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Everyone thought Jungkook was the baby of BTS, but when cameras turn off, someone else takes that place. Drabbles of Yoongi in Little Space with Bangtan as Caregivers. WARNING: SO MUCH FLUFF REQUESTS OPEN

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A/N - Hey guys! I’ve been so obsessed with Little Space lately that I just HAD to write this. I don’t know A LOT of Little Space so if I get some things wrong, I am so sorry. Everything I know was because of research I did on the Internet so blame the internet if its wrong :p And just in case you don’t know what Little Space is then it is basically when adults regress their mind to their child selves again and well, they basically just act like their child selves. A lot of people do it because it helps relieve stress.

This was inspired by ParkHwasa’s, Little Space, so if you haven’t read it, READ IT, its so good! Anyways, hope you like my attempt at writing little space :)


“Little space is the headspace / mindset that a specific type of sub (or age player or adult baby, if they also see themselves as ‘little’) gets into. age regression can be involved, but it might also be mote of ageplay. and of course the fact that Cg/l and little space are BDSM terms, so 18+. Little space can also be a dom space”

Thank You to joselingering for explaining :)

Min Yoongi giggled as he ran throughout BTS’s dorm. He went from room to room-which there was surprisingly a lot of- trying to be as quiet as he possibly could.

“Yoongi!” he heard Jimin call out.

Yoongi stifled a shrieked when he noticed how close the younger’s voice was. Yoongi blindly entered through a random door, trying to get as far away from the voice, when he suddenly realized he had just entered a dangerous room- the kitchen. Before Yoongi knew it, he was attacked by a certain sunshine rapper.

“What is our little prince doing, huh?” Hoseok cooed from his chair as he tightly hugged Yoongi’s back against his chest, making the older fall onto the younger’s lap. Usually, Yoongi would have enjoyed cuddles and hugs, but right now, he was on a very important mission.

“Seokie! ’et gooo~!” Yoongi’s words came out muffled against his pacifier. Hoseok didn’t seem to hear him or his whining so he continued to tightly hug the older.

“Hoseok, let him go. He’s playing with the kids right now,” Seokjin casually said from where he was chopping vegetables. Jin was making lunch and Hoseok was ‘helping’, but the younger had only been sitting and using his phone.

“Fine . . .” Hoseok finally complied. “But we’re cuddling a lot more later,” Hoseok let Yoongi go. The little giggled and nodded before giving Hoseok a hug.

But before he left running off again, he went over to Jin first.

“Thank you, Daddy!” Yoongi smiled and hugged the elder before racing off. The adoring smile Jin had been holding never left his face as he heard the socked feet run away.

Yoongi had come home a few hours ago looking like he had just escaped hell. His hair had been disheveled, his eyes looked beyond tired, and he looked even bonier than usual. Yoongi hadn’t left his studio in three days.

Jin had tried almost every possible way to get him out of there, but the younger would always answer with an, “Almost, hyung, I just need to finish this first.”

In the end, Yoongi still hadn’t finished. The only reason he had returned back to the dorm was because Jin had sent Namjoon to bring him home.

When Jin had approached Yoongi, he hadn’t been blinking. Jin had even waved his hand in front of Yoongi’s face once and still hadn’t gotten a response. It wasn’t until a few seconds later that Yoongi finally blinked and his expression broke. He had made a small whimpering noise and called out, “Daddy,” before collapsing into Jin’s arms. Jin had hugged the younger tight, repeating and whispering to Yoongi, “Everything’s okay now,” and “You’re okay, baby.”

Jin knew Yoongi was bound to fall into little space so he had already planned ahead. It wasn’t hard to change Yoongi out of those old ripped jeans and plain black T-shirt into his favorite blue teddy bear onesie.

As soon as he had his matching blue pacifier in his mouth, Yoongi was out like a light. It was hard to keep the maknae line quiet when they found out Yoongi was in little space. They had even almost woken him up.

Jin hadn’t noticed he was still staring at the door Yoongi had run out of until Hoseok’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“I’m so glad he’s feeling better, hyung. He definitely needed this after working so hard.” Hoseok said with a smile, as if he were reading Jin’s mind. Jin finally snapped out of his trance and nodded, heading back to finishing lunch.

