Sea Green

Chapter 16

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Arena day eleven: The hunter.

I stayed with Luna until they sent a hovercraft to collect her body.

After she was gone, I picked up my net and trident, and started on the trail of the careers.

They are making no effort to cover their tracks, and it is all to easy to follow them.

They are moving fast though, eager to seek other murder victims.

I never stop, not to rest or to eat. vengeance keeps me going.

Some of us are thrown into the games against our will, forced to become killers. Others, like the careers, train and prepare their whole lives for this. They have no problem murdering, they actually enjoy it. Like the capitol, they look on the whole thing as a game, something that is fun and sporting. But the truth is, they are trained killing machines, eager to find their next kill.

To anyone watching, I am just another career. Wasn't I a volunteer? I have trained my whole life, and now I am hunting the other tributes like prey. The careers hunt the other tributes, and I hunt the careers.

As I move through the hills, and small forests. I try to think of who is left in the arena.

Both tributes from one, two, and four are still alive, all the careers. Besides that, I think there is only one other tribute: Harrold, the boy from seven is still alive.

My thought are interrupted, as I notice a dark stain in the grass. I kneel and run my fingers over the spot. Blood, it's fresh to by the feel of it.

No cannon has fired, so that means there is a wounded tribute somewhere close.

I search the ground for more blood, and soon I've picked up the trail. I follow it for about half an hour, and then I slow down. On the peak of the next hill, I can see a blood covered arm. Whoever it is, they are still alive, and laying just on the other side of the hill.

I grip my trident, and hold my net ready. A wounded animal is the most dangerous one.

I stand beside the protruding arm, and poise my trident, about to strike. I jump over the peak of the hill, and bring the trident down.

I barely manage to halt my attack, stabbing off to the side.


She spins her head around, and stares wide-eyed at me. I gaze in horror at her.

She was stabbed through the shoulder, and sliced deep across her waist. Blood has soaked her from her shoulders almost to her knees. Her hair is matted with it as well, and I see the back of her head was cut too.


Her voice is hoarse, and as she speaks, blood dribbles out of her mouth.

I drop my trident and net, and kneel beside her. There is nothing I can do, already I can see the life fading from her eyes.

"Annita, what happened?"

She coughs, misting my face with blood.

"The careers decided it was time to split up...when I turned to go, Alexia attacked me. Xavier tried to stop her, but Vicktor stopped him, I ran and Glorry threw a knife that hit the back of my head. I don't remember anything else, but no cannons fired, which means nobody died...well not yet at least."

She coughs again, and tears clean two channels in her blood and dirt stained face.

"Finnick hurts so it quickly."

I gaze hopelessly at my dying district partner, and I remember when I caught her crying, the talk we had, and how she looked, so elegant and peaceful at the interviews. The games have changed yet another person, turned them into something they're not.

She sees my hesitation. Gripping my hand tightly, she looks at me with her tear filled eyes.


I feel a hot tear roll down my face, as I pick up my trident.

"Thank you."

She whispers, and closes her eyes.

I take a deep breath, and drive my trident through her heart.

I hear her cannon fire, and I gasp in shock. I just killed someone.

I feel tremors in my stomach, and my knees feel weak. I calm myself, and take several deep breaths.

She saved my life, and in a way, I saved hers.

I wipe off my trident, and walk away from her body. She wasn't to blame for Luna's death, but the people who are to blame are still out there, and I will hunt them down one by one. Until they all have paid for their murder.

I return to where the fight took place, and decide to go after Xavier next. He will be hard to track, but at least I'll have no problem finding the others once I'm done with him.

I find the trail I think is his, and follow it.

It's almost completely dark now, but I keep going, knowing sooner or later I'll run into Xavier, hopefully he wont be much of a problem, maybe he was even wounded.

When I reach the top of one of the many hills, I scan the area for any signs of life. There! The small tell-tale glow of a fire.

I approach cautiously, although he probably wont be expecting an attack, he might not be asleep, and with his bow, I'm going to need the element of surprise.

As I reach the fire, I see that he is sitting staring into the fire. Most likely he is thinking about Annita. unfortunately for him, his eyes will be useless in the dark after looking at the fire, he wont be able to shoot straight. Unfortunate for him, lucky for me.

I hold my net loosely, and get a firm hold on the trident. Just because I'm going to kill him, doesn't mean I am not going to be merciful, It'll be quick, he'll barely feel a thing.

I brace myself, and throw the net over him.

He yells in surprise, and tries to pull it from him.

I'm still holding one end of the net, and I twist it quickly, tangling him completely.

"Odair! Why aren't you dead yet? Pretty boys shouldn't last long in a place like this."

I grit my teeth as I stand over him.

"Lucky people liked this pretty boy enough to send him presents. I heard you gave away my ally, big strong guy like you, didn't take anything out of you giving her away? It was just all to easy to kill her wasn't it?"

He wiggles in the net, cursing me.

"Stupid girl, she should have stayed away. Besides, I didn't kill her, Glorry and Alexia did that, all took turns beating her with the flat of their weapons, until Vicktor got bored with it of course and delivered the fatal blow with his flail. To bad you couldn't save her."

Hot tears escape my eyes, as I spit out the words behind ground teeth.

"You are just as much to blame as the ones who did it. You had just as much to do with her death. And now I'm going to give you the same chance she had...none!"

I stab the trident down, and Xavier rolls quickly, taking the blow in the back of his shoulder. He yells in pain, and I pull the net hard, rolling him back over.

