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Chapter 18

Hey! Sorry yesterday I took a day off from writing, partly because it was sunday and I was at church, and then we had people over for lunch so I just didn't have any time to. But here I am with a brand new chapter :)

And I've decided if we end Annie's story after she wins her games, I was going to write a shortish story titled "Scars Fade" or "The wounded" But it would basically be from Finnick's POV and it would tell how he helped Annie out of her madness after she got back home. But I don't know, I'm going to talk to Emma Lane, and see what she thinks :D

Then after we're all done with that, I've had lots of requests to do Mags' games, so I will be writing that, which probably won't be near as long as this story.

And hopefully after all that! I will be writing a brand new hunger games fic about Finnick and Annie's son, BUT! Unlike most stories about him, this one has a surprising twist, and nothing to do with the games. (the games were eliminated after the second rebelion) This story I am super pumped to write! Because I get to bring in most characters from the original series, including; Katniss and Peeta's children, (they will most likely be in a bit of it, but I'm not planning on making them in very much) Johanna, Haymitch, Some of Gale's siblings, maybe Gale himself with his own family? Possibly Zaria, granddaughter of the president, and some others.

They story is going to have lots of action and suspense without having a hunger games, so don't worry about that. If you guys would be interested to learn more or read something like that let me know :)

So I think I've babbled sufficiently enough for this chapter, here you go!

Song is "Pale" by Within Temptation.

Chapter Eighteen: slowly healing with a cry for help.


I have a problem. Johanna is starting to freak out again, and we've run out of morphling. The only option is to wait until we get to district four, I still have some morphling pills at home, and those seem to be more potent than the liquid form. My thoughts are interrupted as Johanna lets out another scream, and starts pulling at her hair. I grab her wrists quickly, and hold them behind her back. She starts thrashing around and kicking at me. I have to lay her face down on the bed and pin her legs down by sitting on them. Still holding her hands behind her back. She tries to get free, but my grip is firm. She finally gives up and just starts screaming as loud as she can. Luckily it's muffled because her face is stuck in the pillow.

"Dang it Jo! Hold still!"

She ignores me of course, and I sigh heavily. She seems to be very quick to get the morphling through her system. I can't believe it wears off so fast. How she's managed to keep up this much energy all night is beyond me. She finally stops thrashing around, and I hesitate before releasing her.

"Are you going to calm down?"

I ask. She pauses, then nods slowly into the pillow. I release her wrists, and stand up. She slowly sits up, and crosses her legs, then she looks down at her hands. They are smeared with blood from her scratching herself and me. She just stares at the blood.


She looks up at me, her eyes almost completely red they're so bloodshot. She has two streaks down her face where tears have been flowing for so long they've caused marks.

"When was the last time you slept?"

She drops my gaze again, and doesn't answer.


I say firmly. She looks up with anger in her eyes, and spits out.

"Four days alright!"

I blink in surprise, and stare at her.

"You haven't slept in four whole days?"

She opens her eyes wide, and replies condescendingly.

"Yeah, four whole days."I rub my eyes. How is that even possible?

"Is that when it happened?"

She nods slowly.

"Try sleeping after that."

She mutters quietly. I sit down next to her, and gently pull one of her hands towards me, she doesn't resist, and I start slowly rubbing the blood off of it.

"How did you get to the capitol anyway?"

She watches me carefully wipe away the dried and fresh blood. Before answering.

"I knew there was a train leaving for the capitol two days after it happened, lumber delivery. Anyway, when it arrived I just told the guy in charge that I was wanted in the capitol last-minute. They believed me so I just hitched a ride."

I finish with one hand, and take the other one.

"Where did you get the gun?"

She smiles slightly, proud of her cleverness.

"That wasn't easy, but eventually I discovered one of the peacekeepers had an old pistol, and so I seduced him, drugged him, and stole his gun."I stare at her.

"You did what?"

She widens her eyes, and says very slowly.

"Seduced him, drugged him, and robbed him. It's quite simple really."I shake my head.

"Jo, what are you going to do when you get back? He's going to be furious, you could be executed."

She shrugs.

"That would solve all my problems wouldn't it?"

I hold her hand tightly.

"Don't you dare even think about that."

She sighs.

"He wouldn't dare tell anyone, or he would be executed as well. I don't think he loves the law that much."

I shake my head.

"So after that what happened?"

"Stealing the gun took a whole day, and half the night, after I stole it I waited at the train station. The train arrived the next morning. We arrived in the capitol late that night, so I just hung out in a bar until the next morning. After that I just wandered around, that night was when you found me."

I nod slowly.

"So it happened four days ago and you haven't slept at all since than?"

She shakes her head.

"I can't sleep Finnick. Every time I close my eyes I see his small body floating in the lake..."

Her eyes grow wide, and she stares into space. I sigh heavily and grab her hands a split second before she starts screaming and thrashing around again. Unfortunately I grab her left hand a little too late, and I receive a long raking cut down my chest. I gasp as it starts bleeding, and quickly pin Johanna down again.

I hear the door open, and turn my head to see Julia standing in the doorway. She stares in shock at the scratches scattered along my chest, arms and back.

"Julia, you didn't find anymore morphling did you?"

She shakes her head. Then starts signing.