Meanwhile, Yoongi had gone back to running through rooms again, still trying to keep as quiet as possible.

“Yoongi~” Taehyung sang throughout the dorm.

Yoongi grinned behind his pacifier when he noticed that Taehyung’s voice wasn’t as close to him as Jimin’s had been. He entered the first random room he saw again; Yoongi never did seem to learn.

Before he had time to find a hiding place, he noticed that this room was Jungkook’s.

And that his feet were no longer on the ground.

“I caught you, you little monster!” he heard Jungkook say. Yoongi shrieked upside down as he was hurled over the maknae’s shoulder.

“Taehyung! Jimin hyung! I found him!” Jungkook yelled loudly. Yoongi squirmed, trying to free himself from the younger’s arms, but come on; this was Jungkook for God’s sake, one of the strongest members.

" ’ookie! ’et gooo!” he whined again. Yoongi couldn’t see the smirk that decorated Jungkook’s face.

“Sure,” Jungkook answered and he was dropped onto Jungkook’s bed. The older was surprised that the maknae had actually complied, but a second later, he understood why. Jimin and Taehyung burst through the door.

“There you are!” Taehyung grinned and before Yoongi knew it, he was being attacked by the ’95 liners.

“Minnie! TaeTae! S-Stop i-it! ” Yoongi’s giggles filled the room as Jimin tickled all of his ticklish spots and Taehyung peppered his face with kisses.

“K-Kookie! Save me! T-Take me back!” Yoongi said between giggles. Jungkook laughed from where he stood at the edge of his bed.

“Sorry, baby. You lost your chance,” Jungkook said before joining his hyungs and helping them torment the elder.

About thirty seconds of torture later, someone lightly knocked and opened the door.

“Hey kids, Jin hyung said lunch is rea-” Hoseok stopped himself when he was met with a red faced Yoongi and the maknae line practically torturing him to death.

“Seokie! Help me!” Yoongi said right before his body was racked with a new set of giggles. Hoseok smiled before rushing over to the bed and pushing the maknae line out of the bed, making all of them land on the floor. He pulled Yoongi into his arms.

“Ow! Hyung, really? Why are you always ruining the fun?” Taehyung whined as he rubbed the shoulder that he had unfortunately hit against the dresser.

Yoongi giggled as he leaned and stared down at the floor from where he sat on Hoseok’s lap. Hoseok had his arms protectively secured around Yoongi’s stomach.

“Of course I ruined your fun. You were nearly going to kill our prince and I was not going to let him die today. He promised me cuddles later.” Hoseok smiled and buried his face into Yoongi’s hair while Yoongi cutely tilted his head up at him and showed his gummy smile, pacifier completely lost during the attack.

“Yoongi promised to give Seokie give lots of cuddles for saving me from the evil monsters,” Yoongi adorably responded, causing Hoseok to coo at the elder and hug him tighter like a teddy bear. While Hoseok coddled the elder, the maknae line gasped.

“What, Yoongi? That’s not fair! You were supposed to cuddle with us today!” Jimin exclaimed, getting up from the floor. The younger two did the same, agreeing with a strong, “Yeah!”. Yoongi grinned again. He scrunched up his nose cutely and shook his head at the three, hugging Hoseok.

“You heard the prince, I get him today.” Hoseok evilly eyed the maknae line, receiving a pout from the three.

“I GUESS I HAVE TO EAT ALL OF THIS FOOD IF NO ONE WANTS TO COME EAT!” Jin’s voice yelled throughout the dorm. Everyone’s eyes widened until they all ran to the door. Taehyung had been the first to reach it, yelling, “There is no way anything is worth missing Jin hyung’s food!”


“Say ahh!” Jimin cooed at Yoongi. Yoongi gladly opened his mouth as he was fed another spoonful of rice. Yoongi had been sitting on his knees at the table, eating his food on his own with his sippy cup when suddenly everyone kept on wanting to feed him. Yoongi, of course, didn’t mind, but they were taking out of their own food, Yoongi’s plate was still full.

