Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 6

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Six

Olympia's POV

The rest of the car ride home was very uneventful and consisted mainly of me singing. I'm a music person, so I tend to do that a lot. We pulled back up to my house after about ten minutes and went inside to unpack everything. "Alright, we'll put your clothes in the guest rooms. Germany, Francey Pants, is all your stuff ready to go for when you leave later?" Kate asked once we were inside. "Yeah, all our stuff is good to go. My car's here so I can drive myself home. Francey Pants!" Natalie said. Francesca looked up at the sound of her nickname. "Yeah?" she cocked her head to the side. "Do you need a ride home? I could drive you." Natalie continued. "You'd do that? Thanks!" she replied. Kate and I helped the Fellowship put their new clothes and stuff into their rooms.

"Alright, what do you want to do now?" Kate rubbed her hands together and smiled. "I have no freaking idea." Natalie stated, flopping down on the couch. "Do you guys want to do anything specific?" Francesca asked the Fellowship. Natalie chuckled a little bit and nudged me. I started giggling too once I thought for a minute. "What was so funny?" Francesca raised an eyebrow at us. "Think about how that sounded for a second." Natalie told her. "Woah. That sounded wrong." Francesca said after thinking on it for a second. "Ya think?" I commented. Francesca threw a pillow at my face. I tried to catch it but fumbled and dropped the pillow. "Smooth." Kate smirked at me. I narrowed my eyes at her. "Could you possibly explain what a ninja is?" Aragorn asked. Francesca and Natalie started laughing. "Yes! I never explained that did I?" I sat up straight. "No, you did not." Legolas added, slightly annoyed. I smiled to myself. "A ninja is a person who is very stealthy, skilled in martial arts, usually wears black clothes with a mask to cover their mouth and nose and gets to perform top secret missions and stuff." I explained. Natalie struck the classic ninja pose. "Olympia is one and a half of those things." Kate ruffled my hair. "One and a half?" Boromir knit his eyebrows together. "She's not as stealthy as she likes to think she is. Martial arts, I have to admit she's pretty good at. So is Natalie. Stealthy? Not so much." Kate shook her head playfully. "I am too stealthy! You just have super hearing." I defended. "Yeah, okay." Kate rolled her eyes at me and I stuck my tongue out at her. "What are martial arts?" Legolas asked. "Everybody move the stuff out of the center of the room. This question deserves a demonstration." Natalie grinned. I grinned back and Natalie and I walked to the center of the room.

"Natalie and I practice a martial art known as Ju Jitsu. It is a form of self defense. Kate used to train too, but she stopped when she started working." I explained. After we explained some basic techniques and demonstrated them, we showed them some judo throws and such. "Those were some more advanced techniques that we learned at our dojo." Natalie said. "Now what?" Francesca asked. "Mario Kart Wii!" Kate answered, using her Mario voice impression. "Yes!" I yelled. Legolas flinched at the sudden volume. "Sorry." I apologized and went to plug in our wii console and set up the game. Kate explained to everyone how to play the game and we played until everyone got at least one turn. We had four wii remotes so four people at a time could play. "Wow, I didn't know you people could be so competitive!" Francesca commented. This caused almost everyone in the room to laugh. It was true though, they were pretty competitive when we had played Mario Kart. Even Gandalf played! "Can we play Just Dance now?" Kate asked. "Yes! Oh my god, yes!" I laughed. "We should do that!" Francesca stated. "That would be so much fun!" Natalie laughed. We set up the game and I handed Natalie and Francesca wii remotes so we could teach the Fellowship how to play.

