The mysteries, they are getting tougher to solve, can one team be enough to gather all the clues and unmask the villain of the tale? Enter Clue Club..... Their is an unknown connection that we are unaware of . One that connects Clue Club with Mystery Incorporated. Though some may wish to deny this, it is of a relative truth that some just did not want to be made known..... The gangs are all together for one of their toughest mysteries yet. Worst still, the gang from Clue Club and from Mystery Incorporated may be facing something of a real supernatural terror..... The Hollow..... A mysterious forest of Crystal Cove..... One where the story of a horseman whom would be headless was unnaturally born with so many shared stories told.....

Mystery / Humor
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: DD and Pepper Then

OCTOBER 31st, 20017



It was, a dark and stormy night…..”

The seventeen year old blonde wearing navy bell bottom pants and a white cotton collar shirt crept quietly beside her wise cracking partner with the Holmes style hat upon his head and the oversized glasses upon his nose. His trench coat looked like something that would have been worn by Sherlock himself.

The sixteen year old investigator carried in his right hand a digital camera with infrared recording capabilities. The cold spots were many as he looked for signs of anything abnormal. DD's playful taunting on her for her first attempt at writing a mystery novel was quickly getting on her nerves.

DD? Quiet. We’re investigating, remember?”

Pepper was close to his right trailing just a footstep behind; him left hand holding a recording digital audio recorder.

“…..Right, sorry Pepper. Hey, where’s Larry and the wonder- mutts?”

Larry, he took woofer and Whimper out to Sonic; for some burgers. Focus will you? These clients, they need our help.”

I don’t know Pepper. So far we haven’t heard so much as a- sound or a noise; except for the creaking of the floorboards….. Let alone hear or see some signs of an actual haunting…..”

The sounds of an unnatural moaning draw a caution of awareness upon the two in a chilling whine from behind. The self proclaimed paranormal investigators, froze fast in their tracks.

“….. Whatwas that?”

You’re the science man. You tell me.”

“… The wind?”

Yeah, has to be; Right?”

The temperature rapidly decreased; Pepper shook from the chill in the air.

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