Yoongi grinned as Taehyung was already trying to feed him again when he hadn’t even finished swallowing Jimin’s food yet. Taehyung was even bribing him by making airplane noises!

Taehyung’s eyes lit up when Yoongi cutely giggled after opening his mouth again and accepted the spoonful. Everyone else’s eyes widened too when they heard Yoongi’s giggle. The maknae line and Hoseok already had spoonfuls of rice pointing towards Yoongi and were making all sorts of noises.

“Yah! All of you stop and eat your food already!” Jin scolded as he ate his own food. Besides all the spoiling everyone had been doing to Yoongi, Jin had been the only one who hadn’t fed Yoongi once. I am Kim Seokjin. I am not going to fall for Min Yoongi’s cuteness so easy. I am not going to spoil him rotten like everyone el-

Jin’s thoughts were interrupted when Yoongi, who was sitting next to him the whole time, faced him and did the unexpected. Yoongi opened his mouth toward him, signaling him to feed him. Yoongi never asked anyone to feed him, they always came to him. How was Jin going to be the one to turn down that honor?

“Aigoo, Min Yoongi. You are one spoiled kid,” Jin said before feeding his own spoonful of rice to the younger. Yoongi grinned and scrunched up his nose at Jin, only for Jin to mockingly copy Yoongi’s facial expression and scrunch up his nose at the younger, too, secretly dying inside because of Yoongi’s cuteness.

They stayed like that for a few seconds, until a shutter sound snapped them out of their staring contest. They both turned toward the sound and saw Taehyung holding his phone, which was pointing towards them.

“Really, hyung? You choose now to have your phone’s volume on?” Jungkook groaned at Taehyung for ruining the perfect scene they had. Taehyung slyly grinned with a small, “Oops.”

“Come on, baby, nap time.” Jin stretched out his hand towards Yoongi who was beginning to nod off. The maknae line were engaged in having a serious video game competition in the living room while Jin kept a close eye on Yoongi, who had only been tiredly watching them play from between Taehyung’s legs, rubbing his eyes every few seconds.

Yoongi looked up at Jin and made a whining noise from behind his pacifier while shaking his head no. Jin would have probably let the younger skip it this once but Yoongi skipped three days of sleep. There was definitely going to be a nap time today.

“Come on, Yoongi-yah, you’re sleepy. Let’s go.” Jin still had his hand offered out. Yoongi made another whiny sound with a, “No ’m not, Daddy!” But his eyes were so droopy.

“Come on, hyung, if he doesn’t want to sleep, let him stay up,” Jungkook said, eyes glued to the TV screen and completely oblivious to Yoongi’s state.

“You’re not helping, Jungkook,” Jin sternly stated.

“You have five minutes left, Yoongi-yah,” the eldest warned, but Yoongi only responded with a light hum, his eyes half opened, trying to keep his focus on the screen. Jin sat down next to Jungkook on the couch, but only so that he could keep a better eye on Yoongi, disguising himself by using his phone.

Three minutes later, Yoongi finally couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer and closed them, leaning his body against Taehyung, who happily smiled. Jin could tell that Yoongi was still awake, but faintly.

Jin got close to the three youngest ears and whispered, “If you three make a single noise to wake him up, you can say goodbye to my cooking,” he threatened. The maknae line’s eyes widened, but they still kept their focus on the screen. Jin gave a smirk of satisfaction and sat back down against the couch, deciding to wait at least a few minutes to let Yoongi go completely asleep before taking him to his room.

But God was not on his side.

“Jin hyung!” Hoseok’s voice blared from the other room. “Namjoon-ah told me to tell you that he’s on his wa- oh” Hoseok came into the living room right in time to see Yoongi’s sleeping form shoot up wide awake and Jin’s murderous glare being sent his way. The maknae line couldn’t contain their uproarious laughter.

“Daddy’s coming home?!” Yoongi exclaimed, probably more awake than ever. How that was possible, Jin didn’t even know.

