Sea Green

Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight: The interviews.

The next morning I wake up to the excited squeals of my prep team. "Up, up, up sleepy head!" Periwinkle says as she yanks the covers off of me. I groan and put my pillow over my head.

"What are you doing here? I thought you didn't come till late afternoon." I mumble from underneath the pillow. They all giggle, "We came early silly! Mags and Bruce said that they will teach you how to act, at the interviews after we get through with you." Violet declares. Fuchsia leans down and pats me on the back. "Come on out, the longer you fuss the longer this is going to take!" I sigh and sit up. They all start clapping, and I can't help smiling. They're so silly, always trying to make me smile.

"Oh alright, what could you possibly do to improve me?" They start giggling again, and Violet slaps me on the arm playfully. "Oh you humble thing you! Hop up, and strip down." I do as they say, and am brushed, plucked, combed and bathed for the next couple hours. When they're finally done, my skin is tingling, and I'm starving.

"You hop off to breakfast and your interview training, we have to help Dalia." Fuchsia says, and they all disappear out the door. I rub my sore skin, and get dressed in some sweat pants, and a hoodie. Walking to the dinning room, I order breakfast, and wait at the table. Mags is already there, sitting on the end next to me.

"So, did you enjoy your surprise guests this morning?" I take a sip from my coffee. "Oh yes, it was wonderful to be woke up at the crack of dawn by a bunch of squealing women, who rub and pluck you until you're raw." I say in an extremely sarcastic voice. Mags chuckles, "Well, usually you would have had to wait until later this afternoon. But they showed up early, said something about Dalia needs more time to work on your outfit." I grunt in reply. My breakfast arrives, and I begin eating as Mags explains the itinerary for today. "After you're finished with breakfast, Tiffy will take you to a private room, and teach you on appearance, for four hours." I nearly choke on my toast. "Four hours!?" Mags looks at me calmly, although I can see she's hiding a smile at my distress. "Yes, four hours. At the end of which, you will be switched over to me, and I will tell you how to act at the interviews. By the time we're through, it will be time to have your prep team get you dressed and ready." Once she's done, she gets up and walk to the door. Before she exits, she turns and gives me a glare. "Be nice to Tiffy, and hurry up and eat." Then she smiles cheerily and waves.

I eat as quickly as I can, then walk down a hall to Tiffy's room. I knock on it. "Tiffy?" The door opens, and she pulls me in quickly, and slammed shut the door behind us. "Here! Put these on quick!" Throwing a bundle in my arms, she pushes me into the bathroom and shuts the door. I stand there for a moment. "Hurry!" I hear her shout impatiently. I look at the bundle, and find out that it's a suit, complete with tie and dress shoes. I quickly change into it the suit and put the shoes on, but I have no idea how to do the tie. I walk out with it draped around my neck, Tiffy turns quickly around and scolds me. "Why didn't you tie the tie? And look at that shirt, it's not tucked in properly at all!" She rushes over and smooths and straightens all my flaws, finishing with the tie. "There! Now that you look decent, let's start." The next four hours, Tiffy has me practice walking, sitting, talking, and a million facial expressions. The main issue seems to be my posture, Since I've always been tall, I've also always slouched. Tiffy has me straighten my shoulders and walk confidently. We don't work much on talking and facial expressions, she says I have a quick wit, and an "amazing" smile. "You'll do just fine, people already love you, and you are so easy to talk to!" She exclaims happily. After our time is up, she gives me a hug, and says. "Oh you're going to be just wonderful!"

She takes me to a small room with several cushy chairs. Mags is waiting for us, writing something down on a notepad. "He's all yours!" Tiffy says, then she leaves, shutting the door behind her. I walk over and sit in the chair, just the way Tiffy told me. Mags smiles. "Well, it looks like you learned a thing or two from Tiffy, excellent work." I give her what Tiffy calls my "why thank you smile" This receives another smile from Mags. "Wow, I don't think Tiffy had that much to teach you, you just said more in that smile, then some people can in a whole sentence." I laugh, "Well thanks. Now, what are you going to teach me?" She holds up her notepad, and scans the writing, replying as she does. "I am going to teach you how to act at the interview, your angle, and dominate personality trait." I nod, "Sounds good, so what's my angle?" Mags keeps staring at her notepad as she replies in an even tone. "Sexy" My eyebrows shoot up. "Excuse me?" She looks up, a smile hovering on her lips. "You heard me. I know you're young, but with your mature body and looks, we should play up the fact that you are whether you like it or not sexy." I feel my cheeks heating up. "I don't know how I feel about that..." She shrugs, "It doesn't matter anyway. You aren't going to be just sexy, that's just summing it up. I'm aiming for: funny, charming, flirty, and likeable, with just a tad of sweetness. Which, all of those joined, is a very sexy personality for anyone. Plus, you've got the looks, and personality to pull it off." I'm still a bit unsure of this, but I trust Mags, so I just say: "Alright, let's get started."

