Together we are complete

Chapter 3

Well everyone, since yesterday's chapter was all sunshine and rainbows, I'm afraid this one is going to be a bit more cloudy.

I'm sorry if I make you cry! I don't know if you like crying at a story...

Trust me, I don't like this anymore than you do, and it's even harder for me because I am the one cursed with writing it :(

Please understand that the only reason I do this is to create more depth into the story in hopes to make it better.

I believe all stories should have sorrow as well as joy, even though it pains me to write it, I must for the good of the story.

:( don't hate me please :(

Oh also I am going to start doing a soundtrack kind of thing where I'll mention a song before the chapter and for the full effect of the chapter you should listen to the song while you read it. So this chapters song is; "Nothing Else Matters" by Apocalyptica You can find it on YouTube. For greatest effect start the song when you see this in the text; *song* Then just continue reading while the song is playing.

(it makes it seem more like a movie that way I think)

Chapter Two: An oxymoron day of emotions. (don't know what oxymoron means? go look it up) :)

I wake up rather late the next morning, and decide to head over to Poseidon's house to help with preparations.

Ariel wanted the wedding to be kind of small, and Poseidon wanted whatever Ariel wanted so it turned out great. The ceremony would take place on the beach around two o'clock. I dress quickly in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, my tuxedo is at Poseidon's house, and hurry over there.

The minute I walk through the door everything is busy. I don't even know what half the people are doing, but they seem busy nonetheless. I catch some of their conversation as they shout back and forth to each other.

"Are the tuxedo's here yet?"

"On their way!"

"Hey do you have the champagne?"

"In the cooler!"

"Excellent! How are we doing down at the beach?"

"They say they're almost all set up!"

"Where's the groom?"

I am hardly noticed as I walk over to the stairs and quickly push past several people carrying a table. Upstairs I immediately go to Poseidon's room and knock on the door.

"Come in!"

I hear the shout and open the door. I walk inside. Poseidon is standing in front of a full length mirror with half of his tuxedo on. The jacket is laying on the bed, and he's fixing his tie in the mirror.

"Ah Finnick, glad you're here. What time is it?"

I glance at my watch.

"Almost eleven."

He finishes the tie and tightens it."Only three more hours."

I grin.

"Are you nervous?"

He turns around as he answers.

"Terrified. But really excited at the same time. Does that make sense?"

I laugh, and hand him his jacket.

"Yeah I think that's how it's supposed to be. Where's my suit?"

He pulls the jacket on and points to the closet.

"In there. Oh do you have the rings?"

I nod as I walk to the closet and pull out the tuxedo.

"Yes they are tucked safely away at my house. I'll pick them up on the way to the beach."

He nods, looking very distracted.

"Good, good. Did you hear if the captain is here yet?"

I shake my head. Before Poseidon volunteered for the games, he worked as a fisherman, and he asked the captain of his old boat to perform the ceremony.

"Okay, well no need to worry I'm sure he'll be here soon."

He blinks and looks like he just remembered something.

"Oh! The veil! Ariel's supposed to wear my mothers veil, but it's still here!"I laugh.

"Calm down. I can take it to her. Then I'll grab the rings and meet you down on the beach."

He nods.

"Okay, yeah that sounds good."

I walk up to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Relax. You are about to marry Ariel, the love of your life. Everything is going to be fine."

He takes a deep breath.

"You're right. Hurry and get the veil to her."

I salute, and with my suit draped over my shoulder I walk to the door.

"And Finnick?"

I turn around in the doorway.


He stutters for a minute, then taking a deep breath he says.

"Thank you."

I smile.

"You're welcome. Remember; relax."

He nods, and I quickly go downstairs. I find the woman in charge of planning the wedding.

"Do you know where the veil is?"

She sighs.

"Finally! Here."

She walks over to a table, and picks up an off white box about the size of a pillow.

"Hurry along now! We're due down at the beach soon!"

I hold the box in one hand, and my suit in the other. Then I walk out and hurry to Ariel's house.

If I thought that it was busy in Poseidon's house, I don't even know how to describe it at Ariel's. There were women everywhere! All I could see was flowers, fabric, makeup, and all different kinds of ribbon. I cough as someone sprays a cloud of perfume near me.


