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Gundam Build Divers: CybErsPace GalaXy TraVelLing BuilDers & DriFters


"Welcome aboard to my ship, M. C. S. Vandalgion. My name is P.K.T, the Captain of this combat vessel and I'm inviting you as my guests of honor." M.C.S. Vandalgion, a rumored spaceship/Force that roams around GBN's Dimension Field Map, completing any requests they accepted without fail (supposedly). Features mechs,chars,places outside Gundam Franchise. Constructive criticisms are very much appreciated. OCs are accepted. Even protagonists from other stories are welcomed in open arms. *Updates whenever possible*

Humor / Scifi
Zeliel Ohnma
Age Rating:

Episode 1

Gundam Build Divers: CybErsPace GalaXy TraVelLing BuilDers & DriFters

Episode 1: Welcome To M.C.S. Vandalgion!

GBN Beginner’s Server 11, Somewhere above the Lunar surface...

“Isamu, hurry up!”


A pair of mobile suits are on a dashing spree as they are being chased by a dozen of Murasames and few Zeta Plus units, with the latter having guns blazing at the two escaping machines.

“For them to chase us all the way here just to get points from us beginners... how cowardly!” A male voice cursed under his breath as he steers his machine away from the pursuers. Having an avatar that wears a black pilot suit with his face obscured by his helmet it’s hard to tell that he’s actually frustrated in his situation. His machine, a heavily damaged custom 00 Qan(T), is already struggling to maintain a straight stable flight.

“Tch, they’re persistent as paparazzis!” His female partner who also had an identical pilot suit agreed with the same reaction. She uses a modified Gadessa, which is also having trouble flying on its own due to battle damage from an earlier Force Battle.

“Get them!”

While his partner is doing a great job giving covering fire for their escape it’s still not enough to scare off the pursuers who are so persistent at gunning them down.

“T-There’s too much difference in firepower, I can’t-Ah!”

One of the pursuers managed to hit Isamu’s 00 Qan(T), crippling its wing binder and causing it to crash onto the lunar surface.

“Tch, not now!”


Seeing Isamu’s machine grounded for good the Gadessa’s pilot goes into his aid and drags him to safety, only to be pinned down too by enemy fire that’s getting intense by the minute.

“Darn it!” In this critical moment Isamu says the typical line, “Ingrid, you go on ahead. I’ll at least hold them off for you-”

But the girl, also using a typical response, “Don’t say that!” she replied, “Didn’t I said we’ll escape together! Are you going to waste our teammate’s efforts just for this!?”


As more beam shots rain over their machines, Isamu and his partner Ingrid are running out of options to escape and survive while they’re taking more damage from the attacks.



With their machine’s weaponry and propulsion systems severely damaged, the two now have no other means to escape from being destroyed as they are now completely surrounded by their enemies.


“So this is as far as we can go...?”

And just as they thought that this will be their last moment, a large beam shot races through the battlefield that interrupts the skirmish between the pursuers and escapees.


“Khh! What the hell!?”

When they shifted their focus on its source they saw a large shadowy object that took all their attention. Its shape is vaguely similar to a large letter ‘H’ or a metallic Sphinx statue, depending on what angle you’re looking at it. It had two sets of bow and deck that serves as runways, and going by that it pretty much resemble the designs of the White Base, Albion or Argama, but is more grayish/black in color and had different module aesthetics. Its battered appearance and dull color gives it an eerie presence for both parties.

“Wha...What is that!?”

Said object had large cannons and missile silos aimed at the pursuers, marking them with red indicators on its screen.

“CIWS, Gottfrieds, bring out a barrage!” A female voice echoed her command throughout the vessel, which activated multiple mechanical and electrical systems that lights up its whole body. And in sequence, it began spewing out deadly beam and solid projectiles on its intended target.

“What in the!?”

With the Murasame/Zeta Plus group realizes that they’re being targeted for an attack, they quickly go into evasive maneuvers and defensive positions. But despite their efforts the barrage was so intense that they’ve lost several units, breaking their battle formation and lowering their morale.

“W-What do we do, Boss!?”


In that instant the pursuer’s leader is forced to issue a bitter order...

“Tch, retreat! Retreat!”


Transforming into their MA modes the remaining Zeta Plus/Murasame units high-tailed immediately after firing some flash bangs to cover their escape. In that cue the large vessel decides to halt its bombardment and began approaching the two poor escapees.

“We’re safe now... right?”


With their adversaries had already dispersed and disappear from the scene, both Isamu and Ingrid sighed in relief as they have been spared from being destroyed and losing their Build Coins. However, there’s still something mysterious that’s waiting in front of them to be revealed.


Inside the ship, “Steelballer 1, prepare to sortie out to retrieve the two damaged units ASAP. Watch out for any hostiles while you’re working.” The same female voice ordered a machine inside the vessel to launch out.

“Roger. This is Steelballer 1, Launching now and sending drones for assistance.”

Still in a dazed state and their machines crippled, both Isamu and Ingrid let themselves taken in by the large ship, assisted by several drones and a Mobile Worker unit to a repair deck. These drones are actually Haros, equipped with repair units called Karel maintenance machines that guides the two damaged mobile suits into two empty MS cages. After setting them up the Karels began repairing the 00 Qanta and Gadessa in a moment’s notice.

“... Isamu, this is...”


M. C. S. Vandalgion, Mecha Hangar...

As their respective Gunplas are being repaired while their avatars are still inside, the pair secretly discusses on their comm. link on what are they going to do next.

“Looks like they don’t have any intention of harming us...”

“I-Isamu, W-What do we do?”

“For now we should go talk to that guy over there.” Isamu then points his attention on his screen, “It seems like he’s eager to tell us the whole situation that we’re in.”

“I... see...”

The one Isamu referring to was the lone avatar that’s standing in front of their machines. It’s an anthropomorphic combination of a cat and a penguin about as tall as an adult man with white thin whiskers, stout ears and oval eyes larger than dish trays and pupils the size of a dinner plate. His black fur had a pattern that looks like he’s wearing a business suit, complete with a necktie-shaped black fur on its white belly just below his face.

“You ready?”


With both Isamu and Ingrid agreeing to talk with him, the two finally decided to exit their machines and meet this individual personally. After landing in front of the mysterious cat-like avatar they are greeted with a line-

“Welcome aboard to my ship, M. C. S. Vandalgion. My name is P.K.T, the Captain of this combat vessel and I’m inviting you as my guests of honor.”

The two looked at each other for a moment, and then afterwards deactivate their helmet gears as a gesture of respect and greeting.

