Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 4

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Author's note: Well, here goes Chapter Four! I'm still trying to figure out an updating schedule for this story. For the moment I'm just updating as soon as I can. Hopefully, I'll have a schedule worked out by the time school starts up again. By the way, Natalie is known as gNat2 on this site, she also actually is one of my best friends. Read and Review!

Chapter Four

Kate's POV

It seemed like I was only asleep for a few minutes when I felt someone shaking my shoulders to wake me. "Miss Kate?" they asked. "Hmm?" I rolled over and looked up to see Sam, looking very uncomfortable and awkward. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Uhm, I need to uh, relieve myself. Is there somewhere I can do that?" he shuffled on his feet. I couldn't see him well enough to tell, but I'm going to say he was blushing. I looked at the clock to see what time it was, 1:30 in the morning. Note to self: Make sure everyone knows how to use the bathroom by this afternoon. Also, showers wouldn't kill them. "Yeah, there is. Come with me." I told him, getting up. I led him down the hall to where the bathroom was. Once there I explained, quite awkwardly I might add, how to use the bathroom and how to work the sink. I told Sam to use the stool to reach it. Don't ask me why we kept a stool in the bathroom; I honestly don't have the slightest clue. After explaining all of this I went back to bed and fell asleep.

My alarm clock went off at seven thirty in the morning like it usually did for school. Ugh, I must have forgotten to unplug it for the summer. I thought as I unplugged the device and stuffed it into the drawer of my night table. I went downstairs into the dining room to find that Gandalf, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimli and Legolas were already awake. "Good morning!" I smiled and sat down at the table with them. I got a round of 'Good mornings' from them. "What are we going to be doing today, Lady Kate?" Gandalf asked. "First of all, we're going to have to wait for everyone else to wake up. That might involve someone waking my sister. Afterwards, we're going to eat breakfast and then we have to go and get you lot some new clothes. Once that's done we can come back here. At some point Olympia has to take Bella for a walk because I did it yesterday." I explained. "Why do we need new clothes?" Boromir asked. "People in this day and age dress differently than what you are used to." I said. At that moment the hobbits came down the stairs, Bella following them. I scratched behind Bella's ear and her leg started twitching the way a dog's leg does. The hobbits also asked what we were doing today and I gave them the same answer I gave the others. A while later Francesca and Natalie woke up. At that point I made it my first order of business to make sure everyone knew where the bathrooms were and how to use them. The fact that I had gone through it twice by that time didn't make it any less awkward, just putting it out there.

"Alright, I'm going to make pancakes for breakfast. Francesca and Natalie, could you two set the table. Also, someone needs to wake up Olympia." I told everyone as I went to the kitchen and started getting out the things we needed for pancakes. "Kate, are you trying to get someone killed? You know better than we do that waking up Olympia is well…." Francesca stopped there, probably trying to find the right phrase. "Let's just say you'd have to be insane and/or suicidal." Natalie pointed out. "Okay, in that case, who would be the least likely to get injured if they went to wake her up?" I asked. "Probably one of them, the rest of us know better." Natalie stated, gesturing to the Fellowship, who looked quite scared. "I don't think Kate wants to torture them like that. And yes, Olympia probably would try to kill them." Francesca countered. "And I wouldn't be that mean to them." I told her without looking up from the pancake batter I was mixing. "I'll go do it, but I'll need back up." Natalie offered. "Take someone with you then. Shot not!" Francesca told her. "I'm cooking so I can't." I said. "Uh, Legolas! You're coming with me, Olympia probably wouldn't kill you." Natalie yelled. Francesca chuckled at the confused and slightly scared look on Legolas's face. "Natalie! Stop scaring the elf!" I laughed. "I'm not!" she whined and dragged Legolas upstairs to Olympia's room. "God help them." I murmured.

*Natalie POV*

"This is going to be fun!" I whispered to Legolas as we walked up to Olympia's room. "What fun would be in waking your friend?" he asked. "Olympia flips out when we wake her up with an air horn. It'll be funny. You just watch." I smiled. When we got up to Olympia's room; we stopped in front of the door for a minute. "I'm going to go in and grab the air horn, then I'll give it to you and you'll just press the button on the top and I'm going to yell at the top of my lungs. If all else fails, I'll tackle her." I explained. I looked at Legolas, he looked uncomfortable. "Ah, you'll be fine. Olympia won't hurt you, probably. What's the matter?" I asked him. "I am not comfortable with entering a woman's private quarters." He whispered. "Everything is gonna be alright." I sang. Then, I opened the door to Olympia's room and we snuck in. I went over to her desk and took her air horn. I gave it to Legolas and shoved him towards the sleeping form of Olympia. "Just push the button!" I encouraged him. He still looked like he'd rather be fighting a bajillion orcs than waking up my friend.

Legolas pushed the button thus sounding the air horn and I shouted, "Olympia! Get your ass out of bed! We got shit to do today!" Olympia screamed bloody murder, flailed her arms and legs and fell out of bed. She would have landed on Legolas had he not taken a step back due to her scream. "What the flying fladoodles was that for?" She yelled from the floor. "Kate told us to wake you up because she's making pancakes!" I smiled at her. "If that's the case I have two questions." Olympia held up two fingers and I nodded for her to proceed. "One, why, the hell did you have to use the air horn?" she sent me an evil glare. "I thought it would be fun." I shrugged. "I'll get you for that. Two, Legolas, why are you in my room?" she turned to the elf, who had been standing there with a shocked look on his face. "Lady Natalie brought me along with her when she came to wake you." He answered. "I did it because you would be more likely not to hurt him." I explained. "That doesn't mean I'm not going to hurt you." Olympia smiled mischievously and slowly got to her feet, pushing some loose hair out of her face. "Oh shit!" I yelled and took off out of her room.

