C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigators: Las Vegas Blitz

Chapter 8

May 21, 2011: Interview Room A

Greg sat down with Jackie. She watched him for a moment, trying to decide what she was to make of the sorrow on his face. She looked down at the folder in front of her, skimmed a couple of pages, and then tapped the record button. When she looked up, she hesitated, watching a tear fall down Greg’s face.

“Please state your name.”

In a shaky voice Greg answered, “C.S.I. Greg Sanders.”

“Are you okay, C.S.I. Sanders?”

He didn’t answer, so she continued. “What was your relationship with Capri Martinez?”

The question was too hard for him to take and he began crying.

May 20, 2011: Russell’s Office

Catherine and Russell sat in the chairs in front of his desk while they brainstormed possible leads on one of her cases.

Russell had just said, “I think you should look closer at—” when Greg bust into the office almost bouncing. With the euphoric grin on his face, neither of them were able to scold him for the interruption or his tardiness. In fact, it was so contagious they returned the grin.

“I did it!” Greg cried excitedly.

Russell nodded. “Yes you did. You are two hours late, therefore, your excuse better make my jaw drop.”

“I have an awesome excuse! The most amazing excuse you will ever get! The kind that makes you feel like you own the world, no the moon, hell, the entire universe!”

Catherine began laughing through Greg’s drama speech.

Russell smiled, preparing for this unprecedented excuse. “Don’t keep your supervisor in suspense, Greg. What is this phenomenal excuse?”

May 21, 2011: Interview Room A

Greg continued crying as Jackie stared wide-eyed at him. She flipped back and forth through the folder and then shook her head, looking back up at him.

“I have no record of you marrying Capri.”

Greg wiped his eyes before he answered.

May 20, 2011: Russell’s Office

Greg flopped into the chair next to Catherine, unphased by their wide-eyed stares.

“You’re married? When in the hell did you get married?” Catherine asked him.

On one breath Greg happily answered, “This morning, ten hours ago, maybe, I dunno, maybe more, time doesn’t even seem to exist today, which is why I’m late, ‘cause I married my girlfriend today.”

May 21, 2011: Interview Room A

Jackie stared for several minutes at him. She had not expected that answer and it threw a wrench in how she’d planned this interview to proceed. “You asked Capri to marry you this morning. You got married before you came into work today?”

Greg nodded.

“Were you two dating before the marriage?”

Greg nodded. She put the folder in the box on the floor and pulled her notepad in front of her. She moved on with the interview.

“I show you clocked in at almost eleven and your shift started at nine. Capri was killed sometime between nine and midnight, when her friend found her. That would have given you time to kill Capri.”

Greg looked up at Jackie. “Why the hell would I kill the woman I love hours after we were married?”

“Perhaps you didn’t want her being a dispatcher. After all, she was—”

She was going to be their receptionist! She wasn’t going to be a dispatcher! Why can’t anyone get that straight!?”

Jackie paused, giving Greg a moment to calm down.

“How long were you two dating?”

“We started dating when I was in the hospital, then we were off, then we were on again.”

“She almost got you killed. Why would you start dating her while you were in the hospital?”

“Even though I wouldn’t talk to her, Capri apologized to me every day for weeks, until I finally forgave her. When I did, she asked me out; I said yes. We were so…” Greg closed his eyes and shook his head a couple times. He softly finished. “We were in love even then. I loved her so much.”

“Did you know she turned to prostitution after she was fired?”

“I found out when I showed up at a car accident she had witnessed while she was working. We got into a fight about it and I broke up with her. I couldn’t date someone who cheated on me every night for money; she said she couldn’t stay with someone who told her how to live her life. Four months ago, out of the blue, she called me and asked if we could meet for coffee. She told me that she had quick prostitution, had gotten a job at a fast food place, got her GED, and was going to college for a business degree. Last Monday she said she’d run into Gary, the supervisor at dispatch, and when he found out she was almost done with her business degree, he offered her the receptionist job.”

“Trace found your hair and semen on her. Can you explain that?”

