Together we are complete

Chapter 8

Well here is another chapter for you guys.

My apologies, we just got back to being with Annie, and now I have to take Finn away from her again to go on the victory tour.

But, if we want the story to progress we have to separate them for a little while, and the more we advance the story the closer we are to seeing them as a couple, which I know many of you are looking forward to. :)

So anyway, here we go! off to the victory tour!

Song for this chapter is "Disturbia" by Rhianna.

It doesn't fit especially well, but Johanna needs a kick butt song with a nice beat :)

Chapter Eight: I said we'd meet again.

The next morning the train arrives in the district around five-thirty, so that mean I have to get up really early. I set my alarm clock for four-thirty which would give me an hour to get ready and arrive at the train station on time.

I'm not aware of the sound at first, but it slowly and surely rings its way into my brain.

I roll over with a groan, and slam my hand on the top of the alarm clock, silencing the incessant buzzing.

"Too early!"

I moan as I roll out of bed, fall on the floor, and groan again. Then after several seconds I push myself up on my arms and slowly stand up.

I walk slowly to the bathroom and turn the shower water to cold, quickly pulling off my clothes, I jump into the icy stream and instantly become one hundred percent awake.

washing and dressing quickly, I hurry downstairs and quietly open the front door.

I walk down the front steps and hesitate as I pass Annie's house, but I shake my head and continue to the train station. It's much too early to be bothering Annie, I'll be back soon.

I stretch my arms above my head as I walk. I'm surprised at how little people I see, but then I remember that it's not even five o'clock yet, most of the fishermen don't go to work until around five.

I can see the train station up ahead so I break into a jog. Within three minutes I am standing on the train station. The train isn't here yet, and it probably won't arrive for another five minutes.

As I wait, I start to see fishermen heading for the docks beginning a long day of hard work. I feel kind of guilty just standing around waiting for a luxury train that is going to take me on a tour with every possible comfort at my fingertips. But that's the way it is, I had to live through the games, now I get to reap the rewards, and the curses.

I turn my head up the track as I hear a high-pitched whining sound. In the distance I can see the sleek silver train shooting at an incredible speed towards the station. It'll pull up in a few seconds.


I spin around as the train slows to a stop in front of the platform.


She's running up the steps to the platform, she's in her pajama's and her hair is frizzy and flying everywhere. She runs right up to me and grabs me in a tight hug.

"You were going to leave before saying goodbye!"

She says scolding me. I wrap my arms around her and smile.

"I didn't want to bother you, it's really early in case you didn't realise."

She laughs.

"I wasn't going to let you leave without saying goodbye."

I pull away from her, and grin.

"Well I'm glad you are such a determined young lady. Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it."

Her eyes are glassy from unshed tears, and she sniffs quickly.

"I careful okay?"

I nod.

"You be careful as well, and don't miss me too much."

She nods, and hugs me again.

"Call if you ever get the chance, I know you'll be busy."

"I'll try to call you as often as I can."

She sniffs again and wipes her eyes quickly.

"You'd better go."

I nod slowly, and we hug each other tightly for a few brief moments. We finally break apart, and I turn quickly and board the train.

As the doors close I look through the window, and wave as the train slowly starts to move. Annie waves back and in a moment the train shoots away from the station and she's out of sight.

I stand by the window for a minute, leaning my forehead against the glass as I watch my home disappear in the distance.


"Well that was so sweet I could just cry."

I spin around, and find Johanna Mason watching me with arms crossed. She's dressed in a pair of tattered jeans and a black tank top, her hair is spiked in its usual fashion, and she's wearing a strange wooden medallion on a black leather thong around her neck.

She places her hands over her heart and sniffs, her eyes filling with tears.

"Dear sweet little Annie, how could you ever leave her?"

I glare at her.

"What do you want?"

The tears vanish from her eyes, and she looks at me surprised.

"Oh, so that's how it's going to be?"

I shrug. She uncrossed her arms, and places her hand on her hip instead.

"Fine. What are you doing here?"

I scoff, and walk past her to the couch.

"I'm going along for the victory tour, you know that."

She follows me to the couch, and sits on the edge of the coffee table.