"What song should we do?" Francesca asked when we were sifting through the songs. "I've got an idea." I stated. "What song?" Kate asked. She had the player one wii remote, so she got to choose the songs. I smiled and motioned for her to lean in closer to me, she raised an eyebrow, but leaned in. "'It's Raining Men.' We should do that." I whispered. Kate looked at me for minute, then started laughing uncontrollably along with Francesca and Natalie when she selected the song. Natalie ended up getting the highest score because she was the only one who actually stopped laughing. After that song, we gave members of the Fellowship turns on Just Dance. Unfortunately, Gandalf wouldn't be convinced to play. I would have paid good money to see that though, it would've been funny as hell. One round, it was me, Natalie, Francesca and Legolas playing. "What song should we do?" I asked. Kate smiled evilly and motioned for me to lean closer to her. My eyes widened as I did so. She whispered her song choice into my ear. Walked right into that one didn't I? I thought as I scrolled through the list for the song. I heard Kate laughing but I was too busy looking for the song she told me to do. Kate came back down the stairs with her iPod and I knew she was going to be videotaping the dance. "You are an evil, evil genius." I told her. "But a genius nonetheless." Kate retorted and started filming. I clicked on the song 'Jump in the Line' and waited for the music to start.

After the dance ended, Natalie face-palmed, Francesca rolled her eyes and I turned off the wii, blushing tomato red. "What time is it?" I asked. "It's about five o' clock." Kate answered. "I'm going to take Bella for a walk now. Does anyone want to come?" I stated, starting for the stairs. I waited a minute in case anyone changed their minds. "Alright. Don't scar them for life!" I yelled as I ran up the stairs. "Does that mean we can't watch Hetalia?" Natalie called. I heard Kate and Francesca burst out laughing. "Yes! That means no Hetalia!" I managed to say through my laughter. "Damn it!" Natalie yelled. I rolled my eyes and reached down to pet my puppy. I got her purple leash out of the drawer we kept it in and the small duffel bag of stuff we took on walks. You know, like plastic bags to clean up after your dog, water bottles, a small pop up water bowl, that kind of thing. I also grabbed my wallet and shoved it in the pocket of my Bermuda shorts. Bella barked happily and wagged her tail. I smiled and clipped the leash onto the dog's collar. "Onward!" I cheered as we walked out of the house. We walked aimlessly around for a little while. I wonder if we have ice cream at home. Should I get some? I want ice cream! I thought and dug my phone out of my bag. I dialed my home phone and waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello? What did you forget?" Kate teased. "Oh shush! I was wondering if you wanted me to pick up some ice cream." I told her. "Can you please?" Kate asked. Then I heard Gimli in the background. "Who are you talking to lass?" he asked. I started laughing and Kate told me to be quiet and not do anything stupid. I put my phone away and rolled my eyes. I walked Bella down to the nearby Wal-Mart. There, I saw Rachel coming out with some bags. "Yo, Rachie!" I called. "Oh, hi Olympia!" Rachel waved and pushed some of her light brown/dirty blonde hair out of her face. "What's up?" I asked, walking over to her. "Nothing much." She responded, petting Bella. "Can you do me a favor? I need to run into Wal-Mart real quick. Could you watch Bella?" I pleaded. My cousin smiled and rolled her blue eyes at me. "Sure." She smiled. "Thanks!" I called over my shoulder as I ran into the store. I quickly picked up some chocolate and some vanilla ice cream. I ran back outside and took Bella's leash from Rachel. "So, is everything ready for your Sweet Sixteen, peanut?" I smiled when she stuck her tongue out at me in response to the nickname she'd been given when she was a toddler. "Yeah, everything is all set. Why do you still call me peanut?" she asked me. "You're still shorter than me." I smirked. "So if I'm ever taller than you do I get to call you peanut?" she countered. "Yes, but it's unlikely you'll be taller than me now." I told her. "True. I gotta go. Bye! See you Saturday!" she called as she walked away. "Bye." I said.

