Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 3

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Author's note: What's this? This is Chapter Three! This chapter contains the long anticipated nerf gun war! Yeah, this chapter is total crack; I don't know what the hell I was thinking. Anyways, I'm on a roll! Two chapters in two days! Woo-hoo for summer free time! But it was fun writing, so have fun reading!

Chapter Three

Olympia's POV

I sat down at the dining room table with my team. "What is our strategy?" Aragorn asked. "Don't we need a captain?" Pippin piped up. "Yes, we do. I volunteer Olympia! She's a really good shot with her nerf gun and she's a ninja." Kate yelled and pointed at me. "What is a ninja?" Legolas furrowed his eyebrows. "I'll explain it later." I laughed. Kate just cracked up. "Now, we need a place to hide the flag and we need a strategy. Does anyone have any ideas?" I changed the subject. "Are we allowed out of doors?" Legolas asked, looking out the window. I smiled, a brilliant idea forming in my mind. "Yes, why?" Kate cocked her head to the side. "We could hide the flag in a tree." I grinned. Legolas gave me a raised eyebrow look. Kate noticed this and laughed. "Was that what you were going to say?" she turned back to the elf. Legolas nodded. "Okay. Now we need a strategy." Kate reminded us. "I've got an idea. Can you guard the flag, Legolas?" I looked at him and he nodded. "Good. Aragorn, I want you to help Legolas and patrol the backyard. Pippin, can you go around the house and shoot people out from the other team?" I turned to the hobbit, who had remained silent. "Yes, I can do that." He answered. "Amazing. Kate and I are going to look for the blue team's flag and shoot people. Got it?" I looked at my team. They all nodded.

"Legolas, come with me. I know a tree we can hide the flag in." I said. Legolas got up and Kate handed him the flag. We went into the backyard. I made sure Aragorn knew where the door was before we left. I led Legolas to a tall tree that I liked to climb. "When someone is up in this tree, it's almost impossible to see them unless they move. Imagine how hard it would be to spot that." I explained, motioning to the flag in his hands. "I imagine that would be very difficult." He agreed. I nodded and Legolas climbed up the tree with more ease than I ever had. "Showoff." I muttered. Legolas laughed from up in the tree. A few minutes later he came down. "Where did you hide it?" I asked. He pointed up to a clump of leaves on the left side of the tree. "I can't see it." I commented. "Is that not the point of hiding it?" Legolas asked. "Yes, that's the point. We should go back in now." I told him. Legolas held the door open for me and we sat back down at the table. "Okay, our ten minutes are up. Should we go back down now?" Kate asked. "Yeah, let's go. " I pointed ahead and we walked back downstairs.

I sat down in a beanbag chair near the couch and looked at the other team. "Do you have a captain?" I asked. "Yeah we have a captain. Do you?" Natalie countered. I stood up and walked to the center of the living room. "Yeah! I'm the captain." I told them. I heard a scoff and glared in Boromir's general direction. "Who's your captain? It's our tradition for the captains to shake hands and officially start the game." I explained. Natalie and Francesca both shoved Boromir towards me. "He's our captain." Natalie told me. I nodded. Boromir and I had an epic staring contest and I stuck out my hand. We shook hands and everyone scattered.

I ran upstairs to the main floor of the house. This floor had the kitchen, dining room, a bathroom, a two bed guest room and another living room of sorts. There were plenty of hiding spots here. I started with the kitchen, raiding the cabinets under the counter and finding nothing. I sat on the counter and checked the cabinets up there. There was a package of Chips Ahoy cookies but no flag. I'll have to come back for the cookies. I thought as I searched the rest of the kitchen. Then I moved on to the dining room. There weren't many hiding places there so I didn't find anything. After checking the bathroom and guest room and not finding anything I snuck quietly into the living room. Merry and Francesca were in there, searching for our flag. I smiled and snuck up behind Merry. Unfortunately for me, Francesca saw me and shot at me. I ducked and her dart hit the wall. "Ha! Ya missed me!" I yelled as I dived behind a couch and shot at Francesca's shoulder. She moved out of the way and gave me a grin. I matched her grin with a glare and decided to fake them out. I aimed at Francesca and at the last minute turned and shot Merry in the gut. "Oof." Merry exhaled and went back down to the basement where the jail was. Francesca turned around for a minute and I ran for the stairs to the second floor.

