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"You're mine though...right?'

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

Curiously, the one year old toddlers eyes hover upon the new born baby girl resting in a peaceful bliss inside its comfy crib.

“Boys, meet Y/n. Shin Y/n.”

6 Years Later

“Happy Birthday Yuyu!” He cheers with a brightly featured smile, in his grasp a small to medium sized box. The item’s wrapped in a silky pink that’s patterned with elegant strokes here and there and then topped with a pretty dark red ribbon.

Noticing it, you gasp in excitement, tumbling your way towards him in a moments’s notice. With his adorable smile still strong and shining, he hands you the gift and you accept it in a heart beat.

"Thank you.” You whisper-shriek in a mind-full dazed, and just as you’re about done with your grateful words. A voice butts in. ”I got one for you too Yu!”

A sudden wind swifts pass you followed by the abrupt appearance of Jeongguk with a box sized similar to the one you now have in his hold. However, unlike Jungkook’s.

Jeongguk’s present for you is wrapped up in a much darker shade of pink, a golden ribbon outlined with silver sequence of glitter to finish its style.

They’re both very pretty either way.

“Here.” Jeongguk says, handing you the gift.“You’re gonna like mine more.”

Piece said, Jungkook snaps to send him a glare, clearly bothered by the sudden unneeded presence of his oh-so-dear twin.

“Thank You!” You’re insensible to the heated eye-to-eye contact shared by the two boys, and with your heart still pumping up with excitement; you don’t hesitate to plant a kiss on both the individual’s cheeks.

Red. The innocent kiss leaves them to burn a deep shade of red as you pull yourself back to guffaw at the pretty gifts. It takes them a second to fully recover from the spell-binding effect and immediately they tear their gaze away from each other. Jungkook coughs and its loud and forced; hoping to get rid of the weird tingling feeling in his stomach.

As the latter busy’s himself with finding a way out of this nervousness engulfing him, Jeongguk’s wide-surprised eyes stay locked with yours and you grin at him sheepishly.

"Great!” After the few minutes of his silence, Jungkook abruptly whines. ”Now I got girl germs!”Unrecognizable murmurs slip out his mouth after that, and your face falls to a frown as you watch your friend sprint away like something’s been pushed up his butt, before fading away in the direction of the kitchen.

Slightly offended, you turn to the front with your head hung low; your mind sinking in a sea of thoughts. This wasn’t your first time kissing him, knowing and literally growing up with them and all, you’d think he’d never give a reaction like that. He’s never complained about it before, so why now?

The unknown pout on your lips unconsciously coils into a smile. Soft. Something soft gently presses itself against your cheek, the contact leaving a feathery sensation to linger around your skin even when it draws back.
You know who it is.

When you look up, Jeongguk’s still close to your face, doe eyes soft and gleaming with adoration. He shows you an adorable smile and says this in a low whisper.

"Happy Birthday Y/n.”

A Year Later

He cares about her. So much that he’s willing to beat the crap out of whoever made his Yuyu cry.

“Yuyu..” When he creaks her bedroom door open, muffled sobs immediately brushes past his eardrums. There’s that certain girl hiding underneath the duvet, the position leaving a lump to form on top of the bed.

Unconsciously nibbling his lip, he closes her door and makes his way towards the bed.

In school, he’s noticed how she wasn’t exactly acting her usual self, constantly lost in daze which was so unlike her. He recalls how the teacher had told her to fetch a pair of scissors only to have her come back with a stapler.

Something or rather, someone, had definitely upsetted her.

“Yuyu.” He softly calls out for the second time. The bed sinks when he sits himself down, and you feel yourself getting gently nudged from the outside of your cave.

You can’t really restrain the tears from gushing down when you peak your eyes from under the sheet, the rest of the fabric still covering your lips and your body.

There’s that sting pinching his heart again, and if he wasn’t so worried a while ago? He’s most definitely worried now.

“J-jeongguk o-oppa.” You choke. ”He’s mad at me.” Your voice’s muffled by the thick fabric but even with on? He’s still able to pick up the sadness and even guilt lingering the broken tone of your voice. Its heart-wrenching.

“Tell oppa about it.” He breathes out, encouraging you with a hum as he grabs the hem of the blanket before carefully tearing it off your face.

Silently complying with him, you let out a trembling sigh before propping yourself up in a sitting position. The next minutes that passes by is filled with silence, and as you debate on wether to explain to him further more of your story; Jungkook takes this chance to properly examine your features.

The once perfect pigtails from this morning’s no longer neat, disheveled in a way and slightly crooked. You’re also still clad in your school’s uniform. The next sight makes his heart churn even more.
Your eyes. They’re bloodshot red from all the crying, nose tinted a deep shade of pink and he can’t help but clench his fist white. You’re looking too vulnerable and its making him burn with rage.

Just what on earth did his brother do to you?

As if picking up his inner-silent question, you faintly answer him. ”H-he yelled at m-me.”

And that was enough to push Jungkook up on both feet before scurrying away from the room, eyes firm and narrowed.

Jungkook knew his brother wasn’t mad at her, and she needed to know that, but still. He shouldn’t have let out his anger on her in the first place.


You don’t know exactly what Jungkook did, but whatever it was? In the end of the day, you find yourself crushing Jeongguk into a tight embrace-never wanting to let go even- with a content grin stretched across your lips. Jeongguk explained the misunderstanding and apologized for ever allowing himself to lash out at you.

He returns the hug with a satisfied smile on his face, snuggling you closer to him.

He could never get angry at you. Not when you’re being so cute like this.

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