"If you had stayed still, It would have been over already with hardly any pain, now you've succeeded in getting a lung pierced, you are going to die anyway now, I can either let you die slowly and painfully, or I can be merciful. But I don't want to just wound you again, so the choice is up to you. Slowly and painfully, or quick and painless."

He gasps, his face masked in agony. He relaxes his body in the net.

"Do it."

I do the same to him as I did to Annita: straight through the heart.

His cannon fires, and I untangle him from the net.

I clean my trident, and retrace my steps back to follow another trail.

As I walk, the anthem begins playing, and I see Xavier, Annita and Luna light the sky.

There's only five left now.

Soon only one of us will be left standing.

It's the middle of the afternoon, when I finally find Glorry's trail. She shouldn't be to hard, I just have to watch out for her knives.

I haven't slept or eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. But I don't think I could eat anything anyway, and I know if I rest, the others will only get further away.

Glorry doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry, but she still has almost a entire day head start.

The sun is blazing, and there are no clouds to give any shade. The gamemakers must be messing with the weather again.

Sweat drips into my eyes, making them sting, and my vision blurs. I continue to trudge up another hill, why are there so many hills? Why couldn't some of the careers go back to the forest or something?

I stare up at the scorching sun.

"Why do you have to make it so dang hot? We're all going to die anyway, you don't have to torture us while we are still alive!"

I wipe the sweat off my forehead, and look behind me. Nothing but endless hills, how big is this arena?

I sigh, and continue to follow Glorry's trail.

Heat waves ripple the hill tops, and I've stopped sweating. Which I don't think is a good thing, it means that I have no more moisture in my body. I can not get dehydrated.

"If you're going to make it so hot, the least you could do is send some water!"

A parachute appears.

"Thank you!"

I shout angrily at the sky.

I retrieve the parachute, and open it to find a slender glass tube, the liquid inside is a odd light blue color. I find a slip of paper in the bottom of the parachute. I pull it out and it reads: Hydrationdrops: sip to keep from dehydrating, overconsumption can be harmful.

I unscrew the top, and take a small sip. It tastes like water, but one small sip quenches my thirst.

I slid the tube into my pocket, and start back on the trail feeling refreshed.

After another hour, I suddenly lose the trail, I back track a few steps. There's the trail, a few steps forward, and it's gone. I stand confused for a few moments, then I look to the left of the trail. The grass is all smushed down, like something fell into it.

I look around, Glorry must be sick or something, because the trail starts to zig-zag, and it looks like she's fallen down multiple times.

I follow the trail for a while, walking slowly and observing her condition.

"I'll get you eventually! Just wait and see!"

The shouts are coming from up ahead, and they echo through the hills, bouncing back to me. I look up, and see Glorry on a hilltop three away from the one I'm standing.

She is staggering around, looking straight up at the sky. I notice the many glints of knives in her belt, their blades reflecting the sunlight.

"What's the point of it all?! Sure we train and volunteer...that's all we're meant for right?! To prepare our whole lives for this, to kill other children...I don't have any problem killing. But what is it all for?! To bring honor and glory to our district? Like our districts need glory of all things...well you know what? Screw the glory, and the districts, and the all mighty capitol. This whole thing is just pointless...pointless!"

I watch in surprise as she screams insults at the sky. She has to be suffering from heat stroke, or something.

I walk slowly to the hill that she's on. making sure to approach her from behind.

She has her head tilted down, and her eyes are closed. She must hear me, because her head snaps up, and she whirls around.

Her eyes are wild and bloodshot, and her hair is clinging to her sweaty head and neck.

When she sees me, she starts laughing insanely, pulling out a knife from her belt.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the prince of the games. I'm surprised you didn't die the first day, if Vicktor hadn't stopped me, I would have made sure you died in the blood bath. But I guess I'll just have to end it now."

She pauses, and looks back up at the sky, shouting madly.

"Welcome welcome, to the sixty-fifth annual hunger games! Prepare to watch the showdown of Glorry, and the prince...One of us is about to die for your entertainment, so pay attention!"

She jumps toward me, flinging a knife as she does. I flick the net in front of me quickly, it tangles the knife in its folds, but while I am focusing on the first net, Glorry releases another one.

It catches me on the collarbone, slicing the skin as it bounces off the bone. I yell in pain and she whirls forward with another knife ready. I can't let her throw anymore knives, I have to get closer to her.

I snap the net to her right, drawing her attention. Then I bring up my trident, catching her throwing arm between the prongs.

I give the trident a quick twist, and cringe as I hear Glorry's arm snap.

She screams in pain, and jerks her broken arm free, it hangs limply at her side, bending at an odd angle.

She pulls a long knife from the back of her belt, and slashes at me. I instinctively jump back, the blade slicing through my shirt, and missing my stomach by an inch.

I whirl the net low, and tangle her feet in it. She falls to the ground hard, and I jump forward with my trident raised.

She twists onto her back, and slices shin with her knife. I can feel the blade hit bone, and I don't hesitate to plunge the trident deep into her waist.

She gasps, and her head falls to the ground.

She gasps out one last sentence as death takes her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the prince has won the battle. We hope you have been entertained by the death of the girl tribute from district one..."

Her body shudders, and she lies still, her glassy eyes staring up at the sky, as her cannon fires.

I collapse to the ground, panting hard. I look down at my leg, at about the middle of my shin is a long horizontal cut. The blade sliced to the bone, but the cut is fairly shallow.

It's the same with my collarbone, I ignore the wounds, and collect my net and trident.

"And then there were four."

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