Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 27

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Twenty Seven

Olympia's POV

I spent much of the next day riding, singing under my breath, snarking my sister, worrying myself sick about Natalie and Francesca, and talking to Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas or Eowyn. Kate was riding next to Aragorn and Legolas and I were riding together near them. Legolas soon went to the top of a nearby hill to scout ahead. I had zoned out worrying about my friends again when Eowyn asked Aragorn a question that caught my interest.

"Where is she; the woman that gave you that jewel?" she asked. I watched Aragorn's facial expression turned distant and slightly sad as he spaced out for a little bit. "My lord?" Eowyn asked after a few moments of awkward silence. "She is sailing to the Undying Lands with all that is left of her kin." Aragorn answered. Two soldiers then rode ahead past Legolas and down the hill. Above them on the cliff face, a warg and rider appeared. My heart might have just stopped for a second before going into complete overdrive. I'd forgotten about the warg attack completely. I remembered the first time Francesca had seen the second Lord of the Rings movie and called them Blargs. Holy bleep on a bleep sandwich with bleep on top and a side order of bleep! That pretty much sums it up. Arya started to shift nervously on her feet. I petted her neck and whispered to her in an attempt to calm her down.

The warg jumped down from the cliff face and leapt onto one of the guards, knocking him off his horse. The guard screamed as his friend tried to kill the warg and its rider. However Legolas beat him to it and shot the warg, then killed the orc with his fighting knives. Aragorn ran up to the top of the hill to get a better look at what was going on.

"A scout!" Legolas yelled to him. "Shit." Kate swore under her breath. "I was thinking something more along the lines of 'Holy bleep on a bleep on a bleep sandwich with bleep on top and a side order of bleep' but that works too." I whispered to her. Aragorn turned and ran back to us. Theoden rode up to him, but I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.

"Wargs! We're under attack!" Aragorn yelled. The people started to panic and Theoden called all the riders up to the front and told Eowyn to lead the people to Helm's Deep. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw two riders helping Gimli up onto Arod. Kate and I rode up to the front with the other riders despite any protest from the other soldiers who tried to get us to go with the others.

"Follow me!" Theoden yelled to the riders. Aragorn mounted his horse and rode next to Kate and me as we headed towards the wargs. I saw Legolas standing on top of another hill facing the wargs as they ran towards us. He drew his bow and started to shoot down the wargs from a pretty big distance. Soon, Kate, me and the other riders caught up with Legolas. I didn't have time to react as he turned around just in time to see us coming, grabbed a hold of the straps that were on Arya and swung himself up into the saddle behind me.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!" I yelled to Legolas as I took my bow off my back. Well Kate, it looks like we're about to find out if I can actually shoot arrows on horseback. I thought bitterly. A split second later, we collided with the wargs and the battle commenced. By some sort of huge miracle I was able to shoot arrows, keep Arya out of the way of wargs, and stay on her back all at once. I fired mainly at the wargs. I took note of the fact that when an orc fell off his mount, he was usually trampled by someone else's or taken out by one of the Rohirrim. Gimli soon fell off Arod and attracted the attention of a nearby warg. I turned Arya in the direction of the warg.

"Bring your pretty face to my axe!" Gimli yelled at the warg. Legolas shot the warg as we rode past it. "That one counts as mine!" Gimli shouted as we rode off. Wait! When did we start counting?! I shot another arrow into a warg near us and turned forwards again just in time to see another warg charging Arya and try to jump on her. I tensed as Arya reared up on her hind legs and kicked the warg in the face, successfully killing it. However, in the process she caused me to fall off to the side. Legolas tried to catch me but I ended up barrel rolling on the ground. I back rolled and stood up, drawing my knives and turning to chop off an orc's head. He fell off his warg and said warg charged at me. Feeling very much like a matador, I quickly moved out of the way and stabbed it in the neck. I spun around and took a fighting stance, bouncing on the balls of my feet.