I look through a bunch of flowers and see Annie's green eyes looking back at me. Even though I can't see her mouth, I can tell she's smiling by the way her eyes are sparkling. She hurries around the table with all the flowers strewn on it.

"What are you doing here?"

She says giggling at how out-of-place and uncomfortable I look. I hold up the box.

"The veil. I was told to deliver it."

She opens her eyes wide and grabs my arm.

"Oh thank goodness! We were all afraid it was forgotten. Come on hurry."

She drags me upstairs and knocks on a door. After she got a reply she opens the door and pulls me in.

There are several young ladies already in the room, all hovering around Ariel. They turn and give Annie and I quizzical looks.

"The veil!"

Annie says triumphantly. The girls all sigh in relief, and Ariel walks forward.

"Oh good, I was afraid Poseidon had forgotten."

I smile and hand her the box.

"It was top on his list of things to remember."

She smiles.


Her wedding dress is very simple, the sleeves are spaghetti straps with a light fluttery fabric attached in a way that it lays across her shoulders and hangs down her back like a shawl. It has a sweetheart neckline, and all the fabric around the waist is pulled to one side and synched so that there is a slight opening down by her right ankle. It fits to her body without being super tight, and has a light medium length train.

She opens the box and gasps as she pulls out the veil. It is made in such a way to look like a net, and dotted all along the grid work of the net are small pearls.

She puts it on with some help from the young ladies and they all stand back to admire it.

It has a hole on one end that fits over her head like a headband, with a small part hanging in front of her face stopping right under her nose, and leaving the rest hanging down her back.

I smile.

"Wow. Ariel you look absolutely radiant. Poseidon is a very luck man."

She smiles, and gives me a hug.

"Thank you Finnick. You've been amazing, and you helped Poseidon and I get back together in the first place."

I grin.

"Mostly because I couldn't stand you two fighting all the time."

She laughs. Then a little girl with beautiful golden hair and electric blue eyes runs up and tugs on Ariel's dress.


This must be Lilly. Ariel crouches down and brushes a curl out of her face.

"Yes darling?"

Lilly is dressed in a very light pink dress and she has a wreath of flowers in her hair.

"I can't find my basket."

Ariel smiles.

"I'm sure miss Annie can help you find your basket."

Lilly looks Annie with her big blue eyes, and Annie smiles brightly.

"Of course I can Lilly, don't worry we'll find it."

She takes Lilly's hand and they go to find her basket. I turn to Ariel.

"She's beautiful."

Ariel smiles.

"Thank you. She is absolutely obsessed with Poseidon."

I laugh.

"Well I'm sure she's very excited."

Ariel nods.

"I think she is more than I am. Shouldn't you be dressed already? I think you're supposed to be down at the beach already."

I suddenly remember the tuxedo in my hand.

"Oh right! I'll see you there."

She laughs.

"Alright, you'd better hurry."

I'm out the door and down the stairs in a minute, passing Annie on the way out of the house.

"I'll see you in a little while Annie."

She shouts after me.

"Alright see you than!"

I'm thankful that we all live right next to each other, and it only takes several minutes until I'm upstairs and getting changed into my suit. I leave my tie untied for now, and walk over to my nightstand, and open the top drawer. Inside are the rings.

Poseidon's is a simple white gold thick band, while Ariel's is designed to look like a wave. The delicate white gold band grows thicker as it twists around, and at the top of the ring it looks like the wave breaks, the foam being a cluster of tiny diamonds. I quickly put both rings in my breast pocket, and hurry down to the beach.

A large section of the sand has been smoothed out, and there are flowers strewn everywhere. Chairs are set up in rows, and on the end near the ocean there is a small platform set up, there is an arch over the platform and it is wrapped in white roses.

There are still some people making last-minute adjustments, and I see Poseidon down by the platform. I walk down to him.

"There you are. What happened to your tie?"

I glance down and realise I didn't tie it.

"Oh right, and before you ask; yes I have the rings."

He looks relieved.


I give him a look.

"Hey when you get married I hope someone constantly tells you to relax. It rather impossible."

I shrug, and fix my tie.

In a minute guests start arriving. There aren't that many people, and I only recognise a few. Mag's is there, but I don't see Bruce anywhere.