I decided that Bella needed a little longer of a walk, so I took the long way home and prayed that my ice cream wouldn't melt. When I got back to my house, I got inside and put the ice cream in the freezer and let Bella go wander around the house. I snuck downstairs as quietly as I could to find Kate and Francesca playing on the upright piano that was in the corner of our living room farthest from the stairs.I started sneaking towards them when Legolas gave me a look. I put a finger to my lips, walked up behind them and tickled Kate's sides, causing her to jump. "Who says I'm not stealthy?" I crossed my arms across my chest. Gandalf chuckled and shook his head. Kate whacked me lightly with her music book. "Music abuse!" Francesca joked and yanked the book from my sister and put it back on the stand. "What should we make for dinner? I bought chocolate and vanilla ice cream and it's in the fridge." I pointed out. "Pasta!" Kate yelled, holding one hand up in the air. "This is why you're Italy. We already had pizza for lunch." I reminded her. "Too much Italian food never killed anyone. Besides, no one makes sauce like you two do." Natalie argued. "It's because we're part Italian and we're awesome. We'll make pasta for dinner if you want it." Kate answered. Francesca and Natalie fist bumped. "Okay! Do we have sauce?" I turned to Kate. "Yeah, there's leftover sauce in the freezer and we have pasta in the pantry." Kate answered. "Awesome! We should start now." I stated, looking at the clock. "I'll set the table if you start defrosting the sauce and stuff." Kate told me. "Deal." I nodded and we went up the stairs. "Where are you going?" Pippin asked. "We're making dinner. The air conditioner is on in the dining room if anyone wants to come hang out upstairs." I called.

I walked into the kitchen and got the jar of sauce out of the freezer and put it in a bowl of water. I dug out a pot and put it on the stove, then I rummaged through our pantry for three boxes of pasta. I went back to the kitchen and sat on the counter. A minute later Sam and Frodo walked into the kitchen. "Hi Sam. Hi Frodo." I waved at them. "Hello Miss Olympia." Sam greeted. "Hello." Frodo said. "What brings you here?" I asked, trying to break the awkward silence that had fallen over the three of us. "Mr. Frodo and I were curious. We wanted to know about food in your world." Sam explained. "What is in there?" Frodo pointed to the bowl with the sauce jar in it. "That's a jar of tomato sauce." I told them. "Tomato sauce is made out of crushed up tomatoes and some spices like Oregano, Basil and Parsley. Kate and I used to help my mom make it when we were growing up and eventually my mom taught us. It's a family tradition of ours. We don't buy tomato sauce from the store because it's just not as good as when we make it ourselves. If you ask my mom, it's also sacrilegious to get it from a store." I explained with a smile. "That is very interesting." Sam commented and Frodo nodded in agreement. Does the Ring work in our universe? I randomly wondered. "Frodo, could you come here for a minute?" I asked. Frodo walked over to where I was sitting on the counter. "Does the Ring work in this world?" I whispered into his ear. "No. Your friends asked the same thing while you were out." Frodo whispered. I let out a sigh of relief.

Once the sauce was defrosted, I poured it out into the pot and put the burner on medium. It wasn't frozen anymore, but still needed to be heated up. Afterwards, I got out another pot for the pasta and put it on the stove. Kate then came in and got out dishes and stuff to set the table with. Sam and Frodo had moved into the dining room with everyone else. "What are we going to do after dinner?" she asked. "I don't know. Eat ice cream." I shrugged. Kate went back out into the dining room and I heard everyone talking too softly for me to make out their conversations. I shrugged and went back to stirring the pasta. Once it was cooked enough, I put it in a large bowl with the sauce and mixed it together. I then put some extra sauce in a gravy boat and brought them to the dinner table. "Food's ready." I announced. "Obviously." Natalie teased. I stuck my tongue out at her and took the only empty seat left, the head of the table opposite the one my sister was sitting at. Francesca sat on my left and Legolas was sitting on my right.

Author's note: Ta-da! Chapter Six. This took awhile to write because I couldn't get on my computer for a while. I'm also slightly stuck on how exactly I am going to get the Fellowship home. I am open to suggestions, so if you have any please leave them in a review or PM me! Until next time, my lovely readers! READ AND REVIEW!

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