“You have our gratitude for saving us. We owe you one big time.” The messy-styled black-haired man starts out his introduction, “I’m Isamu. And this is-”

“Ingrid, his partner.” The woman with a brunette curly long hair continued, “We’re really grateful for rescuing us.” and then slightly bowed to the cat avatar.

As P.K.T. heard their names, “Isamu and Ingrid, huh? I see...” he activates a holo-console on his right hand (or flipper), typing in a moderate pace. Even without any visible fingers this avatar had no problem pushing the small buttons on his keyboard display.




Using a PM module, Isamu and Ingrid were discussing their impressions on this cat-penguin avatar.

“What is he doing...?”

“I don’t know...”

“Do you think he had some ulterior motives on helping us...?”

“I can’t tell...”



Nodding as if he had confirmed something while looking at his open holo-console before closing it, P.K.T. then redirects his attention to the two.

“It seems to me that it’ll take some time to fully repair your machines. I recommend staying here for now, and we’ll drop you two off on a GBN Lobby Tower on the way before we continue to our own destination.” The Ship’s captain offered a suggestion.

“O-Okay, we’ll take you up on that offer, thank you.” Isamu answered with a cautious expression.

“Thank you.”

“...Well then, follow me.”



As they walk along the large docking bay, the pair notices several machines that are quite eye-catching. They vary from sizes and designs, but what’s more interesting is that most of these mechs are not from the Gundam franchise.

“Whoah, you’ve got one large mecha collection here...”

“Patlabor, Arm Slaves, Votoms, Knightmare Frames, SPTs, Orbital Frames, Dragonars... The list goes on...”

“Ah, those? I have a special privilege given to me by the admin to utilize them.” P.K.T. answered them with a confident smirk, “Though certain conditions and situations must be met for them to be used here in GBN.”

“Certain situations?”

“Special privilege?” Isamu further inquired, “Are you some kind of a special agent by the Admins-”

But Isamu’s sentence was cut off by P.K.T.’s suggestion, as if completely ignoring both of their questions.

“Since you guys are already here, why don’t we have a tour of our ship all the while introducing my crew members first?”


“Oh? So these are the guest, huh...”

“And here’s one of them.”


In the right cue one of P.K.T.’s staff appears on the scene, coming behind the receiving area and walking towards them in a calm stride. Having black shiny skin, elongated head, razor-sharp teeth, bony chest, slender arms and large legs makes him resemble the Xenomorph creature from the movie ‘Alien’. Even with it carrying a tablet and a pen doesn’t even help for the two guests who are quite frightened by this avatar.


“Hello there.”

The Xenomorph-like avatar greeted the pair with a warm smile... or that’s how it’s supposed to be. With his lips being surrounded by sharp fangs no wonder Ingrid and Isamu couldn’t help themselves from having heart-attack inducing pulse rate levels as they stared at this avatar.



In a slightly audible British accent, “How rude!” the otherworldly avatar retorted in a way that expresses vigorous anger, “Just because I look like this doesn’t mean I’m a blood-thursty creature who uses human beings as living breeding nests!”


“Uh, sorry about that.” Isamu quickly apologized, “We won’t do it again.”


Adjusting his composure and tone of voice the British-speaking Alien then mumbles under his breath for sometime and walks past the three avatars, heading towards to a telephone booth-like device beside the MS cages.

“Hmph, every single one of you judges me by appearance...”

Hearing this line, “Then don’t choose an avatar that would make someone die from heart attack just by looking at it.” the ship’s captain uttered in reflex, “Weren’t you always the one who say we should choose avatars that would at least be cute and friendly-looking to our clients?”


P.K.T.’s comment made the Xenomorph avatar paused and think deeply for a moment, as if he realizes that he made a big mistake. And before he pushes a button on the booth’s control panel the Alien avatar looks at the two guests and said...

“I’m Xenny, by the way. In case that you’re going to call me something else.”


“A-Ah, Yeah.”


Xenny then activates the device, which the booth glows in a bright bluish light, and in an instant he disappears along with the glow.

“...Well, that was an awkward introduction, don’t you think?” P.K.T. wryly smiled, like he’s trying to change the mood, “Sorry about his attitude earlier. He sometimes acts like an idiot, but he’s a good guy.”


“What was that just now?” However Ingrid was more concerned about what happened to Xenny, “Where did he go!?”

“Ah, he just used that Teleport Pod to go somewhere.” P.K.T. accordingly answered in a calm tone, “This ship is quite spacious, you see. Exploring it without any kind of transportation module would be... very difficult.”


With that in mind Isamu then asks, “I must say, this is one impressive ship you have. I mean, this thing’s quite expensive, right? How and where did you obtain something like this?”

“Oh, this ship?” The ship’s captain replied with a confident smirk, “This is one of those perks that you can choose from the moment you became a Force Champion once, won in all individual Championships at least once, and became involved in shady cyber business at least once.”


“Uhhh wait, just ignore the last part.” P.K.T. shortly followed his sentence by saying, “Forget I said that. That didn’t happen.”

“Uuhh...” Both Isamu and Ingrid became makes a confused look at the ship’s captain, with the latter sweating in bullets.

In an attempt to divert the subject, “In any case, let’s head towards the Bridge Tower. From there I’ll be introducing you to my other crew members that operates this ship.” P.K.T. suddenly gave out a suggestion, “I’m pretty sure that you’ll find my crew members quite interesting.”



“Gimme a break, will you?”

“That’s my line.”


On their way to a nearby Teleport Pod they heard two voices that are arguing with each other just at the Mecha Hangar’s other end. As the voices seems to be getting closer towards P.K.T. and company, this prompted the ship’s captain to wait for them to come.

“I’m telling you, I know what I’m doing.”

“No, you listen. You keep getting yourself in trouble because you ignore other people’s opinion.”

And then P.K.T softly uttered, “Ah, right. We also have these two duds on board this ship. What a pain...”

Both Isamu and Ingrid had no idea what did he mean by that, but they’re certain that these people weren’t your average friendly GBN players. At the distance they’re still look like shadowy silhouettes until...

“I see you two are still at it, huh?”



P.K.T. then calls them out, having the two arguing avatars then paused their bickering for a moment. The two shadowy figures are then revealed; one is a cream-and-white teddy bear while the other is a white-and-pink bunny plushie. Accompanied by a bubbly pinkish background this makes them seemed like harmless cute animals...

“Ah. Good afternoon, Captain. So these are our guests?”

“Yo, Wazzup, Boss?”

