Save Me

Chapter 5

Clary looked at the clock for the fourth time that period before shifting in her chair again, it seemed that history was going to be her boring class. She turned her attention back to the board to finish copying the note the teacher had left for them to write. As she finished her note she felt Jace turn his gaze on her, like he had been doing all period. She felt herself blush under his gaze but kept her stare at the front of the room. Her hands started to itch with the need to draw something. She looked down at her notebook before opening a blank page. She put her pencil to the page and began to draw smooth lines, curving them this way and that. She was just shading in the last section when she looked down at what she had drawn. A beautiful rose had blossomed out of her boring lined paper, its vine twisting around itself and down to the bottom of the page. She was looking at it when a crumpled piece of paper landed on her desk. She around until her eyes landed on Jaces smirking face, she looked back down at the note unfolding it.

What are you drawing? And not paying attention? Clary I'm shocked, the cold war is thrilling.

Clary looked at the teacher before hastily writing a reply.

Don't you want to know. And need I mention I am already done the note and I'm guessing you're not.

She quickly lobbed it back to Jace who looked down with an amused expression. It wasn't long before the not landed back on her desk.

I really do. Who needs to copy down the note when ill just borrow yours tonight?

It landed on Clarys desk with a soft thump just before the teacher looked in her direction

'Ms. Fray, are you done the note?'

'Yes sir.'

'And you Lightwood?'

Jace just nodded.


Yeah when we go on our date


Are you okay Clary? You don't seem to be able to grasp anything I'm saying.

Oh shut up Jace, and for your information, I'm busy tonight

Yeah busy going on a date with me

Clary looked at Jace, she really did want to go out with him tonight but her dad would beat her to no ends if she went out.

Jace, I can't go out tonight.

Clary peaked at Jace form the corner of her eye, he was scribbling away on the tiny scrap of paper. Thankfully the bell rang before Clary had to make more excuses. She got out of her desk and hastily grabbed all her books. She was about to leave before she turned to Jace, who was lazily getting out of the chair and put the picture she drew on his desk. He looked at her then looked down at it. She turned and left the class before seeing his reaction.

Jace looked down at the sheet of paper that Clary had just put on his desk. There was a beautiful rose that covered roughly 3 quarters of the page sketched on it in pencil. Jace was impressed, it was amazing. It looked like it was real, he could almost smell it. Then he realized he was late for his next period. He casually walked towards his next class, his mind to stuck on his new red headed friend.

The rest of the day past in a blur, Izzy and Clary sat together in art, music she sat with Izzy and Jace, in 4th period she sat beside Alec, lunch they all sat together and again in science she sat with Izzy and Jace. By the time she realized school was over, she couldn't even complain about her day. She had a great day at school. She loved talking with Izzy, and Alec, even though he didn't talk much. Jace though. Clary couldn't get her mind off Jace, the way that he could so easily get under her skin. She also knew that sooner or later he would bring up the fact that they are neighbours but for now he didn't. they would find out tonight when they walk to the same building. When the final bell rang Clary walked towards her locker with Isabelle and Jace. He stopped at his locker to gather his stuff when Clary and Isabelle kept walking to theirs.

Clary rummaged around in her locker before pulling her bag out and shutting the door. She put her backpack on her shoulder, wincing slightly at the weight against my tender body. I turned to wave good bye to Izzy when Jace came up behind us blocking my path to the door.

'Where are you going Clary?'

'Home Jace, I don't intend to sleep at school tonight.'

She tried to side step him to leave but he just stepped in front of her.

'We'll give you a ride. Besides you do live right beside us after all.'

She was about to respond when there was a shriek from behind her. She turned to look at Isabelle, ignoring Jaces smug face.

'You live beside us?'

'Yeah I guess so.'

Isabelle squealed again, wrapping her arms around Clarys neck.

'This is going to be so much fun!'

Clary climbed into the back seat of the car with Jace while Isabelle got shot gun and Alec drove. Once the car was started Isabelle flipped through the radio stations until she found a song she liked. Some nights by Fun blared through the car. Jace leaned towards her motioning her to do the same thing. Clary leant towards Jace, it was far too loud in the cra to hold a normal conversation.

'So Clary, do you have a boyfriend?'

'Is this your attempt to ask me out on a date?'

Jace blushed but quickly replaced the embarrassed look with his usual cocky mask.

'Please. If I was asking you out, you would know.'

Clary rolled her eyes, 'Whatever.'

Clary grew silent the closer they got to the apartment block, and Jace noticed. He kept glancing over at Clary as she fidgeted in her seat, a habit Jace knew, even from only a day, that she did when she was nervous. Isabelle pulled into the parking lot as Clary looked out the window. She froze when she saw Jonathans car in the parking lot. She got out of the car and watched as he did the same thing. Jace saw her watching Jonathan.

