Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 28

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Twenty Eight

Olympia's POV

When I came to again I wasn't sure where I was or how much time had passed. Or if I was even alive for that matter. I quickly shot down the possibility of my being dead when I became aware of a throbbing headache, a pretty big scratch across my left shoulder and upper arm, and some other scratches and cuts. I was mainly concerned with the one on my shoulder. It wasn't bleeding, anymore, but it still hurt like hell. Being dead wouldn't hurt this much. I groaned and sat up, wincing as my head throbbed a bit more and looking around the riverbank I had landed on. Then I remembered everything, the warg attack, Legolas nearly giving me a heart attack when he swung up onto Arya behind me, the warg I had killed while falling off the cliff. The dead warg was still where it had landed; I just left it. Aragorn was on the riverbank as well, but he was still unconscious.

Slowly, I tried to get to my feet. I made it to about a half crouch before stumbling and falling over again. Owww. Okay, let's not do that again. I thought as I sat crisscrossed on the ground. Taking deep breaths, I waited for the throbbing in my head to dull a bit before trying to stand up again. This time I was able to get up and walk over to where Aragorn was. I sat near him. He came in and out of consciousness for a while.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. Kate, Legolas and Gimli are all going to think I'm dead. Kate knows Aragorn is alive but Legolas and Gimli are going to think he's dead too. When we get back, Kate is going to kill me for real.

Soon, a brown-ish colored horse came up to us out of nowhere and started to nudge Aragorn. I moved out of the horse's way and stood up. The horse knelt down near Aragorn and the man became conscious enough to grab onto the horse's mane and sort of get onto the horse. I went over and helped him sit up.

"Olympia?" Aragorn asked. "Yeah?" I replied. "How did you end up here?" he inquired. "Same way you did. I was fighting a warg that ran off a cliff, with me on its back." I answered, getting onto the horse behind Aragorn. "Let's go." I said as the horse began to ride to Helm's Deep. Aragorn slipped in and out of consciousness a few more times as we rode, but somehow stayed on the horse's back.

*Francesca's POV*

After Faramir's men dragged us away, we were blindfolded and led through the forest for a while. I heard the rushing sounds of a waterfall and struggled, kicked, and started yelling in Italian when one of the soldiers lifted me up and handed me over to one of his friends. I didn't actually hit them, but I'm pretty sure I pissed them off. The soldier put me down in what I'm assuming was a cave behind the waterfall. The stone floor was cold and I could still hear the falls roaring behind us. They led us into the cave somewhere and spun us around a few times, completely throwing off any sense of direction I had, not that I had any, before removing our blindfolds. My assumption was then confirmed. We were in a cave and we were behind the waterfall. Men were walking around everywhere with food, supplies and weapons. Sam, Frodo and I sat for a few minutes before Faramir appeared.

"My men tell me that you are orc spies." He said to us. "Spies? Now wait just a minute." Sam started. "Well, if you're not spies, then who are you?" Faramir interrupted, sitting down nearby. Sam looked at Frodo and I glared at Faramir. "Speak." He told us. Woof. Do I look like a dog to you? I thought.

"We are hobbits of the Shire. Frodo Baggins is my name, and this is Francesca Adams and Samwise Gamgee." Frodo responded. "Your bodyguard?" Faramir asked. "His gardener." Sam answered. "And where is your skulking friend? That gangrel creature. He had an ill-favored look." Faramir continued.

"There was no other. We set out from Rivendell with seven companions, along the way four others joined us. One we lost in Moria. Two were my kin. A dwarf there was also, and three elves, a woman and two men. Aragorn son of Arathorn, and Boromir of Gondor." Frodo replied. Faramir swallowed. "You're a friend of Boromir?" he asked. "Yes. For my part." Frodo said. I nodded. "It will grieve you then, to learn that he is dead." Faramir stated, standing up. "Dead? How? When?" Frodo asked, looking sad. I bit my lip.

"As one of his companions, I'd hoped you would tell me." Faramir replied. "If something has happened to Boromir, we would have you tell us." Frodo said. "His horn washed up on the riverbank, about six days past. It was cloven in two. But more than this, I know it in my heart. He was my brother." Faramir told us. He looked like he was about to cry.

After that meeting, Sam, Frodo and I went to the back of the cave, curled up, and fell asleep.


Later that night, I woke up to find Frodo and Sam sitting on the floor where we fell asleep. I sat up and listened to Frodo and Sam talking.

"We have to get out of here. You go, go now. You can do it. Use the Ring, Mr. Frodo. Just this once. Put it on. Disappear." Sam whispered to Frodo. "I can't. You were right, Sam. You tried to tell me but…I'm sorry. The Ring's taking me, Sam. If I put it on, he'll find me. He'll see." Frodo answered. Sam put a hand on Frodo's shoulder. "Mr. Frodo." He said. Suddenly, Faramir came in and drew his sword. Sam, Frodo and I scrambled to our feet. My hand went to the handle of my sword. Faramir advanced on Frodo and held his sword at Frodo's chest, the chain of the Ring wrapped around the sword's point.

