Sea Green

Chapter 20

Hey everyone!

I think that was the last chapter.

But! Never fear, I will be writing a sequel

titled: "Life with Annie"

Which will basically be Finnick's life after

the games, how he deals with his new fame,

Staying best friends with Annie, and how he comes

to realise that she is more than a friend to him.

And how he learns the secrets of the capitol.

This next story will end right before Annie's games,

and If I feel up to it, and if you guys want, I will write a

third! book in Annie's POV, about her games.

Anyway! Tell me what you guys think, and please

keep reading. Thanks to everyone who read this, and

to everyone who reviewed. It's great to see so many people

have read my story, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

(well I hope you did anyway)

I love all yuh guys. :D


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