Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 52

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Fifty One

Olympia's POV

The next morning was that of Aragorn's coronation. Kate had Natalie, Francesca and I running around like idiots. This was one of those occasions where wearing a dress was absolutely, positively necessary, as Kate put it.

Somehow, some way, a simple rusty orange dress was found for Francesca. Francesca didn't do anything fancy with her hair, just pulled the top part away from her face. The rest of us kept our hair down, after Kate had taken her dagger and evened out the bottom of my hair. Natalie wore a light blue dress, Kate wore light yellow, and Kate picked out a light purple colored dress for me.

The courtyard of Minas Tirith was absolutely packed with people. Francesca stood with the other hobbits, Natalie stood with Eowyn and Faramir and all the elves, Kate and I included, were standing in a group together. Aragorn stood on the steps to the Great Hall, facing the doors. Gandalf took the crown off a pillow Gimli was holding and held it up high before lowering it onto Aragorn's head. I grinned and glanced at my sister. I'm not going to cry. I'm not going to cry. Ah! Who am I kidding?! I thought to myself as a few tears of joy slipped down my face.

"Now come the days of the King!" Gandalf announced once he officially crowned Aragorn. "May they be blessed." He said in a lower tone. Gandalf smiled and stepped back. Aragorn walked up the steps and turned to face everyone who had gathered in the courtyard. Everyone clapped and cheered.

"This day does not belong to one man, but to all. Let us together rebuild this world, that we may share in the days of peace." Aragorn addressed everyone.

All of us clapped and cheered again. Flower petals began falling out of absolutely nowhere and Aragorn began to sing in elvish. Everyone fell silent as Aragorn sang. I didn't understand the words, but the song sounded beautiful.

Once the song finished, Aragorn walked down the stairs and towards the people. I saw Natalie, Eowyn and Faramir bow out of the corner of my eye. Éomer bowed as well and came up beside Aragorn. All the Elves gathered walked towards Aragorn. Legolas, with Kate and I on either side of him, were at the head of the assembly of elves. Arwen was right behind us, but Aragorn didn't know that.

Legolas, Kate and I all smiled at Aragorn as we came up to him. Aragorn and Legolas clasped shoulders and Aragorn said something to him in elvish. Aragorn then put on hand on Kate's shoulder and the other on mine.

"Thank you." he whispered to us. Kate and I both beamed at him. Legolas, Kate and I all gestured behind us with our eyes and I nodded slightly towards where I knew Arwen was.

Aragorn looked past us and Lord Glorfindel and Lord Erestor stepped aside so Aragorn could see the banner showing the White Tree that Arwen was holding. Aragorn stood, shocked for a moment. Lord Elrond whispered something to Arwen that none of us could hear and looked like he was about to cry when Arwen walked towards Aragorn. Aragorn moved away from us and towards Arwen. I could have sworn everyone present held their breath and stared when the two met.

Aragorn gently took the banner from Arwen and she lowered her head, tears in her eyes. Aragorn then took her chin in his hand and turned her face up towards his. She smiled and Aragorn leaned in and kissed her. Arwen wrapped her arms around Aragorn's neck and the two spun around for a moment. Everyone clapped and I looked down, feeling extremely awkward. Arwen laughed and hugged Aragorn when the two broke apart.

We all moved away so the pair could get through. Aragorn and Arwen stopped when they reached the place where the hobbits were. Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin all bowed and Francesca attempted to curtsy.

"My friends…you bow to no one." Aragorn stated. All the hobbits looked up at him, confused. Aragorn knelt in front of the hobbits. Within seconds, we all knelt as well and bowed to the hobbits that had saved the world as we knew it. I didn't need to see their faces to know that they all looked highly embarrassed.


That night, there was an enormous feast in the Great Hall. Tables were set up and a huge and almost horse shoe shape to leave the center of the room for the dance floor. The entire Fellowship was given a table to the right of the head table Aragorn and Arwen were sitting at. The guests who had all come from far off had tables nearby.

Aragorn gave a very nice speech at the beginning of the feast. After that, the musicians started up, everyone started talking at once and it was almost impossible to hear over the noise.

