Together we are complete

Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven: I'll be back.

The weeks flew by, and before I knew it it was the day before the start of the victory tour.

I received a message from the capitol informing me that I would be riding on the same train as Johanna, and that at each stop, I would find get a note telling me who my assignment was at each district. This was slightly encouraging, because it meant I would have breaks between district since it took time to get from one to the other.

Since the victory tour goes from district one to twelve, then to the capitol and finally ending at the victors home district. Johanna originally wouldn't arrive until she had already visited districts one through three, but since I'm going along, the train will be making a quick stop before heading to district one.

I've decided the best way to spend my last day is with Annie. Of course.

It's all we've been talking about for the past couple of days, and we have ever detailed second planned.

First thing in the morning I am going to come over and bringing supplies to make a giant breakfast. After we are all done with that we are going to the beach, were we will spend all morning and afternoon, at lunch time I have arranged a picnic that we can eat on the beach, and after that we are going to Calypso's cliff to swim around and go diving for shells. When it starts getting dark, I'm going to take her into the richer shopping district and make her go on a shopping spree. Which she probably won't like since she usually hates shopping, but I'm hoping that since I'm going with her it will be more fun. Once we're done with all that, I'm going to take her out to a surprise dinner. So needless to say I have put a lot of thought into today.

I am currently running over today's plans in my head while getting dressed. It's only about six o'clock, but I have to run to the market to get breakfast supplies, then it's off to Annie's house to start making our feast.

I hurriedly pull on a pair of jeans and a soft black shirt, quickly putting on a pair of black sandals I run downstairs to my study and open the wall safe hidden behind a painting of a sunset.

I first discovered the wall safe when I was changing the painting, the old one was a hideous capitol artwork depicting weird fish. Apparently it's a "piece of art" I prefer more natural looking art, so I bought this painting of a sunset, and when I switched them I discovered the wall safe. It proved quite useful for stashing my gold coins until I need them. I also discovered I have way more money then I know what to do with, so I try to spend as much as I can to help out the poorer shops in the district.

I grab a handful or two of the gold coins, and stuff them in my pockets, then I hurry into the poor market area where I do most of my shopping.

"Good morning Finnick, you're here early."

An older rather grizzled man calls from a fruit stand, I walk over and shake his hand.

"Morning Fitz. I have breakfast plans and I need to stock up on supplies."

He nods his head, and scratches at his salt and pepper beard.

"Well, I've got the usual stock here, take your time."

I nod and start searching through the various fruits. He watches me for a minute, then clears his throat.

"Um listen, I heard about Bruce...I'm very sorry for your loss."

I look up and nod.

"Thank you. I'll take these."

I hand him several pineapples and a melon or two. He takes them and puts them in a net bag, then he hands them back to me. I hand him half a dozen coins.

"Keep the change."

He tips his straw hat.

"Thanks a lot matey, I'll see you about."

I wave, and head over to a young girl selling eggs.

"Hello miss, how are you today?"

She looks to be only eleven, and her rather dirty clothes suggests she lives in the poorer area of the district. She avoids looking me in the eye as she replies.

"I'm doing well sir how are you?"

I give her a friendly smile, and it's genuine.

"I am doing well too. have you sold many eggs today?"

She shakes her head. I dig in my pocket for more gold coins as I continue.

"Well that's good news for me because I will by all the eggs you have."

I reach out my hand full of coins, and her eyes grow wide at the amount.

"That's too much money sir."

I wait until she looks me in the eye, and smile at her again.

"Well, I think it's just enough."

She hesitates, then slowly takes the gold and slides them into her apron pocket.

"Thank you very much sir."

I laugh as she starts carefully putting the eggs in a bag.

"Please just call me Finnick, I'm too young to be called sir."

She smiles, and I wonder when the last time she smiled was.

"Well thank you Finnick."

She hands me the eggs.

"There you go, have a wonderful day."

I wave with my free hand.

"You too."

I stop at several other booths, buying things that I need, and some stuff that I don't really need. After I have all the necessary breakfast supplies, I carefully walk to Mags' house, laden down with bags.

Once I reach her house, I thump my head against the door. In a minute Mrs. Cresta opens the door.

"Good morning Finnick. Oh goodness let me help you with those."

She says quickly relieving me of several bags.