May 20, 2011: Russell’s Office

Catherine cleared his throat. “And this explains your tardiness because…”

It was Greg’s turn to be surprised. “Catherine, I just married my girl. Why do you think I was late?”

Neither Russell nor Catherine understood.

“I… Give me something here, Greg,” Russell told him.

“We were… Busy celebrating. Ya know. Celebrating.”

The two stare.

“We just got married. We were, you know, celebrating in the bedroom.”

Catherine laughed, suddenly understanding why he was late. Russell wasn’t very far behind.

“I’ll excuse it this time,” Russell told him, “but don’t make it a habit to be late from celebrating, okay?”

“Got it!”

Greg hopped up, gave them both a thumb up, and almost pranced out of Russell’s office. In the hall, he ran into Hodges. He gave Hodges a huge hug and then almost pranced away. The freaked out look on Hodges’ face made Catherine and Russell laugh.

May 21, 2011: Interview Room A

Jackie smiled. She understood why his DNA was found on Capri.

She asked Greg, “Did you know Capri was dyslexic?”


“When did you learn about it?”

“When I was in the hospital. She said she had tried to hide it to keep her job because it was the first job she’d ever had that didn’t involve a grill and fry basket. “

“I’m still not clear why you would have been so forgiving after her mistake nearly killed you and C.S.I. Willows.”

“Do you know how many times I’ve heard criminals say ‘things just got out of hand’? I never believed them before. But now… Now I get it. Capri grew up on the streets and this was her first, honest job. She was trying to keep it so she could turn her life around, stay clean, and not live on the streets. Things just got out of hand and before she knew it, she’d hurt Catherine and me. How can you hate someone who just didn’t want to spend another night sleeping under a bridge? Or who didn’t want to sell her body or drugs for a meal? If I can’t forgive someone for wanting that, what does that say about the person I am?”

She smiled and nodded. “It wouldn’t say anything good, I guess.”

Greg leaned on the table, tucking his arms under it. “Capri is getting threatening phone calls and letters if she starts working at dispatch. The threats started a week ago, the day after Gary offered her the job. Whoever is doing it thinks she’s going to be a dispatcher again, so it must be someone who doesn’t work there and doesn’t know the whole story.”

“Don’t you mean she was getting these threats, C.S.I. Sanders?”

Tears slid down his face and his bottom lip trembled.

Softly she added, “I’m sorry that sounds so insensitive, but we need to get this straight. Do you understand?”

He nodded, sniffed back more tears, and answered, “She had been getting the threats.” Greg couldn’t finish the sentence.

Jackie turned off the camera. She reached down into her bag and then across the table to lay a Kleenex in front of him. He wiped his tears away.

“Take your time, C.S.I. Sanders. You can stay here as long as you need to collect yourself.”

He nodded.

May 21, 2011: Observation Room

Catherine switched off the room speaker and turned to Nick and Russell. Russell also looked away from the room, but Nick stared at Greg.

“Her pimp was Holes,” Catherine told Nick. “He’s one of your informants, so—”

Nick looked at Catherine. “He never mentioned to me that he was dating Capri. Did you know before last night?”

“He never said a word about it to me before last night either.”

“Why wouldn’t he tell any of us?”

“Would any of you have listened, Nick?” Russell asked. “You and Catherine had issues with her, as did others in the lab, probably tried talking him out of dating, let alone marrying her. He knew better than to say anything until today.”

“She was responsible for the death of four firemen and a paramedic,” Nick told Russell. “There is no way she was as good as he believes she was.”

“She did not kill those firemen; they knew where they were going,” Catherine corrected him. “The road signs clearly indicated the road was out but they kept driving. Right off the bridge. And the paramedics could have ended up in a shootout there or somewhere else – she can’t be held responsible for fate. I know you want to make her out to be evil, Nick, but she wasn’t. Her only fault was she wanted a better life and Greg was the only one who saw that.”

Sara suddenly appeared in the door, grinning. “I gotta suspect, guys! And it is not one of us.”

“Who is it?” Russell asked.

Sara hand the folder in her to him. “Someone we never would have suspected.”

Catherine and Nick leaned in to read the file with Russell. The three looked up at Sara. This was the last person they ever would have suspected.

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