Sea Green

Chapter 17

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Arena day twelve: The victor.

I've traveled since Glorry died which was yesterday afternoon.

It is now early in the evening, and I still haven't seen or heard any sign of any other tributes.

I know Vicktor and Alexia have split up, but where to? And I can't even begin to guess where Harrold is hiding.

I have been basically wandering around the hills for the past 24 hours, looking for anything that would lead me to another tribute.

The heat had given way to a stiff cold, and a chilling breeze. My body numbed a while ago, and the only way to stop from going stiff, is to keep moving, which isn't an issue for me. I've been in almost constant motion since Luna died almost three days ago.

Fatigue is growing harder to fight, and the only good thing about the biting cold is that it keeps me alert.

I reach the top of another hill, and look in surprise.

On the other side of the hill, is a cliff. Plunging down thousands of feet into what I think is the ocean.

Well, at least I know they didn't go this way. I would have heard a cannon if they had.

I turn around, and begin the long hike over the rolling hills.

It grows dark in several hours, and the temperature drops lower.

I am debating finding somewhere to camp for the night, when I suddenly hear a cannon fire.

My head snaps up, as I hear a hovercraft pass above me. I watch as it flies past me, and stops a few hundred yards away, the metal claw appears, and takes up the body of a tribute.

I don't know who it is, but whoever killed them will most likely still be close.

I narrow my eyes, marking the location where the body was.

Time to go hunting.

Soon I reach the hill, and can see clearly where the fight took place.

The hilltop is covered in blood spatters, and the ground is turned up in several places.

Judging by the deep impression and width of the footprints, I would assume that the two contestants were Vicktor, and Harrold.

Although I have no idea who is dead and who is not. But by the look of the hilltop, I would say whoever is left alive, is not in the greatest condition. Most likely they are wounded, and they will definitely be tired. My advantage.

I follow the winners trail for a little while, taking note that they seem to be favoring their right leg.

After a little while, I come to the start of a small forest. I enter the tree edge, and peer into the growing darkness.

Suddenly a roar erupts from behind me, and I turn just in time to see Vicktor swing his flail at me.

I deflect the main force with my trident, but the heavy metal weight on the end of the chain, swings around my trident prong, and smashes into my forehead. I see stars, and fall back, instinctively bringing up my trident for the next blow.

My vision starts to clear as I feel the flail wrap around my trident. I jerk it quickly, pulling it away from Vicktors hand.

I scramble backwards, and grab my fallen net. Vicktor is weaponless, but not for long, he pulls a long knife from his belt, and limps toward me. I see that his right thigh is sliced open, and that is why he's limping.

Thinking quickly, I grab a handful of dirt, and throw it hard at his leg.

He screams in pain as the dirt and some small pebbles stick in his wound. I take the opportunity to hurl the net over him, then I run behind him, and wrap the net around his feet.

He's still yelling, but it's more rage than pain now. He jerks away from me, pulling me off-balance. I land hard on my stomach, and he pulls free from the net. I roll onto my back, and see him jump toward me with his knife held high.

I grab my fallen trident, and brace it against the ground.

It's too late for him to stop, and the handle of the trident sinks a couple of inches into the ground as he impaled himself on the prongs. He looks at me for a minute, then dies with a gurgle.

His cannon fires.

Blood starts to drip on me, so I push his body to the side, and pull my trident free. Then I rest my head on the ground, and gasp for air.

After I rest for a minute, I stand and collect my weapons. Then I pick up Vicktors flail, and throw it on his body. I relieve him of the long knife, and then I start on the trail of the one remaining opponent.


It's not until the next morning that I finally find her trail.

Here it is, the thirteenth day in the arena, only one tribute will come out alive.

Today, a tribute will become a victor.

Alexia seems to be heading out of the hills, and back down to the woods. Which is fine with me, I've had enough to do with hills.

Then her trail turns, and starts going in the direction I think the cornucopia is in.

It's in the late afternoon, when I breast the last hill, and I can look down on the cornucopia.

I see Alexia, standing to one side of the large metal horn. She looks relaxed, but then again, she always looks relaxed.

I take a deep breath, she will be the hardest opponent yet, with her incredible agility and skill with a sword.

"So, you decided to stop out in the open."

