Save Me

Chapter 3

Jace walked to his new loft with his adoptive siblings Alec and Isabelle. He didn't want to have to move, not again but whatever. Hopefully he wouldn't be staying in this place to long anyway. Jace unlocked the door to the empty, cold loft. He walked into a bedroom that was farthest away from all the others. As much as he loved Alec and Izzy, he needed his space. He walked into a pretty spacious room, looking at the bed that was sitting in the corner and a tiny closet by the door. It smelt like fresh paint and dryer sheets. Jace sighed. It would do. Jace saw a flash of red out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head to the window he locked eyes with the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

She was looking at him with startled eyes. Her emerald green eyes grew even larger as she realized he was staring back at her. Jace smirked at her, she had curly fiery red hair, and pale skin with freckles on her nose. She blushed and looked away. Jace smiled. This place wasn't going to be as bad as he thought.

Clary looked away from Jace as he smirked at her. The empty apartment that she had always looked at was now being lived in by the hottest guy she had ever seen. She stayed in her room the rest of the day. One, because she was avoiding her father and Jonathan, and two because she was curious about the new people in the apartment across from her. She sat on her bed with her head bowed, her sketch book in hand. She stared at her sketch book with her brows furrowed. Ever since her mother died she wasn't able to draw anything. Every time she tried to sketch or paint or even doodle she would mess something up.

Ugh! She tossed her sketchbook on the floor in frustration. She pulled her fingers through her hair trying to avoid the growing sense of anxiety that was bubbling in the pit of her stomach.

She put her head in-between her knees breathing deeply trying to calm herself. Her anxiety only grew when her door slowly opened to reveal Jonathan standing in her doorway.

'what do you want Jonathan?' Clary snapped. She was not in the mood for him to push her around today.

He slowly walked over to her, almost like a predator stalking its prey. 'You know Clarissa, I didn't think it was right at first. When Valentine started hitting you, but now I can tell that you deserve it.'

Clary stared at him as her came and sat beside her on her bed. He lifted his hand to her face to brush a strand piece of her hair away from her face, then left his palm resting against her cheek.

'You deserve it Clarissa, you're weak. You shouldn't be so vulnerable. It's your fault too, that mum left. Even when I was little I hated you for taking her away from us. From me.'

Clary pulled away from Jonathan. 'Mum left because Valentine is crazy and abusive' Clary immediately regretted saying that as her neck snapped to the side as Jonathan back handed her. She fell back onto the bed as she cradled her throbbing cheek. Jonathan quickly flipped her onto her back as he straddled her hips, resting all his weight on top of her. He put his hand back on her red cheek.

'You're so pretty Clarissa.' He started to trace the outline of her lips with a finger.

'Really, it's a shame that we're related. But then again, why should it matter?'

Clary was frozen in fear, all she could think of was thank god Jace had left his room. Her breathing hitched as Jonathan brought his face closer to hers. So close that she could feel his breath tickling her face. He brought his forehead to rest against her's as she struggled to get out form underneath him. Clary tried to push his back to throw off his balance. It worked slightly because his forehead left hers. Jonathans eyes darkened in rage. He grabbed her hands in his fists, pulling them up above her head. Clary started to breath heavily as she again struggled to get out from underneath him.

'Jonathan! Stop, get off me!' Clary tried to kick him but her legs were stuck under him. He smacked her again, laughing as her cheek began to bruise. She went limp feeling the fight leave her.

Jonathan bent down to her face, placing his lips near her ear, 'Do you really think I would like someone like you?' with that he got off the bed and walked out of the room.

Clary lay on the bed not moving. Her cheek throbbed and her heart was beating a hundred miles an hour. She slowly got off the bed and went to her door, shutting it and turning off the light. She crawled back into bed with her back to the window. What she didn't notice was a certain blonde haired boy that was standing at the window watching her.

Jace left his room after packing for a while to get some food. Izzy had ordered Chinese because for the life of her she couldn't cook. He ate hurriedly then retreated back to his room. He quietly shut his door and resumed putting away his stuff. His window was open letting a slight breeze into the room when he noticed movement from the bedroom across from him.

He turned to look out the window, smirking at the red head who had just thrown her sketchbook at the floor. His smiled slipped from his face when a boy walked into her room. Of course she had a boyfriend, why wouldn't she? He didn't want to keep watching, in fact he felt quite creepy staring at them as he approached her from the door. The boy seemed to be having a one sided conversation with the red head as he sat down on her bed. He was about to turn away and finish unpacking when her boyfriend smacked her. He flinched at the force of it. She fell onto the bed. Jace stared in open shock, would someone ever hit her? He watched as the guy straddled her. Jace came to the realization, by the way that red was struggling against the guy that the guy was either an abusive boyfriend or not a boyfriend at all. He watched as he hit her again before leaning down to whisper something in her ear. He laughed and got up quickly leaving the room. Jace stood leaning against the window as red, as he decided to name her until he could figure out her real name, went to bed.

He was going to figure out what just happened.

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