Together we are complete

Chapter 21

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Chapter Twenty-one: Why can't you see?

It's been about a week since the dance. After I found Annie in the old ship wreck, I stayed with her until she fell asleep leaning against me, I carried her home and explained briefly to Mrs. Cresta what had happened, then I went home. The next morning I went to check on Annie, and Mrs. Cresta said she had locked herself in her room and didn't want to talk to anyone. I could tell she was worried, and I assured her that she just needed a little time alone. Since then Annie has kept her distance, and I've let her have her space. If she needs time alone, then that's what I'll give her.

I've tried to talk to her several times, but she's never at home, and when she is she avoids me. I wonder if our conversation in the wreck was just brought on by her breakup, which makes me wonder if she really meant what she said, or I was just there when she had her guard down.

I sigh and drag myself out of bed. I haven't been called back to the capitol since the dinner with the presidents granddaughter, and I suspect it has to do something with the whole Johanna episode. I know Snow's not afraid, he's not afraid of anything, but Johanna coming to the capitol to kill him has probably made him realise that he can only push us so far before we break. I guess he thinks I'm too valuable to risk having me crack. So I am happily being left alone for the moment.

I am thankful for the break, but it just leaves me to an awkward existence in district four. Not knowing how I stand with Annie, and not being able to find out because she's standing at a painfully cold distance to me.

I rummage through my dresser and pull out a pair of jean shorts and a thin button down shirt that is light blue and green plaid. I quickly get dressed, and decide to check if Annie feels like talking. It takes me about fifteen seconds to walk down the sidewalk to her house. I take a deep breath and knock on the door.

"Just a minute!"I hear someone call from inside. Dropping my hand, I wait on the porch. In a minute I hear the door handle turn, and it is opened by Mags who is still in her nightgown.

"Morning Mags."I say with a smile. She snorts and lets me inside.

"You're not here to see me young man, you never are."I walk inside with a chuckle and give her a hug, lifting her off the ground slightly.

"Don't say that! Coming here is just an excuse to see the best mentor in the whole world."She smacks my arm and scolds.

"Put me down you big suck up."I laugh and set her gently down, she shakes her head and chuckles.

"You're going to be the death of me Finnick."I kiss her cheek.

"Aw don't say that."She pats my cheek and nods upstairs.

"The girlie's in her bedroom. She's pretending she's asleep, but these old ears are sharper than she thinks. I can hear her moving around up there."I glance up the stairs.

"Thank's Mags. Where's Mrs. Cresta?"

She starts walking slowly towards the kitchen as she answers.

"Out shopping I believe."

With that she opens the door to the kitchen and shuts it behind her. I take a deep breath and quickly walk up the stairs, my long legs stepping up two at a time. I walk over to Annie's bedroom door, I can hear her walking around the room. I knock several times, and I hear her stop. There's silence for a minute, and I knock again.

"Mags I'm really tired, can I have five more minutes?"

I hear Annie say tiredly. I take a deep breath.


There's silence for a minute, then I hear her walk over to the door and pull back the latch. She opens the door, and stands in the doorway.

"Finnick."She says as if she's not surprised.

"Good morning Annie."

She yawns, and stretches.

"Is it a good morning? I just woke up so I wouldn't know."She says with a slight smile. I glance at her eyes which are bright and focused, and her brushed hair.

"Did you just wake up?"

I ask casually, she sighs.

"No. I haven't been able to sleep much either."

I shrug.

"Then why stay locked up here?"

She rubs her temple, and then drops her hand to her side.

"To think."

I nod slowly.

"Do you want to go down to the beach with me?"

She hesitates for a minute, then nods.

"Sure, I've been wanting to talk to you anyway. Give me a minute to get dressed."

I nod and she closes the door quickly. I walk downstairs and walk into the kitchen. Mags is sitting at counter sipping a mug of coffee, she looks up when she hears me walk in.


She asks. I smile and shake my head.

"Well what?"

She rolls her eyes.

"How did it go?"

I shrug.

"She's going to come to the beach with me."

Mags smiles, and drinks some more of her coffee.

"Well that's progress."I hear Annie run downstairs, and she appears in a minute through the door. She's dressed in a pair of white short, shorts and a scoop neck coral tank top. She's barefoot like always, and her hair is loose.

"Well good morning miss Annie."

Mags says with a smile.