"Thanks. Good morning to you as well. Is Annie up yet?"

Mrs Cresta leads the way to the kitchen, and we start unloading the contents of the bags onto the counter.

"I believe she is awake, I just don't know if she's up and about yet."

I smile.

"Oh alright, well if she doesn't get up soon she'll miss all the fun."

Mrs. Cresta laughs.

"I'm sure she'll be down soon."

I fold up the empty bags and set them out of the way.

"How's Mags doing?"

Mrs. Cresta starts pulling out dishes as she answers.

"She's doing well, just a little tired lately."

I nod, then suddenly I hear a shout from upstairs.

"I'll be right down Finn!"

I'm about to reply, when another shout interrupts me.

"Do you mind? Some of us aren't young anymore and would like to get a little extra sleep!"

Mrs. Cresta look at each other, and then start laughing quietly.

"Well it looks like she's feeling just fine this morning."

In a minute, Annie comes running downstairs dressed in a pair of cut off jean shorts that reach her mid-thigh, and a coral tank top. Her thick untamable hair is pulled back in a high ponytail with the exception of a few stray hairs that wisp around her face. She gives me a hug and then leans on the counter.

"Morning Finn! What are we making for breakfast?"

I lean down and whisper loud enough for her mother to hear.

"I can't tell you until your mother gets out of the kitchen and relaxes."

She starts giggling and Mrs. Cresta crosses her arms.

"What? You mean I have to miss out on all the fun?"

Annie walks around the island and hugs her mother.

"Come on mom, Finn and I want to do something for you for once. Just go relax, we'll have breakfast ready in an hour."

I cough, and she adds.

"Or two. Come on, read that book you've wanted to."

She hesitates, then relents.

"Fine, but if you need anything don't be afraid to call."

Annie waves her mom out the room."We will, don't worry. Bye!"

Once her mom is out of the room, Annie spins to face me.

"Now, what are we making for breakfast?"

I laugh.

"Well I was thinking we could make thin pancakes with fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. Oh! And I have a surprise."

I pull out a glass bottle filled with amber liquid. She gasps.

"Finn! Is that syrup?"

I nod, and she looks so excited I can't help laughing. Annie had never tasted syrup before I took her on the victory tour, and ever since she's had a uncontrolable sweet tooth for it. But since we live far away from where they make it, it is very expensive. I hand her the delicate bottle and she stares at it, then she sets it carefully down on the counter and throws her arms around my neck, giving me multiple kisses on the cheek.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

I start laughing.

"You're welcome. Come on, we better get started if we want to eat in time. We have a lot to do today."


The next hour or so we spend mostly cooking, and a little goofing off. Once we're finished with everything, we look around the kitchen.

half of the kitchen is dusted in flour, which Annie and I may or may not have been throwing, and there are egg shells, pieces of fruit and assorted dishes littering the island and counter tops.

Annie starts giggling."We'll have to clean all this up before mom sees it or she'll kill us."

I start chuckling as well.

"Don't worry we will. Come on, let's get this food on the table."

She helps me carry the food out onto the dining room table, and we call Mrs. Cresta and Mags to the table. The meal is delicious, and everyone pitches in to help clean up. After everything is finished, I run to my house real quick and change into my bathing suit. Then I pick up Annie and we race to the beach.

After we're there for several hours, We stop to eat our picnic lunch. Then we walk along the beach to Calypso's cliff.

"Do you want to dive for treasure?"

I ask as Annie and I dangle our feet over the edge. She thinks for a minute.

"What kind of treasure?"

I laugh.

"Well nothing as precious as you."

She rolls her eyes.

"Really Finn? I know you're the king of cheesy lines, but really?"

I laugh.

"No seriously, who knows what we'll find?"

She smiles.

"Alright, let's go treasure hunting!"

She shoves off the cliff, and arches in a graceful dive. I follow and we spend an hour or so diving collecting shells starfish and other minor treasures of the deep. The sun starts setting, and I pull myself up onto the bank.

"Annie, we should probably be getting back into town."

She swims over to me, and crosses her arms on the bank next to me, then she rests her chin on her arms.

"Ugh, do we have to? It's not that dark yet, we don't have to go back until dinner time..."

I lean down so I'm face to face with her.

"Annie, we have to go back now so that we can go shopping."

