from the other side of the gap. The wizard jumped over the gap as orcs started firing arrows at us. Kate pushed my head down and I ducked to keep from being shot. If I had a bow and arrows, he'd be dead freaking meat. I thought as I glared in the direction the arrow had come from. Legolas then started firing up at the orcs, shooting one right between the eyes from what I saw. Natalie nudged me forward as I was next in line to go over the gap. I took a deep breath and jumped, landing on the other side and nearly crashing into Legolas. Kate jumped and landed a moment after I did. "Francesca!" Natalie yelled as she grabbed said hobbit and freaking threw her over the gap. I caught Francesca and set her on her feet. Natalie herself followed right after, leaping over the gap and doing a forward roll to keep from landing on her face. "Merry! Pippin!" Boromir yelled and grabbed the two hobbits, jumping over the gap with one of them under each arm. A large part of the stairs that they had been standing on broke away and fell into the chasm below us. More arrows rained down on us. I pulled Natalie back from where she landed and we leaned out of the way as an arrow whistled past, right under our noses. We looked at each other, eyes wide with shock. "Did we just have a Matrix moment?" I asked. "Yep!" Natalie answered. Legolas resumed shooting the orcs and Aragorn threw Sam over the gap to Boromir, who was waiting to catch him.

"Nobody tosses a dwarf!" Gimli protested and jumped over the gap, teetering on the edge. Legolas grabbed him by his beard and pulled him back from the edge. "Mind the beard!" Gimli yelled. Aragorn and Frodo were the only ones left now. Aragorn pushed Frodo back up the staircase as a few more chunks crumbled away, making the gap to big to jump over. The doorway where we had come in glowed red and the Balrog roared again. A few chunks of ceiling crumbled and fell. "Steady! Hold on!" Aragorn said holding onto Frodo's back to keep him from falling as a chunk of ceiling fell and crashed through the section of stairs behind them, leaving them isolated from the rest of us and the rest of the stairs. "Hang on!" Aragorn told Frodo as their chunk of stairs swayed. "Lean forward!" Aragorn and Frodo leaned towards us and their chunk of stairs collided with ours and they were caught by Legolas and Boromir.

We ran down the rest of the stairs to the bridge as the stairs behind us collapsed and fell. "Over the bridge! FLY!" Gandalf yelled as we all ran ahead and towards the bridge. My heart was racing and I was only vaguely aware of the pain from the scrapes on my arm. The place was now in flames. The huge, horned, winged and flaming creature of shadow then made an appearance and roared at Gandalf while breathing fire. The freaking thing breathes fire too! Wonderful! Just freaking wonderful! I thought sarcastically. We ran across the narrow bridge in a single file line as the Balrog followed us with its giant strides. I was frozen with fear for a moment, staring at this huge thing. Legolas took my arm, the hurt one, and we ran across the bridge. I winced from the pain and ran as fast as I possibly could. We all watched, terrified, as Gandalf stopped halfway across the bridge and turned to face the Balrog. "That thing is fugly." I heard Francesca murmur to herself as we watched Gandalf and the Balrog. Only Francesca would say that at a time like this. I thought with an internal smirk. And only I would be able to smile at something like that at a time like this.

"You cannot pass!" Gandalf shouted. "Gandalf!" Frodo yelled. The Balrog burst into flames as it stood up to its full height and spread out its wings. Yes, the damned thing has wings too! "I am a Servant of the Sacred Fire. A Weilder of the Flame of Anor." Gandalf stated as the Balrog drew its sword and raised it above its head. Gandalf raised his staff in front of him, staff glowing white. "The dark fire will not avail you. Flame of Udûn!" As Gandalf shouted this, the Balrog brought its sword down onto Gandalf with a terrifying roar and a great bright light as Gandalf defended himself with his staff. The Balrog reeled back for a moment, then roared loudly. "Go back to the shadow!" Gandalf yelled at the beast. Said beast put its enormous foot on the bridge, roared and cracked its whip made of fire. "You shall not pass!" Gandalf shouted and brought his staff down on the bridge, hard. The Balrog lunged towards Gandalf with a roar, but the bridge cracked beneath its feet. The Balrog fell down into the chasm and Gandalf turned to walk back to us. For a split second it seemed like everything would be okay, that Gandalf wasn't about to die. Then the end of the Balrog's whip came and wrapped around Gandalf's ankle, pulling him down.

"Gandalf!" Frodo screamed and tried to go to him, but Boromir held him back. "No!" he said. Gandalf was holding on by his fingertips. I felt a scream building up in my throat and bit my lip to hold it back. He looked at all of us one last time before saying, "Fly, you fools!" and falling down into the chasm. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Frodo yelled and struggled against Boromir. Time seemed to slow down and I heard another voice screaming as I fell to my knees. It took me a minute to realize that other voice was mine. Natalie looked at me for a minute, sadness etched on her face, before pulling me to my feet and dragging me away.