"It's nice to see you again."

Annie smiles.

"I haven't feeling very well the past couple of days. Sorry."Mags shakes her head.

"No need to apologize, just glad to see you're up and about again."

Annie turns to me.

"Should we go?"

I nod.

"See you later Mags."I call over my shoulder as Annie and I walk out of the kitchen.

"Have a good time you two!"

Mags calls after us.

"We will!"

Annie shouts back. We're out on the street in a minute, on our way down to the beach. Annie is silent as we walk, and I don't try to get her to talk. So we walk in silence. Soon we reach the beach, and once we hit sand I give Annie a sly look, and a grin. She catches my gaze and narrows her eyes with a smile. At the exact same time we break into a headlong run, aiming for the water.

I keep my pace slow at first to keep even with Annie, but without any warning she shoots past me on a sudden burst of speed. I blink in surprise and speed up, even at my full speed I can barely keep pace with her, and she ends up hitting the water before I do. She laughs and splashes in the ankle-deep waves. I rest my hands on my knees and gasp for breath.

"Since when can you run so fast?"

She giggles and gives me a light push, almost sending me headfirst into the shallows.

"I'm a lot faster than you think."

I straighten up with a smile.

"It's those darn long legs of yours."

She kicks some water at me.

"Hey no excuses, your legs are way longer than mine."I glare at her and kick some water back.

"Fine, you may be able to outrun me, but you could never out-swim me."

She smiles.

"True, I'm a good swimmer but a better runner."

I nod.

"And I'm a good runner but a much better swimmer."She laughs and shakes her head.

"Well we can't go swimming."I frown.

"Why not?"

She laughs, and after a week of not seeing her it sounds even more wonderful than before.

"Finnick we're both in our clothes."

I glance down at my clothes, then raise my head, a slow grin spreading across my face. Annie's eyes open wide and she shakes her head.


She turns around but before she can start running I grab her waist and lift her up. She struggles wildly, begging and threatening me.

"Finnick! Don't please! If you do I'll never forgive you! I swear! Finnick NO!"To late, I run into deeper water and throw her. She screams, flailing in the air for a minute before hitting the water and going under. I laugh and walk into the deeper water. I stop laughing and my eyes open in surprise as I feel something grab my ankle, before I can say anything Annie yanks my ankle out from underneath me and I fall with a loud splash into the water. When I resurface Annie is standing next to me laughing.


She splashes some water in my face.

"Hey! Don't you pull that on me, you deserved it."I chuckle slightly, flicking my wet hair out of my face. I glance over at her and laugh. Her hair is all tangled around her face and neck. She ducks under the water, and pops back up face up, her hair now smoothed down her back. She starts walking back towards the beach and I follow. She holds her arms away from her sides and looks down at her soaked clothes.

"Thank's a lot Finnick, this was a new top."

I laugh.

"It'll dry. Admit it you had fun."

She sighs.

"If it's ruined you're buying me another one."I nod.

"Agreed, I'll buy you as many clothes as you want."

She smiles slightly and shakes her head.

"It's a good thing it's really sunny today, our clothes will dry fast."

I give her a look.

"Or, we could go to Calypso's cliff and swim around while our clothes are already wet."She hesitates for a minute, then smiles.

"Race you."She takes off running, and I yell after her.

"Hey no fair!"

*Song* (almost lover)

She laughs as I chase her down the beach. Soon we're diving off the cliff into the pool below. We swim around the coral reef, pointing out different things to each other. I point out a half-dozen sea horses and Annie smiles, as she swims over and gets a better look. A little while later she points out a large starfish, and I grimace, she laughs, the sound bubbling underwater.

We spend almost all day there, finally climbing out onto the rocky shore as the sun sinks lower in the sky. We walk to a clear area of beach, and sit down on the sand. We lay stretched out in the sand for an hour or so, letting our clothes dry. Most of the time talking about what we saw at the reef, and other random things. After a little while we both fall silent, just watching the sun sink lower towards the horizon, the sky changing to different colors the lower it gets. Annie finally says quietly.

"Listen Finnick...I've been doing a lot of thinking lately."She pauses, tracing designs into the sand with her index finger.

"Is that why you've been so reclusive lately?"

She nods slowly.

"Ever since the dance...and what happened at the wreck...well It's just made me think that maybe..."I almost hold my breath, what is she trying to say. She takes a deep breath.