"Right, I was told that the great Finnick Odair was going to be joining me on the victory tour, but I wasn't told why, so I'm asking you. Why are you here?"

I sigh, and lean back against the couch, closing my eyes.

"Something about me being extremely popular and everyone begging to have me along, you know how the capitol loves me."

There's silence, and I open my eyes. Johanna is staring at me with narrowed eyes.

"I'll get the truth out of you Odair. Trust me I'm very good at getting what I want."

I sit up, and rest my elbows on my knees.

"If I remember correctly, you have a little brother. Isn't that right?"

She immediately becomes defensive and protective.

"What about him?"

I shrug.

"Leo right? He's about eight years old?"

She narrows her eyes, and answers in a low voice.

"Nine actually. What's it to you?"

I pause a minute before answering.

"Let's just say if you want to keep him safe, which I assume you do, you shouldn't ask anymore questions about me."

She clenches her fists, and her voice is deadly.

"What are you saying?"

I lean back, and cross my arms.

"There are some things that are meant to be kept secret. Why I'm along for the tour is my own buisness, and I'm just saying you shouldn't ask too many questions about it."

She locks eyes with me, and stares hard.

"Is Leo in danger?"

I shake my head.

"Not as long as you do what you're told and behave like a good little girl."

She scowls at me.

"Nobody, tells me what to do."

I shrug.

"You don't have a choice anymore, you're a victor."

She stands up, and leans over me, hissing a reply.

"I always have a choice, and I choose not to trust anyone, and to do what I want to do."

She straightens up, and walks quickly out of the room.

"I'll see you at lunch!"

She shouts over her shoulder.

I stay on the couch and fall asleep, getting a few hours of well needed rest. I wake up around ten-thirty, and decide to go to my room and get changed.

I find it without too much trouble, and hurriedly get changed into a pair of comfortable black sweatpants and a soft purple T-shirt. Then I walk to the lounge car and plop onto one of the giant plush pillows that are strewn around on the floor.

I grab the small rectangle of glass that lights up and controls the TV, I think they call it a remote. I turn the television on, and start flipping through the channels.

"Boring, boring, wierd, creepy, boring, fake, super fake, boring again."

I mutter as I switch from channel to channel.

"They do replays of the games on channel 100."

I sit up, and look behind me. Johanna is leaning against the doorway with crossed arms.

"Why would I want to watch that?"

She shrugs."They're interesting, to see what other victors strategies were, how they won, what their motives were."

I turn back around to face the television, and I hear Johanna walk up behind me.

"It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it."

She doesn't answer, and I keep flipping through the channels. After a moment she clears her throat, and says off-hand.

"I thought about what you said earlier, and you're right, I shouldn't have pried."

I sit back up and turn to face her.

"Is that an apology?"

She shrugs.

"I'm used to people who could care less if I live or die, and I know you didn't want me to win so I assumed you hate me."

She takes a deep breath.

"I guess I'm just not very good at being nice to people."

I sigh, stand up and turn to face her.

"I don't hate you Johanna, it's true I didn't want you to win, but just because you did doesn't mean I'm going to hold a grudge against you."

She avoids my gaze, and stares at the floor. Johanna and Annie both have slight figures, but Annie is a little taller than Johanna, and Annie has longer limbs. Johanna is petite and wiry, while Annie is tall and lanky.

"And you could be nice to people, it's not that hard."

She shakes her head with a smirk.

"I have a reputation to uphold now, being nice to people isn't exactly what I do."

I chuckle, imagining Johanna being civil.

"No, it's definitely not one of your strong points."

She smiles.

"I guess I can at least not be mean to you."

I laugh.

"Well thanks. Why don't you take a seat?"

She looks up, and shrugs.

"What are we going to do?"

I shrug as well.

"We could...make fun of the capitolites."

She smiles mischievously.

"Ooh, that does sound like fun."

We sit down, and flip through the channels making fun of all the strange people being stupid. Then we eat lunch and spend the rest of the day just killing time, before I know it dinner is over and it's getting late. Johanna and I say goodnight, and each go to our rooms.

