Enigma ||BTS||

By Lenox

Romance / Thriller


Can two enemies ever fall for each other? No? Then you're wrong. Agent 47, Y/N L/N was sent to perform a small task of a mission that was assigned to one of her co-agents, which later decided to take a turn in her life getting her assigned as a lead of the whole case. Her job was to collect evidence against one of the secret gangs of the city, infamous for their skillful crimes to the headquarter but famous to the outside world as an idol group called 'BTS'. She was bound to bring them under bars for their lifetime. While working undercover, one of the gang members gets attracted to her. What will she do now? Is she destined to get together with him or destroy him along with his mates? What about her cover? What is more important to her?


‘How are we supposed to unite when our paths are not even in the same direction?’

‘Remember, parallel lines don’t meet. Only non-parallels do.’

‘So will we.’

- Lenx cite

“First ever story written in English, on that of BTS, correct my mistakes if I committed any. Feel free to do so. I will be grateful.”

All the characters presented in this FF are fictional, having no relation with the real-life BTS members, only using their existence as a pretext for the fanfiction. Any of the incidents or past background used for the story characters are not taken from real life actual Bangtan boys. Except for presenting the boys as idols like the way they are in real life, nothing else is similar in here.

Be aware of slight cliches and angst here and there. There might be a slight violence at one part of the story. But the limit line won’t be crossed. A part of this story is related to a real-life experience of mine. Not something that happened to me, but something that I witnessed. Other than that, the whole plot is all made up and imaginary.

Similarities found with any other FF will be purely coincidental. However, if anybody is seen plagiarizing my book, I will be glad to get notified.

Being an enthusiastic reader and writer, I dedicate this FF to Melody Arai.

Of all the writings I have read until now, she was one of those few who drastically awed me by their writing style. She is also the first author who drastically inspired me by her writing and gave me motivation the time when I felt like giving up.

---- Lenox

© All Rights Reserved. || Lenox T. Rin ||

‘Why can’t I understand you? Why don’t you show me your true self?’

‘You sure are an Enigma, Park Jimin. Verily, you all are.’

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