"No table-dancing this time, okay?" I smirked over at Natalie. Natalie stuck her tongue out at me. Everyone at our table laughed.

It was a great party; everyone had a lot of fun. At one point, Legolas was beckoned over to King Thranduil's table. I tried not to look nervous when he left. I also tried to eavesdrop, but there was so much noise in the background that I couldn't hear anything.

"You're being pretty obvious about the eavesdropping there, sis." Kate whispered to me. I jumped slightly, almost spilling the glass of wine I'd somehow been talked into drinking.

"What? I wasn't eavesdropping!" I told her, putting the glass down. She raised her eyebrow, calling me out on it. "Alright fine! I was eavesdropping." I admitted, throwing my hands up in defeat. Gimli, who had been sitting next to Kate, laughed loudly. I bit back a smirk and made a face at him, causing him to laugh louder. Legolas came back to our table a few minutes later and knelt between my sister and me.

"Olympia, would you come with me for a moment?" Legolas asked. I furrowed my eyebrows. Legolas looked quickly towards King thranduil's table. My eyes widened. Oh shit. Oooh shit. I groaned internally. I nodded and legolas took my hand. Kate nodded and gave me an encouraging look as we left.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, King Thranduil." I smiled as Legolas and I sat down at their table. King Thranduil smiled politely, as did Tawarthion and Veryan.

"The pleasure is all mine Lady Olympia. Legolas has told us quite a bit about you." King Thranduil replied, looking at Legolas. I raised an eyebrow at Legolas.

"Only good things I hope." I attempted to joke. Veryan laughed and muttered something in elvish. There was the sound of a chair squeaking on wood floor and Veryan started slightly. Legolas had kicked him under the table. I bit my lip.

"He has told us only good things I assure you. My brother has told us about some quite impressive feats of yours, Lady Olympia." Tawarthion stated. "The Mumak, for instance, was an interesting tale to hear." He continued, smirking a bit. I turned to Legolas and raised an eyebrow.

"You told them about the Oliphant?" I asked. Legolas shifted in his seat and nodded. Veryan burst out laughing again and Tawarthion chuckled. King Thranduil had kept up and epic poker face the entire time. It was slightly unnerving.

"Legolas also told us of the self defense class he watched while in your world. He says you are quite good at it. I should like to see some of this self defense at another time, if you do not mind." King Thranduil stated nonchalantly. I gulped.

"Of course!" I agreed. Just not now. I'd rather not make a scene and doing Jiu Jitsu in a dress is a bitch. I added mentally. The four of us talked for a while until Veryan said something that very nearly made me spit out my wine.

"Lady Olympia, are you in love with my brother?" he asked with a slight smirk. Legolas kicked his younger brother under the table again and both of us blushed crimson. Tawarthion and King Thranduil both gave Veryan the Middle Earth equivalent of a 'Dude, really?' look.

"I-I…Yes. Yes I am." I admitted. None of them looked at all surprised. King Thranduil smiled slightly and Legolas's brothers both grinned. Legolas and I blushed furiously.

"Never did I think we would see the day our dear brother fell in love." Veryan commented. Tawarthion rolled his eyes.

"I am very happy for you both." King Thranduil smiled broadly. He then said something in elvish that caused Legolas to blush again and reply in elvish. Tawarthion and Veryan both laughed.

"He is right, Adar. Lady Olympia is not family yet, because she and Legolas are not yet married." Tawarthion stated, putting extra emphasis on the word 'yet'. I resisted the urge to face-palm. I hadn't understood the elvish, but I now had a pretty good idea of what they said. The subject was almost immediately dropped seeing as Tawarthion also received a kick under the table from Legolas.

"Olympia, may I have this dance?" Legolas asked after a few minutes. I nodded and Legolas led me out to the dance floor. I blushed when I realized the tempo of the music had slowed down considerably. Great! Slow-dancing. I thought.

"Legolas, I can't dance for my life." I whispered, putting my hands on his shoulders.

"It is not too difficult, meleth nîn. Follow my lead." Legolas replied, putting his hands around my waist. I blushed again.

"You know, I expected that meeting with your father to go much worse." I mused. Legolas laughed slightly.

