Indiana Jones and the Creature From the Black Lagoon


Bedford, CT.

"So, that's the story. The University didn't know what to make of it, so they kept mum. Except Marcus. He never could keep a secret. He got drunk at a family reunion and spun the whole tale. One of his nephews worked in Hollywood and made a movie about it. Of course, they didn't put me in it."

"So, did anyone ever come looking after the Collinsworths?" Marion asked as she cut one of her sausages.

Indy shook his head. "Some insurance people poked around Santarem a little bit, but everything they found just supported the story that Chloe and Blake went on an expedition into the jungle and never came back."

"Well, it's the truth," Marion said.

"Yeah," Indy sighed and sipped his coffee.

"Hey Jones," she clasped his arm and gave it a shake. "It's not your fault. You did you best to keep them safe, but they just kept making the wrong decisions."

Indy nodded, but his expression was still faraway. "It still wasn't any fun to watch." He sipped his coffee, then shook away the memories of Chloe and Blake's end. "Anyway, bringing back a genuine Tapajo scroll—particularly one in pristine condition. It took the sting out of the expedition falling through."

"I always wondered when you brought that back. I could never make sense of the timing. When you'd been that far up the Amazon. Now, I know the story."

"That you do, Mrs. Jones."

"Stop. I still can't believe I traded in a name like Ravenwood for Jones. Might as well be smith or Green." She punched him lightly in the shoulder.

"So, you see why the Oceanarium isn't real high in my list of places to visit after reading this," he held up the newspaper.

"Yeah," Marion said quietly, then she brightened. "You know, Giza might not be so bad."

"I don't think so."

"Like you said, I can pick up some fabrics. And those parchments the locals sell? I can get a bunch a cheap, frame them and turn them around for fifty dollars apiece."

Indy raised his mug. "Sweetheart, it sounds like a deal."

Marion clinked her mug against is. "You got a partner, Jones."

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