"It's just...we've been best friends for as long as I can remember, and you've always been there for me. After your games I knew things wouldn't quite be the same, well they were for a while..."

I nod slowly.

"But then I started becoming more popular."She nods again.

"Then the frequent trips, you still tried your best to be there for me...but it wasn't the same. I know things change, I know that they would have even if you hadn't been in the games. But I don't handle change very well."

She takes a deep breath.

"It's just been really hard for me pretending like things haven't changed at all, because they have changed a lot, and pretending they haven't just makes it harder."I shrug.

"I know things have changed."

She shakes her head.

"But you don't act like it, you keep acting like we have the same relationship that we did when we were little."

I think for a minute.

"Things aren't that different now than they were then."

She sighs.

"Yes they are. Robbert was still alive, you weren't a victor, the capitol didn't have anything to do with either of us, we didn't have half of the worries and responsibilities we have now, and you..."She trails off, and I hesitated before asking.

"I what?"

She shrugs.

"You have just changed."I frown.

"I haven't changed. I made a promise not too."She shakes her head, turning to look at me.

"But you have changed Finnick, and so have I."I shake my head.

"No, you haven't changed at all."She sighs heavily.

"Yes I have Finnick, I'm not a little girl anymore, I am not naive."I frown.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

She drops my gaze, and starts tracing in the sand again.

"I've just matured...that's all."

I turn to look at the sun slowly sinking towards the ocean."You're still the same Annie, you've just grown up."She's silent for a minute.

"You're not the same little boy with the tousled hair and the dancing sea green eyes that pulled me out of the water. You're a man now, although sometimes I can see the boy I once knew, but he's slowly disappearing. I think he's what's been keeping me holding on to this for so long."I look over at her.

"Holding on to what?"

She sighs and stands up. I stand up as well, brushing sand off my clothes.

"To whatever this is. I've been holding onto Finn; the boy with the dancing sea green eyes for so long...but he's almost just a memory now. He's been replaced with Finnick Odair, the young man with the sad sea green eyes and the flirty smile."

My eyes flicker over to look at her, and her eyes a shade darker than mine are shining with unshed tears.

"Annie...I'm still here."She looks up at me.

"I don't think I can do this's just to hard, I'm only fooling myself."I shake my head.

"Annie I'm still me."

Her voice chokes slightly as she raises it almost to a shout.

"No! No you're not. The Finnick Odair I knew wouldn't so much as think about girls, and now you're running off to be with them any chance you get?"

I stare at her shocked.


I can't find words. She sees the surprised look on my face and she shakes her head.

"Finnick I'm not stupid, I've seen the interviews, I've heard the rumors, It's not hard to put two and two together."I drop my head.

"Annie...It's not what you think.""Well than tell me, help me understand why, because I have run out of excuses for you, I'm out of ideas for your defense."

I slowly raise my eyes to meet hers, and I slowly shake my head.

"I can't."

I say quietly. She nods slowly.

"I'm still the innocent little Annie than? You have to protect me from the fact that you go sleep with as many women as you choose! Then you come home and have the gal to lie to me like I'm some little girl? The Finnick Odair I knew would never have lied to me, but he died in the hunger games, and I don't want anything more to do with Finnick Odair, victor of the sixty-fifth hunger games and capitol boy-toy!"

The tears fall from her eyes right before she turns around and starts walking away. I'm frozen with shock, at this sudden outburst, and a horrible pain throbs in my chest as she walks away. The farther she walks away from me, the more I realise just how much I need her, just how much she means to me, and I realise the impossible has happened.

I am hopelessly, terribly in love with Annie Cresta.

"Annie!"I call after her, as I take off at a run. She pauses when she hears me call, and she turns around just as I reach her. The instant I reach her I wrap my arms around her and kiss her.

She stiffens in surprise, her hands in fists resting on my chest, after a moment she relaxes and her hand slowly curl open, resting against my chest, her lips locking with mine.