The second floor had another bathroom, Kate's room, my room, and the other guest rooms. I made a left at the stairs and checked mine and Kate's rooms quickly, figuring there wouldn't be anything there. I ran down the hall and checked the bathroom. I heard footsteps coming behind me and hid in the bathroom. Gimli walked by and stood in front of one of the guest rooms. Kate was also up here and just walked out of her room when she saw Gimli. She snuck up behind him and they had a shoot out which resulted in Gimli getting hit in the knee. After he left I came out of the bathroom and looked at my sister. "Nice shot." I complimented. "Thank you." She whispered. "He was probably guarding their flag, but then he took a dart to the knee." Kate said. I laughed. "It was supposed to be an arrow to the knee! If you're going to make a Skyrim joke, do it right!" I heard Natalie yell from inside the guest room Gimli had been standing in front of. "You fool! Now they know our location!" Boromir scolded. Kate put a finger to her lips and we stood on either side of the door. I bit my lip for a minute, trying to stifle my laughter. "On three we bust in." Kate whispered. I nodded and we stood for a moment, listening. I reached slowly for the doorknob. "Three!" I yelled and kicked the door open. We entered the room and were immediately met with foam darts flying at us. I ran and slid on my knees on the carpet to dodge the darts. Not my best idea considering I was wearing shorts. Ugh, I'm going to have a nasty rug burn from that. "Nyeegh!" Natalie groaned as Kate nailed her in the forehead. I smiled and shot Boromir's shoulder. Both of them sulked away and Kate and I searched the room. I opened the drawer to the nightstand in the room and saw it. The blue flag. I grinned. "Well don't just stand there sis! Grab it and let's go!" Kate yelled. I grabbed the flag and we ran downstairs and outside.

They yard was in chaos. Aragorn and Legolas were trying to fight the entire blue team on their own, and Legolas was still in the tree. Francesca must have freed everyone on her team. Kate and I crouched down on the side of the house and watched for a minute. Then Pippin came running out. Kate yanked him down and he crouched by us. "What are we going to do?" he asked. "You and Kate are going to help Aragorn and I'm going to run around to the other side of the house and climb up the tree from the back so I won't get caught. Once this flag is up that tree the game is over and we win." I whispered.

Kate and Pippin nodded and I ran out the gate and around the front of the house. I opened the gate on the other side and bolted to the tree. I stood behind the tree for a moment, then put my nerf gun down by the tree trunk and tucked the flag in my back pocket so I could climb. I climbed up the tree and Legolas immediately turned around and tried to shoot me. I took the flag out of my pocket and held my hands up and smirked. "I come in peace." I told him. Legolas lowered the nerf gun and smiled at me. "You found it!" he exclaimed. "Kate helped. She found where they were hiding it and we shot out Natalie and Boromir, who were guarding it. Then Kate told me to take the flag." I said. "What are we going to do?" Legolas asked. I just smiled and climbed out further onto a branch that was hanging over the battle that was taking place. Only Natalie, Merry and Pippin had gotten out, but Natalie cheated and sat by the fence. Now, Kate and Aragorn were on their own against Gimli and Boromir and Francesca. I sat on the branch so everyone could see me. "Hey! The game's over! Green team wins!" I yelled, twirling the blue flag in my fingers. "How did you find it?" Francesca yelled up to me. "Natalie yelled at Kate for telling an arrow to the knee joke wrong and we heard her. Then Kate shot Natalie, I shot Boromir and we took the flag. Then I snuck around the front yard and climbed up the tree." I explained. "Great. Now get out of the tree and tell us where your flag was!" Natalie yelled. "The flag was up here in the tree." I laughed. Legolas got our flag from the tree and jumped gracefully to the ground. "I've said it before and I'll say it again. Showoff." I muttered. Legolas laughed again. The branch wasn't too high off the ground so I jumped down and landed, stumbling a bit, next to Kate. "That was absolutely brilliant." Boromir muttered. "Thank you!" I smiled.

