Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 2

Of UNO and thunderstorms



Author's note: Chapter Two has arrived! It's special shout out time! Shout out to CandyLovin'Girl111: Thank you for being my first reviewer! You are awesome dude! I don't really have an updating schedule planned out for this story yet because I don't know how much time I'll have come September when school starts again. So, yeah.

Chapter Two

Olympia's POV

"Well, you see. The T.V. flipped out on us and then the power went out for a little bit. When it came back on, they were here. We don't know how or why. Did it start raining outside or is it still just thundering?" I turned to my sister. "It's still just thundering, but I came back because it looks like rain. What are we going to do with them?" Kate asked. "Well, Natalie and Francesca are staying in one of the guest rooms for the sleepover, so that's out for tonight. Uh, there are two more guest rooms, one of which has two beds and we have a bunch of air mattresses. I'm really thankful you bought a huge house now sis." I smiled sheepishly at my sister. "That is a great idea, but that's not what I meant. I got a big house because friends and family stay over a lot." She chuckled. I pouted and hung my head in mock sadness. "Okay, my name is Kate. I'm going to assume you met my sister and her friends. We've agreed that you can all stay with us until we figure out how to get you home. Oh, and that's Bella. She is our pet Golden Retriever; she won't hurt any of you purposely." Kate looked at our puppy Bella, who was going around and sniffing the Fellowship. She seemed to like Legolas the best as he was scratching behind her ear. "Her teeth are coming in though, so she will chew on a lot of things." I warned them. "So, now what?" Natalie asked. "Food first, it's dinner time. After that, I have no idea." Kate answered. "What kind of food do you have here?" Merry asked. "We have a lot of different kinds of food. Right now, we're going to have macaroni and cheese." I told him. "Olympia and I are going to go make the food; you can come upstairs if you want. Just don't touch anything." Kate told them.

I grabbed a bunch of boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese and followed Kate upstairs and into the kitchen. "Do you think this is going to be enough?" I asked, putting the boxes down on the counter. "If it's not, we'll make more." Kate shrugged as she got four pots from the cabinet where we kept them. I took two and put them on the stove. "Do you think we got the book verse Fellowship or the movie verse Fellowship?" I asked as we started boiling the water. "Does it matter? I haven't read the books since I was Elena's age." She replied, referring to our thirteen year old cousin. "Yes, it does. I'll go get the book and show you why." I ran upstairs to my bedroom and searched my bookcase for my copy of 'The Two Towers.' Finding it, I did a victory dance and flipped open to the part where Gandalf came back and gave Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli their messages from Galadriel. I ran back to the kitchen and showed the book to my sister. She furrowed her eyebrows and gave me a look. "Just read the message she gives to Legolas." I whispered into her ear. I looked over my sister's shoulder and she read the lines in a voice that was barely a whisper. "'Legolas Greenleaf long under the tree/ In joy thou hast lived. Beware the Sea!/ If thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore/ Thy heart shall rest in the forest no more.' How would this be a problem?" she asked upon finishing the lines. "Kate, we live on a freaking island. You can't walk two blocks without hearing or seeing at least one seagull." I reminded her. "Shit." She said. "What are we going to do?" I was a little panicked. Kate put her hands on my shoulders. "Calm down. We got the movie verse Fellowship." She told me. "How are you so sure?" I countered. "I don't think Tolkien envisioned Legolas as looking like Orlando Bloom. Hell, Orlando Bloom wasn't even born yet when the books were written. It's all going to be okay. Okay?" she explained. I nodded, ran upstairs and out the book away and then we continued making the food.

"Hey Natalie and Francesca! Can you guys help get bowls and spoons and stuff?" I yelled down the stairs. "Okay!" I heard Francesca yell. A moment later, my friends were up the stairs and rushing around my kitchen, getting out the things we needed. Thirteen bowls, that many napkins and spoons, and some foul language later, we had enough bowls of macaroni and cheese for everyone. "Food's ready!" I yelled as we started bringing the bowls downstairs and handing them out. Somehow everyone had found a seat; whether it was on the couch or one of the beanbags we had lying around. "What kind of food is this?" Pippin asked. "It's called macaroni and cheese. Obviously there's cheese in it." I started to explain. "No shit Sherlock." Natalie whispered from next to me on the floor. "Fuck you Watson." I whispered back. "There's also pasta. It's made out of dough. Try some, it's really good." I said. Pippin and the others slowly tried a spoonful of the food. The eyes of all the hobbits immediately lit up. "This is fantastic!" Pippin exclaimed. My friends, me and a couple other members of the Fellowship chuckled. "I'm glad you like it." Kate smiled. We ate for a while in silence until I remembered we didn't have drinks. "Is anyone thirsty? We have drinks; I just forgot to give them out with the food. Sorry." I told everyone. The responses were all yes, so I dragged Francesca and Kate upstairs to help me get drinks. "Okay, Natalie doesn't drink soda and she told me she wants lemonade." I started, fishing plastic cups out of a cabinet. "Can I have lemonade too?" Francesca asked. "Of course. Do you think we should give them soda? That would probably end badly, but still." Kate asked, starting to get drinks from the fridge. "I think we could give them soda. If they go on a sugar high, we have nerf guns in the storage room." I smiled psychotically. Francesca and Kate both looked slightly afraid, but started laughing. Francesca got trays that we would take the drinks downstairs on and we poured out the drinks. Natalie, Francesca and Kate got lemonade, I got root beer, and the Fellowship all got sprite.

