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Chapter 26

Hello everyone!

Here is a brand new chapter for you, partly because I feel bad for not updating for a while, and partly because I have been getting tons of ideas for Annie's story! Although, I need to talk them over with Emma Lane, that's the only problem with co-writing, you both have to agree on what to put in the story...although we've written together before and sometimes it's scary how much we think alike :D

So anyway, I'm not sure how much longer this story is going to go...I wanted it to lead up to a little before Annie's games, which are the 70th, and right now we're at...69th? I don't even know :P Although I was thinking I could end this story with Finnick going of to mentor the 69th games, and then Annie's story picks up a little before the 70th games.

Well I'm basically babbling about what is running through my head, which I'm sure you all don't care that much about. (It can get pretty crazy sometimes) So! Here's the chapter, and we'll see where the story goes!

Song is "If the moon fell down tonight" by Chase Coy.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Nothing can touch us.


I wake up as Annie stirs on top of me. A quick glance at the nightstand clock shows that it is seven-thirty, and early morning sunlight is streaming through the window and bathing the room in soft light. I take a deep breath, causing Annie to rise and fall as my chest expands. She lets out a happy sigh, and stretches lazily, her hands sliding up my chest and shoulders as she reaches up and rests her hands in my hair.

I smile and gently pull the hair out of her face, brushing my hand across her cheek before softly running my fingertips down her neck and across her back. She smiles and shifts slightly, her fingers twisting through my hair slowly.

"Good morning beautiful."I say quietly, kissing the top of her head. She lets out a sigh and rolls off me, laying on her back beside me with her eyes still closed.

"It's too early to get up."

She mumbles sleepily, turning her head away from me. I grin and prop myself up on one elbow, sliding up to her and slowly running my hands across her stomach and sides as I start softly kissing her neck. She lets out a moan, and twists her fingers through my hair.

I pause for a minute and before I can say anything Annie pulls me closer to her and says quickly.

"Don't stop."I grin and lean close enough to her neck so my lips are just barely brushing her smooth skin.

"Is that any way to ask?"

She opens her eyes and turns to me, her lips are almost touching mine, dropping her voice to a whisper she says.

"Don't stop...please."I give her a quick kiss on her lips, and sit up.

"Sorry love, we've got a busy day ahead of us. Time to start the day."

Annie groans and flops back on the bed.

"Why can't we start the day like we were a minute ago?"

I turn around and grin as I pull a T-shirt on.

"Because if we keep doing what we just were, we would never make it out of bed."

She smiles slightly and sits up, resting her chin on her knees and wrapping her arms around her legs. She gives me a innocent smile and bats her eyelashes.

"Is that such a bad thing?"

I walk over and kiss her forehead.

"Well no, but today it is. Like I said we have a busy day to get to."

She makes a frustrated noise, and scowls. I tilt her chin up and give her a long and slow kiss.

"Come on, you'll love what I have planned."

She cheers up slightly, sliding out of bed and grabbing my hand as we walk downstairs.

"Oh? What exactly do you have planned today?"

I lead her into the kitchen and start pulling out things to make breakfast.

"Well, I was thinking I would keep my promise and make you breakfast, then maybe we could go down to the beach away from prying eyes and spend the day together."

Annie hops up onto one of the bar stools, and contemplates this, finally giving me a bright smile.

"I'm glad you got me out of bed, that sounds wonderful."I start scrambling eggs in a bowl and smile.

"Well I'm glad I did too."

I make a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and I surprise Annie by pulling several pastries out of the pantry. We eat breakfast and then I change into my bathing suit. Annie helps me pack a picnic lunch to take to the beach. On our way to the beach we stop by Annie's house so she can get into her bathing suit, and leave a note for her mom telling her where we're going to be. After that we walk down to the beach, taking as many alley's and side roads as possible to try and avoid detection.

Sneaking around makes it feel like Annie and I being together is wrong, but I only have to look over at her and I know that us together is right, and that is why the President doesn't like it, he hates anything he can't control and what Annie and I have no one can take away. We arrive at the beach after a little while, and I ask Annie where she'd like to go.