“And these two are our famous gun-toting idiots of our fleet, the Broken Stuffed Toy Pair of Vandalgion.” P.K.T. derogatorily introduce the two, “Men, state your names and affiliation.”

“Name’s Dakka- er, Kumata. First-class Assault team unit 1 of M.C.S. Vandalgion.” The teddy bear avatar was the first to tell about himself, “I’mma guns, mechs, beams and imouto otaku. How’re y’all doing?”

“And I’m Usagin. First-class Assault team unit 2 of M.C.S. Vandalgion.” The grim-voiced bunny avatar goes next, “I’m a fan of huge bombs, missiles, fires, Robots, nukes and MILFs. Pleased to blow up- I mean, meet you.”


...Until one of them speaks like a gangster while the other had a grim gargling voice. The two guests, which were stunned by their appearance at first, find their self-introductions quite off-putting.

“Yo! Check out ma’ big gunz!” Kumata suddenly draw out his customized Assault rifle with enthusiasm, “Wit’ diz and a good ol’ fashion gunslingin’s all I need ta shoot down dat champ with a customized AGE II! Ya just gotta have multiple gunz, AKA more Dakka the bettah!”

“Idiot! It’ll take more than that to beat him!” But Usagin argued back, “What you need is a big fat nuke!” pointing at the large missile system behind him, “Large high-yield nuke-style explosions that engulfs the whole battlefield should do the trick! That way there’s no way he can hide from that attack!”

“Nu-uh! It’s more Dakka, the bettah!”

“Like I said, a big bomb’s the better option!”



Both Isamu and Ingrid were speechless from this nonsensical exchange of weapon solutions, leaving them unable to understand what was going on.

“Yous always turn da battlefield into a big-ass hole when ya do that tactic!”

“And you’re way too Gung-ho when it comes to shooting! You always waste too much bullets for a single mission!” The pink bunny retorted, “Seriously, why would you start a gunfight in the middle of a stealth mission!?”

“That ain’t better than using a giant boom in a rescue mission!” The white teddy bear makes a counter-remark, “Yous s’pposed ta save them civilian AIs, not turn ’em into ashes, you trash!”

“Yeah, right! Keep talking and I’ll shove a grenade into your arsehole!”

“I’ll fill ya up with new holes before ya could even touch ma shit!”

The two kept bickering with each other without a care of choosing their words, ignoring both the captain and the guests of honor.


“What is this...?”

“Children, we’re in front of our guests...” P.K.T. quickly apologized to Isamu and Ingrid, “Sorry about this, these two were just your average firepower-loving 10-year-old boys in your neighborhood. They’re good kids, but not always that good...”

“We can see that...” Ingrid agreed in response, “Quite the headache pair to babysit, do they?”

“Yeah, I know...” The ship’s captain replied as he massage his forehead, “Now that you’ve met them, let’s move on...”

“Eh? are we gonna leave those two just like that?” Isamu asks while pointing at the two.

“It’s going to take a while before they’ll end it themselves.” P.K.T. said this with a sigh, “Those two doesn’t know when to give up even they’re in the wrong side.”


Ignoring the arguing plushies P.K.T. and the two guests then goes inside the Teleport Pod, and after the ship’s captain accessed its control panel they vanished along with a bright light that engulfs them in an instant.

M.C.S. Vandalgion, Superstructure Section

As they are teleported to another section of Vandalgion, P.K.T. and his guests then arrived at a hall that leads to the Bridge Tower. The Ship’s captain takes the lead walking towards the Bridge Tower, and while on their way another avatar shows up and greets them with a polite gentleman’s bow.

“Good day, Captain.”

“Good day, too. Thank you for your hard work.”


For Isamu and Ingrid, he’s the first avatar that have a human-like physique that they’ve met so far in this ship, which is a refreshing change of pace. With a slender built, black cloak with blue clothing and an ornate gold-and-black mask he resembles a character from a well-known mecha anime...

“Oh? So you two are the guests of honor this time?” black-garbed man took the initiative to introduce himself to the two, “Welcome to our humble space fortress, M.C.S Vandalgion. My name is Z-r0, second-in-command officer of this vessel. Please, make yourselves comfortable while you’re here.”

“U-Uhm, yeah. I’m Isamu, by the way.”

“And I’m Ingrid. Pleased to meet you.”

“Isamu and Ingrid, I see... ”

Isamu and Ingrid had their thoughts in sync as they glance at this avatar with a curious look at their faces.

“He kinda looks like that guy from Code Geass, don’t you think? Even his name was similar...”


“I’m giving them a tour of our ship.” P.K.T. stated, “Care to join us?”

“Ah, no. I still have things to attend for a while.” Z-r0 politely declines while showing a list of his chores on a holo-panel, “Now then, if you’ll excuse me.”

And with that P.K.T. replied, “I see. Keep up the good work.”

After slightly bowing to his captain Z-r0 then walks past the three and access the Teleport Pod they used earlier, disappearing the same way they did when P.K.T. activates it.

“Now then, let us proceed to the Bridge Tower, shall we?”

Entering the Bridge Tower the two guests had themselves amazed by the amount of details seen on the ship’s central control room, from hi-tech navigation systems, advanced enemy detection equipment to the hi-resolution view of the digitally recreated interstellar space.

“Good afternoon, captain!”

Upon entering three operators greeted their captain and the pair, bowing Japanese-style and each introduces themselves to the two guests. And much to their surprise, they are all human female avatars.

“Thank you for your hard work.” P.K.T. replied to the female avatars and then presents the guests to them, “Here are our guests for today.”

“H-Hello there. My name’s Isamu.”

“I’m Ingrid. Pleased to meet you all.”

“Good afternoon.” The operator who wears a red Zeon uniform goes first, “My name is Lucille. Pleased to meet you.” She was the tallest of the three, a brunette with ponytail hairstyle and having cerulean eyes that compliments her mature beauty.

“Greetings.” another operator beside her wearing a SEED E.A. uniform is next to say her name, “I’m Marina. How do you do?” She had shoulder-length with a side bang violet hair, emerald eyes and her faint smile gives a mysterious vibe around her.

“Hello!” The last one to introduce herself is a petite girl wearing an A-LAWS uniform, “And I’m Fuuka. Nice to meet y’all!” Her short outward curled brown hair and golden eyes somewhat matches her energetic and childish behavior.

“Damn, they’re cute girls...” Isamu unconsciously said it out loud as he dazes over the operators, blushing and wryly smiling like an idiot.