After another couple of minutes, the music players arrive. It's a string quartette with two violins and two cello's. They start playing some soft music. And Annie appears out of nowhere. She's dressed in a beautiful light pink gown with thick straps, a square neck and it ends just above her knee. She's holding a boquet of flowers and walking down the aisle. She gives me a smile as I shoot her a look that says well thanks for telling me you were maid of honor. After her comes Lilly, holding her basket and throwing rose petals. Then all the guests stand and Ariel starts coming down the Aisle. I turn and Poseidon's face is the definition of happiness.

Ariel is practically glowing, and her smile is so radiant. She stands beside Poseidon and they clasp hands.

The rest of the ceremony goes smoothly, and soon the captain is saying.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.

Poseidon and Ariel kiss, and everyone throws flower petals. I pat Poseidon on the back, and give Ariel a hug. I wont see them again for at least a week. Since we're technically not allowed to leave the district unless to go to the capital on business, they are going to spend their honeymoon on a small island that is still in the districts outskirts.

They are quickly leaving for the docks and Poseidon's boat. After waving goodbye, I walk up to Annie.

"Well hello miss maid of honor."

She grins."I thought you'd be surprised."

I smile and offer her my arm. She slips hers in mine and we start walking toward town.


"So Lilly is going to be staying with you until they get back?"

She nods.

"Yes, apparently I'm her role model."

I laugh.

"That's great. She couldn't have picked anyone better."

Annie shrugs.

"I don't know, maybe. So what are your plans for the rest of the day?"

We reach the street and start walking toward victor's village.

"I'll probably go check on Bruce, he said he would be there today."

Annie glances over her shoulder.

"Was he not? I didn't notice."

I shake my head.

"Nope. I think he might have been drinking last night, so he's probably just hung over."

Annie smiles.

"Oh Bruce. I'll see you later than, I've got to go set up the guest bedroom for Lilly."

She unlinks arms with me, and waves.

"Stop by tonight, we'll save a seat at dinner for you."

I wave back."Alright, I'll see you later."

After a minute or so I am at Bruce's house. I knock on the door. No answer.

"Bruce? Are you home?"

Still receiving no answer, I open the door and walk in. The house is dark, which probably means he's either asleep or out.

I walk upstairs calling his name.

"Bruce? Are you here?"

The upstairs is as empty and dark as the rest of the house. I decide to check his study just to be safe. The door is slightly open, and it's even darker than the rest of the house. I push the door open all the way, and walk inside.

"What's that funny smell?"

I wonder aloud. I search the wall for the light switch and finding it I flick it on.

My heart stops, and I'm frozen by what the light shows.

Bruce is laying on the floor beside his desk. His eyes are closed, and I would think he was just passed out, if it wasn't for the large pool of blood he was laying in.

I don't remember how I managed to move. But the next thing I know I'm kneeling in the blood by Bruce's side, I roll him onto his back, and see the large slits in his wrists. His skin is cold, and I can't feel a pulse.

"Bruce! Wake up! You can't be dead! Bruce!"

Fear and panic and desperation all flow through me. I shake him, but he remains motionless.

Unbearable pain builds in my chest, and I slowly lower my head onto his chest. Both of my hands are grasping his blood soaked shirt, willing him to move. The pain grows worse and worse in my chest, and I finally let it all out in a scream. I can't hear anything, I can't hear myself screaming. But I can feel what it sounds like. The pain and agony that is torturing my soul is in that scream.


I hear someone run in the house, and then I feel someone beside me. With my head still on Bruce's chest, I can see light pink fabric darkening in the blood. Annie.

I feel her wrap her arms around me, Her hands clinging to my shirt. I feel her tears on the back of my neck. She keeps saying the same thing over and over.

"Finn, I'm so sorry. Finn please...don't go."

We stay like that for what seems like forever. I lose all track of time, and all I know is that the man who has been like a father to me is laying a pool of his own blood with slit wrists beneath me, and my best friend is clinging to my back. My breath gradually slows down, and then the only thing I can hear is my own heartbeat.

Annie is saying something, shaking me. I can't move, and suddenly everything goes black.

The last thing I hear is Annie's scream.


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