My arms are wrapped tightly around her waist, holding her close. The moment our lips touched, I understood exactly what Johanna meant. I can feel Annie's pain, her confusion and her surprise. She slides her hands up my chest and curl her fingers around my neck, her other hand reaching up to the hair at the back of my head. I pour all the pain I've been hiding from her into the kiss, all the guilt I feel every time I've had to lie to her, into the kiss I put all my happiness and memories of being with her, I completely open up and let her know all the scars I hold, everything that haunts me at night, all my fears, pain, sorrow, hopes, dreams, desires and love. I kiss her with all the love I've always felt, and always will. A terrible desire and longing fills me, desire to kiss Annie for the rest of my life, a longing to give her everything I could ever possibly offer, and a desire to make her happy no matter what it takes.

The kiss feels like it lasts a lifetime, but it ends to soon. I slowly break the kiss, and rest my forehead against Annie's, whispering.

"I love you Annie Cresta, and that is something that is never going to change."She still has her eyes closed, Her hands holding my head close to hers, the sun has finally set over the ocean, sending brilliant colors across the sky and bathing Annie's face in a soft golden glow.


A tear squeezes out of her shut eyelid, she opens her eyes slowly, looking up into mine. I gently brush off the tear.

"There are no words that could even begin to describe how much I love you, and no one could ever fathom the depth of my love."

More tears fall down her face, and she slides her hands down to my chest, and she shakes her head slowly.

"Finn...I can't."I unwrap my arms from around her waist, and hold her face in my hands, brushing back the hair that has blown in her face.

"I love you."She slides her hands down my arms to my hands, and slowly pulls them away from her face.

"I can't."

The tears are streaming steadily down her face now, and she hesitates, still holding my hands in hers. Then she turns around, and starts walking towards the town. Desperation fills me, and I call after her.



She breaks into a run, and I drop my head, knowing there's nothing I can do. After what feels like forever, the tears finally come, and they don't stop for a long time. After It's completely dark out, I slowly walk back into town. I completely avoid victors village, and somehow find myself at the Cresta's old house. I walk inside and wander around the perfect tidy rooms, memories running through my head as fast as the tears running down my cheeks. After a long time, I walk into Annie's old room and sit on the bed.

I must have fallen asleep, because I sit up quickly from laying on Annie's bed. I tense as I hear someone in the house, I get up quickly as I hear someone running up the stairs. I ready for a attack, and blink in surprise as Annie bursts through the door.


She runs forward and throws her arms around my neck, kissing me hard. I'm taken off guard, and off-balance, staggering before falling to the floor. Annie falls on top of me, pinning me to the floor. I sit up and lift Annie with me.

"Annie what are..."She shakes her head.

"Shut up, I'm tired of thinking."She leans forward and presses her lips against mine. sitting on my lap with her hands on the back of my neck and head, pulling me closer to her. I slowly slide my hands up her legs and wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me. Annie moves her hands to the front of my shirt and quickly undoes all the buttons, she pulls the shirt off my shoulders quickly, and slides her hands over my bare chest. She raises her arms quickly to help me pull off her shirt. Her skin is warm and soft and she smiles against my lips.

"I love you Finnick Odair."

Somehow we end up on the bed, Annie is laying on her back, and I'm on all fours above her. She has her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, pulling her head and shoulders off the bed so that she can kiss me. Our kissing becomes more and more passionate, but it doesn't go any farther than that. We end up falling asleep wrapped tight in each others arms, with our lips pressed together.

The next morning, I wake up a little early, and a happy warmth runs through me as I remember where I am. Annie is laying next to me, I'm laying on my side with my arm wrapped around her. I sit up slowly, careful not to disturb Annie. She has her arms stretched above her head, and her hair is laying across her back in a curtain. I brush it to the side gently, and slowly start tracing my fingers along her back. She's still dressed in her bra and shorts, and I gently brush my fingers up and down her back and shoulders.

She shifts ever so slightly. I turn onto my stomach, and push up onto all fours, I put one of my hands on either side of her, and bend down slowly. I start softly kissing her arm, traveling up to her shoulder, then across the top of her back to her other shoulder and move to her neck. Lightly planting kisses on neck and jaw.

She sigh's happily, keeping her eyes closed as she says sleepily.

"Wake me up every morning like that."I smile against her neck, and kiss her a little harder, opening my mouth slightly. She moans aloud and rolls over.

"Ooh don't do that."

I lift my head and smile.

"Why? You don't like it?"

She opens her eyes with a happy and slightly embarrassed smile on her face.

"I love it but that's not the reason. Can you imagine if I showed up at home with a hickey? I wouldn't hear the end of it."

I chuckle, and lower my head, brushing my lips against her neck as I whisper.

