Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 44

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Forty Three

Natalie's POV

"Rally to me! To me!" I heard King Theoden shouting over the battle. I turned my horse in his direction and started for him. I stopped short when I heard an ungodly shriek and looked up to see a Nazgûl flying low over the battlefield. The dragon-like beast the Nazgûl was riding picked up King Theoden and his horse and tossed them both to the ground. My horse froze and I stared.

"Feast on his flesh." The Nazgûl told his dragon-beast thing as the aforementioned terrible beasty advanced on King Theoden. Now is really not an appropriate time to be thinking this, but I really do sound like Jack Sparrow when I refer to that thing as a 'terrible beasty'. I thought. Eowyn suddenly rushed towards King Theoden, brandishing her sword at the Nazgûl, who I remembered to be the Witch King of Angmar, and his beast.

"I will kill you if you touch him!" Eowyn threatened.

"Do not come between the Nazgûl and his prey." The Witch King responded. The dragon-beast lunged at Eowyn. She stepped aside and hacked its head off with her sword. The dragon-beast fell over and the Witch King toppled off. It was then that my horse suddenly came to his senses, reared up on his hind legs, whinnied loudly in fright, and bolted off, dragging me back into the battle.

I took my horse's reins and steered him out of the way of one of the giant demon elephants that was charging towards us. I took out my sword and sliced at one of the demon elephant's legs. It wasn't effective at all and the demon elephant turned towards me, hitting me square in the chest with its tusk.

The wind was knocked out of my lungs as I was thrown off my horse. I landed on the ground with a thud and hit my head on an abandoned shield. I groaned and blacked out.

*Olympia's POV*

Aragorn had told us that we would be reaching Gondor soon. Immediately, all of us had begun preparing for battle. Kate and I were finishing putting on our armor; the same chainmail we had worn at Helm's Deep. I grabbed Kate's hairbrush and a handful of the leather strips we'd been using as hair ties and gave Kate a look.

"Thanks." She smiled at me and sat cross-legged on the deck. I knelt down behind her and pulled her hair back into the same braids that we'd used for the battle of Helm's Deep, seeing as it had worked to keep it out of our way and out of the reach of the orcs. When I was finished, Kate did the same thing to my hair.

"Thanks Kate. I love you. You're the best." I whispered, pulling my sister into a bear hug.

"Love you too. You say that like you think we're walking into certain death." She whispered back.

"That's a distinct possibility." I mumbled. Kate Gibbs slapped me.

"Don't think like that, Olympia. We're going to be fine. Okay?" she stated, pulling away so she could look at me. I nodded, grabbed my quiver from where I'd put it down, put it on my back, strapped on my belt with my knives on it, and picked up my bow. Kate strapped her sword to her waist again and gave me a grin. "Now that's the Olympia we all know and love." She told me. I smiled at her.

Soon, the ships drifted to what looked like an abandoned town or port on the river. I saw the city of Minas Tirith built onto the side of the mountain in the background. Armies of orcs swarmed the small port and I could make out the shapes of the Mûmakil, or Oliphants, in the background. I shuddered slightly.

"Come on you sea-rats! Get off your ships!" I heard one of the orcs shouting. I glanced over at Aragorn, who nodded slightly to us. We jumped off the ships and glared daggers at the orcs. Aragorn and Kate drew their swords, Gimli raised his axe, Legolas drew back an arrow and I pulled out my knives as we approached the orc army.

"There's plenty for all of us. May the best dwarf win!" Gimli told Legolas, Kate and I as the Army of the dead appeared behind us and we charged the orcs. At first, they drew back; terrified of the Army of the Dead that was overwhelming them. We fought our way onto Pelennor Fields.

Another orc came at me and swung his one-handed blade at me. I stepped towards his free shoulder, wrapped my arm around his back, pinned his sword arm to my chest when the swing came back around and threw him over my hip. I took the sword out of his hand, dropped it, and stabbed him in the throat with one of my knives.

"Fifteen, sixteen!" I heard Legolas counting off as he shot orcs. I smirked slightly.

"Eighteen!" I yelled, ducking as another orc swung an axe at where my neck just was. I leaned back on my hands and knocked his legs out from under him with my feet. I then leaned over and slashed at his throat. I ducked a swing from another orc and stabbed at his throat. I continued to fight; punching, kicking and slashing at anything that came at me.

Somehow, I found myself fighting back to back with my sister. I ducked as she stabbed an orc that was behind me. I sprang up and kicked him backwards. He stumbled back quite a bit and some other soldier nearby cut his head off. I slit the throat of another orc who had attacked me and looked at the soldier, who then took off his helmet. I stared for a moment.

"You've got to be shitting me. Natalie, is that seriously you?" I whispered.

"Who did you expect? Mulan? Nope! No musical numbers here! Now let's get down to business." Natalie grinned. I shook my head and we fought back to back to back in a sort of triangle with Kate. Eventually, we were separated from my sister. I dislodged my one of my knives from an orc's neck and Natalie grabbed me from behind and swung me up onto a horse.

"I borrowed him from the Rohirrim." She told me. I nodded and put my knives away, taking out my bow and shooting anything within range. "By the way, do you happen to know the name of these giant demon elephant things?" Natalie asked as she steered us out of the way of one of said 'giant demon elephant things'.

"They're technically called Oliphants or Mûmakil, but I think I like 'giant demon elephant things' better!" I answered, shooting an orc between the eyes. I eventually decided to put my bow on my back and take out my knives again. It amazed me that I hadn't fallen off the horse yet. I stabbed another orc in the throat and had just pulled out my knife when the horse froze.