She twirls around, and spots me. Then she smiles, and shrugs her shoulders.

"Why hide? It would only delay the inevitable. One of us is dying today, and the other will become victor. Who did you kill last night? The boy from seven, or Vicktor?"

I walk down the hill, appearing casual, but keeping my weapons close.

"Vicktor, he had already finished of the boy from seven."

She nods as she draws her long slightly curved sword.

"Nice trident."

I hold it up slightly, letting the light catch on the golden metal.

"Like it? It was a gift."

She raises her eyebrows,

"Really? Well, I guess being handsome does have its advantages. Do you know what I got as a gift?"

She holds up a small glass vial filled with a green liquid.

"I just got it this morning actually. It's poison, I guess someone is rooting for me just as much as someone is for you."

She pops the cork off the top, and pours the liquid all over the blade, coating the entire thing in deadly poison.

"That's not exactly fair. Wouldn't you say?"

I ask her, and she laughs.

"Well if someone was concerned enough to send me poison when there's only you left, I would say they know something about you that I don't. After all, none of us expected you to last through the first day, let alone get down to the final two. So I suspect that you are much deadlier than anyone anticipated."

I shrug, and grin.

"What can I say, I can be pretty deadly. Although I've heard that you have no problem killing either, in fact I believe you killed my ally. That was pretty cold, killing a defenceless little girl."

Alexia and I start circling each other, as she replies with a wicked grin.

"Oh yes, I remember. Little Luna wasn't it? I had fun killing her, she was so tiny and frail, that it was easy to break her bones. Did you know a rib breaking sounds like a snapping twig? The whole time she kept pleading for help. 'Finnick! Save me Finnick! Help me please!' What a pity you didn't show up. How does it feel Finnick? To have someone trust you, and then you neglect to protect them. How did it feel when you showed up to late, just in time to see her die?"

A roar of pure rage bursts from my mouth, and I lunge at Alexia.

She skips to the side, and slashes her sword quickly across my back.

I yell in pain, and turn around to face her.

"What's the matter? Can't take a little pain?"

I hold my net loosely, and approach her slower this time.

I jab my trident towards her left side, forcing her to block with her sword. I use the opening, and hurl the net at her right side, and it wraps around her. I step forward with my trident, ready to deliver the death-blow. But with a fierce scream, Alexia twists her sword, and slices right through the net, it falls to the ground in pieces.

She looks up at me, with a innocent look on her face.


She takes the offensive this time, bounding forward slashing with her sword.

I deflect most of her blows, but I catch several a little late, resulting in a few gashes on my chest, and several on my arms.

I manage to cut her several times with the sharp prong tips, and we are both bleeding quite a bit.

However hers are only cuts, but mine are laced with venom, and already I can feel the poison working through my system, everywhere her sword broke flesh burns like fire. I know that I have to end this fight soon, or she will be able to just wait me out.

I attack fiercely, and drive her back toward the cornucopia.

She parries with her sword, taking smooth graceful steps back. One final pace, and her back is against the cornucopia.

I pin her to the metal side with my arm across her neck.

She gasps.

"That poison should be taking over your system by now, soon you'll feel it on the inside, burning like acid as it starts to reach your heart. You don't have long to live. especially after this!"

She brings up her sword, and stabs me through the shoulder. I cry out in pain, and slam my trident shaft into her arm.

She yells and let's go. I step back and pull the sword out of my shoulder.

"Now it's time for you to die."

I grind my teeth together, and stab her through the waist, pinning her to the cornucopia.

She gasps, holding the trident shaft tightly.

"You've killed me!"

My whole body burns as the poison works its way to my heart. I take a deep breath, and my skin starts to twitch.

"I gave you more of a chance then you ever gave Luna, now she can rest in peace."

Alexia sinks to the ground, eyes wide in horror. With the sound of a cannon, the sixty-fifth hunger games claims its last victim.

I feel my heart rate rise, and the skin all over my body tightens, the pain is unbearable.

A hovercraft appears, and a chain ladder is lowered quickly. With a last effort, I step onto the ladder.

Instantly a current freezes my body, and the ladder rises quickly.

I can hear my heart pounding loudly in my head, and my vision starts to mist over as I enter the hovercraft.

The last thing I see is a lot of people in white coats, and then everything goes black.

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