"Wouldn't it be worth it?"

She wraps her arms around my neck, and closes her eyes.

", no stop!"

She giggles as I keep kissing her neck, and she sits up, stopping me.

"Finn I need to go home. Mom's going to be horribly worried about me...Mags too."I kiss her lips before answering.

"They know you're with me."

She thinks about this for a minute.

"That's what I'm afraid of."I frown and straighten up.

"What are you getting at?"

She sighs and sits up as well.

"Well, wouldn't it be a bit of a shock?"

I continue to frown as I think.

"Oh...I guess that would be weird. What are we going to do?"

Annie shrugs. Then I suddenly think of something else, and my face grows pale.

"Finn are you okay?"

Annie asks quickly, her face growing worried as she touches my arm. I'm unable to answer for a minute. What if the president found out about us? He would have Annie punished for sure, he would never allow this, to many broken hearts. Annie hold my face in her hands and makes me look at her.

"Finnick what's wrong?"

I hold my hand over hers, and kiss it gently.

"We have to keep this a secret."She smiles.

"I know, for now but..."I cut her off, shaking my head.

"No, we have to keep this a secret always."The smile fades from her face.

"Why? What's the matter."I sigh heavily, running my hand up her arm.

"The president would punish you somehow...I can't let that happen."

Her eyes grow wide in shock.

"Punish me? Why?"

I drop my gaze.

"Because you're with me...because of the real reason I have to go to the capitol."

She bends her head so that she can see my eyes.

"Finn...what's going on?"

I take a deep breath.

"I get these letters telling me when to go to the capitol, and a list of what women I have to...entertain while I'm there. If I don't do it, then the president will hurt you, Mags, your mom, anyone I care about. That's the reason Bruce killed himself, the president wanted him to do the same thing, and he threatened you and I to make him. Killing himself was insurance that the Snow couldn't use him against me, and me against him."

I slowly meet Annie's gaze, and in her eyes is mostly sorrow, and guilt for thinking the worst of me.

"I'm sorry...I couldn't let him hurt you...I had to go..."

She cuts off anything else I was going to say by kissing me. I can feel her apology and sympathy in the kiss, and I wrap my arms tightly around her shoulders, pushing away all thoughts of the capitol. We fall back to laying on the bed, and I leave her lips to kiss her neck again. She starts giggling.

"Finn! You're going to give me a hickey."I stop long enough to say with a chuckle.

"If I'm lucky."

She continues to giggle, but doesn't try to stop me. Suddenly we both hear something and freeze. I lift my head, and she props herself up on her elbows. The front door is being opened.


Both of our eyes grow wide as we hear Mrs. Cresta's voice echo downstairs. We give each other panicked looks, and scramble off the bed.

"It's my mom! What are we going to do?"

Annie says in a frantic whisper. I bite my lip and my eyes flicker around the room, trying to think of something.

"Okay, I'll go downstairs and make up something to explain us being here, you get fixed up and come down in a minute."

She nods, and I start walking towards the door.

"Finn."She calls quietly after me, I turn around and Annie flings my shirt in my face. I pull it on as quickly as I can, and button it up as I walk downstairs.

"Finnick."Mrs. Cresta says surprised when she sees me, then she frowns.

"What are you doing here?"

Unfortunately I have become a very good liar and a solution pops into my head.

"I came looking for Annie."

Mrs. Cresta looks hopeful.

"Is she here? She came home last night and locked herself in her room without talking to me, then this morning she was gone."

I put my hands on her shoulders.

"Don't worry, last night we were walking on the beach and I accidentally said something that upset her, she ran home then after a while she came here. I found her this morning and apologized."

Mrs. Cresta looks relieved.

"Oh thank goodness, I was getting worried. So you two are okay?"

I nod quickly.

"Couldn't be better."

Just than Annie comes running downstairs, dressed and with brushed hair.

"Hey mom. Sorry I didn't mean to scare you."

I give her a look as I say.

"I was just telling your mom how you got upset last night and after running home came here. That's where I found you this morning to apologize."

She smiles slightly.

"Yes, I just needed some time alone so I came here. Finn found me and we made ou-up, we made up. Sorry I didn't want you to worry."

I almost laugh as Annie quickly corrected herself, blushing deeply at what she almost said. Mrs. Cresta smiles and gives Annie a hug.

