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Life with Annie

By WendyHamlet

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

Hey everyone!

well here is the sequel to my first story.

It will start right before the victory tour, and will

probably end right before Annie's games.

I hope you like it, and please review :)

Chapter one: Just another day.

I slowly walk back to my large house in victors village.

The sun is out, but It's still a little chilly.

It has been almost six months since I won the sixty-fifth hunger games, and soon I will be picked up to go on the all famous victory tour. This is what happens exactly halfway between games, the victor of the previous games will take a tour to each district. Ending at the capitol, at each district I will be put on a stage, and boasted about in front of the entire district, including the families of the tributes I murdered.

Sure there will be parties and gifts given, but the whole tour is basically like a slap in the face to all the other districts.

As I make my way down the main street, I receive some strange looks.

I imagine what they are all thinking.

Who is that filthy boy with torn clothes?

It couldn't be Finnick Odair, last years victor could it?

How did he get so dirty?

unfortunately for me, I'm kind of unmistakable.

I've grown since the games, and now I am at least 6' feet tall.

I've kept in shape too, so it's kind of impossible to recognise me.

What other tall, well-built fifteen year olds, with bronze hair and sea green eyes are there?

True, I've let my hair grow a little longer since the games, it falls in waves just below my ears. But this does little to hide my identity.

I sigh, and ignore the quizzical looks. Just a few more blocks until I reach victors village. Then I can take a shower and change out of these ripped and dirt covered clothes.

I reach the village in about five minutes, and walk past Mags house, and Bruce's. I pass one more house that is empty, and then finally reach my house.

I retrieve the key from the top of the doorway, and after unlocking the door, Walk inside.

It has three floors, the first one holds the kitchen, living room and a bathroom. The second floor has the master bedroom and bathroom, a lounge type room, and a guest bedroom. The last floor has the laundry room, another guest bedroom and a guest bathroom.

You would think living in a large house all by my self that I would get lonely. But I spent my whole life in a crowded community home with dozens of other boys, almost all which beat and teased me. So the truth is I am very content to live in a big house all to myself.

I walk stiffly up the stairs and pull off my ruined clothes. I throw them in a trashcan, and jump in the shower.

I was overjoyed to find they had a capitol shower installed in the master bathroom. I had grown fond of them while I was at the capitol, and I quickly program it to a gentle pressure, with warm water. I press a button, and blue foam covers me. Soothing my body. I shampoo my hair, and press the rinse button.

I turn the water off, and wrap in a towel. My house unfortunately doesn't have the instant drying system like in the capitol.

Oh well, I don't want to have to many things to remind me of the capitol. I hate the capitol, and everything it stands for.

I rummage through my dresser for something to wear. Finally deciding on a pair of khaki pants, and a dark purple shirt.

As I pull the clothes out of the drawer, I hear the doorbell ring.

"It's open!"

I shout down the stairs as I pull on the pants.

I hear the door open, and someone runs up the stairs.

"Hey Finn!"

I'd know that voice anywhere, it's my best friend Annie Cresta.

She bounds in the room, and skids to a stop.

"Finn...What happened?"

Oh crap, I forgot about the bruises. I turn around quickly facing her.

I'm holding my shirt in my hand, and I give her an innocent grin.

"Oh. Hi Annie."

She's dressed in her everyday wear, jeans and a light yellow T-shirt. Her hair was in a pigtail, but the hairpin is barely hanging on to a few strands, and her wild copper hair is flying out every which way. Just like it always does.

She crosses her arms, and raises her eyebrow.

"Don't play dumb with me Finnick Odair. What happened to you?"

I shrug.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

She walks over to me, and glares into my eyes.

"Turn around."

I smile, and shrug again.

"I don't have to."

She grabs my arm, and spins me around.

"Ow! Watch it."

I hear her gasp, as she sees my back.

"Finn...where did you get these bruises?"

I turn back around, and painfully pull on my shirt.

"I had a little run in with some old buddies of mine."

She looks shocked.

"I thought that had stopped. Aren't you big enough now to take care of yourself in a fight?"

I sigh.

"Not if there's six of them. They jumped me in the alley behind the butcher shop."

Annie narrows her eyes.

"It was Surf and his buddies again wasn't it? Ooh! If I could get my hands on them I'd..."

I laugh. Annie is one of the sweetest people I know, she couldn't hurt a fly.

"You'd what? Smile and ask them nicely to stop? They're bullies Annie, and It's only gotten worse since I won the games. They already hated me, but now that I'm rich and popular they have all the more reason to."

She sighs and sits on my bed.

"What where you doing in the alleys anyway?"

I sit down next to her.

"Oh, just trying to avoid some of my adoring fans."

Annie wrinkles her nose, and sticks out her tongue.

"Ugh, I hate those drooling sickos. No wonder you were hiding."

I laugh, Annie can't stand girl talk, like makeup, clothes and boys. She would rather talk to me about fishing, boating or anything else.

"What do your friends at school think about me?"

She shudders.

"Don't even ask. I wouldn't repeat what they say for the world."

I laugh, but the truth is I despise it as much as Annie does. I don't have a girlfriend, and I don't want one right now. Almost everyday I have girls of all ages throwing themselves at me, and I do exactly what I was taught. Smile, talk to them, and give them my autograph. I except their phone numbers, and bid them good day. The entire time loathing them.