“Oh, thank you~”


While the three operator girls quivers in joy seeing Isamu’s reaction, Ingrid isn’t all that amused by her partner’s antics.

“Yes, they are G.I.R.L.(s)...” P.K.T. added in a soft tone, “If I were you, better think twice if you’re hooking up with them...”


Everyone in the Bridge Tower suddenly got so tensed and riled up, as if the Captain’s line had triggered an identity exposure.

“Uh, ahem...”


Feeling somewhat embarrassed about her superior’s teasing, “C-Captain, don’t say it like that...” Lucille muttered while looking away, blushing.

“What do you mean...?” Isamu hung his head in confusion from what P.K.T.’s words mean, clueless from how it affects the operators.

“Pfft...” Even Ingrid had herself chuckling a bit, covering her mouth and avoiding her face being seen by Isamu.

“Why’re you laughing?” Isamu asks Ingrid, who’s still quite puzzled by the quick change of mood due to that Captain’s certain line.


“Oh my...”

After a few minutes of awkward funny moments, “Now then, let’s proceed to other places this ship can offer...” P.K.T. suggested.

“Okay. Let’s go, Isamu.”

“Eh!? But-”

“Bye now~”

Dragging Isamu by his collar Ingrid left the Bridge Tower along with the ship’s captain. Guided by P.K.T. they visited other facilities M.C.S Vandalgion’s entirety, from the Cafeteria to the Training Rooms until their last stop onto the ship’s lower superstructure, where they walk towards a certain pathway.

M.C.S. Vandalgion Main Deck, F.N. Quarters...

Getting bored on their long hallway walk Isamu asks, “Where are we?”

“This is our own Resting Cabins for both the guests and crew. It also serves as our LogIn/LogOut point for the crew.” P.K.T. stopped for a moment and answered, “Anyways, this guy here will escort you to your guest rooms.”

A bulky and heavy build human avatar walk past behind the ship’s captain and stands towering over the two. He vaguely resembles a black-haired Guile from Street Fighter, complete with military commando getup and an intimidating glare to match his old-school rugged face design.


“He’s huge!”

Donning a somewhat smoldering expression he bows as a sign of polite greeting, in which Isamu and Ingrid responds with the same gesture.

“Greetings. I’m rUssEl KuroYaMa, pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Ingrid. P-Pleased to meet you too...”

“I’m Usamu, likewise.” while bowing the male guest thought, “Damn those muscles...”

After the quick introductions, “Well then, I’ll be off to the Bridge Tower. rUssEl, take it from here.” said P.K.T. after tapping rUssEl’s shoulder and goes the other way.

“Yes, sir. Please, this way.”

And with that the two guests followed rUssEl a few steps further into the hallway. Walking towards one of the doors the Guile-lookalike avatar opens it with a card key, and then hand-signals Isamu and Ingrid to enter the room. While being polite and all Isamu still can’t shake the awkward feeling he had as the two of them follow this rugged-looking goon to their guestroom.

“This is your room. Make yourselves comfortable during our trip while you’re here.”


“Well then, I’ll be leaving now. Please let us know on the Room Terminal over there if you need anything else.” rUssEl said while pointing at a digital interface at the room’s back wall.

“Yes, thank you.”

Before leaving rUssEl bows for the last time and left the room quietly. Taking time to observe and relax inside the room, the two guests discuss a few things that seemed familiar to them.

“Hmm... this place is just like those Force Nest we once have, don’t you think?” Isamu was the first to tell his opinion.

Giving a more accurate remark Ingrid said, “More like, it’s the exact same design of a Force Nest when you’re starting out a Force in GBN.”

“Now that you mention it...”



“That cat-penguin’s quite a mystery. He said he was an all-time Champion, but I don’t remember someone in the top Diver’s list who had a name of P.K.T...”

“Maybe he did something bad in the past, demoted from his previous rank and is now working under admin to amend his mistakes?”

“Maybe, but will they erase all of his previous data just for that?”

“I don’t know. He did said he was involved in a shady cyber businesses, after all.”


Out of nowhere, an ear-tearing alarm was heard throughout the battleship that alerted everyone on board the ship. While this would be a cause for panic for a normal shp crew, most of the personnel at the Vandalgion were either annoyed, excited or just outright ignore the warning signal.

“Hmmm, another emergency?” In the case of Captain P.K.T., it’s like any other daily boring routine that he had to attend every single time.

Meanwhile in the Resting Cabins, Isamu and Ingrid had been alerted by the loud siren that ehoed throughout the room.

“W-What was that!?”

“I don’t know, but I think we should go see.”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

M.C.S. Vandalgion, Bridge Tower

“Boss, we’ve got fans. And looks like they want more than just our autographs.”

At the Bridge Tower, P.K.T. and some of his crew are observing the three large objects that’s approaching them from behind. They are shaped like large gray utility boxes with a canopy at the front and a cluster of thrusters at the back.

“I see.” P.K.T. casually uttered with a frown, “I knew it was too good to be true when they gave up and left us alone that easily...”

These flying utility boxes then opens a compartment on their sides, and releases a few specks of light that surrounds them. These small lights are actually enemy Gunplas, with their thrusters lit up that look like small stars from afar.

“Confirmed. Three EFSF carrier ships in pursuit. Total number of enemy machines deployed: 128. They’re composed of Zeta Plus, Murasames, and Taurus units.”

P.K.T. along with the ‘Alien’ avatar are on a special monitor, scanning the whole area that would become a battlefield while analyzing their enemy’s capabilities at the same time.

“So, what do you think, Xenny?”

“They’re using bot multiplier mods. The enemy ships seems to be equipped with a data duplication program that creates copies of the same Gunpla scanned with a tampered Diver Gear. If we want to deal with them quick now’s the perfect chance to do it.”

“Ever since the Break Decal incident many illegal mods like this have been introduced here in GBN. Guess I’ll be writing another report to the Admin for a new patch to fix this...”

“This makes the 12th time we encountered something like this, right?” Fuuka interjected, “They don’t know when to quit, do they?”

“These kind of things are happening a lot more often recently...” Lucille also expresses a bit of anxiety as these trend of practices are becoming a common sight to them.

No sooner the two guests barge into the scene, with the male guest asking the typical question-

“What the hell’s going on!?” And then Isamu looks at the screen he exclaimed, “What the hell is that!?”

“Looks like those guys from before managed to trace us back all the way here.” The Ship’s captain replied to Isamu, “And from the way they are chasing us like hungry Hyenas, I think they’re itching for a rematch...”

“Khh, what a shameless bunch of greedy bastards...”


