Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 5

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Five

Olympia's POV

I had been singing along to most of the songs that came on the radio. I was singing 'How to Save a Life' by The Fray when we pulled into the parking lot of the Broadway Mall. Lucky for us, it was the middle of the week and it was barely 10:00 in the morning, so it wasn't crowded. I found Natalie's white semi-pedo van and Kate's dark blue Santa Fe and parked next to them. Legolas, Aragorn and I got out of the car and were met by Francesca and Natalie, both laughing their asses off. The hobbits were standing by my sister and looking slightly shaken. I looked at them, then back at my friends. "What did you do?" I smirked. "We… sang….. along….with…..the….radio." They said between laughs and trying to get their breath back. "Oh good god!" I murmured. "Yeah, yeah. We know we can't sing. You two are lucky you rode with her. She can actually sing!" Francesca addressed Aragorn and Legolas. "Like a boss." Natalie added. "Alright! Let's go!" Kate cut short our conversation and started walking to the entrance. "You girls all have you phones right?" Kate asked once we caught up to her. "Yeah." Natalie, Francesca and I chorused. "Good. Olympia, dress. Get one! Knowing you, you'll try to get away with not getting a dress." Kate reminded me. "Damn it! You know me so well!" I smiled. My friends giggled a bit. "Legolas and Aragorn, make sure she gets a dress." Kate gave the aforementioned people her famous death stare. Both of them nodded. I face-palmed.

We walked to the entrance together and split up. I led Aragorn and Legolas to the nearest Target because they didn't really need dress clothes. We walked into the store and went straight for the men's clothes. I pulled out a bunch of shirts and shorts in different sizes and handed them to Legolas and Aragorn. "Go into the fitting rooms there and tell me what fits." I pointed to the fitting rooms. "What are these made of?" Legolas asked as he ran his hands over the denim shorts I handed him. "Denim. It's a kind of fabric." I told him. I sat outside the fitting rooms while they tried on the clothes and my phone went off and started playing Italy's song about Germany from Hetalia. You know, the one that goes like, 'Germany, Germany. Germany is a really really nice place. Even though I'm you prisoner you give me food! And it doesn't suck like English food.' Yeah, that. "Yo, Natalie! What'cha need?" I answered the phone. "What shoe size should I get the hobbits?" she asked. "Don't get them shoes! There are no sizes big enough." I told her. "Kay, thanks. Bye!" she answered and hung up. Aragorn and Legolas came out of the fitting rooms a few minutes later. Legolas and Aragorn were both wearing denim shorts, Aragorn had a medium blue polo shirt and Legolas had a green polo shirt. They both handed me the clothes that didn't fit. "Alright. Go change back and we'll get some more clothes in these sizes. Okay?" I told them, taking the other clothes. They nodded and went to change back. I put the other clothes back. When the boys changed, I got another pair of shorts and another shirt for each of them.

After that we went back out into the mall. I was internally debating what shoe store to go to. We passed by a Payless and went inside. I picked out two pairs of black converse sneakers and gave them to Legolas and Aragorn. After explaining how to tell if the shoe fits, I had them sit down and try them on. "Do they fit?" I asked. "Yes." They said in unison. Wow, first try. I rock! "What do we do with these?" Legolas motioned to the laces of the sneakers. "You tie them to keep the shoe closed. Like this." I bent down and tied their sneakers, explaining what I was doing so they could do it themselves. After they mastered shoe tying, I paid for the shoes in cash. They were on sale so they were only about 15 bucks apiece. "That didn't take as long as I thought it would." I commented as we went and sat on a bench that was randomly around. "You thought it would take longer?" Aragorn asked. "Yes. Now I need to call my sister and ask where we're meeting if we're done." I said, taking out my phone. "Lady Kate told us to make sure you got a dress." Legolas reminded me. Damn, he's good. I thought. "I was hoping you forgot about that." I muttered. Both of them laughed at me. "Elves never forget anything." Aragorn told me. "Words of wisdom." I smiled a little. We got up and I checked the map to see how far it was to Macy's. "I'm still calling Kate." I told them as we walked. I took my phone out of my purse and dialed my sister's number. She answered after a little bit. "Hey, are you done yet? The rest of us are at the food court. Everyone has pizza and soda and there's some waiting for you guys. I got Gimli a T-shirt that says 'Dude!' Natalie told Merry and Pippin that real guys wear pink. So they're wearing pink. When you get here, Aragorn and Legolas are going to change in the bathroom like the others did." She said. "Seriously, that's awesome! I still need a dress. Come help me, I'm going to be in Macy's." I told her. I heard her laughter from the other end of the line. "Did they actually remind you?" Kate asked. "Legolas did, yes." I answered in an 'I'm not amused' tone. "Okay, okay I'll come help you." She laughed and hung up. I shook my head and put my phone away. "Natalie is awesome now. She got Merry and Pippin to wear pink." I told Legolas and Aragorn. Aragorn smiled and Legolas raised an eyebrow. "I don't know why she did it either." I shrugged.

