Cursed(Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)


Will Chat Noir and Ladybug will be REVEALED to each other? I don't own the COVER!

Action / Fantasy
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Cursed, I Think Not!

Marinette was watching Manon for the day with Alya since she had nothing to do after school, school was over with. But the superheros, Chat Noir and Ladybug are expected to travel to the Eiffel Tower to cut the ribbon to the new structure, so Marinette didn’t know what to do by then.

She then asked Alya, “Do you mind Manon for me while I go talk to my parents, please? It’s an emergency since the flour is--” Alya then stopped and said, “Just go, girl, I got this little munchkin.” Sh then tickled Manon, making her giggle hard and red. “Don’t kill her now!" Marinette taunted Alya. She then stuck out her tongue playfully and yelled, “GO!” She ran giggling uncontrollably into an alley, so she can transform into her alternative self, Ladybug. “I need to get there before it starts! Damn, if I didn’t spend all that time, worrying about it than actually doing it--”

Marinette(Ladybug) arrived at the celebration ten minutes later, with no Kitty in sight. She looked for the mayor, and asked him, “When will the celebration start?” He kindly told her with a warm smile, “Whenever Chat Noir arrives, we will start, dame." Ladybug called Kitty off her yo-yo: No answer. Then she heard her child-hood bully, Chloe run to her and hug her tightly than she ever did before. "You really honored me with your visit, Ladybug!"Marinette pushed her off slightly and responded, "Not right now, Chloe. I'm calling Chat Noir." She then pointed behind her and taunted, "Well...he's right behind you..." She didn't believe her, not for one second, but then Marinette heard his voice, the familiar voice. "Hello, mi'lady, your chaton has arrived." She giggled as he said that, blushing mildly. The mayor then startled me and announced, "Let the ribbon- cutting...BEGIN!"

Marinette then heard a shy voice behind her, sounding afraid in its voice. She turned around to see Manon hiding behind Alya as she recorded her and Chat Noir for her Lady Blog, as described. "Can I cut the ribbon, too?" is what she was saying. Ladybug knelled down to Alya's leg, where she was hiding at and asked her, "Do you wanna cut the ribbon with me, Manon?" She sounded as gently as she could to make her feel comfortable with her. She came out her hiding and walked up towards Marinette and said timidly, "Sure..."

Marinette then picked her up and put her on her shoulders and walked towards the ribbon that was circling the Eiffel Tower, but until she got stopped by the Mayor. "She mustn't cut the ribbon as well! It's strictly for the superheros, Ladybug!" She then shot an angry look at him and said, "She's only a child, Mayor, and it's my choice if the child can cut the ribbon or not, and I say she can." The Mayor was stunned, but not for long. He soon took the child off Marinette's shoulders and dragged her back to Alya, her screaming for Ladybug's rescue. "Ladybug, please!" Marinette felt hot, and angry. She wanted to curse the Mayor's name out loud, but she was shown as a symbol of heroism, bravery along with Chat Noir. Alya then left with a crying, wailing Manon dragging along. "Manon..." Marinette started to feel tears, until she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, mi'lady. She will be okay." Marinette pushed his hand off her shoulder and walked towards the ribbon, leaving him hurt as ever.

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