Ingrid, witnessing Isamu’s reaction, had herself worried for his partner. She knew he kept blaming himself for every time their Force got into trouble, and now he involved these ship’s crew on this kind of situation as well.


Realizing that he was the cause, Isamu then took a moment of silence before reaching to a solution. When he already decided what to do the male guest faces everyone in the Bridge tower and announces his course of action.

“We really appreciate what you’ve done so far for us. Thank you.” Isamu suddenly speaks up, “I’ll take it from here. Those bastards were after our points we won during a Force Match battle anyway, so I’ll be the one who should deal with them.”



The mood inside the Bridge Tower are getting more heavier as their guest chose to sacrifce himself in order to spare the rest of the crew. However just as Isamu is preparing to leave, the ship’s captain had something else in mind.

“Hold it.”


“What do you think you’re doing? I never said I would agree on that decision of yours.”

P.K.T. then stands in front of Isamu, showing the male guest an upset expression of his face.

“W-What are you saying? There’s too many of them! There’s no way you can win against those guys!”

“Don’t underestimate us. We may be a hodgepodge of different people in here but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to defend ourselves.”

“What do you mean?”

Even with all this development, Isamu still couldn’t understand P.K.T.’s reasoning or intention. Reaching on a transceiver’s mic, the ship’s Captain then calls out his comrades by saying-

“Attention all crew! Attention all crew!”

“Oi, W-What are you-!”

All of the Ship’s crew members then momentarily stopped their usual routine and focuses their attention on the speakers around the ship, listening to their captain’s announcement.

"As of now we’re being chased by these ugly idiots whose desperate for a few points and fun, and our guests are worried about whether we’ll make it out of here intact. Now then, let me ask a question; Are we weaklings? Are we cowards? Are we just nobodies in the end? If not, prove it to these two right now! Show them what this Force’s truly capable of!”

“Hell yeah!”

“Yes, Boss!”


With this proclamation, all of the personnel inside the M.C.S. Vandalgion including the ones at the Bridge Tower suddenly become energetic and full of enthusiasm on the spot. After that they rushed into their dedicated positions on the ship preparing for combat.

“All hands, assume level 1 battle stations! The enemy is chasing us, so there’s no need to provoke them into attacking. Our main targets are those three enemy carrier ships, so bring out those big guns and shoot them down!”

Continuing on the announcement P.K.T. then called out his two comrades, “Kumata, Usagin, you’re up!”

At the ship’s mess hall, the two stuffed toy avatars had their meals interrupted and almost barfed them out as they are called into action.

“Ya heard that, Usagin?”

“Hell yeah I did...”

They looked somewhat annoyed at first, having shady expressions on their faces. But slowly these shady expressions becomes an evil grin, comparable to a certain doll’s grin that goes by the name of ‘Chucky’.

“Assault team, ready to rumble!”

Abandoning their food both Usagin and Kumata makes a run into the Mecha Hangar, prepares their holo-panel and goes into their own mechs that they would use.

“It’s been a while since I had some fresh meat...”

On the ship’s catapult are two identical VF-25 Messiahs, with two different settings. They are piloted by Kumata and Usagin, whose machines mirror their preferred style of combat. These Macross model kits have been tuned IRL for actual Gunpla Battles, so they can be used at their full potential in GBN.

“Metal Hawk 1, ready!”

Kumata’s Armored Messiah had a bulky armor and literally armed from the back to its head unit. It had all the armaments of the orginal Armored Messiah, with an additional Vulcan guns on the nose in fighter mode, a pair of Gatling guns at the underside and beam cannons on its back end near its thrusters. Its color pattern is reminiscent of the Zeta plus C1, having dark gray paint with navy blue parts on the head, shoulders, torso and legs in Battroid mode.

“Metal Hawk 2, ready!”

Usagin’s Messiah is equipped with a modified Tornado pack, having more weaponry than its standard configuration. It had additional 12 missile systems at its wings and dorsal sections, several times larger than its Tornado configuration counterparts. Four of these extra missiles are actually MIRVs, each packed with 40 smaller homing explosives. It paint scheme resembles the ReZEL’s, having purple color all over its body except its nose and dorsal section (chest panels in Battroid mode).

“Systems all green, on standby!”

The two Messiah kits are then loaded to a catapult bay, placing them at both runways of the ship.

“Metal Hawk 1, Metal Hawk 2, you’re clear to launch!”

“A’right, time to eat breakfast! Metal Hawk 1, Launching!”

“Metal Hawk 2, Launching!”

“Steelballer 1, standby.”

“Roger. Steelballer 1, ready to launch.”

At the lower section of Vandalgion’s catapult deck a capsule-like object is loaded on a barrel-style catapult, rUssEl and his machine awaits for deployment.

“That voice... Is that rUssEl?” Isamu immediately recognizes that deep voice, “He’s going to fight as well?”

“Steelballer 1, moving out!”

Launched from the catapult like a bullet fired by a pistol the Gashapon Capsule hits and damages one of the Murasames and pops open, revealing a customized SD Gundam Heavyarms(Ver. EW). This Heavyarms had articulation that rivals HG 1/144 kit thanks to its Cross Silhouette frame, giving it more maneuverability and melee capabilities increased. Other than the standard Gatling Gun, Army Knife and missiles it also had the Igel equipment, now with more homing missiles on its limbs and beam cannons attached on its back.

“Is that an SD Gundam?” One of the enemy players noted, unintentionally saying it in a public message board.

“Yes.” The rugged-looking rUssEl spoke, “Because real men play SD Gundams...” with a matching smug expression on his face.

Two fully armed VF-25 Messiahs and an SD Gundam Heavyarms take on an army of Murasames and Zeta Plus units, with guns blazing as they charge through enemy formation.


Usagin starts off the firefight with a huge bang literally, by launching a pair of large missiles strapped on top of his Tornado Messiah that splits into several more warheads. These small explosives then dash towards the Murasames and Zeta Plus units, blowing up and illuminating the whole battlefield with a fiery whitish yellow light.

“Here comes more!”

He then followed with a signature Valkyrie Missile Spam that swarms the whole enemy fleet with homing explosives that greatly reduces enemy numbers, enough to render the Murasame/Zeta Plus army into mere small squadrons scattered around the battlefield. After that he chases the remaining enemy units with frightening speeds and spams them with beam fire.

“There he goes again... Welp, I ain’t be outdone juz’ by dat!”

