Jin's death wasn't suicide. It was murder.

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일 : mad hatter

a man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides

Mad Hatter [noun]
insane, perplexing, bipolar

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [noun]
a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event

Three months ago, Jin was found soaked in his own blood inside their dorm’s bathroom. His hand was hanging free on the edge of the large tub where his body was half submerged. Although Jin was known to have schizophrenia and has been suicidal ever since, his cuts weren’t new to his friends. He would wear sweaters and long sleeves, then the members would know he had fresh ones.

It was the first time he cut this deep, hence it cost his life. It was obviously, suicide.

But Jimin noticed something was not right. Jin has always been so sure where to hide his blades, only Jimin would know where. After realizing that his own blades weren’t the ones used to end his life, he turned over the truth to the authorities.

Jin’s death wasn’t suicide. It was murder.

But the investigation would turn upside down. Jimin and the rest of the team will be framed to be the suspects in the unexplainable death of their friend.

As the Chief Deputy called the six of us one by one inside the interrogation room, I shivered in anxiety.

“Did you do it?!” Chief Deputy Yugyeom growled, slamming the table separating us.

“Why would I kill my best friend?!”

“How could you accuse me of killing my own friend?!”

“Hyung understood me more than anyone else. Why would I kill him??”

“Hyung committed suicide 3 months ago. Why are you investigating us now?”

“It was not me, I swear! I loved him more than my own brother!”

“None of us would do it. Jin always had his own world, it was not our fault he did it.”

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