Sea Green

Chapter 12

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Arena day seven: My guardian angel.

Green mist swirls before my eyes.

I'm standing on a beach, watching the waves race up the shore, only to rush back to join the ever shifting ocean.

I don't turn around, somehow I know there's nothing to see but more beach.

Everything is surrounded by green mist, even the sky is obscured by it.

Everything is quiet, everything is peaceful.

As I watch the ocean, I see something swimming through the water, making its way to shore.

I watch as a girl emerges from a wave, and walks toward me. mist swirling around her.

As she draws closer, I see that it is Annie. Her reddish brown hair falling into her face as always.

"Annie, what are you doing here?"

I ask, but my voice sounds strange, like it is echoed by the ocean, and whispered in the mist.

Something is troubling about Annie being here, something warns me that she's not supposed to be.

"Finnick, you have to go. You have to leave so you can come back home. I need you."

Her voice is pleading, and I want to help her.

"Annie, I don't know how. I think I'm dead...why are you here?"

"Come home. Please! Come back, I need you!"

I reach forward to comfort her, but she starts to fade into mist.

"Annie! Wait! What's happened? Why do you need me?!"

I struggle to reach her, but my arms seem to be stuck.

"Finnick? You need to lie still. It's okay, don't worry."

Annie's voice sounds different, she reaches forward, and places a wet hand on my forehead.

I try to reach her, to hold her hand, anything to let her know I'm here.

But my hands are stuck above my head, and she fades away.


As I scream her name, the beach fades away.

I feel something damp on my forehead, and a voice reaches my ears, soft and soothing.

"Lie still. Shhh, it's okay."

Slowly my eyes flicker open, and the first thing I see is an angel.

A tear drips down my temple.

"No. I can't be dead, Annie needs me...I have to help her..."

I whisper quietly.

"Finnick, you're not dead. Calm down, it's okay."

I feel the cloth wipe my eyes, and I reopen them.

Things are clearer now, but I still see the angel.

Wait...the tracker jacker root, it must still be affecting my vision. I'm still hallucinating.

I blink several times, and look closer at the angel.


She smiles,

"Hey. Glad to see that you're still alive, you had me scared for a little while."

My vision clears completely, and I see I'm at my campsite. I'm laying on my back, with my arms stretched above my head.

I try to sit up, but find that my hands are tied to something.

Luna stands, and walks out of my vision, above my head.

"Sorry, I had to tie your hands. You kept thrashing around and scratching yourself."

I feel her untie my hands, then she comes back and sits next to me.

I sit up slowly, and moan in pain. I forgot about Weasel, and her knives.

I look down, and see that I still don't have a shirt on, and from my shoulders to my waist, is wrapped in clean white bandages.

My burned arm is bandaged as well.

Luna is sitting watching me. She's so tiny, I can't believe she is the same age as Annie, although Annie has always seemed older than she is.

"How long was I unconscious?"

She sighs, and stretches.

"Three days."

I look up surprised.

"Three days? So it's the seventh day in the arena?"

She nods.

Realization dawns on me.

"You were the one who saved me from the squid."

She nods again.

"Why would you do that?"

She shrugs.

"I think you would have done the same for me. Besides, I was practically bribed to help you."

I look confused.

"What do you mean?"

She laughs.

"Wait here."

She walks over to my blanket, which is draped over something. She pulls the blanket off, and I gasp.

Underneath the blanket, are dozens of parachutes.

"When I saved you the first time, they sent the poison medicine. And when I found you after Weasel almost killed you, they started arriving by the dozen."

I turn slowly to my side, and rest on my undamaged elbow.

"What was in them all?"

She shrugs, gathering a wad of paper slips.

"Food mostly. Although a bunch of medicine was sent to me, and bandages."

She hands me the paper slips.

Some are just labels for what was inside the parachute, others are names and phone numbers. Some even have small notes on them.

"One thing's for sure. You're never going to go hungry in this arena."

Luna says, grinning.

I laugh.

"And apparently you wont either...although I still don't see why you didn't just let me die. You could win you know."

She shrugs.

"I'm not a fighter. I can hide, but eventually I will have to fight. The first thing I did after the countdown, was run for the woods. I was hoping you would follow my hint. Anyway, I stayed and hid at the edge of the woods, until you came. Then I followed you, keeping an eye out for any followers. Once you set up camp, I found a good spot where I could keep an eye on you. But I also spied on the other tributes. I was coming back from watching the careers when I saw you on the bank, so I threw some lances at the squid. After that was when you got the parachute, but you passed out, so I had to drag you back to your camp and use the medicine. I left when you started to wake up. I didn't check on you after that until I heard you screaming. Weasel had just left when I arrived, and I thought you would die, but then the parachute came with a anti-venom. It stopped the venom from killing you, but it didn't stop the other effects. Anyway, the next morning was when the first bandages and food arrived. And that's how it's been for the past three days."

I sit quietly for a moment.

"Why did you follow me?"

She sighs,

"Because out of all the tributes, I think you should be the one to win."

I wince as I shift my position.

"Why me?"

She answers as she walks over to the parachute pile.

"Because I don't want one of those monster careers to win, and Weasel is a psycho. And if anyone else won, they would be different, and I don't think that's right, to send someone their child back a different person."

She brings back a small silver bowl, filled with a broth.

"How do you know I wont change?"

She hands me the bowl.

"Because you promised you wouldn't."

I look up startled.

"When you were unconscious, you kept saying over and over: 'I wont change, I promised them I wouldn't change. Annie needs me.' And other things like that. Now drink that broth, I have to change your bandages."

