Sea Green

Chapter 15

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Arena day ten: A promise made.

I wake up to the sound of someone humming.

I lie still, and listen to Luna's angelic voice echo around the low hills.

Close your eyes little one,

sleep in peace little one,

hope and joy, linger near,

let them take away your fear.

Hope, it's the only thing to keep us going,

Hope, is the only way to see the light,

Hope, is the force of the living,

always keep it close,

and never lose hope.

I know things seem dark,

I know everything seems lost,

even in the darkest day, still sings the lark,

I also know that there is always a way,

to open your eye, into a brighter day.

Hope, it's the only thing to keep us going,

Hope, is the only way to see the light,

Hope, is the force of the living,

always keep it close,

and never lose hope.

Now look, the sun is rising,

now look, the darkness disappears,

and see, the brightness of the day,

now turn and lay all your fears, away.

Turn and lay all your fears, away.

The last notes of the song, linger in the air, like the earth wants to hold onto it a little while longer.

The tune is still in my head, when I stretch, and yawn,

"Well, well, well, look who decided to join the living. Good morning sleeping beauty."

I clench my jaw at the sound of the name that's been jeered at me my entire life.

"Are you okay? Do your wounds hurt?"

Luna walks over to me, concern darkening her innocent face.

"No, it's just that...well I've been teased about my looks ever since I was little, and sleeping beauty is what they call me back at the community home."

Luna sits down in front of me.

"Oh, I'm really sorry...I didn't know."

I give her a cocky grin.

"But don't worry, I realised they were just jealous that they would never look as good as me."

I run my fingers through my hair slowly, with a look of complete self-importance on my face.

Luna laughs,

"Oh, you are the absolute limit Finnick Odair."

She shoves me in the chest, knocking me onto my back.


She's leaning over me in an instant.

"Oh gosh! I forgot about your chest wounds, are you alright? I didn't hurt you that much did I?"

I kick her legs out from under her, and she falls hard on her rear.

I start laughing.

"I'm fine now."

She crosses her arms and glares at me, just like a little sister being teased by a brother.

"That wasn't funny Finnick."

I sit up, and grin at her.

"It was a little funny."

She stands and brushes herself off.

"Oh whatever! How are your wounds doing mister ego."

I stand, and unwrap my bandages to check.

"Oh wow. How did that happen?"

Luna stares confused, all the cuts on my torso, are just faded pink lines.

I unwrap my arm, and those wounds are the same.

"It must have been the medicine I got last night."

I say remembering the parachute.

Luna takes a closer look at my wounds, and I flinch as her breath hits my skin.

"That tickles."

She flicks my hand, and then checks my arm.

"Stop complaining you big baby. Man, someone had to have spent a lot of money to get medicine this good."

She's right, the better the gifts, the more it costs. And we're down to the final eight, which means the price for sending in sponsor gifts, has increased as well. Whoever sent that medicine, had to have spent almost a small fortune.

"Well, I don't need bandages anymore. What is our plan for today?"

I say while pulling on my shirt, and attaching my pant legs.

Luna follows suit, as she replies.

"Well, yesterday the gamemakers made it flood, probably because not enough excitement was happening. So, now that there are only eight of us left, they will probably do something to drive some of us together. I didn't hear any cannons last night, or this morning, so all the careers must have survived the flood."

I nod.

"They probably lost all of their food, which means they will be extra eager to end this."

Luna kicks dirt over the fire, and I pick up my net.

"Who knows where they are now, and now that there is so few of us, they might have split up."

I sigh. Trying to think of what to do.

"I vote, that we just keep moving, if we run into any careers, well let's just hope that doesn't happen."

Luna nods, and follows me as I start to walk up the small hill, towards the mountains behind.

All morning we hike across the hills, always keeping an eye out for other tributes.

After reaching the peak of one tall hill, we could see the cornucopia far below us, the flood had collapsed the rock fort, and scattered the stones around. There's no sign of the careers, and I figured they probably split up.

Sometime around noon, Luna and I stop for a rest at the base of one of the taller hills.

"Any chance we could get some water?"

Luna asks in a hoarse voice.

A parachute appears, and inside are two large canteens of water.

We drink our fill, and start out again.

"Where are we going exactly?"

Luna asks after another hour has passed.

"I don't know really, maybe looking for food, or shelter or something."

At the mention of food, Luna's stomach growls.

We both laugh.

"How about it? Anyone feel like sending some food?"

I call out to the sky.

Another parachute appears, and inside we find food that will last for a while. Rolls, and dried meats.

We snack as we walk, and I start looking around for somewhere to camp for the night.

"Do you want me to go take a look around?"

Luna asks.

I shake my head.

"No, I think we should stick together, no telling who we might run into."

She sighs, but doesn't say anything else.

I guess the time around 4:00, when we find a good campsite.

A little hollow in the side of one of the hills, almost like a shallow cave.