She wrinkles her nose.

"You're joking. You want to go shopping on our last day together? You know I hate shopping."

I put my hands on her arms and pull her up onto the bank.

"Annie, you are going shopping with me, and you are going to buy anything and everything that you like."

She sighs as I grab her hand and start pulling her towards the sandy beach."Finn..."

I cut her off.

"Annie, no arguing. The truth is I want to buy you something but I don't know what, so this is my solution. Will you please help me out?"

She gives me her frustrated growl.

"Fine! I'll go, but that doesn't mean I have to like it."

I put my arm around her shoulders.

"Thank you Annie."

Then I lean down and whisper in her ear.

"You know you'll have fun."

She pushes me lightly and laughs.

"Whatever you say Finn."

I drop her off at her house, then go to my house and quickly get changed, then I head back to Mags house and pick up Annie.

"Where should we go first?"

I ask. She sighs.

"Well, you're the shopping king so you decide."

I laugh.

"The shopping king? Really?"

She smiles.

"I think it suits you. Finnick Odair the shopping king."

I put on a regal face.

"Yes, being a king does suit me."

This gets a laugh out of Annie, and so begins a long shopping spree. I convince Annie to buy two dresses, several pairs of shoes and some jewelry. halfway through shopping, I could tell Annie warmed up to the idea, and she actually started having fun. On the walk home, I asked her which dress was her favorite.

"Um...probably the coral one, it's my favorite color right now."

I smile. The dress is very pretty, it has a wide scoop neck with elbow length flowly sleeves, and it falls just below her knees.

"Well, you look really good in coral."

She laughs.

"Well thanks."

As we walk, I search through the bags.

"What are you doing?"

She asks curious. I continue to search through the bags as I answer.

"I'm trying to find the shoes and jewelry that matches that dress."

She frowns.


I find what I'm looking for, and slip the items into the bag with the coral dress. Then we arrive at victors village.

"I want you to wear them tonight."

She raises her eyebrows.

"What? Why would I do that?"

I smile knowingly.

"Because miss Cresta, I am taking you out to dinner."

She smiles.

"Really? Where?"

I hand her the bag with the coral outfit.

"you don't want me to ruin the whole surprise do you?"

She sighs, and takes the bag.

"I guess not. So are you going to pick me up?"

I nod.

"Yep, I'll go get dressed and come pick you up in a car."

She laughs.

"A car? You really are going all out aren't you?"

I smile.

"don't be late."

She flips her hair over her shoulder, and struts over to her house. Looking over her shoulder she calls back to me.

"Oh please, looking as good as I will is going to be worth the wait."

I chuckle as I walk to my house and get changed then I call a car, it arrives in a few minutes and we pull up to Annie's house. I walk up to the door, but before I have time to knock it opens and Annie grins at me.

"Finn, isn't it funny how it wasn't you that was the one waiting?"

I grin.

"I had to wait on the car."

She rolls her eyes.

"Oh great excuse. Are we going?"

I bow and offer her my arm.

"Yes we are. You look amazing by the way."

She smiles.

"Thank you."

I take her to dinner at a little restaurant called "Pearl's" which isn't very well-known, but they serve excellent food.

On the drive home Annie sits right next to me with her head on my shoulder and holding my hand in both of hers.

"Why are you going Finn?"

I run my fingers through her hair as I answer.

"I have to Annie."

She looks up at me.

"Why? Why do you have to?"

I sigh heavily.

"I just do. I'll be back before you know it."

Now it's her turn to sigh.

"Well that's stupid, the capitol is stupid and you shouldn't have to go on that stupid victory tour."

I chuckle quietly.

"Oh yeah? Well do you have any other argument besides 'it's stupid?'"

She shakes her head and closes her eyes.

"No, I'm too tired to think."

She ends up falling asleep before we reach her house, and I carry her up to her bedroom. As I'm laying her in her bed, she stirs and wraps her arms around me.

"I'm going to miss you."

I hug her tightly.

"I'm going to miss you too. I'll be thinking of you everyday."

She sighs, and I realise she's fallen asleep with her arms around me. I carefully lay her back on her pillow, and kiss her forehead.

"Goodbye Annie."

I creep out of the room, and say goodbye to Mags and Mrs. Cresta, then I go to my house and go directly to bed.

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