"That was fun!" Francesca commented once we were all back inside and the nerf guns were put away. "Did you all have fun?" I asked everyone. "I would still like to know how you managed to get up that tree without any of us seeing you lassie." Gimli said. "As Kate said earlier, I am a ninja." I shrugged and sat down on the couch. "You have yet to explain to me what a ninja is, Lady Olympia." Legolas reminded me. "Another time." I waved my hand in his direction. He shot me an annoyed look. I stuck my tongue out at him. "I must say, you were a rather good team captain." Aragorn turned to me. "Thank you." I said. "Anyway, what are we going to do now?" Francesca asked. I looked at the clock, it was only 9:00. "I don't know." I yawned. "Pajama time!" Natalie yelled. "Wait, we need to set up the air mattresses and stuff first." Kate stated. "Okay, there are two guest rooms we can use tonight. One has two beds. The hobbits can stay there if they don't mind putting two in a bed. The other guest room only has one bed and we have air mattresses that can be set up in the guest rooms." I told everyone. The hobbits agreed to double up in the guest room beds and Gandalf was staying in the bed in the other room. Four air mattresses would be set up, two in each guest room and that would have to work for tonight. "I'll help Kate set up the air mattresses. Francesca and Natalie, you two can change into you pajamas if you want. We'll be back soon." I said.

Kate and I went upstairs. I got the extra sheets from the hallway closet and she set the air mattresses up. Afterwards we went to our separate rooms and changed into our pajamas. I put on a pair of purple and white plaid pajama pants and a purple tank top to match. I slipped my feet into my purple fuzzy slippers and met everyone in the basement. Kate, Francesca and Natalie had changed into pajamas as well. Kate wore blue and yellow plaid pajama pants and a blue tank top. Francesca wore red and white plaid pants and a red T-shirt. Natalie was wearing black and white pajama pants and a black T-shirt. Francesca's hair was pulled back into a low ponytail and she was braiding Kate's hair. I sat down next to Francesca and hung upside down on the couch again. Natalie chuckled and some of the Fellowship gave me weird looks. "Lady Olympia, what are you doing?" Aragorn asked. Again with the 'Lady' stuff! Nyeeegh. I'll just have to get used to it. "Hanging upside down." I answered. "Why are you doing that?" Merry inquired. "I don't really know. It's fun." I told him. "Finished!" Francesca announced as she tied Kate's hair in a hair tie. "Your turn Olympia. Let me braid your hair." Kate motioned for me to come and sit with her. "Do you think I could do a back roll off the couch?" I smiled at my sister. "You and your Ju Jitsu." Kate sighed and rolled her eyes. She then got up to get a hairbrush so she could braid my hair. "I'd like to see you try that. That would be so awesome." Francesca commented. "Do it!" Natalie encouraged. I took a breath and tucked my head to the side and back rolled off the couch, landing on my knees. Francesca winced and Natalie looked impressed. "That looked like it hurt your knees Miss Olympia." Sam pointed out. "It didn't, I'm fine." I assured him. I sat down as Kate came back with a brush and another hair tie.

"So, do you have any more questions about our world?" I asked the Fellowship. They did and we spent a while answering more of their questions. We all started laughing when they asked about our clothes and explained to them that women in this world usually wore pants. The looks on their faces were absolutely priceless. I only wish that I had a camera at that moment. After French braiding my hair, Kate got up and turned to the Fellowship. "Okay, it's time to go to sleep now. We are going to have a busy day tomorrow. Francesca and Natalie, you know where to go, so go." She told my friends and pointed towards the stairs. Kate and I also led the Fellowship upstairs to where our rooms were. We had decided that they would be staying in the upstairs guest rooms so they could find us easier if they needed something. "Alright, if you need anything my room is there and Olympia's room is there. Just wake us up if we're sleeping. I suggest that if you're going to wake up Olympia you use the air horn in her room. She sleeps like the dead." Kate explained. "It's true." I agreed. This prompted an explanation of air horns and how to use them. Afterwards, Kate and I went to bed. I turned my air conditioner up a little higher than what it already was, turned my light off, and went to sleep.

Author's note: W00T! Nerf wars for the win! I actually have nerf wars like the one in this chapter with my friends. It is unbelievably fun. Kate told them to wake me up with an air horn. That probably won't go over well. *insert evil laugh here* Review please!

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