“Um, yeah. Uhh, hyung, I, um, I’m going to the dance studio to, uh, practice. Yeah! Bye!” Hoseok lied and rushed out the door before Jin could kill him. Smart move, kid, Jin thought to himself.

“Daddy!Daddy’s coming!” Yoongi stood up from the floor and stood in front of Jin. No matter how much he wanted to murder Hoseok, he couldn’t help but fall in love all over again with how much Yoongi’s eyes lit up knowing Namjoon was coming home. But then Jin remembered that it meant Yoongi isn’t going to sleep any time soon.

“That’s right, baby, but you know, Yoongi, Daddy might take awhile to get here. Maybe you should take a nap first and- ” Jin didn’t even know what the point was in trying, Yoongi wasn’t even listening to him anymore and was instead bouncing excitedly on the couch next to him. Jimin laughed at Jin’s face, “Well I guess Hobi hyung is going to starve from now on.”

Half an hour later and Namjoon still hadn’t arrived. Okay, so now I have two people kill, Jin thought.

Yoongi was on the couch next to Jin and he looked like he could pass out any second. Whenever a slight noise would happen, he would wake up again. Jin had tried to get him to sleep a countless number of times, but all Yoongi would do was refuse. Jin, at this point, had given up on trying to put him to bed and just decided to watch the maknae line continue playing. Those kids were very competitive in video games.

At one point, Jin was so into the video game too, watching as Jimin and Taehyung were closely tied to winning the race, that he barely registered Yoongi’s head fall onto his shoulder. Jin froze because this was the closest he had gotten Yoongi to falling asleep. Now the younger was back into the almost falling asleep state he was in before Hoseok had interrupted.

“You three, that threat is still on. Don’t. Make. A. Single. Noise.” Jin made sure the youngest ones understood. They all nodded furiously, Jungkook even lowering the volume of the game a little.

Jin smiled a minute later when Yoongi had settled on laying his head on Jin’s lap instead and was unconsciously sucking his pacifier. Jin stroked the younger’s hair so he could fall into a deeper sleep.

Jin looked up right in time to see Taehyung pointing his phone towards them again. Jin glared at him.

“Don’t worry, hyung, it’s on silent.” Taehyung defensively said. Jin only returned an ‘it better be’ look.

“It’s so cool how this is our same hyung who could use a curse word in every sentence and can literally murder us with glares.” Jimin smiled as he admired Yoongi sleeping. Everyone else smiled and agreed, staring at him, their game long forgotten.

It was silent for a few seconds when they suddenly heard the front door quietly open. Jin barely had time to register that it was Namjoon when a loud crash came front the front door again and he heard someone cursing.

Everyone jumped at the crash before they all quickly turned their head towards Yoongi. Yoongi’s eyes had snapped open.

“Daddy!” Yoongi exclaimed before he got off the couch and ran towards the front of the dorm.

“Kim Namjoon, you seriously have a death wish!” Jin yelled before quickly following Yoongi so he wouldn’t accident trip and fall. The maknae line found it amusing and decided to follow their hyung.

Jin arrived just in time to see the coat rack on the floor with a sly grin on Namjoon’s face and Yoongi’s eyes light up with another, “Daddy!” making grabby hands towards the leader.

“Hi, baby boy.” Namjoon had on a huge smile before easily picking up Yoongi --he was seriously getting too light-- and placing him on his hip. Before he did anything else, he started covering the elder’s face in playful kisses.

“Tickles, Dad-dy.” Yoongi words were muffled as he giggled. Namjoon was cooing at him when he suddenly remembered something.

“Wait. Isn’t it your nap time right no- ” Namjoon turned towards the other members where he saw Jimin and Taehyung furiously shaking their head and waving their hands towards their hyung, telling him to stop. Namjoon looked over to Jin who was giving him a look that said ‘I dare you to continue’.

“You know what? Nevermind,” Namjoon muttered, looking back at Yoongi.

“Hey, guess what I got you?” Namjoon kissed Yoongi’s cheek one more time. Jin smiled at how Yoongi’s eyes lit up at the mention of Namjoon getting him something. Sure, Yoongi got spoiled a lot, but those reactions are worth it.