"Well, today school is out so there will probably be some activity on the beach."

I nod, glancing down the beach and noticing several teenagers setting up at one of the shelters.

"We want to avoid other people as much as possible."

Annie nods, and grabs my hand quickly.

"Why don't we go to Calypso's cliff? Nobody ever goes there and the water looks calm enough."

I nod and start walking down towards the distant cliffs, pulling Annie along with me."Sounds good, but we'd better hurry if we don't want to be seen."

Annie and I walk quickly down the beach, sometimes running and soon we reach Calypso's cliff. We set the picnic basket down among a pile of rocks, and then hurry to the top. Annie runs over to the edge, but as I reach the top of the cliff I slow down, my mind racing. Why does this look familiar? Then Annie turns to face me, and the vision snaps back to my nightmare.


The shout is out of my mouth before I think of it, and she looks at me shocked, wondering why I called her with such fear in my voice. I blink several times and shake my head, taking a deep breath and telling myself it was just a dream. Annie is at my side in an instant, her hand on my arm as she looks anxiously into my eyes.

"Finnick what is it? What's wrong?"

I slowly look up and meet her gaze, finding comfort in her touch. Her eyes grow sad, and they slowly fill with tears.

"Finnick your eyes..."

She sobs slightly and wraps her arms around me tightly.

"What did you see in my eyes."I ask slowly, wrapping my arms around her shoulders. She sniffs and looks up at me.

"They were they were the year after you became a victor, they only get like that right after a nightmare...or the day after you return from the capitol. It's like the will to live and the sparkle was taken right out of them."

Tears run down her cheeks, and she holds my face in her hands.

"There's so much pain and suffering in breaks my heart."

I wipe the tears off her cheeks then hold her face in my hands and slowly kiss her forehead.

"Annie you put the sparkle in my eyes, and you are my will to live. What you see in my eyes is only a temporary flaw, and as long as I have you, my eyes will always shine."

She exhales deeply, and puts her hands over mine. Looking back into my eyes and smiling slightly.

"See? If you're here they will always shine for you."

She brushes her hand against my cheek, and kisses me.

"I love you."

I grin.

"You might not in a minute."

She frowns confused, and too late does she notice the mischievous look I have. Her eyes open wide and she squeals as I pick her up.

"Finn! Stop! Put me down!"

She giggles and struggles in my arms, but my grip is firm and she can't stop me as I throw her off the cliff. She twists into a dive and cuts cleanly through the water, I quickly follow her down and soon we're swimming around in the cool water. I'm not sure how long we spend in the water, but after what feels like hours we both agree that we should eat lunch. I help Annie climb out of the cove onto the rocky shore and we quickly retrieve our picnic basket, finding a good spot on the sandy beach. After we decimate all the food packed into the basket, we lay back in the sand and soak up the suns warmth.

I look over at Annie laying with her hands resting against her bare stomach, her hair is drying slightly and is starting to curl into beach waves from the salt water. She's so beautiful, even when she thinks she looks like a horrible mess. I always think she's beautiful, not just on the outside, her real beauty is inside. The way she smiles, the light in her eyes that lets you know she is happy, her compassion and empathy, the way she cares for everyone and thinks that everyone has good in them. I could list endless things about her that make her beautiful, things that make her Annie.

"Hey Annie."She opens her eyes and turns her head towards me."Yeah?"

I smile.

"You're beautiful."

She smiles slightly.

"I'm sure I look like a wreck right now."

I shake my head, sliding my hand into hers.

"No, you are always beautiful, and I love you more than you could ever imagine."

She gives me a serious look.


I respond quickly.


She smiles slightly, her eyes flickering up to meet mine."You're beautiful."

I grin and grab her around the waist, tickling her. She squeals and struggles, trying half-heartedly to escape my strong grip.

"Finnick! Stop I can't breathe!"

I pause temporarily, and she takes me by surprise, pushing her legs under me she kicks me off her. Before I have time to react she's sitting on my chest, pinning my arms to the ground with her knees.