Some random orc who had fallen off his warg attacked me from behind, lifting me up off the ground. I hooked my right leg up and the orc grunted and fell over, letting me know I had hit my target. I rolled away into a crouch and slit the orc's throat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gimli, pinned under a dead warg, snap an orc's neck only to have the orc land on top of him as well. Ouch.

I spun around to see a warg coming at me. I dropped to the ground as the warg jumped up to attack me, suffering no injury to myself as the warg landed on the ground behind me. I sprang back up and twirled my knives. Apparently, it pissed off the orc riding this particular warg that I was still alive and he charged at me again. This time, I grabbed onto the warg's fur and swung up behind the orc. The orc turned around, mini sword thing in hand and swung at me. I ducked, blocked his next few attacks with my knives, stabbed him in the stomach, and shoved him off the warg, who was, by the way, still running around like a maniac. However, this son of a bitch wasn't going down without a fight and grabbed onto the bottom of my hair, trying to drag me off the warg with him. I winced in pain and took a slash at him with one of my knives, taking off a good four inches of my own hair as I did. I didn't care about that at the moment though; the orc fell off and that was all that mattered. Until, of course, I saw the edge of a cliff coming up way too fast for my liking. The warg growled and tried to fight me, throwing off my balance. I wobbled a quite bit and spared a glance to the side, only to see Aragorn and a warg beside me. They were close enough that I could have reached out my arm and almost toughed the warg. Aragorn was struggling to get his hand un-stuck from the warg's saddle. I screamed as the warg I was on skidded to a stop. But it was a bit late and Aragorn, me and both wargs went over the side of the cliff.

Somehow, in the air, I managed to stab the warg and not kill myself in the process. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced myself for impact. The dead warg landed on the gravelly shore of a river below us. Seeing as I had landed on the warg, the force of the impact threw me off and I smacked my head on the ground a good five feet away. Everything hurt now and as black spots danced in my field of vision, I saw an unconscious Aragorn float to the shore. Then I shut my eyes and everything faded to black.

*Kate's POV*

The battle was just about over. I was walking around, helping up the wounded people, helping dig up survivors from underneath dead wargs and orcs, killing wargs and orcs that hadn't died yet, and searching desperately for Olympia. I hadn't seen anything of her after Legolas swung up onto Arya's back at the beginning of the battle.

"Aragorn!" I heard Legolas yelling. I ran towards him, hoping he knew where Olympia was. "Olympia!" I shouted as I ran. "Aragorn? Olympia?" Gimli called. "Has anyone seen Olympia, or Aragorn?" I asked as I joined Legolas. He shook his head and stooped down to look at something on the ground near the edge of the cliff. I looked over the edge, hoping with everything I had that Olympia hadn't fallen over. That was when I heard orc laughter. It made my blood run cold. I turned and saw two orcs, seriously wounded, lying on the ground no less than ten feet from one another. Oh this doesn't look good. Gimli held his axe at the throat of one and I took out my dagger and held it at the other.

"Tell me what happened and I shall ease your passing." Gimli said to the orc. "I'm not as nice and I'm going to kill you either way. However it will be much more painful for you if you don't tell me what happened." I threatened the other orc. Legolas walked over and stood between Gimli and me.

"They're…..dead." The orc Gimli was threatening told us. "Took a little tumble off the cliff. The both of them." The orc I was threatening continued. Legolas looked like he didn't know which orc he wanted to throttle first. I took my dagger away from the orc's throat and grabbed him by the collar. Legolas did the same to the other.

"You lie! You both do!" he exclaimed. Both orcs started laughing again. The one Legolas was glaring at just died and I slit the other one's throat. Then I looked down to the orc's hand and saw in it something that made me want to be sick. The orc was holding about four inches of half-braided, golden brown-ish/dirty blonde hair. I bit back a sob. Or would it have been a scream of rage? I didn't care. I picked up my baby sister's hair and ran to the edge of the cliff again, this time King Theoden was there. I know Olympia's not a baby, but I've always called her my baby sister. Legolas and Gimli came up beside me a second later and we all stared over the edge. I clenched my fist around Olympia's hair. I saw the Evenstar necklace in Legolas's hand and remembered that he thought Aragorn was dead too. I knew Aragorn would be relatively alright. I had no idea what happened to Olympia after she went over the cliff, but surviving that fall wasn't the most likely option.