"You should get a doctor to look at your back."

I shrug.

"I'm going on the victory tour next week, I can get some magic healing potion from the capitol."

Annie frowns at the mention of the capitol.

"I can't believe you're going to be gone for my birthday."

Annie's birthday is a few days after I start the victory tour, and everything is already scheduled. I feel horrible, after all, Annie was here for my birthday last month when I turned fifteen. Now when she is turning thirteen, I won't be here.

"I know, I feel absolutely awful about that. But everything is planned ahead of time, I've already talked to Mags about it."

She nods.

"I'm going to be a teenager too. Oh well, I know you can't help it. It's just that with Robbert gone now...well It's just going to be hard with you not there."

I swallow hard. Annie's older brother Robbert, died while I was in the games. After he died, Annie kind of lost her mind. But I was able to bring her back."

"I know. Hey what are you here for anyway?"

She jumps up, her hair escaping the hairpin as she does.

"Oh! I almost forgot. Mom said I could invite you Mags and Bruce over for dinner tonight."

I stand up with her and stretch.

"Well, I'll be there for sure. Anything to taste your mom's cooking. Mags will probably come too, but I don't know about Bruce."

Annie pushes her hair out of her face.

"Alright, I'll tell mom to count on both of you coming, and to make a little extra in case Bruce comes too."

I walk downstairs with her, and we both stop at the door.

"Do you want to go to the beach for a while?"

She shakes her head.

"Sorry, I have to help mom with some stuff."

I nod.

"What about tomorrow then?"

She laughs.

"I have school tomorrow Finn. Speaking of which, are you ever planning on coming to school again?"

I shake my head.

"To much attention, I might get a tutor or something."

She shrugs.

"Alright. Well I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow anyway, we can hang out after school."

I smile.

"Sounds good. I'll see you tonight."

She walks out and waves.

"See you later!"

I walk back upstairs, and hurriedly brush my hair.

Then I go and visit Mags.

She opens the door, and smiles.

"Finnick! It's good to see you. Come on in."

I walk in to her large house.

"Hey Mags. It's good to see you too."

We walk over and sit in her living room.

"So, what brings you here?"

I pretend to look shocked.

"What? I can't come over just to see my beautiful mentor?"

She laughs and shakes her head.

"Goodness, I chose the right personality for you all right. Now what do you want you flirt?"

I grin.

"Well, I did come over to invite you over to the Cresta's for dinner tonight. Bruce is invited too."

Mags smiles.

"Oh I'd love to have dinner with them. How is Annie doing by the way?"

I tell Mags everything, so she knows all about Annie's melt down, and she always keeps an eye out for the both of us.

"She's doing a lot better. But it's going to be hard for her when I go on the victory tour. I'm going to be gone for her thirteenth birthday, and this will be her first one without Robbert."

Mags thinks for a minute.

"Wait a minute...I think you can take one person from your district on the tour."

I raise my eyebrows.

"Really? You mean Annie could come with me?"

She frowns,

"I'm not sure...I'd have to make a couple of calls. But I'm pretty sure that she can come."

I grin. That would be amazing, Annie with me on the victory tour. She'd get to see all the districts, and the capitol.

"Could you find out for me?"

Mags smiles.

"Of course. I should be able to give you an answer by tonight."

I stand up.

"Thanks. I should go, I have some things to do before tonight."

Mags calls after me as I walk out.

"Remember your prep team and Dalia will be here early Wednesday morning to get you ready."

I pause in the street.

"In four days? I thought the victory tour started on Thursday."

She stands in the doorway.

"It does, but the owners of 'weekly gush' a capitol magazine. Wants their newest issue to feature you. So you'll have a photo shoot on Wednesday."

I cringe.

"A photo shoot?"

Mags smiles and nods.

"And an interview. I told you that you'd be receiving a lot of attention. Anyway, be ready early in the morning."

I wave goodbye, and walk to the richer shops in the districts.

"Oh! My! Gosh!"

I flinch as I hear the all to familiar squeal of several girl "fans"

There's three of them, all platinum blonde, all sickly thin, and all coated in a thick layer of makeup. And why do they always have to wear slutty clothes?

They run up to me, and jump up and down screaming.

"You're Finnick Odair! Oh my word! Oh my word!"

"You're even cuter in person!"

"I can't believe we're actually talking to you!"

They all look at each other, and scream again.

I cringe inward, but wear my most 'flirty' smile.

"Hello. What can I do for three lovely ladies like you?"

They calm down to giggling, and hand me a couple of pens.

"Can we get your autograph?"

I take the pens with the smile plastered on my face.

"Of course. What do you want signed?"

They all giggle again.

"Could you sign my shirt? Anywhere's fine."

I am disgusted by this, but I give a mischievous smile.

I end up signing her shirt on the back, on the bottom right above her hip.

One of the others has me sign her bag, and the last has me sign her diary.

They thank me, and all give me their phone numbers.

"Call us!"

They say in unison, and then they run off to brag to all of their friends.

I turn and continue to the shops, throwing the slips of paper over my shoulder as I do.

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