Of UNO and Thunderstorms

Chapter 9

Of UNO and Thunderstorms


Chapter Nine

Legolas POV

I was worried; I believe the others were too. We needed to get back to Middle Earth and destroy the Ring. "Gandalf, how much longer do you think we will be in this world?" Aragorn asked. "I do not know. We will find a way back to Middle Earth eventually." Gandalf answered. "Do you think he can get here? To this world I mean." Sam asked. "That would mean that the war would move to this world, and the people here would become involved in it." I said. "Legolas is right. The people of this earth would have a war on their hands far more dangerous than any I think they have seen. However, I do not think that Sauron can reach us here. Lady Olympia and Lady Kate are intelligent young women; they might be able to find us a way back to Middle Earth." Gandalf continued. "What of their friends, Miss Francesca and Miss Natalie?" Sam inquired. "They as well are intelligent people from what I have observed." Gandalf stated. "Lady Natalie and Lady Olympia also have potential to be good fighters from what I saw in their training session this morning. It seems unusual to me that such young women would learn to fight." Aragorn pointed out. I nodded in agreement. "Indeed, the customs of this world differ greatly from our own." Gandalf responded.

I soon became lost in my thoughts. This world still seems quite unusual to me. The food and customs are so different from the ones I have known. How are we going to return to Middle Earth? What will happen to Ladies, Kate, Francesca, Natalie and Olympia when we do return home? What would happen if there is no way for us to return to Middle Earth? What if Sauron was able to get to this world and the war did move here? Would Lady Olympia's and Lady Natalie's skills be able to help them? How would Lady Olympia and her companions react to that? Why am I worrying about them like this? They seem responsible enough to take care of themselves. After a while conversation died out and silence ensued. "Could we watch more of that thing?" Pippin asked, gesturing to the strange screen that was mounted on the wall. I believe it was called a television. "I do not see how it would cause any harm." Gandalf smiled at the young Halfling.

After a while the Halflings, Aragorn, Boromir and the dwarf all became lost in the story that was playing on the television. Gandalf seemed as though lost in thought. I was staring out the window at the now setting sun. Lady Olympia's dog, Bella, trotted over to me and sat at my feet. I smiled at the small and furry creature and played with her. "I'm hungry." Pippin broke the silence that had fallen over us. "You're always hungry Pippin." Merry replied. "Didn't Miss Kate and Miss Olympia tell us to call them on that device they call a phone if we needed anything?" Sam asked. "Good idea Sam." Frodo piped up. "Where is the phone?" Boromir inquired. I glanced at the phone, which sat on a small table near me. "Here it is." I announced as I picked it up. "Legolas, would you please call either Lady Kate or Lady Olympia?" Gandalf asked. I nodded and walked into the kitchen. After finding the piece of paper on the refrigerator with Lady Kate's and Lady Olympia's phone numbers on them, I followed Lady Kate's instructions and typed in the number on the phone and put it up to my ear. "Hello?" Lady Olympia answered after a moment. "Hello." I said. "Legolas? Is that you?" she asked "Yes, it's me." I answered. "Oh my god! What happened? Is something wrong? Did someone get hurt or something?" Lady Olympia sounded panicked. "Nothing is wrong and no one was injured." I assured her. "Then what do you need?" she inquired. I could imagine her raising her eyebrow the way she does when she is confused. "Pippin is hungry and wants to know where the food is." I explained. Lady Olympia laughed. "In the refrigerator, there should be some foods like carrots, or tomatoes or apples or something. You can all help yourselves." she stated. "Thank you." I thanked her. "Bye! I'll see you when we get back!" she said. I pushed another button and put the phone back where I had found it. I also told my companions what Lady Olympia had said about the food. After getting something to eat, everyone went back to their previous activities for a time. By this time the sun had completely set and the outside world was dark. I sat back down on the couch and took a bite out of an apple. After a while I heard the sound of approaching footsteps and the voices of Lady Natalie and Lady Olympia and laughter from outside.

*Olympia POV*

"Give it back!" Natalie yelled as she chased me across our front yard. I clutched her purse to my chest and ran in circles, cackling evilly. I had ditched my shoes so I could run and they were in my other hand. "That's what you get for calling me short! I'm not short, I'm 5'6!" I laughed. "Oh just give her the bag back and let's get inside." Kate called. "Fine." I pouted and threw Natalie's handbag back to her. She caught it and stuck her tongue out at me. At this point I had to put my shoes back on. Francesca laughed as we walked up to the front door. Kate searched through her purse for a while. "Shit! Where are they?" she shouted. "Where are what?" Francesca asked. "My house keys! I left them in the house!" Kate face-palmed. "Smooth move sis." I smirked. "Do you have your keys?" she responded. "No, I thought you had yours." I countered. "How are we getting in now?" Natalie changed the subject. "I think we left the back door open. I'll go around and check there." I stated. "If not, could you go in a window? They're not locked." Kate told me. "You want me to break into my own house?" I teased. "Yes!" Kate laughed. "Alright!" I clapped my hands together.