We brought the drinks down and I resumed eating my macaroni and cheese. After we all finished eating, Kate collected the dishes. No one said anything for a minute. Then Francesca screamed loudly, causing everyone to jump and Legolas to cover his ears and shoot Francesca a death glare. "What the hell was that all about?" Natalie asked, laughing. "There was an awkward silence that needed to be broken. I broke it." Francesca crossed her arms over her chest. "By screaming bloody murder?" I raised an eyebrow at her. "Yes." She said. "You scared the bejeezus out of everyone. And if looks could kill, you'd be a smoldering pile of ashes right now." I answered, noting that Legolas was still glaring at her. Francesca shrugged, I rolled my eyes and Natalie shook her head. "Where did Bella go?" Francesca asked. I searched the living room and found my puppy trying to beg the hobbits for some mac and cheese. "Bella, heel." I called. She trotted over and sat by me. The Fellowship looked at me, confused. "Bella doesn't eat people food." I explained looking down at the puppy, who was looking back up at me.

We ate in silence until everyone was finished. "Olympia, I'm going to go feed Bella, okay?" Kate stated, bringing the puppy upstairs. I nodded. "So, how did you all like the macaroni and cheese?" Francesca asked. "It was really good!" Merry answered. "I think it would be a big hit in the Shire. Wouldn't you say, Mr. Frodo?" Sam said. Frodo nodded and agreed with Sam. Then Merry and Pippin remembered that they had something to drink and downed their cups of sprite in one go. "Wow, even I couldn't have done that." I commented. "That's not going to be good for them." Natalie added. "I'm going to give those two five minutes before they're on a sugar high." Francesca smirked. "That gives me at least five minutes to track down my nerf guns!" I stood up and ran into the storage room where we kept the nerf guns. I pulled out Kate's nerf long shot, my nerf shotgun. I left the others, and took apart the long shots because they separated into two each. "Here! We might need them." I told my friends as I gave them each a nerf guns. "Do you have any more?" Natalie asked. "Just in case we start a nerf war." Francesca added. "Of course! There's a bunch more nerf guns in the storage room, including both of your long shots." I told them. "Any reason our nerf guns are at your house?" Natalie asked. "You left them here the last time we had a nerf war." I shrugged. Kate and Bella came back down a few minutes later.

Soon enough, Merry and Pippin were running around my basement on sugar highs. The rest of the Fellowship watched, all of them slightly concerned. "What did I tell you? That only took five minutes!" Francesca reminded us. "Oh shush!" Natalie swatted her arm. "That doesn't really matter right now. We just need to stop them before they break something." I told them as I picked up my nerf gun and shot Pippin in the shoulder, from across the room. Francesca and Natalie laughed and we started shooting Merry and Pippin. "What are these?" Pippin asked, examining the foam and Velcro darts that had stuck themselves to his clothes. "I don't know!" Merry answered. This caused Kate to join our laughter. Merry and Pippin calmed down after about ten minutes of being shot at with the nerf guns. "Now what?" Kate asked. No one answered her, but I smiled and got all the other nerf guns out of the storage room and put them on the floor. "Now, we teach them how to use these and have a nerf war!" I yelled. We passed out all the nerf weaponry to everyone who wanted to play. Gandalf, Sam, and Frodo politely declined our invitation. After we showed them all how to use their assorted weapons and answered their questions, I had another idea. "What if we made this into a game? We'll make teams and play capture the flag!" I smiled deviously. "Why didn't I think of that?" Natalie and Francesca said at the same time. Francesca, using her artistic awesomeness, made makeshift flags out of sticks from the backyard and felt that we had. One was blue and one was green.

"Okay, the rules are very simple. One, if you get hit you're out of the game and you have to go to the jail, which will be the couch. A team mate can come and rescue you from the jail and then you can play again. The whole objective of the game is to get the other team's flag without getting out. Each team is going to get a flag and has to find a place, somewhere in the house to hide their flag. Do you understand?" Natalie explained the game. "We could use the backyard too if we want. Gandalf, Sam and Frodo, would you mind watching over the jail to make sure no one gets out without being rescued by a teammate?" I asked. They all agreed to jail-sit. "Now we need to try and make even teams." Kate said. "Let's see, there are ten of us playing. That makes two teams of five." She continued. "We can't all be on the same team, it wouldn't be fair. So Kate and Olympia can be on a team and Francesca and I will be on another team." Natalie suggested. "Sounds fair, who wants to be on a team with me and Kate?" I asked. No one moved so Kate picked the teams. "Okay, Pippin, Legolas and Aragorn will be on me and Olympia's team. Boromir, Gimli and Merry will be on Natalie and Francesca's team." She said. "Alright, we're all going to have ten minutes to come up with a plan, then we'll meet back here and officially start the game." I told the others as I grabbed the green flag. "Oh, each team needs a captain too." Kate added. The others nodded in understanding. I out my glasses away and ushered my teammates upstairs and into the dining room.

Author's note: Muahahahahahaha! This nerf war should be interesting! I hope you all liked this. I had a bad case of writer's block this week so the beginning wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Meh. REVIEW PLEASE!

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