Sea Green

Chapter 14

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Arena day nine: The gamemakers twist.

I become aware of the sound of waves, pounding on the shore.

I feel sand beneath my feet, and wind in my hair.

Slowly, the mist clears away, and I'm on a shore.

The ocean is roiling and thrashing, and dark thunderclouds blot out the sky.

Lightning flashes, sending long jagged cracks through the cloud mass.

I am standing in the ocean, the waves reaching my waist.

I can hear someone calling my name.


It says in a sing-song echo.

I look back to the shore, and see Annie walking hand in hand with Robbert.


She says again, and she reaches her hand out to me.

I try to run to her and take her hand, but something is holding me back.

I look behind me, and see Luna holding tightly to my other hand, pulling me further into the water.

"Finnick, you promised you would come back."

Annie calls from the shore.

I turn back to her, but Luna tugs my arm.

"No Finnick! You have to help me."

Annie looks at Robbert, and he fades away.

"Finn, I'm all alone, you promised him you wouldn't leave me alone. I need my bests friend!"

Luna pulls hard on my arm.

"No! I lost all my family, don't let me die as well!"


A wave slams into my back, and I fall into the water.

I wake up with a start, coughing and spluttering water.



I snap into reality, Luna is holding tightly to my arm, and water is swirling around my waist.

"What happened?"

Luna is almost out of her depth, and she holds tightly to my arm to stop from being pushed away.

"I think the gamemakers are making the lake flood. I woke up when the water splashed us, but you didn't. I managed to grab a tree, but the water just keeps coming."

I look around. Our campsite is completely underwater, and I see parachutes floating around here and there.

I feel something wrap around my leg, and pull up my net.

"Listen! can you swim?"

I have to shout above the roaring of the lake, growing louder.

"No! I can't!"

I look around quickly,

"Alright. Climb onto my back, and hold on tightly!"

I throw the net over my shoulder, and she climbs up and holds onto my shoulders.

"Can you see the back pack anywhere?"

She points over to the rock ledge, barely peaking above the surface.

I can see the pack swirling in an eddy caused by the ledge.

I slosh through the water and grab it.

"Hold this!"

I hand Luna the pack, and feel her sling it over her tiny shoulders.

"You alright back there?"


"Alright hang on!"

The water level is rising rapidly, it's already reached my shoulders.

"Take a deep breath, and don't let go!"

I plunge beneath the surface, and shoot forward for a minute. Then I come up for air.

"Still alright?"

She coughs several times.

"Yes! Where do we go?"

I think over the possibilities. By the rate that the lake is rising, I would say the gamemakers are planing on flushing any tributes still in the woods.

"I think we should head for the hills on the other side of the arena!"

"That's on the other side of the cornucopia! Can you swim that far?"

I know I can swim better than anyone I know, In fact, I'm almost more at home in the water than I am on land. But I've never attempted to swim several miles, with a sixty pound weight on my back before. Plus a back pack and net too.

"Uh, Yeah I can make it. Just hold on tight!"

I plunge back beneath the surface, and swim hard for the cornucopia.

After almost an hour of swimming, I can feel my muscles starting to tighten, refusing to go further.

I stop and tread water for a minute, trying to relax my muscles.


I hear Luna scream in my ear, then I feel her get pulled underwater.

It happened so fast, there was nothing I could do.


I yell. But there's no answer.

I dive beneath the surface, and search for her.

Vision under the water, is a whirling mass of confusion. There are so many sticks and leaves and other things swirling around, that it makes seeing, nearly impossible.

I look for as long as I can, then I come back up for air.


I cry again.


I whirl in the direction of her voice, turning just in time to see her pale face vanish beneath the water.

I dive under, and swim as fast as I can to where she went under.

A mass of leaves swirl by, and then I see it.

A long, thick eel, it must be a mutt, because it is unlike any eel I've ever seen.

It's dark purple body is at least six feet long, and it is as thick as my waist. It has a long black frill on its back.

But it's the eyes that give away its unnatural form.

Large glowing red eyes, with a diamond pupil.

It has Luna wrapped tightly in its coils, but I can see that her body is limp.

The eel spots me, and releases Luna's limp form, and slithers quickly through the water at me.

I pull out my knife, and wait for it to get close enough.