"Well I'm glad you're safe and you and Finnick are on good terms again."

I give Annie a look from behind her mothers back, and she smiles. When she pulls away from her mothers hug, my eyes widen as I see the red mark on Annie's neck. Mrs. Cresta is still facing Annie, so I quickly motion to her neck with a warning look. For a second she doesn't understand, then she realizes what I mean and gives me a look before pulling her hair over one shoulder, efficiently hiding the mark.

"So are you two hungry? Mags and I were just getting breakfast when we found you were missing."Annie and I quickly reply at the same time.

"Yes!"We give each other another look, and Mrs. Cresta looks from one of us to the other.

"You two doing okay? You're acting a little funny..."

Annie and I answer at the same time again.

"We're fine."

Mrs. Cresta laughs and shakes her head as Annie blushes again, looking very guilty.

"Alright than, come on let's go eat breakfast."

She leads the way, and I walk close to Annie as I drop my voice to barely a whisper.

"Why are you looking so guilty?"

I say it with a slight tease and she gives me a look, before whispering back.

"I don't like lying."

I reach my hand up and lightly trace the red mark on her neck.

"Does waffles sound good to you two?"

Mrs. Cresta asks, turning around slightly, I quickly drop my hand to my side and smile.

"Yes, waffles sound wonderful. Don't they Annie?"

She nods with a smile.

"Yes, waffles sound perfect."

Mrs. Cresta gives us a funny look, and Annie drops her gaze.

"Alright, good because that's what we're having."We reach the Cresta's house, and Mags hugs Annie when we walk into the kitchen.

"Thank goodness you're alright."

Annie smiles, and as she pulls away, her hair falls over her shoulder to lay down her back.

"I'm fine, just needed a little time alone."

Annie realises her neck is exposed, and quickly pulls her hair over her shoulder again, but not before Mags glanced at her neck, then when Annie pulls the hair quickly over her shoulder suspiciously, she gives Annie a look.

"Well why don't you help your mother in the kitchen?"

Annie nods with smile.


She disappears into the kitchen, and I cough nervously.

"I think I'll go help..."

Mags shakes her head and grabs my arm.

"Oh no you don't, you're coming with me to have a little chat."She pulls me into the living room, and crosses her arms, giving me a hard stare.

"Would you care to explain the suck stain on miss Annie's neck?"

I open my eyes wide.

"A hickey? That wasn't a hickey."

I say a little too quickly. Mags raises her eyebrows.

"Oh? What was it then pray tell?"

I run my fingers through my messy hair and say.

"Well yesterday you know how we went to the beach?"

She nods.

"Well when we were swimming around, she got stung by a jellyfish."

Mags continues to stare at me, and I hold my ground, grateful now for my acting abilities.

"A jellyfish sting?"

I nod. She narrows her eyes, then says.

"Alright, it was a jellyfish."

I nod again.

"Yes it was."She nods.

"Go on then."

I walk to the kitchen with Mags following me. As I enter the kitchen Annie gives me a look, and I warn her with my eyes, casually looking at Mags. Annie glances at Mags and understands, looking quickly away from me as she finishes chopping up fruit.

"Where did you want the fruit mom?"

She asks quickly.

"Oh just put it on the table."Annie picks up the large bowl and starts walking towards the dining room.

"Here let me take that."

I offer, taking the heavy bowl from her. Our hands brush against each other as she hands me the bowl, and she blushes ever so slightly.

"I'll open the door for you Finnick."

Mags says slowly, watching Annie and I carefully. I walk through the door and set the heavy bowl on the table, I turn around to find Mags standing directly behind me.

"I hope you realise the risk you're taking Finnick."

She says in a warning whisper. I look at her in surprise.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean."

She shakes her head.

"Oh please, miss Annie is a terrible liar, and right now she's looking as guiltily as a cat caught eating a goldfish."

I still pretend I don't know what she's getting at, but I know Mags has seen right through both of us.

"Just be careful, and make sure she's aware of the risks."Mags warns in a low voice. I nod slowly while saying.

"Mags, I'm sure if I knew what you were talking about I would do exactly as you told me."

She returns my nod.