"They weren't lying." I choked out, holding up Olympia's hair. Legolas shook his head and looked like he was just hit square in the chest with a ton of bricks, which is basically how I felt. I wanted to cry, but this grief was beyond tears. My little sister, who would have gladly taken a bullet for any one of the Fellowship, Francesca, Natalie or me, the kind of girl who would have given you the shirt off her back if you needed it, the shy, kind, funny, lovable, independent, loyal, amazing girl who, on the worst day I'd ever had until now, made me laugh so hard I cried and fell out of my chair.….was gone. In my opinion the world has suffered an awful loss and I knew in my heart that I would never be the same.

"Get the wounded on horses. The wolves of Isengard will return. Leave the dead." Theoden said to a soldier who had showed up. If looks could kill, I'm not sure who would have vaporized him first, me, Legolas or Gimli. "Come." He put a shoulder on Legolas's shoulder. I re-braided the piece of Olympia's hair and put it down by the edge of a cliff with a few small yellow flowers I picked up. It was the least I could do, seeing as I wouldn't be able to give her an actual funeral. When I got the chance, I'd draw a portrait of her and when it snowed in wherever I decided to stay after all was said and done, I'd find a huge pine tree and make a little memorial shrine to her. It would remind me of her favorite season. She loved winter. Wherever you are Olympia, I need you to know that we all love you. We'll all miss you something terrible.

Silently, we left and continued on to Helm's Deep. I completely suck at singing, but even I couldn't help humming one of Olympia's favorite songs to myself. Along with the sound of horse hooves on stone and people yelling, the half-mumbled words to 'Colors of the Wind' from Disney's 'Pocahontas' heralded our arrival to Helm's Deep. We rode into the fortress and were greeted with a whole bunch of people wanting to know what had happened. Eowyn ran out from one of the other places and began talking to King Theoden.

"So few. So few of you have returned." She said sounding a bit worried. "Our people are safe. We have paid for it with many lives." The king answered. Gimli then walked over to her, probably to tell her about what happened to Aragorn and Olympia. I didn't trust myself not to burst into tears, so I just dismounted Braylla and stood silently off to the side.

"My lady." Gimli said. "Lord Aragorn and Lady Olympia…..where are they?" Eowyn asked. "They fell." Gimli answered sadly. Eowyn looked stunned. I turned away and decided to make myself useful by helping the people get their supplies into the caves.

*Natalie's POV*

Merry, Pippin and I were riding on Treebeard again. I don't remember where he was taking us and quite frankly I didn't care at the moment. The ent had come to the top of a hill and we could see Isengard; smoke rose from that general direction.

"Look. There's smoke rising in the south." Pippin pointed out. No shit Sherlock. I thought. "There is always smoke rising from Isengard these days." Treebeard answered. "Isengard?" Merry asked. "There was a time, when Saruman would walk in my woods. But now he has a mind of metal, and wheels. He no longer cares for growing things." Treebeard told us as we climbed higher in his branches. What I saw caused me to shudder. An enormous mass of Uruk Hai was leaving Isengard. Even from where we were, I could hear their horns.

"What is it?" Pippin asked. "It's Saruman's army. The war has started." Merry answered. They're going to Rohan. The Battle of Helm's Deep will happen soon. Good luck to Kate and Olympia seeing as I'm almost certain that's where they'll be. I thought as Treebeard continued walking.

Author's note: *hides under my desk to avoid things being thrown at me* I know, I know! I'm a bad person for leaving such an awful cliffhanger! Please don't form an angry mob and come after me! If you do, you'll never know if Olympia lives! Unless of course you go through my computer after you kill me… Anyway! READ AND REVIEW PLEASE!

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