I do as she says, and sip the warm broth slowly.

She looks up at the sky and says.

"Alright, I need fresh bandages."

I'm about to laugh, when a parachute appears through the trees, and lands a few feet away.

"How did you do that?"

She laughs as she retrieves the parachute.

"Finnick, you have so many sponsors waiting to spend their money on stuff you need, that you can basically ask for something and it will appear almost instantly."

She comes over with the parachute, and opens it to find several rolls of fresh bandages.

"This may hurt you a little, I don't know, but you always moaned when I changed them while you were unconscious."

I nod and hold my arms away from my body.

She starts to unwrap the bandages, and it does hurt. But I grit my teeth, and push through it.

When the last bandage comes away, I see once again the horrible criss-cross of cut flesh.

It looks better, almost all the cuts have sealed, and are starting to heal.

"They look better. Hang on I'm going to need some cut medicine."

She walks over to the parachutes, and comes back with a small jar of pink goo.

"Hold still."

She gently rubs some of the goo into my wounds, it soothes the pain.

"So, how many of us are left?"

She starts to wrap the bandages around my chest. She answers while she works.

"Let's see, this is the seventh day, so you passed out on the fourth. Well, on the fifth day the boy from nine died.

Then yesterday, the girl from three, and the boy from twelve. So that leaves, all the tributes from one, two, four, five, the boy from six, both from seven, and both from ten."

I silently add the numbers in my head.

"So that's eleven dead. Leaving thirteen left."

Luna finishes wrapping the bandages, and ties it.

"All set. Do you want me to go spy on the other tributes for a while? Or do you need me to stay here?"

I stand up and stretch.

"Where's my shirt?"

Luna hands it to me.

I pull it on as I continue.

"Ah! Ouch. Why don't we both go spy?"

Luna starts giggling.

"No offence Finnick, but you're not the most stealthy person."

I put on my "offended" face.

"What? I'm insulted! I can be just as stealthy as you."

She continues giggling.

"Oh please, you're just about as stealthy as an elephant on eggshells."

I grin.

"Oh well, you caught me. But I don't know if I want you going by yourself."

She stands up, and crosses her arms. Her shoulder barely meets my waist.

"Hey. I followed you all over the place without you knowing. Besides, I've been spying on the others. They never notice."

I put my hand on her shoulders.

"But they could. And now that I do know you're helping me, I don't want you getting hurt. You've already saved my life twice."

She sighs exasperated.

"Whatever! Go get something for dinner, there should be a good choice over there."

She motions to the parachute pile.

"That's more like it."

I say with a chuckle, and I turn and walk over to the pile.

"Be back soon."

I whirl around. To late, Luna is nowhere to be seen.

"Dang it Luna! Man, I am never trying to tell you what to do again."

I mutter to myself as I look through the pile.

I settle on a large container of thick orange soup, and a loaf of bread.

I make sure I have my knife strapped to my boot, as I eat.

I don't want to be taken by surprise again.

After I finish eating, I work on my vine net some more. It will be finished soon.

Suddenly, I hear a cannon fire.


I jump up and draw my knife,


I say as loud as I dare.



I sigh with relief and sheath my knife, as Luna appears behind me.

"Don't do that! You scared me half to death. Who's cannon was that?"

She shrugs,

"I don't know, I was checking on the careers, it's not one of them. What's for dinner? I'm starved."

I chuckle and hand her the rest of the bread and soup.

"You really are a pain, you know that?"

She begins eating as she gives me a grin.

"Well, I can afford to be, I saved your butt twice."

I laugh, and start working on the net again.

"So what are the careers up to?"

"Well, they're still at the cornucopia. They gathered all the rocks they could, and made a kind of wall around the cornucopia. Basically, they stay there eating and resting, and go hunting when they feel like it. Mostly once a day in the late afternoon."

I digest this information, wondering how I'll ever be able to defeat them.

"What about the other tributes? Do you know where they are?"

She finishes her food, and lays down on my blanket.

"Well, Weasel was at her camp until she caught you. Now she's moved deeper into the forest, I think she's set up near the center of the woods. The only other person who has a set camp, is the boy from seven. He as far as I know, is staying up in the hills. The others are scattered here and there."

So Harrold, the careers, and Weasel are the only ones who pose real threats. We'll either have to hunt them down, or outlast them.

"Why don't you sleep for a while. I've had rest for the past couple days."

I hear her yawn.

"Thanks. You kept me up most of the time with your thrashing around and yelling."

After a little while, I can hear her soft breathing, meaning that she is asleep.

I stay up half the night, and watch the boy from ten light up the night sky.

Twelve dead. Twelve alive.

In one short week, half of us are dead, now the remaining half must slowly diminish until only one remains, one to go home.

I hear Luna start to murmur in her sleep.

"All gone. Now I'm leaving too...please don't take them away! gone..."

She starts crying.

I scoot over to her, and wipe off her tears.

She sits up and looks at me with scared eyes, still sleeping.

"They took my family! I have to help them...they're all gone, only me left. Why did they take them?"

I hold her tiny body on my lap, and rock her to sleep, calming her with a quiet voice.

"Luna, It's okay. Everything will be alright. Shhhh, Go to sleep."

She closes her eyes, and falls back into a peaceful slumber.

I lay her down gently on the blanket, and watch her sleep.

She's only a scared little girl, and it sounds like peacekeepers took away her family. Although I don't know why.

No wonder she helped me. She didn't want to be alone anymore.

I lay down next to her, and fall asleep. Thinking of Annie, and if she would be okay, if I didn't make it.

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