"Woah, where did you learn that?"

I ask as I struggle to get out of her hold, but it's useless, I'm not flexible enough to use my legs to get her off, and my arms are pinned securely beneath her knees. She smiles.

"I had an older brother."

I lay still, and look up at her with passionate longing in my eyes, she leans down and gives me a kiss. While she has her guard down, and twist and flip her over, rolling over her and holding her arms down. She narrows her eyes at me.

"Curse your charm, I fell right into that one."

I laugh, and give her a quick kiss.

"Love you couldn't help it, that was cheating on my part I'm sorry."

I say letting her up. She brushes the sand off her arms, and shakes it out of her hair.

"Well, I think it was perfectly fair, I just couldn't refuse those puppy eyes of yours."

I give her a puppy look and she laughs, giving me a long kiss. She pulls away slightly, and says with a smile.

"Could we maybe get to where we were this morning? Since we've already started the day and we're no longer in bed?"

I grin and slide closer to her.

"Hmm...I don't know."

She smiles as she runs her hands up my chest, and wraps her arms around my neck.

"Do you need some persuading?"

I smile and drop my voice to a whisper as I lean closer to her.


She closes the gap between our lips and kisses me slowly. I slide my hands up her legs, moving up her waist and back as I kiss her. She wraps her hands around the back of my head and neck, pulling me closer to her as our kissing becomes more passionate. I catch the sound of thunder as Annie wraps her legs around my waist, her fingers running back and forth through my hair. The first couple raindrops hit us, and I pull away, looking up at the dark clouds blowing in from the ocean as another clap of thunder breaks overhead and heavier rain starts falling. Annie runs her hands over my muscles as she whispers in my ear.

"Ignore it."

We start kissing again, but after another minute the wind starts blowing fiercely. I pull away and look concerned at the black sky.

"Annie we need to get inside, It's going to storm."

Anyone not from district four would already classify this as a storm, but if you are from district four you'd know when someone said it was going to storm, they meant really storm. Sometimes the winds would be strong enough to blow down houses, and the water would be so rough it would pile all the boats in the harbor on top of each other. Annie looks at the ocean and fear grows in her eyes, I scramble to my feet and grab her hand.

"Come on we need to get inside now!"

We start running down the beach, knowing that in a few minutes the waves could reach the dunes. Annie is much faster than I am, but she doesn't have as much stamina, and soon I can tell she's growing tired from the constant running.

"Annie, are you okay?"

She's about to reply when a giant thunder-clap crashes directly above us, the sound so loud it shakes the earth. A jagged streak of lightning splits the sky and lights up the beach in a millisecond. This brings fresh energy to our bodies, and we both break into a dead sprint. Within moments we reach the town's outskirts and we run through the streets, splashing through the large puddles growing rapidly. I look around and am relieved to see there's nobody still outside, citizens of district four have learned how to build their houses to outlast the storms, and they have learned when to go inside and lock the doors.


I hear Annie scream, suddenly falling to the street. I stop immediately and drop down next to her.

"Annie what's wrong?"

Her eyes are wide with fear, and her pupils are the size of pin heads.


She screams again. I hold her hands tightly, and force her to look at me.

"Annie I'm right here! What's wrong? Can you walk?"

She seems to snap out of it slightly, and tries to stand. She screams in pain and drops back to the ground, favoring her left foot.

"I think my ankle's broken."She gasps, and I can't tell if there are tears or raindrops on her face since by this time we are both completely soaked. I slide my arm under her knees and wrap my other just below her shoulders. She quickly wraps her arms around my neck and whimpers slightly as I lift her. Luckily we are only a block or so away from victors village, and just as another clap of thunder breaks overhead, I reach the Cresta's porch. The door opens the instant I knock, and Mrs. Cresta gasps when she see's me carrying Annie.

"What happened? Is she alright?"

I blink the rain from my eyes as I hurry inside, walking directly to the living room and setting Annie carefully on the couch.

"I think her ankle's broken, she slipped and fell on the street."