We settle in, and I go out to gather some wood for a fire.

When I get back, Luna is pacing around the camp like a trapped animal.

"You okay Luna?"

She spins around as I enter the hollow.

"Thank goodness you're back! I got to get out, and have a look around or something."

I dump the wood in the corner, and brush my hands off.

"Why what's the matter?"

She walks over to me.

"I have a little problem with tight spaces, and I haven't gotten the chance to sneak around all day."

I laugh,

"Sneak around?"

She glares at me.

"Yes, it's what I am best at, hiding, sneaking, you know, stealth mode. It helps me relax. Please, please, please! Let me go out. Just for a little while, I won't even go that far."

She pouts her bottom lip, and opens her eyes wide.


I stare at her innocent little face, and her large baby blue eyes.

"Oh gosh. Fine! But only for a little while, and I don't want you to stay in earshot distance, okay?"

She hugs me quickly,

"Thank you! I'll be back soon!"

She dashes out of the hollow, and I chuckle at her desperation.

I start placing the wood to start a fire, humming the song Luna had been singing earlier.

I start to get worried when Luna still hasn't shown up after half an hour.

another twenty minutes pass, and she still hasn't shown up.

I step outside the hollow.


I yell as loud as I dare.

Still nothing.

Now I'm really worried. Where could she be? I told her to stay within shouting distance.

After another five minutes pass, and I decide to go look for her.

As I grab my knife and net, as I run out of the hollow, I notice that it's starting to get dark.

Not good. Finding Luna is going to be hard enough, without it getting dark on top of that.

I scour the ground for any signs of her, but of course I find nothing.

I circle wider and wider, hoping to find anything that would lead me to Luna.

I search for about half an hour, and am about to go back to camp to see if Luna went there, when I hear it.


My whole body stiffens, listening.

"Finnick help!"

I run faster than I've ever run before in the direction of her cries.


It sounded like her shouts came from a small pine grove at the base of the larger hills. I dash into the trees, trying to look through the low branches.


Her scream is different this time, it's filled with fear and desperation.

I turn in the direction of her voice, and I am about to run, when I hear a twig snap behind me.

"I can't save her, but I can save you."

I whirl around, and see Annita for a brief second,

"I'm sorry."

She says, and before I can react, the end of her bow smashes into my head.

When I come to, I'm confused at first. Where am I?

Then everything comes flooding back.


I yell, and pain shoots through my head. I can feel sticky blood on my cheek.

I stand up groggy, and stagger in the direction I heard Luna last.

I stumble into a clearing, and my heart stops.

Lying in the middle of the clearing, is Luna.

Her small body is bloody and bruised, and her leg is twisted the wrong way.

I walk slowly over to her body, and fall to my knees.

I brush some hair out of her face, and look at her bruised face. I brush my hand across her cheek, and I jerk in surprise, as her eyes flicker open.


Her eyes look like they have a glaze over them, and her breathing is shallow.


I move to pick her up.

"No! Don't touch me, I'm broken."

I swallow hard, and tears start running down my face.

"Don't worry, we'll get you back to camp, I'm sure the sponsors will send something..."

She coughs, and some blood trickles out of her mouth.

"There's nothing you can do."

"I'm so sorry Luna...I should have helped you...what happened?"

I can see that every breath she takes is painful, and she struggles to answer me.

"I heard something...the careers...Xavier heard me...I was trapped."

I grit my teeth, and choke the words out.

"Did you see Annita with them?"

She thinks for a minute.

"No, she wasn't with them when they attacked me."

Her breathing becomes more harsh, and she struggles to breathe.

"Finnick, promise me you'll win. You need to win, for me, and for Annie."

I hold her hands tightly.

"Please, promise me."

I rest my forehead on her hands.

"I promise."

She smiles,

"Thank you."

She closes her eyes, and her hands slip from mine.

Then I hear the cannon.

I sit for a long time, crying as I look upon the small broken body of a innocent child, forced to die for the entertainment of a sick culture. Her small pale face, once bright and happy, is bruised, and forlorn in death.

I grind my teeth together. They did this, the careers! They are cruel enough, to beat a small child to death, and laugh about it.

I stand up. Head bowed.

"You will pay for this!"

I shout, then I lift my head, and scream at the sky.

"Do you hear me! I will hunt you down and give you the same chance she had! I won't stop untill her death is avenged!"

All of a sudden, I hear the steady clicking of a parachute.

I look up through my bloodshot, tear filled eyes.

I see it, and attached to it is a long flat case of some kind.

When it lands, I place it on its side, and unlatch it. The lid swings open, and I smile as I see what's inside.

A beautiful, golden trident. Now I have the ultimate weapon, with this, I am unstoppable.

Now the careers have nowhere they will be safe, they who were cruel and murdered, are about to be hunted.

And I won't stop until Luna is avenged.

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