"I told you he would not hate you. He is very happy for us, as he said. It is my brothers we may need to watch out for, Veryan in particular, for surely they will tease us relentlessly." Legolas replied.

"Aragorn told me that too." I muttered. Legolas laughed. I looked down at our feet, just to make sure I wasn't stepping on Legolas's toes. Legolas and I danced together for a while, with me constantly making sure I wasn't A) making a fool of myself or B) stepping on his feet.

"I love you." Legolas whispered to me when one of the songs ended.

"I love you too." I replied. Legolas kissed my nose and we went back to the Fellowship's table. I sat down in between Kate and Legolas.

"Last I checked, Olympia, you couldn't dance for shit." Francesca pointed out.

"Legolas talked me into it. Blame him." I told her, smacking Legolas's arm lightly. Legolas chuckled and Francesca, Kate and Natalie laughed. The rest of the feast passed in a similar way.


Late that night found Natalie, Kate, Francesca and I sitting together in the room we'd started sharing. All of us were sitting on Kate's bed and had changed into nightgowns that we'd been lent.

"I can't believe this actually happened." Francesca broke the awkward silence that had fallen over us.

"What?" Kate and Natalie asked.

"All of this; the Fellowship of the Ring crashing into your living room, coming to Middle Earth, turning into Elves and Hobbits and stuff. I mean, I walked into Mordor for crying out loud! I just can't believe it." Francesca answered.

"I know what you mean. I guess it is kinda hard to accept. What are we going to do now? The movies are done, the curtain's been called and we're still here." Natalie responded. All of us looked at each other.

"I don't know." I sighed. She's right…it's over and done. We're still in Middle Earth and we can't get home. I guess we're going to have to make a life here. I thought.

"This is the world we live in now. I guess we're all going to have to go our separate ways eventually." Kate reasoned. None of us looked particularly happy about that.

"You're right. I'm going to the Shire with the hobbits. That's pretty extremely far away…." Francesca trailed off. I hugged her.

"I'm staying in Gondor. I already asked Aragorn about it and he said it was perfectly fine." Natalie stated. We nodded. "And it's pretty damn obvious that Olympia and Legolas are going to get married eventually." She added. I stuck my tongue out at her.

"So I'm going to Mirkwood with them." I concluded. All of us turned to Kate. "What are you doing sis?" I asked.

"I'm going to make sure you get settled into Mirkwood, then I'm going to go to Rivendell. I asked Lord Elrond about that while you and Legolas were dancing. He said I could stay there as long as I wanted." Kate replied. I nodded.

Well, I guess I saw this coming. Someday we were going to have to go our separate ways. I'll miss them all something fierce. And Kate! What am I going to do without her there all the time? I've always had my sister by my side. I'll write to her all the time, but it's not the same. I thought.

"We're writing to each other all the freakin' time, you know that right?" Natalie broke the silence that had fallen over us again.

"Oh yeah." Kate said.

"Absolutely." Francesca and I chorused. Kate then started to drum out a rhythm on her legs. I smiled, recognizing the song.

"Welcome to wherever you are. This is your life; you made it this far. Welcome! You've got to believe that right here, right now, you're exactly where you're supposed to be. Welcome…to wherever you are." I sang a few lines of Bon Jovi's 'Welcome to Wherever You Are' before I sniffled and trailed off.

"I love you guys, you're my best friends. Ever. You know that?" Francesca stated when I trailed off. I nodded.

"That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?" Natalie asked.

All four of us nodded. On an impulse, I hugged them; my sister and my two best friends. We sat there for a while, not saying anything. I realized then that no matter how many new people I met, or how old I got, these three people would always be the closest to my heart; my best friends in the world.

Author's note: And that's it guys! That was the last chapter of 'Of UNO and Thunderstorms'! I'm tearing up as I write this note. It's so bittersweet, finishing my first story on this website. I want to thank you all again; all my readers, favorite-ers, followers and fans! Truly, you guys really inspired me to keep this story going. This story is almost as much yours as it is mine! The sequel will be entitled 'Wherever We Are' after the Bon Jovi song I used here. I don't know when that's going to be up, because I haven't started it yet. Read and Review please…This is Meepalicious, over and out (for now).

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