"Aragorn!" I heard Boromir yelling behind us and Frodo still screaming. I blinked a few times as we reached the outside, but didn't stop running until we were a little ways away from the exit. Then everyone basically collapsed. Sam sat with his heads in his hands, Boromir held back a struggling Gimli, and Merry stayed by Pippin, who was curled up on the ground sobbing. I pulled my sister into a bear hug and sank to my knees. I heard a thud as Francesca and Natalie fell to the ground beside us. Francesca sat with her knees curled up to her chest and Natalie gave her a hug. I couldn't think and my breath came in ragged gasps as I tried to fight back the tears. Kate was crying and I felt her tears land softly on my head. Gandalf was gone. Just like that. Experiencing it in person and seeing it in the movie are two completely different things. And we knew Gandalf personally now which obviously made it harder. We played Mario Kart with him for Pete's sake! Who else can honestly say that? I lost it after a minute and let my tears fall to the ground.

"Legolas, get them up!" Aragorn told a very depressed looking Legolas. I glared at Aragorn for a second as I failed at trying to stop crying. "Give them a moment for pity's sake!" Boromir yelled. "By nightfall these hills will be swarming with orcs! We must reach the woods of Lothlórien. Come, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, get them up!" Aragorn said as he pulled Sam up and patted his shoulder. Kate helped me, Francesca and Natalie to our feet. I wiped the tears away from my eyes and Legolas gave me a sad look. "Frodo? Frodo!" Aragorn called as he spotted Frodo, standing away from the group with tears streaming down his face.

We ran for the rest of the day until night came. No one said a word as we set up camp and sat around the fire Sam had made. I took a deep breath and looked at my left arm. The adrenaline rush from the earlier fight had worn off and now my arm hurt like a bitch for the first time since I had scraped it up. At least it wasn't bleeding anymore. "When did this happen?" Kate asked as she noticed the cuts and scrapes. "When the cave troll knocked me on my ass and I broke the fall with my arm." I answered. Kate sighed and used the sleeve of her tunic to get the dried blood off my arm. Somehow it worked, but now there were faint blood stains on Kate's sleeve. "What happened to your dagger?" I asked, noticing that Kate's dagger was gone. "I kinda lost in Moria." She answered. I raised an eyebrow. "Okay, I stabbed an orc with it and didn't have time to get it back before we had to go." Kate admitted. I nodded. That made much more sense seeing as my sister isn't usually one to lose things. Kate gave me a hug and kissed the side of my head before going and enveloping Francesca in a bear hug. She had curled up in the fetal position and was crying. I was fighting against my own tears.

In the process of looking at absolutely nothing in particular, I noticed that Natalie and Bormir were sitting together and Natalie's head was resting on Boromir's shoulder as she started to nod off. I drew my knees up to my chest, folded my arms on them and put my head in my arms. I was barely noticed when Legolas came and sat down next to me. I looked up at him for a minute, then rubbed my arm. Legolas looked at my arm and asked, "What happened?" Concern was evident in his voice. "Cave troll knocked me and Natalie down and I scraped it up when I fell." I told him. My voice cracked as I finished speaking seeing as I was still fighting back tears and losing. Legolas must have thought I was in a lot of pain because he took my arm and examined it. "Does it hurt?" he asked. "Yes, but that's not why I'm crying." I whispered as tears began to fall again. Legolas looked at me sadly for a second before pulling me into a hug. I cried into his chest for a while before I let him go and tried to go to sleep. But, my mind had other plans. What was that? Why did he do that? He was only trying to make me feel better, that's why! Why on earth am I reading into it so freaking much?! You know why! MEEP! I love him! There I said it! After this lovely little internal war, I finally fell asleep.


We had been running for the last couple of days and finally we had reached the edges of Lothlórien. Once we were into the trees we slowed down to a walk and looked around us. The trees were tall and in the sunlight the leaves looked golden, the wind blew the leaves around and the place in general was beautiful and peaceful looking. I was walking with Francesca and she looked at me and whispered so only I could hear, "Do elves come here to retire?" I looked at her for a minute, then laughed to myself. "I don't think so." I answered. "They should. I want to." Francesca replied, her voice still very quiet. I shook my head with a small smirk and we continued walking.

"Stay close young hobbits. They say there's a great sorceress lives in these woods. An elf witch of terrible power, all who look upon her fall under her spell and are never seen again." Gimli stated, looking around warily. "Mr. Frodo?" Sam looked over at Frodo, who seemed more or less zoned out. "Well, here's one dwarf she won't ensnare so easily. I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox. Ooh." Gimli continued as he all but walked right into and arrow being pointed at him by a group of elves who had surrounded us. "So much for the whole 'eyes of a hawk, ears of a fox' thing." I murmured as I turned my gaze from Gimli to the elf who was pointing an arrow at me. Legolas had drawn his own bow in response to having arrows aimed at him. Natalie glared at the elf pointing an arrow at her. "The dwarf breathes so loud we could have shot him in the dark." I heard a voice I recognized and turned my head to see Haldir step forward from the group of elves. Gimli growled at him.

Author's note: I know, I know. This feels like a weird place to end a chapter. Anyways, I know this was pretty angst-y but Gandalf freaking died! It was necessary angst! I almost cried when he died in the movie! Now is probably a good time to give a huge thank you to everyone reading, reviewing, favorite-ing and whatnot! THANKS! I love you guys! It really means a lot to me! Thanks! READ AND REVIEW PLEASE!

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