Kumata also does a firing spree at his enemies, unleashing hellfire with his Armored Messiah’s multiple armaments. Rounds and rounds of Gatling fire and beam shots spew away against the already dwindled Murasames and Zeta Plus units while he zooms around at high speeds launching multiple homing projectiles at the enemy units that guards their ships.


During that moment, the SD Heavyarms also pours down several missile and beam shots at the Taurus forces that guards the enemy vessels. Even with its bullets and missiles are quite smaller than its real-scale counterpart they’re quite effective against the Tauruses that have considerable armoring on their frames.

“Come on! Come and get some!” rUssEl have been more eager to shoot down these illegal mod users ever since the last time he was ambushed by Mass Divers during his noob days in GBN.

The Zeta Plus, Murasames and Taurus units immediately took evasive maneuvers but could not prevent their demise from the three Vandalgion’s vanguard units. While the enemy ships continues to deploy these identical Gunplas again and again both Messiahs and SD Heavyarms keeps shooting them down in succession.

“Heheh, only quantity but no quality? LAME!”

“Mow them down!”

“Something’s not right...”

At first glance it seem like the three-unit Assault Team had the upper hand in this battle, but rUssEl finally realize something amiss while they were engaging these Gunpla units.

“Uhh, guys... I think we’ve been doing this the wrong way...”

“Tch! They’re not decreasing in numbers!”


Ever single time they shot down an enemy unit, two more are deployed from the enemy ships at that same moment. This process repeats to the point the enemy Gunplas numbered to thousands without them realizing as the three were all too trigger-happy dealing against the countless mobs surrounding them.

“What are you idiots doing!? This will never end unless you do something against those ships!” P.K.T. angrily yelled at them through their transceiver, “Shoot those enemy ships down and put a stop on their production of those Gunpla duplicates!”

“Oh, right. You said our priority targets were those ships...” Usagin was the first one to admit that they were too Gung-ho on taking on numerous Gunplas at once, as he thought they’ll eventually be wiped out by gunning them down recklessly.


In the middle of that realization rUssEl then proposed, “I’ll cover you guys! Go get those ships!”

“You heard that, Kumata? Formation Planet Dance!”


With rUssEl’s Heavyarms punches through the front-lines by simultaneously firing all its guns, the Messiah pair then zizags through enemy formation’s weak spots and shoots down any hostile machines that gets too close on their defenses.

“Here’s my payment for all your trouble! Also you can keep the change!”

Using the chance that the Zeta Plus and Murasames are being distracted by the SD Gundam, Usagin’s Messiah dashes forward at the leading enemy carrier ship. He is then followed by its Armored counterpart, shooting down any incoming Gunpla Duplicates that engages them in a firefight.

“Take this!”

As it gets close enough Usagin’s Tornado Messiah launches a large missile at one of the enemy ships, in an almost zero-distance range. Several Taurus units attempt to shoot the missile while a dozen of Murasames uses themselves as shields to intercept it, but the warhead explodes in a nuke-style fashion that engulfs the whole ship along with the Murasame/Taurus troops. Usagin’s Tornado Messiah barely escapes from the resulting fireball if not for the Armored Messiah’s support that’s tailing him from behind.

“All right! One down, two more to go!”

“Ghh! They’ve destroyed one of our ships!”


rUssEl, in his SD Heavyarms, continues to rain down rounds and rounds of Gatling bullets at the Murasames and Zeta Plus units that gets close to it or their ship. Conserving his missiles for prolonged long-range bombardments he resorts to using his back-mounted beam cannons as fire barrage.


As the enemy players sensed that they’re slowly being overwhelmed by the three attackers their leader commands his Gunpla duplicates to gather up and go on defensive positions protecting their ship. Aware that one of their enemies has nuclear capabilities they concentrate their fire on the Tornado Messiah to prevent it from firing its payload.

“Boss, this is getting bad!”


“Hey! Let’s use those!”


After Kumata unleashes a barrage of missiles at the Murasames that guards their target ship he then decides to charge in on a lone Taurus unit that he suspects to be their leader. However, this OZ Mobile Suit have a nasty surprise for the charging Armored Messiah.

“Take this!”

In his control panels the enemy player opens a confirmation window that says ‘Break Boost is Applied’. After hitting the ‘y’ button a Nano IC chip labeled ‘Break Decal’ activates and covers the Taurus’ frame with a dark mist-like aura.

“Imma rip ya into shredzz!”

“That won’t be as easy as what you think!”

The Armored Messiah then transforms into Battroid mode and draws out its knife, and in the moment he closes towards his target Kumata was caught in surprise when the Taurus leader counters his knife stab attack with a mean punch at the head unit. The punch had enough velocity and strength that it threw away Kumata’s machine to a considerable distance despite its overall weight.


At the same time the Zeta Plus and Murasame units also glow in an eerie dark aura, as if the Break Decal’s effect has been transmitted to every single enemy Gunpla on the field. Their eye cameras glow in a dark red color that makes them look even more menacing.


“These things don’t really come cheap but... oh well, we’ve got one hell of a prize waiting in front of us!”


With the enemy machine’s stats dramatically increased, they began to move in an erratic way of flying, making them a bit tougher targets for the Assault Team to take down. The remaining two enemy ships also had their capabilities enhanced by the illegal data manipulating mod, with their durability and defenses increased significantly as evidenced by the Tornado Messiah’s two nukes didn’t even scratch its paint-job.

“Tch, they’re Mass Divers too!?” rUssEl exclaimed as his SD Heavyarms opens its missile compartments readying for any unexpected enemy movements.

“I should’ve bought that Konig Monster kit I saw the other day...” Usagin thought to himself as he stares at the horde of enemy units in front of them.

Kumata then interjected with, “Ya know wat dis meanz, right boyz?”


“Captain, it’s ready!”

“Type-AS missiles, fire!”

Back at the Vandalgion, P.K.T. ordered a missile strike at the enemy’s territory after receiving a report from rUssEl that their enemies have used a Break Decal. Lucille warned the Assault Team that a special warhead has been launched towards their location while the other two operators report to P.K.T. of the situation on the battlefield.

“Be advised! Inbound Type-AS approaching coordinates 09-03-05 ETA three-seconds! Danger close!”

“Trajectory is clear and marked!”


Meanwhile at the enemy’s side...

“Sir! We have detected several missiles launched by the enemy ship heading towards our location!”


“Shoot them down!”

Arriving at the battlefield the missiles blows up in sequence, surrounding the enemy units with pinkish to bright yellow explosions. After a few moments there are visible glittering specks of light scattered around the enemy formation. These shiny specks of light momentarily interfere with the enemy’s visuals and controls that made them a bit anxious. Both the enemy leader and his henchmen held their guards up for any surprise attacks that will pop up in front of them.