"We're almost to district four?"

She nods.

"Oh thank goodness. Once we get there I'm going to have to leave quickly. Thank you for all your help, I'll see you sometime soon."She nods sadly, and waves, then she turns and walks back into the hall, closing the door behind her. Johanna still hasn't calmed down by the time the train stops at district four. So I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder. I hold her legs tightly so she can't kick, but I can't do anything about her hands, and she scratches at my back as she screams.

"Jo stop!"

I cry out as pain shoots through my back, she can't seem to hear me, so I drop her on the bed and rip off a strip of the sheet, then I quickly tie her hands so that she's hugging herself, and the rope is tied at her back so she can't move her arms. I pick her up again and drape her over my shoulder. She tries to kick, but I hold her ankles tightly.

I quickly exit the train, and walk as fast as I can to victors village. It's a good thing Johanna only weighs about a hundred pounds, otherwise I wouldn't be able to carry her all the way in my weakened state. After what seems like forever, Johanna calms down and I can see victors village up ahead.

"We're almost there Jo, hang on."I finally reach my house, and drop Johanna on the couch.

"Stay here."

I tell her sternly, then I walk upstairs slightly woozy and search for the morphling pills. I find them tucked away in the back of a drawer in the bathroom. I hurry downstairs and grab a glass of water. Then I stop. How am I going to make Johanna take these? I walk into the living room, and am thankful to see that she is sitting quietly on the couch. I untie her and hand her one of the pills and the glass of water.

"Take that."

She looks at me blankly.

"Take the pill Jo."

She looks down at the small white pill, then back at me.

"It will calm you down."

She keeps staring at me.


She says quietly. I nod, and she swallows the pill quickly. I wince as I move, and my back starts stinging.

"How are you feeling Jo?"

She doesn't say anything, and I glance down at her. She's staring into space, her pupils covering almost her whole eyes. I rub my eyes, swaying slightly. I need to sleep soon or I'm going to collapse. But I can't leave Jo unsupervised. I glance at the clock, 5:00 PM. It's been almost twenty-four hours since I found Johanna in the capitol, and I haven't slept since the night before that. The train had to stop several times for repairs and refuel, so the time it took to get from the capitol to district four was almost doubled.

Jo starts sobbing, and covers her face with her hands, this isn't a panic attack, so I don't bother with tieing her up again. I blink several times, trying to clear my vision. I can barely stand, but I don't dare leave Jo without someone to watch her. I can't think straight, and the only thought in my head is; Annie, Annie is where you go when you need help.

I sigh and lift Johanna up in my arms bridal style, then I walk to the door and almost fall down the front steps. Luckily I catch myself just in time, and somehow manage to make it to Mags' house, which is now the Cresta's house as well. Johanna is still sobbing uncontrollably and I can't see straight anymore, I sway and fall against the front door. I slide to the porch, and sit against the doorway, unable to stand up again. In a minute I hear someone open the door.

"Finnick! What on earth..."It's Mrs. Cresta's voice, I summon some hidden strength, and stagger up.

"Johanna...need help."

My strength gives out, and I drop Johanna's legs. Mrs. Cresta puts her arm around Johanna's shoulders quickly, taking her weight off me.

"Annie! Come quickly!"

I hear her call, but my vision is swimming and I feel suddenly very heavy. I hear two sets of footsteps run into the room, and I lean against the wall for support.

"Mags, can you help me take her upstairs?"

Mrs. Cresta takes over in her quick and authoritative way, and I blink several times clearing my vision. I see Mags' take Johanna's other side, and she helps Mrs. Cresta take Johanna upstairs. Annie is watching them with a confused expression on her face. Mrs. Cresta shouts over her shoulder from the top of the stairs.

"Annie! Help Finnick."She seems to notice me for the first time, and all the cold and hurt in her eyes melts away into care and worry the minute she sees me.

"Finn! What happened?"

I smile slightly, she called me Finn. She runs over and for a brief moment, I see my Annie.

"Finnick what happened?"

Back to Finnick...or is she just worried...what happened last time I saw her? My thoughts are all mixed up and I almost fall over. She grabs me around the waist quickly to stop me from falling over. I cry out in pain as her arm pulls open the scratches dotting my torso. I hear her gasp.


Annie shakes her head quickly.

"What is going on?"

She helps me quickly over to the couch, and I collapse onto it, my strength gone entirely.

"Why is Johanna Mason upstairs? Why is she in district four?"

I sigh and wince as the couch rubs against my cuts, but I'm too fatigued to move.

"Little brother was killed."

I mumble. Annie looks at me with shock.


"Johanna's little brother Leo...the president arranged for him to be killed...she said no."

Annie shakes her head, tears filling her eyes. She's so compassionate, she didn't even know Leo, but she's crying for him.

"Why would he do that?"

I sigh, and close my eyes.

"Johanna didn't do what victors are required to do..."

My voice trails off, and I hear Annie say quickly.

"What does that mean?"

I shake my head slowly.

"I can't tell you."

Then I pass out.

Authors note: I know this chapter is really short, but I have to do some stuff, and I am going to post the second part of this chapter as soon as possible today, so don't worry! I just wanted you to have some of it before I wrote and posted the rest. Will be posting another chapter today so stay tuned!

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