Crossfire ✮ Jeremiah Valeska [2]


I look up at the green-eyed ginger and see something flash across them. It's almost as if he heard what Accalia said to me, even though he was almost twenty metres away from us. [COMING IN SEPTEMBER 2019] Mandy Queen, as her name suggests, is a relative of Oliver Queen, a.k.a the Green Arrow, from Starling City. However, she doesn't live with him, nor does she know they are in any way related. Mandy is much like her brother, but she kills for the fun of it. She is the best girl friend of Accalia Galavan and Jerome Valeska, and maybe even Xander Wilde, a.k.a Jerome's twin brother Jeremiah Valeska. Mandy is the one that has remained in contact with Jeremiah while Accalia had no way of contacting her long lost friend. Some things are dangerous to find out, and Mandy is in the middle of it all. © nogitsunechey 2019

Horror / Romance
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Hey superwolves!

Alright. So this story is kind of going to be a spin-off/sequel for ‘Terror’, as in it is going to be the story of Mandy Queen (who I haven’t got around to introducing yet) and the psychotic twin of our favourite Ginger Maniac, Jeremiah Valeska.

This story is going to still include Accalia and Jerome as I love them dearly.

Before officially starting this story, I’d like to say that none of the characters of Gotham belong to me and all credit goes to DC Comics and the creators of Gotham. All rights and ownership goes to the creators of Gotham and DC Comics.

This story is purely fictional and any similarities to past or present events is purely accidental, as with any similarities to people whom you may know. All characters that do not belong to Gotham and DC Comics are of my own creation and are not to be copied under any circumstances.

No events that should happen to occur in this story are to be copied in any way, shape or form as I have worked on this story for ages. If any part of this story is found to be in another, or if any of my characters have been taken and used in other stories, then you are going against the copyright laws and can be fined.

- Chey xo -

© nogitsunechey

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