*Olympia POV*

I laughed evilly and ran after Natalie, leaving behind a confused and probably embarrassed elf behind me. I ran down the stairs and caught up to her. "Don't kill me!" she laughed as we ran into the kitchen. Natalie stopped short to keep herself from tripping over the hobbits. That caused me to bump into her back and fall flat on my ass. "Are you okay?" Kate asked, trying not to laugh as she put a bunch of pancakes on a platter. "I'm fine. Natalie won't be though." I said. Natalie and some of the other members of the Fellowship gave me wary looks. I just smiled and put Natalie in a headlock and gave her a noogie. This was extremely hard for me to do because Natalie is at least a head taller than me. "Break it up! It's time to eat." Kate pulled the two of us apart with the help of Francesca. "Food is on the table. Today, we need to shop." Kate explained as she ushered me and Natalie to the table.

"That, my friends, is why no one wants to wake her up. Ever." Natalie told the Fellowship as she fixed her hair where I had messed it up. We had explained to everyone what pancakes were and miraculously my dining room table had enough room to seat thirteen people. "Olympia, how much money do you have from graduation and stuff?" Kate asked me. "I have one hundred dollars from graduation and about ninety from babysitting and from the money I have from working at the animal rescue shelter that I haven't spent on other stuff yet." I told her. "Awesome. I have my credit card. We'll use that to pay for the clothes they need." She explained. "Wait just a damn minute. We can't let you pay for everything. Right Natalie?" Francesca said. "Right. I've got some money, so we'll help pay. I could also go and get my van so we can get to the mall." Natalie added. "You guys are the freaking best!" I yelled. "I think we should split up once we get there, we'll be done faster. Oh, Olympia! You still need a dress for Rachel's Sweet Sixteen!" Kate suggested. "Ugh, why did you have to remember?" I groaned. "Because, you can't go to her party in street clothes. She'll kill you." Kate reminded me. "Okay, I'll get a dress. I'll look around after we take care of the Fellowship." I narrowed my eyes at my sister.

After we ate, Francesca, Kate, Natalie and I got changed into normal clothes. I had on a pair of denim shorts and my Honey Badger T-shirt and my purple converse sneakers. "Should we split into groups now or when we get there?" I asked once we were all ready to go. "Now, one of us will go with each group. That would be two of them for every one of us. One of us will have to take three because we have an odd number. I'll do that." Kate said all in one breath. "How did you accomplish that in one breath?" Francesca asked, amazed. "Francesca, you take Sam and Frodo. Natalie, you take Merry and Pippin." Kate started. "Do you really think that's a good idea? Natalie, Merry and Pippin all together and unsupervised." I commented. Natalie Gibbs slapped me on the back of the head. "I'll take Gandalf, Gimli and Boromir." Kate finished. "That leaves me with Legolas and Aragorn. Are we all good to go?" I asked. I got nods and mumbled yeses. "Good. Natalie, go back home and get your van so we can go." I turned to my friend who had been talking to Merry and Pippin. "Natalie, Francesca, Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo will all fit in Natalie's semi-pedo van." Kate started. Natalie's van was a normal van, but it was white, so yeah. We called it the semi-pedo van. "You, Gandalf, Gimli and Boromir should all fit in your Santa Fe. Aragorn, Legolas and I will all go in my Santa Fe. Yeah, that'll work." I turned to my sister. "Okay. Did you all hear that?" Kate raised her voice slightly. "Yeah, we're good!" Francesca responded.

After Natalie got back, we all separated into our cars. We managed to get all of the Fellowship into the cars without any major issues. "What mall are we going to?" I called to Kate, who was helping those in her car with seat belts. "The Broadway Mall. If anyone asks, we came from a fantasy fair and our bags and stuff were stolen. Does that work for everyone?" Kate yelled to Natalie in the other car. "Yeah!" came her reply. "'Kay!" I yelled and pulled the door to my baby blue Santa Fe shut. "Alright, here we go!" I smiled. "Where are we going?" Aragorn asked. "We are going to the Broadway Mall." I told him. "Where is that?" Legolas continued. "Not far from here." I looked at them from the rear view mirror for a second. "What was it that your sister mentioned earlier about a sweet sixteen?" Aragorn inquired. "A sweet sixteen is a celebration of a girl's sixteenth birthday. Usually, a huge party is thrown for it at a restaurant or something. My cousin, Rachel is having hers on Saturday. I don't have a dress for the party yet so Kate's making me get one today. She already has a dress because she loves dressing up. That's one of the major differences between us. I don't like dressing up. Usually Kate will help me though. Anyway, first we need to get your clothes." I explained. Both Legolas and Aragorn looked like they wanted to ask something else but they kept quiet. I flipped on the radio and put on my favorite station, 95.5 FM, P.L.J.

Author's note: Whew! That chapter was kind of long. Meh, there was a lot of stuff that needed to be covered. NCIS reference in this chapter! Me and Natalie really do Gibbs slap people. Muahaha! I hope you liked this chapter. READ AND REVIEW!

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