Namjoon took out his arm that he had been hiding all this time and revealed to Yoongi a fluffy stuffed teddy bear. Yoongi’s eyes widened and made grabby hands toward the bear, making Namjoon laugh and give it to the elder.

" ’ank you daddy!” Yoongi exclaimed and hugged Namjoon’s neck, holding his brand new teddy bear with one hand.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart,” Namjoon whispered back and smiled. Namjoon guessed that Yoongi should be in bed now --maybe because the young members keep on making all sort of weird signs and how Jin was glaring into his soul-- so Namjoon started rubbing Yoongi’s back and rocking him a little. Namjoon smiled when he felt Yoongi’s head rest on his shoulder. Namjoon had been smiling down at the floor this whole time. When he finally looked up, he saw Jungkook re-entering the room and giving Jin some money with a groan.

“What is that for?” Namjoon softly asked as he still continued to rock Yoongi. Jungkook gave Namjoon an annoyed look. On the other hand, Jin had an amused smirk.

“We had a bet on which member was going to give into carrying Yoongi first.” Jin pointed towards the boy in Namjoon’s arms before going back to counting his money. Jungkook groaned again and crossed his arms.

“Really, hyung? You couldn’t have waited a few more minutes? Tae hyung was so close to breaking!” Jungkook complained. Taehyung sent a dramatic gasp.

“I was not!”

“Oh, you so were.”

“Who’s side are you on, Jimin?”

Fighting broke out after that, even Namjoon getting into it somehow. Jin had just rolled his eyes and went back to counting his money.

Jin would have honestly just left, letting them fight, but a small whining noise interrupted him. Jin had been the only one to notice it so he snapped his head towards Yoongi and saw his eyes closed, making a face of discomfort.

“All of you, shut up!” Jin stopped the fight. Everyone stopped at their hyung’s sudden outburst and they all followed his gaze.

Yoongi had went back to being still with his eyes closed. Everyone stared at him until they finally saw Yoongi breathing evenly. Yoongi began to unconsciously suck on his pacifier. Jin let out a happy sigh as he walked over to the two rappers and stroked Yoongi’s hair, sending him into a deeper sleep.

“He’s finally asleep,” Jin confirmed in a whisper. Everyone smiled while Jin continued to stare at the younger’s sleeping form, grinning.

“I’ll go put him down,” Namjoon whispered to everyone.

“I call cuddling with hyung since Hobi hyung ran away!” Taehyung whisper-yelled.

“What! No, that’s not fair! Rock, paper, scissors!”

“But I suck at Rock, Paper, scissors!”

“Why do you think Jungkookie suggested it, TaeTae?”

Another fight broke out and before another eye roll from Jin, he stopped the fight. Their whisper-yelling was getting too loud.

“BOYS!” Jin exclaimed. All heads were turned to him.

“You guys do realize Namjoon took him to bed, right? And that he locked the door so you three wouldn’t enter?” Jin said. The maknae line’s eyes widened before chaos broke started between the three once more.

Meanwhile, Namjoon had carefully put Yoongi to bed, tucking him in comfortably. Namjoon then, trying to make as close to no noise as possible, slipped under the covers next to him. Namjoon was sleepy, too, after a day at the studio. He would never understand how Yoongi did it.

Right when he was about to join Yoongi in dreamland, arguing outside suddenly woke him up. Namjoon internally groaned, Kids. Namjoon then felt movement under him and heard Yoongi whining, probably from being woken up.

“Sh, go to sleep, baby. Everything’s okay.” Namjoon whispered, stroking the elder’s hair. He’d learned from Jin, and it always worked. He did not want to get murdered by his hyung for Yoongi not sleeping. But fortunately, Yoongi had seemed to calm down.

“Daddy . . .” Yoongi said, half asleep. Namjoon smiled.

“I’m here, Yoongi. Now, go to sleep, little prince,” Namjoon whispered. Yoongi faintly smiled behind his pacifier, getting closer to sleep, before wrapping his arms around Namjoon’s torso. Namjoon continued to stroke the elder’s hair and soon enough, they were both fast asleep.

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