Save Me

Chapter 2

Chapter 2! Disclaimer: I don't own anything Cassandra clare wrote!

Clary eventually got off the floor and shuffled over to her bed. Her bed was pushed up against the window, the cool air around the window seeped into Clary's hot skin, making her burning skin feel slightly better. Clary looked out the window at the empty apartment across from her. She knew that it was inevitable that someone, whether it be Valentine or Jonathan, was going to come back to her room. With that in mind she carefully picked herself up off the bed and walked into the bathroom connected to her room. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her dull green eyes stared lifelessly back at her as her eyes roamed down to the bruise that was picking up past her tee shirt. She pulled her shirt up to revealed her tiny bruised stomach. Clary went over to her closet and grabbed a hoodie. She quietly opened the door and looked down the hall. She didn't see anyone close so she quickly went to the front door.

Clary pulled the hood over her head, walking with her head bowed to the wind. She walked down the streets of New York until she reached a small café. She looked up at the sign, 'Taki's' she shrugged and walked in, sitting at an empty booth. She played with the fringe of her sweater until a waitress came over to her, hand on hip.

'Can I help you?' she demanded.

Clary looked down at the menu the girl was shoving in front of her face.

'Just a coffee please.' She waitress just sighed as she walked away.

Clary turned her attention back to the fray in her sweater shirt. She looked up again when she heard the door chime open. Possibly 3 of the most beautiful people in the world entered the restaurant. Two of them had black hair, she assumed that they were siblings because the girl and boy both shared the same black hair and face structure, the only difference was that the girl had brown eyes and the boy had piercing blue eyes. What took her breath away was the other boy with them, he had golden blonde hair and liquid gold eyes. His hair slightly curled at the ends, that ended at the bottom of his neck. Clary didn't realize that she was staring at them until the waitress cleared her throat. She looked at the waitress who was holding her coffee looking at her with impatience.

Clary slowly finished her coffee trying to make up time before she had to go home.

'Jace, come on, it won't be that bad here.'

'Izzy, come on. There is like no hot girls here.' Jace , Clary assumed replied. Clary looked over slightly, it was the boy with blonde hair. Izzy was the name of the black haired girl.

'Guys, come on. We haven't even seen the loft yet.' Izzy's brother said.

'Alec, come on stop being so optimistic.' The rest of their conversation was drown out when Clarys phone started to buzz. She looked down at her phone and gasped at the time. It was almost 8 o'clock at night! Her father was going to kill her if she was home late. Clary threw a couple of bucks onto the counter and stood up. She quickly walked into the cold New York night. Clary didn't look back as she walked down the street.

When she got back to the loft she quickly walked down the hall to her room. She shut the door and let out a sigh of relief, she had made it back unscratched. Clary laid down on her bed looking out her window, watching as shadows moved though the loft across from her. She lifted herself off the bed slightly looking through the window.

She was just about to lay back down when the window opened and she locked eyes with the golden boy from the diner.

Hey guys this is just a filler for the next chapter, I needed some way to introduce jace, alec, and izzy. Anyway I know that it is a short chapter but people really wanted me to continue so I wrote a short chapter to keep you guys interested until I can write more, R&R


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