"So, this is the answer to all the riddles. Here in the wild I have you. Three Halflings, and a host of men at my call. The Ring of Power within my grasp. A chance for Faramir, captain of Gondor, to show his quality." Faramir said, looking like he was in a trance. "No!" Frodo shouted, pushing Faramir's sword away and moving to a corner of the cave. I turned back to Faramir and glared at him.

"Stop it! Leave him alone. Don't you understand? He's got to destroy it! That's where we're going, into Mordor. To the Mountain of Fire!" Sam yelled. Suddenly one of Faramir's soldiers came in and started talking to Faramir. "Osgiliath is under attack. They call for reinforcements." The soldier whispered. "Please, it's such a burden. Will you not help him?" Sam pleaded. I stopped glaring at the blonde man in front of me to see that he looked conflicted. Faramir turned to the soldier.

"Prepare to leave." Faramir whispered, he then turned to Sam and said in a louder voice, "The Ring will go to Gondor." Sam looked shocked. I wasn't surprised at all. I swore under my breath and silently fumed as we prepared to leave for Gondor.

*Olympia's POV*

We continued to ride throughout the night. By this point Aragorn was fully conscious. Sometime early the next day we rode up to the top of the hill. I was still riding behind Aragron but I didn't need to see his face to know that he looked absolutely horrified by what we saw. Some ten thousand Uruk Hai were marching in the direction of Helm's Deep. I swallowed hard. In truth I was terrified of the battle that was to come.

"How many are there?" Aragorn whispered to me. "Ten thousand." I whispered back. "Ten thousand?" Aragorn asked in disbelief. "At least. This sucks." I answered grimly. Aragorn steered the horse around and we galloped towards Helm's Deep. It took all night and a good part of the next morning to get there. We stopped at the top of a hill in front of the fortress. "Mae carnen, Brego, mellon nîn." Aragorn whispered to the horse, whose name is apparently Brego.

I grinned as we rode into Helm's Deep, through the crowds. Everyone began whispering among themselves. Aragorn brought Brego to a stop when he saw that the crowd was too big and that we couldn't ride anymore. We both dismounted Brego. Then I heard a very familiar voice and grinned even more.

"Where are they? Where are they? Get out of the way! I'm going to kill them!" Gimli yelled as he pushed through the crowd to us. He stopped when he reached us and faced Aragorn. "You are the luckiest, the canniest, and the most reckless man I ever knew! Bless you laddie!" Gimli said and hugged Aragorn. I laughed. "And you! You are the luckiest, canniest and most reckless lass I have ever known!" Gimli repeated and gave me a hug as well. I laughed and hugged him.

"Gimli, where is the king?" Aragorn asked after Gimli let me go. Gimli pointed him in the right direction. "Gimli, where's Kate?" I asked. Gimli searched the crowd for a minute trying to find her, but I saw her first. I patted my friend's shoulder and ran through the crowd towards a familiar head of dark brown hair. She was leaning against a wall staring into space. I tackle-hugged her.

"You're alive!" Kate shrieked and hugged me tightly. "Kate you're choking me." I choked out. "Sorry. I-I thought you were dead! I found four inches of your hair on the battlefield. That orc bastard said you were gone." She rambled. "He grabbed my hair and tried to drag me off the warg, I had to cut the hair to get him off. You believed him?" I asked. She Gibbs slapped me and let up a little on the hug so she wasn't strangling me anymore. Some things never change. "Yes, I did. But it's okay because you're safe." Kate squeezed me tighter for a moment before letting me go. "Come on, we've got to see the king." Kate told me and started dragging me towards the Great Hall. "I thought Aragorn was going to do that." I whined. "He is. We just have to be there. And Legolas needs to know you're okay. You wouldn't believe how upset he is. He. Needs. To. Know. You're. Alive." Kate answered. "Done. Lead the way." I told her.

Kate pulled me through to crowd, stopping briefly to let Eowyn know I was alive. She hugged me and mumbled into my shoulder about how worried she had been about both me and Aragorn. I hugged her back before Kate dragged me into the Great Hall where Theoden, a few of Theoden's soldiers, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were. Legolas had a look of complete shock on his face and I smiled at him. I pried my wrist free of Kate's grasp as Theoden and Aragorn spoke.

"A great host you say?" Theoden asked. "All Isengard has been emptied." Aragorn confirmed. I nodded solemnly when the King looked over at me. "How many?" King Theoden continued. "Ten thousand strong at least." Aragorn told him. "Ten thousand?" Theoden asked. "It is an army bred for a single purpose; to destroy the world of men. They will be here by nightfall." Aragorn continued. "Let them come!" Theoden stated, determination evident in his tone. We followed the King outside.

"I want every man and strong lad able to bear arms, to be ready for battle by nightfall." Theoden said to one of his men. He led us out of Helm's Deep to the gate. "We will cover the causeway and the gate from above. No army has ever breached the Deeping Wall…or set foot inside the Hornbug!" King Theoden explained.