“Particle-releasing bombs?”

“Nano-Chaff explosives?”


“Heh, what a waste of effort!” One of the henchmen arrogantly announced in public chat, “Didn’t work on us, hahah!”

“Wanna bet?”

A lone beam shot from Usagin’s Tornado Messiah destroys the Murasame that was gloating earlier, effectively taking him out of the game. The rest of the enemy units were caught off guard by how easily he was dispatched by the Macross mech given that they’re using illegal mods.



“T-There’s still more of us, so don’t get too coc-Gwaah!”

“The hell...!”

Kumata’s Messiah does the next move, releasing a number of missiles at the clustered Murasames and Tauruses that protects the enemy ships. Much to their surprise the homing explosives hits and destroys their targets, as if the Break Decals had no effect at all on their machines.


The same thing happened when Usagin’s Messiah fires another MIRV at the surrounding Zeta Plus units, reducing their total numbers to just several squads of Gunplas. The enemy leader also observed that their ships couldn’t produce anymore Gunpla Duplicates after being exposed from the light particles they encountered earlier.

“Aren’t this Break Decals supposed to be strengthening our machines...?”

“No way in hell... they’ve disabled our Break Decals!?”


After witnessing this situation the enemy leader finally realizes what’s going on. Those warheads that were fired earlier had a illegal program-neutralizing particles that negates the Break Decals they were using, and he knows the only personnel who are armed with this kind of tool.

“Shit! These guys are connected with the Game Master! These players were probably in contact with one of the Administrators in charge of maintaining stability within GBN’s servers and hired them to hunt us down... Just our luck running into them...!”


The Tornado Messiah does a diving dash at the enemy formation and then launches another nuclear warhead at one of the two remaining enemy ships, at almost point-blank range. The warhead explodes in a classical high-yield yellowish fireball, completely decimating the carrier ship along with its escort units.


“Ain’t so tough without yer cheats, aren’t y’all?”


Now with only a single ship left the Taurus leader now solely focuses on protecting himself and his ship, while his minions are in complete disarray and panicking.

“It’s every man for himself! Find cover!”

“Get them!”

At the vicinity of M.C.S. Vandalgion...


“Hmph! Not even worth my time!”

Meanwhile, rUssEl had been wrecking havoc on the remaining enemy Gunplas who attempts to attack the Vandalgion, barraging them with missiles, Beam shots and Gatling rounds. He was already finishing up on his side until he encounters someone that seems to be a match for his Heavyarms Gunpla.

“Heh, so they’ve got an SD user on their side too, huh?”

His opponent, an SD Gundam AGE-FX, is charging towards him with its funnels active and beam sabers drawn out. The two exchanges a few hits, with the AGE FX overwhelms by surrounding its opponent with funnels and saber slashes while the Heavyarms counters by knife parry and missile/beam bombardments. This duel lasted for about two minutes until...

“Take this!”


The enemy SD Gundam AGE-FX glows in a luminescent aura and unleashes a vertical beam saber slash followed by a kick. rUssEl’s Heavyarms is stunned from the attack, and the AGE FX is doing vicious beam saber combos and merciless funnel attacks while at it.


“Shit! A special move!”

The SP attack lasted for about a few seconds until it ends with a dual-wield beam saber slash and the AGE FX’s eyes glows in a green light. In that moment the two units stopped moving, with the Heavyarms still in a stunned pose.



“I can’t move...”


Both players fiddled with their controls in hopes of moving their own Gunplas, but to no avail. After a few moments of silence rUssEl finally found out the cause and denounces his opponent with an accusation...

“Damn Lagger!”

“...” The SD FX user had no comeback retort against rUssEl’s defamation, as he can’t really deny his accusation.

Back at the two Messiah unit’s situation, it seems that things couldn’t get any worse. While their ship’s Gunpla Duplicate production has been halted the Gunpla Duplicates themselves can still function normally, and their numbers are still overwhelming for two units to take on themselves. What’s worse is that both Messiahs were running out of ammo and their escape route’s been cut off by enemy units.

“This ain’t good, partner! Imma ’bout to go bingo!” Kumata reported to Usagin while he steers his Armored Messiah away from enemy fire.

“Khh, At this rate...”


A large beam-like attack races between the Messiah pair and the enemy Gunplas, startling both parties at once. After it hits a certain cluster of enemy Gunpla units the high-energy beam transforms into a dark reddish sphere, sucking in any nearby objects within its vicinity before disappearing a few seconds later.

“Wh-What was that!?”

“A high-density Gravity Cannon!?”

That powerful attack came from the Vandalgion’s main cannon, mounted between its two runways, with sparks still scintillating on its large barrel. Being the most powerful and having the longest range among all the ship’s weapons, the enemy forces couldn’t help it but to be impressed by its power.

“Holy. Milking. Cow...”


“This is your chance now!” Marina immediately contacted the two Messiah pilots, “I’ll send to you a Supply Container unit to these coordinates! Hurry!”


Meanwhile at the M.C.S Vandalgion...

“Damn, they’re still being overwhelmed...!”


Isamu and Ingrid are watching the battle on the Vandalgion’s main monitor, feeling uneasy and frustrated while doing nothing on their end.

“Aren’t you guys going to provide anymore support to them?” Ingrid asks P.K.T., who is also watching the battle with them, “Your comrades are in danger, you know!”

“Other than the one we did earlier, we can’t.” The ship’s captain replied, “This ship’s still in bad shape after a lengthy battle with an out-of-control Raid Boss we encountered earlier, just before we rescued the two of you. And most of us here have logged in without our Gunplas, so they’ll have to make do.”


Finally had enough sitting around Isamu runs outside the Bridge Tower and access a nearest Teleport Pod, intending to get back to his Gunpla.

“Isamu, wait!” Ingrid followed him shortly, also getting herself swallowed by the bluish light just before it disappear.

M. C. S. Vandalgion, Mecha Hangar...

Making his way into the Mecha Hangars Isamu then saw Z-r0, tinkering with a black mech that is quite messed up like it was attacked by multiple beam swords.

“Hey, how’s our Gunpla repairs?” Isamu asks in a somewhat rude tone, which earned him a glare from the Code Geass character replica.

“If you’re planning to help them, don’t do it.” Z-r0 warned the male guest, “Your machines are still in the middle of repairs at the moment. You can’t sortie out with those damage levels on your Gunplas.”