Annie cries out in pain as Mrs. Cresta inspects her ankle, and she reaches for my hand. I hold it tightly in both of mine, and kiss her temple.

"Rachel what's going on?"

Mags asks as she walks into the living room. Seeing Annie she quickly walks over and kneels beside Mrs. Cresta.

"Is it her ankle?"

Mrs. Cresta nods, and Mags carefully examines Annie's ankle, and quickly gives me and Mrs. Cresta instructions.

"Finnick there's a first aid kit in the bathroom at the end of the hall, go get it quickly, along with some hot water from the kitchen. Rachel you go upstairs and get miss Annie something warm and dry to put on."

I give Annie another quick kiss on the top of her head, and hurry down the hall to get the first aid kit, then I run to the kitchen and fill a large bowl with hot water. When I return to the living room, Mrs. Cresta is wrapping a robe around Annie. Mags takes the first aid kit from me along with the hot water, quickly starts working to fix her ankle.

"Hold still dear, this is just a little shot of painkiller so I can set the bone."

Annie nods and holds her arm forward so Mags can give her the shot. Mrs. Cresta directs me to sit on the couch and hold Annie still.

"Even with the painkiller this is going to hurt."

Mags says sympathetically. I climb onto the couch and carefully lift Annie onto my lap, She wraps her arms around her waist and I put mine over hers, holding her still. Mrs. Cresta is holding her leg still as Mags prepares to set the bone. I keep my lips pressed against Annie's temple, whispering calming words to her.


Mags asks. Annie nods and Mags snaps the bone back in place. Annie goes rigid from the pain, and screams, tears running down her cheeks. I hold her still as Mags wraps the ankle tightly, then she covers the wrapping with some strange blue spray.

"That will harden the wrapping to keep the ankle from moving around to much."

Annie has calmed down quite a bit, and is lying against me with her eyes closed, tears still running down her cheeks.

"You alright love?"

She nods, holding my hands tightly. Mrs. Cresta insists on Annie going straight to bed, and Mags agree's saying the painkiller will make her sleepy anyway. I carry Annie carefully upstairs, and lay her in bed. Before I leave I give her a kiss on her forehead, brushing the tears off her cheeks.

"Rest easy love, I'll see you in the morning."

As I turn away Annie grabs my hand, barely hanging on to conciousness.

"Promise you'll stay?...I want you to be here...I need you to protect me."

She mumbles slowly. I nod and kiss her hand.

"I'll be right downstairs the whole time alright?"

She nods, and drops into unconsciousness with a sigh. I quietly leave her room, and walk downstairs. Mrs. Cresta and Mags are still in the living room, and they both turn to look at me when I walk in.

"How is she?"

Mrs. Cresta asks anxiously. I give her a reassuring smile.

"She's asleep, although she refused to be unconscious until I promised to stay here."

Mrs. Cresta nods, smiling slightly as she stand up.

"Yes of course, I wouldn't have you leave anyway. I'll go get the extra room ready."

She quickly walks down the hall and disappears in a room. I sigh and sit on the couch, looking at Mags with curiosity.

"How did you know how to set a bone?"

She shrugs.

"My father was a doctor at the hospital, he taught me how to do lots of things, including setting a bone."

I nod.

"Well I'm glad you were here, by the looks of this storm we wouldn't have been able to get Annie to the hospital for several days."

Mags glances out the window.

"If we had waited that long Annie's ankle would have swelled even worse and it would have been twice as hard to set the bone."

I turn and give her a smile.

"Well than thank goodness we have you."She smiles slightly, her eyes having a faraway look in them."Yes...thank goodness."

I feel like she's thinking of another time, but I decide not to ask about it, knowing that a victors past is one of the things they try the most to forget.

Authors Note: Dun dun dun! A little of foreshadowing there about Mags story. I know this chapter isn't an especially long one, but I can't think of anything else and I figured that was a good ending, it sort of holds you in suspence for the next chapter. Amyway thank's for reading and please leave a review! Thanks again :)

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