Mrs. Cresta and Annie appear carrying plates and silverware, along with the waffles stacked high on a platter. Annie and I are placed sitting together, and I can't help holding her hand under the table. We eat and talk normally, but I am dying to kiss her again. To touch her soft skin, and hold her in my arms, to bury my face in her wild and wavy hair, and to taste her skin again. After breakfast I explain that I have to go clean my house, Mrs. Cresta immediately says.

"Annie why don't you go help?"

Annie glances at me.

"Oh...I'm sure Finn can handle it..."

Mags gets a mischievous look in her eyes.

"Why don't you Annie? Finnick's not very good at cleaning."Annie hesitates, trying not to seem eager, but her mom finally convinces her.

"Alright I'll help, only if Finn wants me to."

She turns to look at me, and I try to appear indifferent as I answer, also trying to hide me happiness.

"Oh you can come help if you want."

We say goodbye to Mrs. Cresta and Mags, who gives me a wink as we leave. We reach my house and start pulling out the cleaning supplies. I start moving the furniture out-of-the-way so Annie can sweep the floor. I push the large couch against the wall, and then push the two armchairs against it as well. Annie quickly sweeps the floor, and I'm about to move the furniture back when she runs up and jumps onto the wide couch.


I say scolding her with a smile.

"Get off I need to move the couch."

She stands up in front of me, and starts tugging lightly at my shirt.

"Do you have to move it now?"

I smile and step a little closer to her.

"Why don't you want me to move it?"

She smiles and undoes my top button.

"Well right now it's away from the windows..."

I grin and put my hands on her hips.

"Oh is it?"

She nods slowly, undoing another button.

"Yes it is."

I lean close to her so our lips are almost touching, dropping my voice to a whisper.

"What exactly are you suggesting miss Cresta?"

She pulls loose another button as she replies as if she's thinking.

"Oh...I don't know...maybe we could kiss a little, you know since nobody can see us."

I lean forward and kiss her lightly on the lips.

"Like that?"

She shakes her head slightly, stretching up on tiptoe and holding onto the front of my shirt, pulling me down closer to her. She giving me a long, open-mouthed kiss. She finally pulls away slightly.

"I was thinking more like that."

She says with a smile. I grin and brush my fingertips against her neck gently.

"Yes I like that much better."

I bend down and give her a long passionate kiss, and she finishes unbuttoning my shirt again. I break away and glance down at her fingers as she pulls my shirt off my shoulders.

"Can't I leave my shirt on?"

She shakes her head, and runs her hands over my chest and abs.

"I can't feel your muscles as well then."I nod.

"Fair enough, but it's going to cost you another kiss like that last one."

She smiles and fulfils my request. I break away and take a deep breath.

"I had no idea you had such a talented tongue miss Cresta."

She laughs.

"You're not so bad yourself."

We spend the next hour or so kissing on the couch, needless to say we didn't get much cleaning done, I did get a hickey on the base of my neck near my right shoulder, Annie claims it was payback for giving her one. It's almost lunch time when we take a break and just lay on the couch together, Annie is laying almost on top of me, her head and one arm resting against my chest.

"I should probably go home..."

Annie says reluctantly. I continue to slowly brush my fingers up and down her arms and neck, as I reply.

"But we aren't done cleaning yet."

She laughs and curls her fingers against my chest.

"Like we were getting any cleaning done anyway."

I look around the room.

"Well this room looks pretty good, maybe that's enough for today. We are just taking a well-earned break."

She rolls over so she's facing me with her chin resting on the top of her hand, still laying on my chest.

"If that was a break for sweeping the living room, I wonder what we would do if we cleaned the rest of the house."

I grin.

"We should probably finish cleaning shouldn't we."

She nods, and sits up. I sigh and sit up as well. She's sitting on the end of the couch, and I slide up so I'm sitting directly behind her, pulling her hair out-of-the-way, I start lightly kissing her neck. She groans slightly.

"Finn, we can't kiss every second that we're together."

I rest my chin on her shoulder and whisper in her ear.

"Why not? Don't you want to?"

She laughs.

"Well yes, but we can't."

I kiss her cheek, and her jaw, then I move back to her neck.

"I'm just making up for lost time."

After another minute, I finally stop and we finish cleaning. Then she says goodbye and I make her promise to spend tomorrow with me. She agrees and I tell her it will be our first official secret date.

"I'm looking forward to it."

She says as she says goodbye on the front steps. I pull her just inside for one more kiss.

"I'll see you tomorrow love."

She smiles.

"See you then."

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