Arnav, the famous business tycoon met a girl and his path always ends at her. He got spell bound on her in every sense.. Will he reach her easily? “LIFE” is a puzzle. No one knows “what’s next”. That is the biggest thrill of LIFE. Sometimes we could not understand that “why ME?”, “Why is this happening?” Though some of them remain unanswered, sometimes we get our answer little or far later which makes us to KNOW the power of “UNKNOWN”. Here… two beautiful souls, made for each other facing those “question full phrase” of their life. ARNAV and KHUSHI. The name itself is enough to loss our heart and mind. Will they find their answer?

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Arnav and Aman


Delhi Airport heated up by the arrival news of the Young business Tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada. He was going to land here after completing his successful trip to Europe. Aman was waiting for him at the Airport as he knew how punctual his Friend was. He finished every arrangement of Arnav’s program which will be held in Lucknow.

Here he came, young, attractive and wealthy bachelor of the business world. No one could take their eyes off ignoring him just like that. If they do so, they must be blind or superior in SELF CONTROL. Until now there was no one in the world with that so-called SELF CONTROL. He looked at Aman with a stern look. He didn’t smile. Thank god he didn’t smile or else people would have got heart attack seeing him smiling for sure.

Aman: Welcome back buddy.

Arnav: Hope you are fine.

Aman: yah. Seeing you I got all my power which denied helping me in your absence.

Arnav: From when you started talking like a teenage lover? Don’t say you are in BLOODY Love.

Aman: Love? Do you think, being with ASR, is it even possible?

Arnav: you should be happy for that, someone is here to save you and your valuable time.( He said smirking)

Aman (sighed): you are right. And I don’t want to spoil a girl’s life.(he said making face)

Arnav(arching his eyebrows): I’m glad that finally, you understand the reality. Let’s go.

They moved from there finishing their little teasing talks. It’s common between them. ASR might be MIGHTY for the world but Aman is the only person who has all the rights to tease or even scold Arnav. He will jump in front of a running train without thinking anything if Arnav says. Arnav will sign without reading any documents if Aman wants, which Aman never allowed him to do so.

A chopper was waiting to take them to Lucknow. They landed in Lucknow AR Branch’s Helipad which was specially made for Arnav Singh Raizada to land. Arnav was not ready to waste time in taking rest. He has a lot to complete in two days. The whole AR started spinning like a TOP by their Boss’s arrival. That day was damn hectic for Arnav and Aman because of their back to back formal client meetings. After finishing their tasks finally they headed to RM.


Aman(teasingly): Then?

Arnav(frowning): Then? What?

Aman: How is Ms. D’soza? ( he winked)

Arnav: Damn you Aman. Don’t you dare, remember her again. Such an irritating character she is.

Aman(laughing): Poor woman she is trying to get your BLESSINGS at least for once and you are running from her.

Arnav(smirking): Not anymore.

Aman(confused): But why? Is she getting married?

Arnav: I just fired her.

Aman( shocking): what? You fired the best model of our company just because you are not interested in her?

Arnav: I never mixed my personal with profession but everything has its limit. Not only she but everyone should know, what will be the consequence if they mess with ASR.

Aman(sighed): But do you think love for someone to be punished?

Arnav: Love and her? (he asked sarcastically) We know, She is a seasonal bird, she loves me only when I go to London. Don’t you know what really she is? What she felt for me cannot be LOVE. She won’t sit and cry for sure. Tell me one thing; do you think the number one model position is enough to be my life partner?

Aman: Not exactly. Tell me how should she be? ( he wants to know that from Arnav.)

Arnav: I won’t impress by social status or Job title. I’m impressed by the way someone treats other Human Beings. After my mother, I never saw such a soul in my life. (Aman was stunned, he never know that he is searching for someone with his Mother’s quality.)

Aman: Say it directly that you don’t want to marry.

Arnav: Why so?

Aman: Or else what? From where could I search someone like Ratna Aunty?

Arnav: who asked you to do that? I can’t waste my time thinking all useless things.

He showed disinterest because he knew; no one else is there like his Mom.

Aman(seriously): Till when Buddy? How many days will you choose to be alone? Don’t you want to settle down?

Arnav: You are free to do it if you want. But don’t try it on me when you know me very well. Don’t you?

Aman: That’s why I’m worrying Arnav. Who else other than me knows you better?

Arnav: I have no time to think anything right now Aman. I’m busy with my job.

Aman: What will you do if in some days your HEART needs someone?

Arnav: HEART? I don’t know why you people are dragging that Pumping Organ into this matter?

Aman(frowning): Pumping Organ? Damn you ASR. The whole world is referring to it as a LOVE SYMBOL and you?

Arnav: SINGLE like me is not in that STUPID WORLD and I’m glad about it.

Aman: Being SINGLE never can be a better choice Arnav.

Arnav: I’m single not that I don’t want RELATIONSHIP, but I take it seriously and sincerely. I don’t think I can get anyone like me who will give importance to RELATIONSHIP more than anything.

Aman was taken aback about it. He knew how sincere Arnav was. He was always sincere in everything. If he mentions SINCERE then there was no word to define his sincerity.

Aman: you are the only one who can give such a description for being a single buddy.

Arnav: That’s what Arnav Singh Raizada is. “DARKEN FOREST” no one can dare to enter inside. (he smirked)

Aman: Don’t forget, a single SPARKE is enough to burn the whole forest ASR.

Arnav: SPARK? Let it come, I will blow it off before it touches me. (he said with his lap sided smile)

Aman: once in your lifetime you will meet someone who changes everything. Mark my words.

Arnav(smirking): let’s see.

By now they reached RM. This Mansion was built two years before as Arnav needed a homely touch in everything. He hates staying at hotels.

Arnav asked Aman to take rest as he also needs bath and sound sleep like him because of their uptight day. Aman left to the guest room.

After freshen up Arnav came to his small garden which was his favorite place in his house. It was just a house. He knows, making it a HOME was definitely only in a woman’s hand. As Aman said he too wanted that SOMEONE who could change everything. But he knows it’s not easy to change ASR. He is not ready to let anyone enter into his life just like that. He was weary, seeing makeup faces every day. Full of artificial, Synthetic smile, fake concern, and exposed bodies. His world was filled with phony. No reality.

Every day he was facing many girls who were trying to get his attention. They will do anything for his one look. But who cares? He never believed in this HEART type matters. According to him, it’s just an ORGAN which is used in Blood circulation, that’s all. Let’s see until when he will stick into this thought. Who knows when will his PUMPING ORGAN start beating for something else which he addressed as STUPIDITY……

To be continued…..

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