Once we were in Macy's, I found the escalator and went up to the floor where the dresses were. Somehow, Kate was already there and waiting for me. "Come!" she exclaimed, pulling my arm and causing me to almost drop my bags. I glanced back at Aragorn and Legolas, who looked confused and mouthed, 'Help me!' Legolas furrowed his eyebrows. We searched the dress racks and Kate handed me four dresses before pushing me to the fitting rooms. There were couches outside so my sister motioned to them. "You two can sit down." She told Aragorn and Legolas. Kate rushed me into a fitting room and helped me with the dresses. The first one was blue, green and black with a black sash and was immediately shot down by both of us. The second one was pink. I think Kate was teasing me, I hate pink. So, I didn't even try the dress on. The one after that was dark blue and strapless. The top wrapped around me and flared slightly at the waist and fell to the floor. "Ooh, I like this one." Kate commented after making sure my hair didn't get stuck in the zipper, like it had done with the others. "But, I also like the purple one." Kate looked to the other dress, which was hanging up on one of the knobs in the fitting room. The dress had cap sleeves that were a little ruffled. From the waist down, the dress fell to my ankles in two inch tiers. Both dresses were pretty. "I have an idea! Go out there and show the guys both dresses and get their opinions!" Kate squealed. My head snapped up and I looked at her with wide eyes. "Are you crazy? I don't want to go out there!" I hissed. "Why not? Are you nervous? Do you not want them to see you being girly?" Kate smirked. "That's exactly it!" I whispered. "Aww, you just don't want Legolas to see you." She teased. "I hate you." I whispered. Kate rolled her eyes and dragged me to where Legolas and Aragorn were waiting for us. "Olympia can't decide between two dresses. So, I told her we'd get your opinions on both of them." Kate explained and crossed her arms over her chest triumphantly. Both Legolas and Aragorn looked at me for a minute. I tried to figure out what they might be thinking, but they both had epic poker faces. Note to self: Don't ever play cards with these two. Kate dragged me back into the fitting room and had me try on the other dress. She then dragged me back outside to show the guys. "Which one did you guys like the best? Personally, I liked the blue one." Kate looked at them. I can't believe my sister is actually asking them for style advice. What the fuck is this madness? Aragorn nodded in agreement and Legolas just looked like he was completely zoned out. Aragorn elbowed him in the ribs and he looked up. "I think you look beautiful in both dresses, Lady Olympia." He told me. I felt my face heating up and getting red. Shit! I'm blushing! Shit, shit, and again shit! Kate smiled broadly and dragged me back into the fitting rooms. "Wow. You should have seen your face! I could have fried at least a dozen eggs on it!" Kate laughed. "We're getting the blue dress. You have black heels at home right?" she changed the subject when I death glared her. "Yeah, I have shoes." I said as I changed back into my normal clothes.

After paying for the dress, Kate led all of us up to the food court where the rest of the Fellowship and Francesca and Natalie were. They had all gotten pizza like Kate had told me on the phone. Kate told Aragorn and Legolas to go change in the bathrooms and we sat down at our table by the windows. "Finally! You took forever!" Natalie commented when we got there. "Olympia needed a dress." Kate shrugged and winked at me. "Ugh, you're never going to let me live that down are you?" I head-desked. "Nope!" Kate answered cheerfully and Francesca pushed a slice of pizza and a glass of lemonade towards me. "Thanks." I smiled at my friend and took a bite out of the pizza. Legolas and Aragorn came back with their clothes in the Target bag and put the bags under their chairs. Legolas sat down next to me. Kate, who was sitting on my other side, elbowed me and smiled. I glared at her and turned my attention back to my pizza.

Once we finished eating, we cleaned up our garbage and went back to the cars. We loaded up all of our stuff in the cars and started back to my house. "Alright, tonight you two, Gimli and Boromir can sleep in the other guest room. Natalie and Francesca are going back to their houses tonight. They'll stay for dinner and stuff but they'll go home to sleep. I don't know what we're going to do once we get back. I'll have to take Bella for a walk at one point. Maybe we'll play wii or something." I rambled on for a little bit. Aragorn was staring out the window and Legolas looked deep in thought. I flipped the radio on and started singing again. "Listen to your heart, when he's calling for you. Listen to your heart there's nothing else you can do. I don't know where you're going, and I don't know why. But listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye." I sang along with the radio and smiled.

Author's note: W00t! I feel accomplished because I sat down and wrote this entire chapter in one sitting! GAAH! Fluffiness is fluffy. Don't come after me with pitch forks and torches and stuff! *hides under my desk* REVIEW PLEASE!

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