Save Me

Chapter 4

Clary woke on Monday morning to her alarm clock blaring. Why was it going off? It was summer, why did she even set an alarm? She sat there for a minute before it sank in that the last day of summer was yesterday and today was her first day at school. Clary rolled out of bed and began her morning routine, which included putting on clothes, a tiny bit of makeup and grabbing a coffee before she headed out the door. 10 minutes later she walked up the front steps of Alicante high. She looked around the overly populated and very expensive looking high school, not a face in sight that she knew. She began up the steps and went to the front office. Clary quickly grabbed her timetable and locker number and departed the stuffy office. She had quite a while before first bell so she wandered over to her locker leisurely. When she found her locker she opened it and shoved her books inside. She looked through her bag, until she heard the locker next to her open. She turned her head slightly and met eyes with the black haired girl from the diner, Isabelle.

She smiled, 'Hey, I'm Isabelle, but you can call me Izzy.'

'Clary.' She smiled back.

'So Clary, are you new here too?'

'Yeah, it's my first day. I don't really know anyone, in fact you're the first person to talk to me yet.'

'well then I hope I made a good impression.' Clary laughed, she liked Isabelle.

'Yeah me and my 2 brothers just moved here a little while ago, well yesterday actually.'

Clary just smiled, she didn't want Izzy to know that they were neighbours yet, just in case their friendship was short lived.

'Oh hey, come meet them!' Izzy grabbed Clarys arm and dragged her about 6 lockers down from them to where two tall boys were standing.

Clary knew already that the blonde haired one was Jace and the boy with black hair was Alec, she remembered their faces from the diner, and well Clary shared a room opposite of Jace too. Isabelle marched over to the two guys who seemed to be having a heated discussion about who was supposed to pack the pots.

'Jace, man I'm telling you, it was on your list not mine!' Alec stopped when he saw Isabelle approaching them with a slightly dazed looking Clary dragging behind her.

'Guys,' she smiled. 'This is Clary, she's my locker neighbour.'

Jace looked at her for a minute. 'That's not the only neighbour she is.' He muttered under his breath, thankfully Isabelle didn't hear it.

Alec shoved his hand out towards Clary. "I'm Alec.'

Jace just nodded at her 'Jace.'

"I'm Clary, nice to meet you. Iz, seeing as I have no idea where I'm supposed to be going, I'm going to go try to find my class room now.'

Isabelle grabbed her schedule from her hands before she left.

'Oh look I have 2nd, 4th and 5th with you, you have 1st 3rd and 5th with Jace and 4th with Alec. We all have the same lunch too! Awesome, wanna sit with us?'

Clary smiled, nodding her head.

She turned to walk down the hall when Jace causally stepped into line with her. She looked over at him and smiled.

Jace smirked as he caught her staring at him, 'Clary, I know I'm attractive but seriously you don't need to stare.'

Clary just stared at him even more, now disgruntled with his cocky attitude. She was about to say something back when they reached their class and the bell chimed. She hurried into class and took a seat as far away from the board as possible.

She looked down at her time table as Jace slide into the chair next to her.

1st period: World History

2nd period: Visual Art

3rd period: Music and Technique

4th period: Grade 12 Mathematics

Lunch Break

5th period: Principles of Science

It didn't look that bad, her only weak point was math and even then she was strong in it. Art and music were definitely her best subjects. She felt a small thrill as she realized that she had 3 classes and lunch with Jace.

She sat back and looked at the board as the teacher started his lesson on history.

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