"This is no rabble of mindless orcs. These are Uruk Hai. Their armor is thick and their shields broad." Gimli stated. Have a little faith Gimli. I thought. Theoden walked over to Gimli. "I have fought many wars, Master Dwarf. I know how to defend my own keep." He said. Theoden walked past him and we went back into Helm's Deep.

"They will break upon this fortress like water on rock. Saruman's hordes will pillage and burn. We've seen it before. Crops can be resown...homes rebuilt. Within these walls...we will outlast them." King Theoden told us as we walked along the walls. "They do not come to destroy Rohan's crops or villages. They come to destroy its people! Down to the last child!" Aragorn countered. Theoden turned around and took Aragorn by the arm. "What would you have me do? Look at my men. Their courage hangs by a thread. If this is to be our end, then I will have them make such an end, as to be worthy of remembrance." Theoden whispered to Aragorn. So he'd have them go out blaze of glory style. I thought.

"Send out riders my lord. You must call for aid!" Aragorn replied. "And who will come? Elves? Dwarves? We are not so lucky in our friends as you. The old alliances are dead." Theoden responded, nodding towards Gimli, Kate, Legolas and I to prove his point. As a matter of fact, elves are going to come. You just watch. As I've said before, have a little faith! I am almost certain my eye started twitching when he said this. "Gondor will answer." Aragorn said almost immediately. "Gondor?! Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell?! Where was Gondor when our enemies closed in around us?! Where was Gon-?" Theoden all but yelled. "No, my lord Aragorn. We are alone. Get the women and children into the caves." Theoden said that last part to one of the nearby soldiers as they walked away.

I immediately turned to Legolas and smiled. Not a split second later, he wrapped me in a bone-crushing hug. I put my arms around his neck and hugged him back and we stood like that for a moment. "I thought I had lost you." Legolas murmured into my hair. I squeezed him tighter, not knowing what to say. "Meep." I mumbled. I couldn't see Legolas's face but I knew he was smiling now. Legolas pulled back to look at me. I grinned at him and he chuckled. Legolas then put one hand on my cheek and gently pressed our lips together. As I kissed him back, I felt myself blushing at the realization that I was kissing Legolas in full view of at least half of Helm's Deep. Eventually, my lungs started screaming at me for air and Legolas and I pulled away from each other.

"I love you, Legolas." I murmured. "I love you as well Olympia." He whispered back. I smiled. "Are you injured at all?" Legolas asked with a concerned look on his face. "Nothing serious. Or that would stop me from defending Helm's Deep." I answered. Legolas immediately looked me up and down for injuries. He raised an eyebrow at me when he came across the cut across my left shoulder and opened his mouth to say something. "It hurts but I'll be fine." I told him. "You should get this bandaged." Legolas said. "Okay." I sighed.

Legolas took my good arm and pulled me to one of the healers at Helm's Deep. The woman quickly cleaned and bandaged my arm. After she let me go, I went to go find Kate and help prepare for the battle that would come at nightfall, trying not to have a panic attack. I found Kate among the masses of people at Helm's Deep and we started looking for Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.

"The battle is going to be tonight. The Elves are going to get here soon enough. I think you already know what I'm going to ask." I whispered quietly so only Kate would hear me. Kate nodded. "Whoever gets the chance will do it. Okay?" Kate whispered back, knowing full well what I was talking about. "What happens on the hilariously unlikely chance that both of us get the opportunity?" I asked. "Then that particular orc is so extremely screwed that it's not even funny." Kate answered. I nodded and smirked.

*Natalie's POV*

I had absolutely no idea where Treebeard was leading us, but Merry, Pippin and I were still riding in Treebeard's branches a good while after we saw Isengard. I knew that we were going to the Entmoot, but I didn't remember where exactly that was. It's hard to keep track of distance in a huge forest like this.

"We Ents have not troubled, about the wars of Men and Wizards, for a very long time. But now, something is about to happen, that has not happened, for an age. Entmoot." Treebeard told us as he walked into a clearing in the forest. "What's that?" Merry asked. "'Tis a gathering." Treebeard answered. "A gathering of what?" Merry continued.

"A gathering of Ents." I told Merry as a whole bunch of other Ents walked out of the forest and into the clearing. "Beech, Oak, Chesnut, Ash. Good, good, good. Many have come. Now we must decide, if the ents will go to war." Treebeard said as the Ents stared at Merry, Pippin and I. Upon hearing Treebeard's reply, Merry and I grinned. Merry because he now had hope and me because, well even though I knew the Ents wouldn't want to go to war, I also knew Merry would convince them. I planned on helping with that. I was already writing a speech in my head as Treebeard put us down and started talking to the other Ents in Old Entish.

Author's note: Yeah, okay. More fluffiness. I know. Meh. Oh! We didn't die today! WOOT! Anywhatsitz, I know I've said it before but…This is Meepalicious wishing all my readers and their families a very happy, healthy and safe holidays! READ AND REVIEW PLEASE!

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