I'm back in my room, waiting for my prep team and Dalia. While running over everything Mags and Tiffy taught me. I don't have long to wait, periwinkle, Violet and Fuchsia, all burst into the room.

"There you are!"

"We can't wait until you're all ready!"

"Wait till you see what Dalia has for you!"

They all rush out at once. I try to follow along, but they all start chattering at once. So I just nod and smile like I have a clue what they're talking about. They comb and style my hair, rub something into my face that even the skin tone, and spray something into my eyes, it doesn't hurt just makes an odd tingling sensation. Once they're done touching up, Dalia comes in with a garment bag. Still dressed all in white.

"Trust me?" She asks with a smile. I nod. "Close your eyes then." She says. I do, and feel fabric brush against my skin. They have me slip into some pants, and I feel them put on my socks and shoes. I feel them fiddle with the fabric here and there, then I sense them step back.

"Oh," Says Violet,

"My," Adds periwinkle,

"Word." Finishes Fuchsia.

"Open your eyes." Says Dalia. I do, and turn to look in the mirror. I gasp, the reflection in the mirror is not a tousled haired boy from district four. It is a tall well-groomed young man, with bronze hair, styled in a natural looking wave, and golden evenly toned skin. Whatever they sprayed in my eyes, highlights their natural color, giving them the appearance that they are glowing. Dalia has dressed me in a black suit, perfectly tailored to fit my body. A dark purple shirt underneath the suit jacket, has the top three buttons undone, giving me a roguish look, an exposing the small golden trident necklace. The outfit is completed by a pair of black shoes. I turn around admiring the complete outfit.

"Wow." Is all I manage to say. My prep team giggles, but Dalia just smiles modestly. "Thank you Dalia." I say, giving her a hug. "You're welcome."

I look over her completely white outfit, and white hair. "Dalia, why do you always wear white?" She smiles, "Because, I belive in putting the color, and exotic designs on my work." I smile my "Compliment" smile as Tiffy calls it. Just then, the door opens and Bruce sticks his head in. "Time to go."

We go down to the ground floor, and meet Annita with her stylist and prep team, and Mags. Annita is dressed in a silky dark green gown that drapes over her body. She has her hair pulled mostly up, in a fancy twist, with just a few curls hanging down. She has just the faintest bit of makeup on. Her and I get into a car with Mags and Bruce, our stylists and prep teams travel separately. We drive a little ways, and stop at a large building. The door we enter through takes us into a sort of back stage area, where the other tributes are waiting. Everyone in our party leave Annita and I, going to find their seats. We stand and wait for the show to start, when Caesar Flickerman announces us, we will walk up a flight of stairs, in order of our districts. Then we will take our seats, and wait for our turn. The lights dim, and Caesar bounds onstage, with his seemingly permanent smile.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the sixty-fifth hunger games, tribute interviews!" The crowd goes insane as Caesar takes his seat. He cracks a couple of jokes, loosening the crowd up. Then he clears his throats and says. "And now, introducing...this years tributes!"

We form a line, and make our way on stage. The crowd goes wild, and it takes Caesar a full minute to quiet them down. He introduces Glorry, and she makes her way to the stage, each interview last three minutes, then they re-take their seat, and the next tribute takes the stage.

Glorry looks very elegant in a bright red tight-fitting dress, and her brown curls fall loose down her back. Her angle is obviously seductive.

After her is Vicktor, whose angle appears to be: a fierce killing machine.

Alexia balances gracefully on tip toes, as she twirls gracefully on stage. Her light pink chiffon dress, and hair pulled back in a large bun, make her look like a ballerina. Her angle is definitely flirty.

