Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 8

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Eight

Olympia POV

Saturday morning came all too soon in my opinion. I woke up that morning later than usual. Damn it! I'm going to have to really move my ass to get to Ju Jitsu on time. I ran downstairsto find Kate and the other members of the Fellowship already up and in the living room on the first floor. "I already explained to them that they're going to be on their own today." Kate said the second I opened my mouth to ask. "Good. I need to eat and get ready for Ju Jitsu with Natalie. We're going to be running around like crazy people today." I smiled. "You know it. Now, go!" Kate pointed towards the kitchen. I ran into the kitchen and made myself two toaster waffles. After eating them at lightning speed, I got washed up and changed into my uniform. Then I had to scour my house to find my hairbrush seeing as it wasn't where I usually left it. "That should be a record." Kate commented, handing me my brush. "Yeah really." I responded, brushing my hair up into a ponytail; one stubborn piece of hair was too short to fit in my ponytail and fell on the left side of my face. "Am I bringing anyone with me when I go?" I asked. "I don't know are you?" Kate retorted. "Does anyone want to go and watch Olympia's and Natalie's Ju Jitsu class?" Kate asked as I grabbed my keys and water bottle and slipped on my flip flops. I ended up bringing Boromir, Legolas and Aragorn along to watch my class.

I pulled into the dojo's parking lot about five minutes before the first class started. On Saturday mornings there were two classes, one for beginners and one for advanced students. Natalie and I were both upper belts, so we sometimes help out at the beginner class. "You're late." Natalie smirked as I entered the dojo with Boromir, Legolas and Aragorn. "I am not, you're just early." I countered. Natalie narrowed her eyes at me because she didn't have a comeback for what I'd said. "I win!" I laughed. "For now." Natalie said. During the second class, our sensei had us doing a blocking drill that was similar to sparring. Each student would get three plastic rings with tails sticking out to put on their gi or belt. The students would then pair off and try to steal each other's plastic rings. As usual, Natalie and I worked together for that part. However, neither of us was able to steal the other's rings because we know each other's fighting styles so well from years of sparring together. Then, our senseis set up kind of a mosh pit in the center of the dojo and had four or five people try to steal rings from each other. At the end of our round, the only people left were me, Natalie and Johnny. This should be interesting. Natalie and I ended up working as a team against Johnny. It didn't exactly work seeing as Johnny took all three of Natalie's rings in a matter of minutes. I had tried to us his focus on Natalie to my advantage and steal his rings. That didn't work either, but he didn't get any of my rings until Natalie was out. After that, Johnny got my last ring in about twenty seconds flat. At the end of class when we were all leaving, Johnny had to give back one of the rings that was stuck in his gi. We all laughed and teased him about it. All in good fun of course.

After class, I went back outside into the waiting room where the others were waiting. I downed my entire water bottle while Natalie tied her shoes. "You are a fish, Kochie. A fish." Natalie commented when she saw my empty water bottle. "I know." I smiled. "So, what did you guys think of the class?" I asked Legolas, Boromir and Aragorn. "I was under the impression that you were still students." Boromir stated. "We are." Natalie answered. "What do you mean?" Legolas asked. "She means that we come to the advanced class, like the one we just had, and the adult class. The adult class is for adult students." I explained. The three of them nodded in understanding. "Alright, we need to go. See ya later Germany!" I said as I ushered the guys back to my car.

I drove home as fast as I could without scaring the boys or getting in legal trouble. Once home I unlocked the door and went into the kitchen to re-fill my water bottle. "Kate! Are we getting all dressed up now or later?" I called. "Now! Go shower!" she yelled up the stairs. "Why are you downstairs?" I asked. "I'm doing everyone's laundry! After you shower, so is everyone else. The clothes they got here in will be clean by tonight." She answered. "Okay!" I responded. I ran upstairs and got out my dress, black shoes and black purse and laid them out on my bed. I put my bathrobe on and ran into the bathroom and took one of the fastest showers of my life. When I was finished, Kate was waiting for me in my room to help. "That should also be a record." She smiled. "We're in a hurry today. I have a right to set records." I told her as I dried off and put on the dress and shoes. "Alright. It's hair and makeup time." Kate smiled. "Ugh, just don't go overboard." I warned. My sister laughed and set to work putting some light eye shadow and mascara on my face. "Here, put on some lipstick." She insisted, handing me a tube of light pink lipstick."Meep!" I groaned but put on the lipstick. "There, it's not a lot. Now, what should we do with your hair?" she asked. "I don't know." I shrugged. "I know!" Kate exclaimed and quickly set to work fishtail braiding my still soaking wet hair over my left shoulder. "There. Ooh, that looks good. Your sister knows her shit huh?" she smiled. "Yes. It's only because you have a girly side, but yes. Thanks for helping me out with all the dressy stuff." I told her. "No problem. I'm going to go tell everyone how to use the showers, then I'll get ready. Could you do me a favor and get my dress and stuff ready for me?" Kate asked. "Yeah, sure." I replied.

Kate ran downstairs and I walked into her room. Well, I more or less walked; I stumbled a few times in the shoes. Kate had told me ahead of time what she was wearing; the only issue was finding it in her room. Like me, Kate has a room that looks like it's been hit by a tornado. I somehow found her white purse and white heels. I searched her closet and then took out her dress. Kate's dress had green, blue, and white swirling designs on it and had a white sash at the waist. It was also had tank top sleeves and came to her shins. I laid out all her stuff on her bed and went down to the first floor. I sat on the couch, flipped on the T.V. and took off my shoes. Heels and my feet don't mix; they give my feet blisters after a while. So, naturally I wanted to wear them for the shortest possible time.

After Kate taught everyone how to work a shower and everyone was all clean and dressed, it was one thirty. "Francesca's late." I pointed out. "Watch her ring the doorbell right now just because you said that." My sister gave me a look. Sure enough, the doorbell rang. Francesca walked in a moment later with Kate. "I told you." Kate smirked. "Shut up." I told her. "We look all spiffy." Francesca had straightened her hair and was wearing a peachy orange-ish dress that came to the middle of her shins. "Yes, yes we do." I said. "Now, we wait for Natalie. And then we go." Kate stated. "Gandalf is in charge while we're gone." I pointed to said wizard. "Olympia! Put your shoes on, we're leaving soon!" Kate scolded me. "Meep." I replied as I put the shoes back on. "What does meep mean?" Sam asked. "It doesn't mean anything; it's just a thing Olympia says." Kate explained. "Meep." I nodded. Almost everyone in the room laughed, smiled, or chuckled at that. "Alright, if you need anything while we're out, our cell phone numbers are on the refrigerator. Just pick up the phone and push the buttons with the same numbers on them." Kate told the Fellowship, while I picked up the phone to help demonstrate what she was saying. Natalie arrived about five minutes later and we left. "Bye guys! See you later tonight!" I yelled as we left. "Or possibly early tomorrow morning." Kate added. "Don't wait up for us!" both of us said at the same time. Natalie and Francesca laughed and we piled into Kate's car.

Author's note: Bam! There goes Chapter Eight. The next chapter will probably start from the POV of one of the members of the Fellowship, then switch to Olympia's POV. Let the record show that 'meep' is not an actual word. That has never stopped me from saying it but I thought you should know. REVIEW PLEASE!

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