I walked to the gate and around to the backyard. I accidently set off the motion activated light on our porch when I reached the door. Of course, the back door was locked. "Well now I guess I have to break into my own house, while wearing a dress. There's something I never thought I'd have to do." I mumbled to myself as I went to the window of the downstairs guest room. The window was open and it was low enough for me to reach so I opened the screen and climbed up and sat on the window sill. Then I swung my legs over the window sill and jumped down into the house. I had made a lot of noise and I hoped no one would come after me. Unfortunately for me, that was not the case. "Who is in here?" I heard Legolas yell from somewhere in the room. "It's just me, Olympia!" I answered, stumbling my way to the door and flipping on the lights. Legolas lowered his bow and looked at me, shocked. "Kate left her house keys in here and the back door was locked. So I had to climb in the window to unlock the door for everyone else." I explained. "I apologize. I thought you may have been someone else." Legolas said. "It's okay. Come on; let's go let everyone in." I smiled and we left the room.

"What the hell took so long?" Natalie asked as I let her, Francesca and Kate into the house. "Well, the back door was locked. So I had to climb in the guest room in the window, and I almost got shot while doing that." I told her. "Oh." She replied. I rolled my eyes. "Alright, so you're going home now. But you're coming over tomorrow right?" Kate asked. "Yep!" Natalie and Francesca both answered at the same time. "Awesome." I smiled. Francesca and Natalie got their stuff, we said our 'good night's', and they left. "So what did you guys do while we were at the party?" Kate asked, running a hand through her hair. It's a habit of hers and she does it every so often. "We did not do much." Aragorn answered. "That's cool." She shrugged. "I'm going to go change." I announced. "Oh, but you looked so pretty!" Kate whined. "You took pictures." I replied, already halfway up the stairs. Kate didn't reply, but knowing my sister, she was staring daggers after me. I chuckled to myself and changed into my pajamas. I heard Kate come up the stairs. "I'm changing too." She called. "See! Even you get sick of a dress after a while!" I smiled as I undid the braid in my hair. "Oh shut up!" Kate laughed.

After we changed we went back downstairs to the living room. It was about 10:30 by now but we really didn't care. I flipped the T.V. on and started channel surfing. "Anything good on?" Kate asked. I stopped on one of the movie channels and smiled. "Does 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl' count as good in your book?" I grinned at my sister. "Hell yeah it does! Why do you ask such stupid questions?" she smacked my arm playfully and I laughed, putting on the movie. "What is this?" Aragorn asked. "Do you all remember what a movie is?" I turned to the Fellowship. They all nodded. "This is a movie called 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' It's actually a trilogy and it's really good." Kate continued. "Just watch." I said.

Towards the end of the movie, I was hanging upside down on the couch as I usually do. Pippin yawned and Merry started dozing off. "Are you guys tired? We could finish the movie another time." I offered. Merry and Pippin both sat straight up at that. "No, we're not tired. Right Merry? We want to see the end of the movie." Pippin stated. Merry nodded sleepily. "If you say so." I held my hands up in surrender. After the movie, I think we were all really tired so Kate told everyone it was time for bed and we had to go to sleep. I laughed when Merry and Pippin protested, saying they weren't tired, then yawning and stumbling to their room. I walked back to my room and fell asleep.


The next morning, I woke up earlier than I thought I would after the previous night's party. My clock read 6:45 when I got out of bed. What normal person wakes up at this time after partying and Ju Jitsu class and watching movies? I wondered as I made my way downstairs to the living room. I found that only three members of the Fellowship were up. Gandalf, Aragorn and Legolas. "Good morning!" I smiled when I saw them. "Good morning Lady Olympia." Legolas said. "Is there anything we are doing today?" Gandalf asked. "Nope! The weather today is supposed to be crappy, so we're staying inside." I replied, sitting down cross legged on the couch next to Legolas. "Crappy?" Aragorn raised an eyebrow at me. I laughed because I never thought I'd ever hear Aragorn say something like that. "It means that it's not going to be a nice day. It's supposed to rain and thunder and lightning and stuff. Not good for going out and doing stuff." I explained. Aragorn nodded. "Do you know if there is a way for us to get back to Middle Earth?" Legolas asked after a few minutes of awkward silence. "I'm not sure. If there is, we'll find it. And if not, I can promise that we'll try." I told him, somewhat surprised at the determination in my voice. Legolas nodded.

After a while, Kate, Boromir, Gimli and the hobbits woke up. "Olympia? You're up before me. It must be the apocalypse." Kate joked and widened her eyes. "If it's the apocalypse, then where are the zombies?" I raised an eyebrow. "I was joking Olympia." Kate pointed out. "And I was being sarcastic." I smirked. "You suck." Kate whispered. I laughed. "So, breakfast. What are we having?" I asked. "We have cereal." Kate suggested. "That works." I replied. "Okay." Kate agreed. After eating a breakfast of any kind of cereal we had in the house, Kate gave the Fellowship back the clothes they arrived in. After that, I changed out of my pajamas. I put on a short sleeved shirt, hoodie and a pair of shorts. It was one of those rainy cool days in summer where if you wanted to, you could wear a pair of jeans or a hoodie. I like hoodies, so that's what I wore. I was paranoid and I had a feeling that whatever brought the Fellowship here was going to bring us back with them. Dear God, I must be crazy! I should listen to Kate, that's not going to happen. But, what if?

Author's note: Ooh, semi-cliffhanger-ish ending. How did you all like getting inside Legolas's head for a bit? Should I switch into Fellowship POVs again? Well, sometime in the next chapter, our four insane OCS will get to Middle Earth. Will everything go smoothly with their arrival? What will happen to them if it doesn't? How will they react to hopping universes? Will I stop asking you questions you don't know the answers to? Probably not but stay tuned to find out! REVIEW PLEASE!

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