"Don't look now but I think there's a giant demon elephant thing heading right for us." Natalie whispered, attempting to steer the horse out of the way. I looked and saw that she was right.

"Legolas!" Aragorn, who was nearby, shouted. I noticed that Gimli was also nearby and wondered when the hell they got there.

Legolas looked up, saw the Oliphant, made a face, and promptly charged at it. He jumped onto the Oliphant's tusk and then onto its front ankle. He waited there for a moment, then took a flying leap onto its back leg and started climbing up the Oliphant's leg onto its back.

"Olympia, your boyfriend is a freaking showoff." Natalie whispered to me. I rolled my eyes and cut the head off an orc who was taking advantage of the commotion caused by Legolas's fighting the Oliphant and attacked us. "Thanks." Natalie whispered, then urged our horse into moving again. She steered him towards where Gimli was finishing off an orc. All three of us stared as Legolas took down the Oliphant.

At that point Legolas reached the Oliphant's back, stood up and started firing arrows at the people on it, who were in a giant contraption strapped to the Oliphant's back. He fought off a few more people as they attacked him and took hold of a rope, swinging down the side of the Oliphant. While swinging there, he took out one of his knives and cut through the straps holding the contraption to the creature's back. The whole thing fell off and Legolas used the rope to pull himself back onto the Oliphant's back. He ran towards the Oliphant's head and fired three arrows, at once, into its skull. As the Oliphant fell, Legolas slid down its trunk and landed safely on the ground, nodding towards us.

"That still only counts as one!" Gimli yelled, then turned around and continued to fight. Natalie urged her horse into moving again.

"I don't really agree with that only counting as one. But damn it Legolas, you're such a freaking showoff!" I told Legolas as Natalie rode past. He turned around to smirk at me before continuing to fight.

I slashed at any orc we passed as Natalie continued to ride. I noticed that there were still Oliphants running around and zeroed in on one nearby. This is quite possibly the dumbest thing you're ever going to do in you're going to do in your immortal life. I berated myself. I nudged Natalie and pointed out the Oliphant anyway. She gave me a look and I mouthed 'I have an idea'.

Natalie turned our horse around and we faced the demon elephant. She rode towards it and we ducked past the tusks. Once underneath the creature, I slashed at its legs with my knives as we passed under it. Natalie turned the horse around again and we rode up beside its back leg. I took out an arrow and aimed at the buckle on the strap that held the war contraption on the animal's back, hoping the buckle would come undone when I shot it. When I let the arrow go, it hit the buckle. The aforementioned buckle came undone and the contraption fell off. I grinned inwardly. That actually worked! I thought.

Just then an orc jumped out of nowhere and landed in front of Natalie's horse. The horse reared up and I toppled off, doing a back roll when I landed on the ground. I heard Natalie shouting for me, so I gave her a thumbs up and jumped onto the Oliphant's leg. I used the arrows embedded in its skin as footholds as I climbed up onto its back. Once there, I fired two arrows, one after the other, into the back of the Oliphant's head. I may be good, but I couldn't shoot more than one arrow at once. As the Oliphant fell, I copied Legolas and slid down its trunk, jumping off at the bottom and doing a roll as I hit the ground.

Oh my god! That actually just happened! I win! I thought. I then saw Kate nearby, staring at me as if I'd lost my mind. She shook her head and fought her way over to where I was standing.

"Are you out of your mind?" she asked, smacking my arm. I took out my knives and we started fighting back to back.

"Of course I'm out of my mind! It's dark and scary in there!" I yelled over the battle as I slashed at the throat of another orc. I couldn't see her, but I could tell Kate was rolling her eyes at me.

After we had killed off the orcs in our immediate area, I noticed the Army of the Dead marching into Minas Tirith. I stopped and looked around. There were no more live orcs or Oliphants. It was over. The Battle of Pelennor Fields was won.

"It's over, Kate. We lived." I grinned at my sister. She gave me a one-armed hug and we both started looking for my arrows. Once my arrows were found, we noticed the Army of the Dead standing outside the city in front of Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas. I glanced at my sister and we rushed towards them.

"Release us!" The King of the Dead demanded.

"Bad idea! Very handy in a tight spot these lads, despite the fact they're dead." Gimli commented.

"You gave us your word!" The King of the Dead exclaimed.

"I hold your oath fulfilled. Go. Be at peace." Aragorn said to him. The King of the Dead smiled. The wind suddenly picked up and the Army of the Dead seemed to blow away with it.

"Wow. They give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Gone with the wind.'" I commented. Kate rolled her eyes and elbowed me gently. I looked around and saw Gandalf and Pippin watching us. Gandalf bowed his head to Aragorn, who smiled. Suddenly, I was put in a bear hug from behind. I quickly escaped the bear hug and put Natalie in a wrist lock.

"It's good to see you too. By the way, what happened to you?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked, letting go of her wrist. She rolled her eyes.

"After you fell off the horse. What did you do?" she asked.

"You fell off a horse?" Kate and Legolas asked simultaneously. I nodded.

"Was this before or after you took down the Mûmakil?" Legolas asked. Kate smirked.

"Right before. Does that answer your question Natalie?" I smiled at Natalie, who Gibbs slapped me. I smiled.

"NOOO!" Éomer shouted suddenly. All of us looked over to see him holding Eowyn's unconscious body in his arms. All our eyes widened. Almost immediately, Eowyn was rushed into the city.

Author's note: Yeah…I just couldn't resist the Olympia taking out the Oliphant thing. Anyways, I hope all my readers who celebrated the Fourth of July yesterday had a safe and happy holiday! READ AND REVIEW PLEASE!

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