After her is Xavier, who strides slowly onstage, he is mysterious.

Both tributes from three are quiet. Then they're calling Annita's name. She seems to glide onstage, taking her seat, she bats her eyelashes and smiles at Caesar. Her attitude suggests, that she is bashful.

I hear the buzzer ring, and Caesar is bidding Annita goodbye.

"Goodbye, and good luck to Annita Holmes! And now, for district fours male tribute. You all have seen his confidence and charm, but do you really know him? Let's get to know him better, ladies and gentlemen...Finnick Odair!" The crowd screams as I stride up onstage. It's only then that I realise how nervous I am. I look out into the crowd, and see Tiffy sitting primly, she raises her eyebrows, and motions to her shoulders. Right, shoulders back.

I smile and accept Caesar's handshake. We take our seats, but the crowd is still screaming. Caesar raises an eyebrow at me, then turning to the crowd, he waves his hands trying to calm them. I give the crowd my mischievous grin, and hold a finger to my lips. They all go silent almost immediately, and Caesar turns back around, I quickly drop my hand, and sit back in the chair with a "well done" smile on my face. Caesar straightens his coat. "Well now that I've got the quieted down.." There's a ripple of laughter from the crowd.

"Did I miss something?" He asks confused.

"Not at all Caesar. Tell me a little about yourself." The crowd roars with laughter as I take on the role of interviewer. After they quiet down Caesar turns to me.

"Well now Finnick, do you know I have received death threats, telling me which question I should ask you. Do you know what the most asked question was?" I look thoughtful,

"Alright Caesar, I give up. What was it?" Caesar gives a knowing look to the crowd, then turning back to me he said. "I received over a hundred letters, asking if you are single." We both laugh at this, and most of the crowd joins in.

"Well Caesar to tell you the truth, I am single." Caesar raises his eyebrows,

"What? I can't belive that, why wouldn't you have a girlfriend?" I look at the floor, trying to look shy.

"I guess I just haven't found the right girl yet." Screams from the crowd, and one girl actually tries to get on the stage.

"Well, I don't think you ever have to worry if you need a girlfriend," Caesar chuckles. "Tell us a little about your home, do you have any family waiting for you?" I sigh,

"Sadly no. My mother abandoned me when I was a baby." A sympathetic "aww" from the audience, Caesar places a hand over his heart and looks sadly at me. "But I do have something of a family, My best friends family practically treats me like a son." Caesar nods,

"What would your friend's name be?" I hesitate for a minute, then say.

"Annie Cresta." Caesar frowns for a minute, then looks up realization hitting him.

"Wasn't the boy you volunteered for named Cresta?" I nod,

"Yes, Robbert, he's Annies brother."

Caesar gives me a wink, "Are you sure you don't have anything going on with Annie? I mean, you're best friends, and you volunteered to save her brother's life."

I shake my head, "No, Annie and I are just best friends, she's almost like a sister. Besides, I volunteered to come meet all you wonderful people!" Cheers from the crowd. Caesar claps,

"Well thank you. Seeing as you got a nine as your training score, and the fact that you volunteered, I would say you have a real chance to win this thing."

I smile, "Well, that's what I'm planning on." I turn to the crowd, and say with a wink. "Oh, and any female sponsors out there, remember I am single, so why don't you slip some numbers into those parachutes." I swear all the females in the audience squeal. Then the buzzer rings,

"Well, it looks like your time is up." Shouts of protest from the crowd. Caesar and I stand, I shake his hand, and he puts his arm around me. "Good luck Finnick! And may the odds be in your favor!"

I walk back and take my seat. After that I don't remember much, except that Weasel was sly and dangerous. And I remember Luna walking softly up to Caesar, a hush falling on the crowd as they saw her delicate figure. She was dressed in a baby blue short dress with puffy sleeves, her blonde hair was pulled back from her big blue eyes in two braids. She was shy, and quiet, but you could tell the crowd had fallen in love with this angelic little child. Once the interviews are all done with, we are escorted back to the training center. I ignore the chatter, and slip off to bed. Stripping to my boxers, I crawl into bed. But sleep wont come easily. After all, the games start tomorrow.

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