It snakes around my leg, wrapping tighter as it starts to coil around my waist.

I grab for its head, but it wiggles out of my grasp. Now I know where the expression 'slippery as an eel' comes from.

I stab its thick body where it's wrapped around my waist. Apparently this makes it mad, because it lunges at me with its large mouth gaping wide. Sharp, needle like fangs seek my neck.

I brace myself, and stick the knife into the eels mouth, up through its skull, and into its brain.

I cry in pain as the eels fangs sink into my arm. But the knife did its work, and the eel starts its death throes.

Pain shoots through my arm as the fangs rip the flesh as the eel writhes back and forth.

I pry open its mouth, and pull out my knife. Then I slip it back in its sheath, and dive after Luna.

I see her sinking slowly to the bottom, I reach her, and wrap my arm around her. Then I kick for the surface as fast as I can.

Water rushes past my face, and I inhale deep breaths of air.

All of a sudden, the water level drops so quickly, that I stumble onto dry ground within a few seconds.

I don't know where it all went, and I don't care.


I shout her name, as I lay her on her back.

"Luna! Wake up!"

I slap her cheek, but she remains motionless. Her pale skin even whiter then usual.

I feel for a pulse. Nothing.


Then something sparks inside me.

"Hang on Luna!"

I remember when I was little, and I used to hang out at the docks, that an old fisherman, told me that sometimes when someone drowns, you can bring them back. He showed me what to do, and I hope desperately that I remember everything.

I place the heel of my hand on the left side of her ribcage, and push down hard. After doing this for a while, I tilt back her head, open her mouth, and blow two deep breaths into her, then I go back to the compressions. After doing this for several minutes, I check her pulse. Still nothing.

"Come on Luna! I know you're still there!"

I give her one more long breath. Then I hear her gasp, and she starts coughing up water.

"Luna! You're okay, it's alright."

I sigh with relief, as her eyes flicker open.

"Finnick? What happened?"

I hug her small wet form.

"You almost died. Well technically you did, but I brought you back."

She looks confused.

"What? How?"

I stand, and lift her carefully in my arms.

"Never mind how. We need to get you somewhere dry."

As I search for somewhere to set up a camp, I hear two cannons fire.

"We made it to the last eight."

Luna says quietly. She is absolutely exhausted, and is soon fast asleep in my arms.

I reach the edge of the hills after several hours of walking.

I managed to hang onto the net, but the back pack is long gone.

I manage to start a small fire, and lay Luna carefully onto a soft patch of grass.

I detach her sleeves and pant legs, and lay them near the fire to dry.

Then I detach my pant legs, and pull off my shirt.

I wince as the cloth rubs against my arm where the eel bit me.

I haven't examined the wound yet, and I don't exactly want to, but I have to so I lay my shirt and pant legs in front of the fire.

Then I sit by the fire, and look at my arm.

It's my left arm, and between the wrist, and the elbow is covered in blood.

My left sleeve is ripped to shreds, and bloody.

I use it to wipe off as much blood as I can, and then I see the damage.

Six long fangs punctured my arm, leaving behind deep wounds. Besides that, are long gashes all over my arm from where the fangs sliced when the eel was thrashing around.

I grit my teeth as more blood starts oozing out of the wounds. Then I hear the steady Of a parachute.

I see it floating down near us, and retrieve it. Inside is some bandages, and cut medicine.

I apply the medicine, and wrap my arm tightly, then I remove the bandages around my torso, and use the medicine on that too. Then I bandage my chest, and settle down to keep watch.

That night I see that the girl from seven, and the boy from six both died in the flood.

That leaves all the careers, Luna, Harrold, and Annita and I. The final eight.

I look over at Luna's peaceful face as she sleeps.

And I remember the dream I was having before I woke up.

Luna and Annie, both begging me to help them. But I can't help both of them. To help Luna would mean to die in this arena, but to help Annie would mean to win the games so I can leave the arena.

How can i decide?

Am I still not trying to survive in this arena? To win for Annie?

But on the other hand, I just saved Luna's life. Helping her survive.

I realise that it is going to be impossible for me to choose.

So I take a deep breath, and decide to take one day at a time, and hopefully...

The choice will be decided by itself.

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