I stare at the ceiling for a little while, playing with my necklace and thinking of Annie. I fall asleep thinking about yesterday, and all the fun we had.

I'm not sure what wakes me up at first, I just know something did wake me up. I lay still and listen, when I don't hear anything, I slowly get up, pull on a pair of slippers, and open my door. I step out into the hall, and listen again.

There it is, a low thump, followed by a crunching sound. Then there's a shallow cry.

I run to Johanna's room, and knock on the door.

"Johanna? Is everything okay?"

There's another crash. I open the door and run inside.

The nightstand is on its side, and the lamp is shattered on the floor. Johanna is on her hands and knees in the middle of the broken glass. She's dresses in a tank top and a pair of very short shorts. She has her head down, and her body shaking.

I run over, and carefully kneel beside her. I put my arm around her shoulders, and gently pull her up into a sitting position. Her whole body is shivering, and she slowly raises her shaking hands, turning her palms towards her.

They're covered in blood, and several pieces of glass are still sticking out of them. She stares at her shaking blood covered hands.

"Johanna, what happened?"

She doesn't answer me, and starts rocking back and forth, holding her hands close to her, but careful not to let them touch anything. She isn't responding to anything, and her hands are bleeding badly, I look down and blood is seeping out from under her legs as well.

"Oh geez, come on."

I wrap my arm around her shoulders, and lift her up partially, then I slide my other hand under her knees, and carefully lift her off the glass. I can see her legs are covered in glass cuts, and her shins are slowly being covered in blood.

I carry her to the bathroom, and sit her on the edge of the giant bathtub with her feet inside the tub. I sit next to her, and hold one of her hands, then I carefully start pulling out the pieces of glass. She doesn't react, and I work as quickly as I can to remove all the glass from her hands and legs. Then I turn on the water and rinse away all the blood. While she has her hands and legs in the water, I find some bandages in the medicine cabinet.

"Come on Johanna."

I say quietly as I pull her hands out of the water and wrap the bandages around her palms and wrists. Then I work on her legs, covering them with bandages from the ankle to the knee. After she's all wrapped up, I pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom. I set her on the bed and press a button that will call an avox. They arrive quickly and I ask them if they can clean up the broken lamp. They nod, and pull out a strange device, when they wave it over the broken glass it liquefies then sucks up the liquid glass.


They nod, and leave the room. I turn my attention back to Johanna, who is staring into space still gently rocking back and forth.

"Johanna, what happened."

She doesn't seem to be able to hear me, her hair isn't spiked anymore, and it lays in a short rather feminine choppy pixie cut. She has some hair in her eyes, and I raise my hand to brush it away. She flinches, and holds her hands protectively against the side of her face. Has she been abused?

"Johanna, I'm not going to hurt you."

She slowly looks at me, and her wide set brown eyes are filled with tears.

"I couldn't stop them."

She says softly, and a tear rolls down her cheek.

"Stop who?"

She sniffs, and wraps her arms around her waist.

"The other tributes...they killed Leo, and I couldn't stop them."

Her whole body starts shivering again, and I realize what happened.

"You had a nightmare Johanna, it wasn't real, Leo is safe."

She covers her face with her bandaged hands, and sobs.

"It was so real...I couldn't do anything!"

I carefully put my arm around her shoulders, and she turns and buries her face in my shoulder, gripping the front of my shirt tightly, as she sobs.

"It wasn't real, it's okay."

She slowly calms down, and I lay her down and pull the covers over her.

"Go back to sleep, you're safe."

She closes her eyes, and sighs.

"Thank you."

She says quietly. I walk to the door and carefully open it. I glance back to see she's sleeping peacefully, and close the door quietly behind me.

Back in my room, I lay on my back staring at the ceiling. Johanna turns out to be just like everyone else, a scared little girl with nightmares. She has been scarred just like the rest of us, and she is afraid even if she doesn't show it.

She's the same age as Annie, and she acts tough, but she's really just scared to let anyone in, scared to trust anyone, and who can blame her? You don't come out of the arena without scars, mental and physical.

"There's always been more to Johanna Mason than meets the eye hasn't there?"

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