“Take it from me, you won’t like it if you’re the one who intends to help out but ends up as a burden to the people you’re trying to help.”



Seeng Isamu’s bitter face, “...Hey, you really insist on going?” Z-r0 inquired in a curious expression, “It’s not like you’re obliged to help us.”

“You’re right, but...” Isamu replied with a wry smile, “It’s just... I can’t just let anyone take the fall of my own mistakes. I don’t like it when anyone is in trouble with my own blunder.”


“I see...”

While Isamu is already brooding over what to do, Ingrid had her eyes set on two particular machines adjacent to their own Gunplas. Z-r0 at that time already guessed what the female guest’s next question would be, and is waiting for her to say it.



“Do you think we can use those?”

“Hmph, I knew it’s going to be like this...”

Back into the battlefield, Even with their ammos replenished the Messiahs are still on a dire situation, as their machine’s durability and energy levels are reaching their limits. Surrounded and out of ideas, the only thing they can do now is to attack and evade to survive. Getting themselves shot down here means that these Mass-Divers will go after their already battered ship, destroying it and failing their true objective.

“Ya still kickin’, Usagin?” Kumata asks his partner, while his Messiah’s still loaded with heavy guns but is now stuck into GERWALK mode due to severe damages to its frame.

Usagin then responded with, “Yeah. I can at least fight back a little...” as his Battroid-form Messiah had only a Gatling gun in hand that was left in its arsenal.

“Get them!”


When they are about to be showered with colorful beam blasts, several heavy beam shots from afar destroys a number of Gunpla Duplicates that halted the Messiah pair’s doom. The overwhelming 134 Gunpla Duplicates are now reduced to almost a quarter of their forces from the sudden beam attacks.

“W-What was that!?”

Usagin then thought, “I didn’t expect Captain would sent those as reinforcements... But who’s using them?”

Stunning everyone in the battlefield is the appearance of two machines sent by the Vandalgion as reinforcements. One is a modified HG00 1/144 Exia with a modified left arm that resembles Susanowo’s arm and a 00 Qan(T)-style wing binder on its back while the other is a HG00 1/144 Dynames armed with a down-scaled Virtue’s GN Bazooka, a GN Cannon on the right shoulder and a GN Shield on the left.

“An Exia Repair IV and Dynames Repair III!?”


“Ain’t those mechs we ’bout to deliver, Usagin?”

“Yeah... And it looks like they’ll be joining in the fun!”

“You guys alright?” Isamu, piloting the Exia Repair IV, contacted the two Messiah pilots, “Leave this to us!”

“We’ll cover you! Retreat now!” Ingrid in the Dynames Repair III mows down several more Gunpla Duplicates/Mass-Divers to give an opening for both Messiahs to escape.

With the enemy’s attention shifted their focuses on the new arrivals, the customized Exia attacks head-on as the modified Dynames gives support fire from behind. Doing slice combos and dash slashes the Exia Repair IV punches through enemy formation and disrupts their chain of command, which is then supported by the Dynames Repair III by firing rapid hi-energy beam blasts at the enemy’s flanks.

“Hey Usagin! I ain’t sittin’ diz one out after hearin’ all zat!”

“I know! Let’s go all out!”

With reinforcements arrived, the whole situation’s have gone into a 180 degree angle. Having the four of them working together the remaining Gunpla Duplicates/Mass-Divers steadily decimated in numbers until they’re all wiped out, and with the anti-illegal code particles still in effect the lone enemy ship’s destruction is inevitable as it can’t defend itself from beam shots and missiles showered at it.

“God damn it...Goddammit!”

The last enemy ship explodes in a blinding bright pink light that illuminates the whole battlefield, with the voice of the enemy commander’s frustration echoed out like waves in the sea. Confirming that no other hostile units are active in the area they all shouted their own cheers of victory.

“A’right! they’re toast!”

“Heh, they’re just pushovers after all!”

“We did it, Ingrid!”


While they’re celebrating to their victory the Vandalgion appears behind the four combatants, and are then retrieved one by one with the help of a few Karel maintenance machines deployed by the ship.

“Hey... What about me?” rUssEl whined loudly, as he is still stuck along with his opponent due to the AGE FX’s special move bug.

GBN Lobby Tower

After docking at GBN’s Lobby Tower P.K.T is talking to an avatar that looks like an SD version of the Gundiver, exchanging info using a digital panel, and the former handing over a recording Microchip of sorts to the latter.

“As requested, we have delivered 30 Guard Frames to this terminal. Please check them out for any anomalies you found, and we’ll fix them in any way possible.”

“I have doubts on how you’ll do that but, good work.”

“And also...”


“Here’s my report on the latest appearance of Mass-Divers we’ve encountered. Fortunately enough those newly developed Anti-Illegal program missiles worked perfectly.”

“I see. Keep me posted.”


Meanwhile on the other side of the Lobby, escorted by some of Vandalgion’s crew Isamu and Ingrid are greeted and reunited with their other Force members waiting for them at the Receiving Area. These avatars resemble the Trinity siblings in Gundam 00 but having inverse character design color pattern.

Upon seeing them, “Farnese, Gouldin and Shimwrah?” Ingrid uttered in a startled tone.

“Thank goodness you two made it...”

“We’re so worried all this time...”

Xenny then interjected, “They’re the ones who requested us to rescue you from those bandits, and the ones who will receive those two machines you used previously.”

“I see...”

“We’ve been given an initial data about where your Force have been ambushed by those Mass-Divers, so using that we traced the two of you all the way to Server 11.” Lucille reported, “You should really thank your comrades for looking out for you~”

“That figures... so that’s why you found us so fast right after we’ve been defeated...”

“Thank you so much, guys.”

“Looks like we’ve fulfilled our other objective as well.” P.K.T. suddenly appears and abruptly interrupts their conversation, “Good work, everyone.” praising his crew.

“Mission Complete, right?”


Facing the guests and their companions P.K.T. then said, “Well then, seems this is goodbye now.” and later notions his crew to follow him.

“I see, thank you again.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

As P.K.T. and his crew are about to leave, Isamu gives him one last question.

“By the way...”


“Will... we meet again?”

Hearing this P.K.T. stopped in his steps, and stood still for a moment. A few seconds later he faces Isamu with a smile and said-

“Maybe...Maybe next time...”

The next scene shows the Vandalgion departing from the GBN Lobby Tower, with Isamu and his Force members looking at the ship on a Tower’s observation deck.

“Next time, huh...” Isamu murmured to himself, “I’m looking forward to it...”

Episode 1 end

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