'So that's your boyfriend?' he wanted to know, especially after what he saw the other night.

'No, my brother.' Clary whispered.

Isabelle looked over at him, eyeing him from head to toe. She whistled.

'Damn, that boy is fine. I wouldn't mind a piece of that cake.' She laughed.

Clary whipped her head toward Isabelle, she didn't care if he hurt her but she had no idea how he treated girlfriends and that was one ship she didn't want Izzy to be on.

'He has a girlfriend.' She lied. Izzy looked disappointed but Clary didn't care. If she had to lie to keep Izzy safe she would.

Jonathan turned his head and saw Clary, making eye contact with her he started to walk towards her and her group of friends. Clary, seeing this, threw a hasty goodbye to the 3 of them and walked quickly to her brother. Grabbing his arm and leading him into the building. She turned her head and watched as Jace, Isabelle, and Alec walked into their own building. (a/n okay I don't know if I explained this but their apartments are side by side, so Clarys room is directly across from Jaces. To give perspective, their windows are close enough that someone could climb to the other persons room. Which will happen later on in the book. Sorry as I was writing this I realized it probably confused people)

Once they had got inside the building Clary let go of Jonathan, she flinched when she looked at him. She could almost feel the anger coming off him. a walked up a couple of flights of stairs to their apartment, when the door was shut and nothing had happened Clary relaxed. Bad move. Jonathan whirled around and grabbed her shoulders.

'Who were they?' he asked in a deadly calm voicethat Clary knew he only used when he was trying to repress how mad he was.

She gasped as his grip on her shoulders increased. 'They're just friends I met at school.'

'If they were just friends why didn't you introduce me?'

'T-they were busy….they had to get home.'

Jonathan threw her to the ground, her arms catching her in an awkward half laying half sitting position. She looked up at Jonathan just as his hand came down to back hand her. He used so much force that her head snapped to the side, no doubt leaving a burning red imprint on her cheek. She gasped as pain shot through her face. Jonathan gripped her shoulders to pull her up in front of him. He smirked when he saw a bruise forming already on her cheek. He brought her face closer to his.

'You know what makes you so pathetic Clary?'

He looked at her waiting for her to respond to him, when she didn't he shook her ba0ck and forth. She shook her head.

'It's because you don't fight back. You don't even try to fight for your pathetic life.' With that he threw her back onto the ground, this time her side painfully connecting with the hard floor. It felt as if her hipbone had split in two. She lay there for a while with no energy to get up, she knew that Jonathan was wrong, and he was wrong to hit her but in the back of her mind she also knew that he was somewhat right. She fought back at first until she realized it just made it worse so she stopped. Was she giving up by not fighting back? Was she really as pathetic as Jonathan said? Yes she was. Eventually when she had heard snoring form jonathans room she picked herself up off the ground and went into her room. She didn't want to but she walked up to her vanity table, where a large mirror stood. She flinched when she saw her face. She had splatters of blue and black already forming across her right check. Thank god it wasn't close enough, or hard enough to give her a black eye but she definitely couldn't cover this bruise with makeup. Clary slowly lifted her finger tips to brush them against her cheek, wincing at the pain even the lightest touch caused. She was still looking at her cheek when she heard a rapping noise coming from her window. She whirled around to see Jace poking his head out of his window and knocking on hers. She slowly went over to her window and pulled it open.

'You know, you don't seem all that busy. I thought you said- ' he paused when he saw her face, his eyes taking in the bruise on her cheek. She quickly turned away.

'Clary. What happened?'

Clary laughed trying to hide her nervousness. Out of all the rooms why that one? Why did he have to pick the room right beside hers?

'I fell on some water that someone spilt on the stairwell.' Jace looked at her quizzically for a minute as if he was trying to figure out whether or not she was lying. She was of course but he didn't know that. He seemed to have dropped it because he said 'so seeing as you're not actually doing anything, do you want to go grab a bite?'

Clary looked out her door to where her brother was asleep in his room and was about to say yes when she heard the front door open and slam shut. Her dad was home. She glanced again panicked at the door before turning back to Jace.

'I'm sorry, I can't. Not tonight.'

'Well alright, your loss.' He said before turning away from the window. But he looked back again.

'See you later Red.'

She smiled as she shut her window and watched him grab some money and leave. She really did want to go with him but there was no way she was getting around her father. This was proven to be true when her father came crashing through her door with a drunken look of anger on his face. She back into the wall, waiting for the pain to start.

Jace replayed Clarys face in his mind over and over again. He had gasped when he saw it, her right cheek was splattered with blue and black bruising and she looked quite startled. He had seen her leave earlier with her so it seemed brother. Know that that guy wasn't Clarys boyfriend for some reason made him feel better, almost giddy. But seeing Clary not even ten minutes later like she was had taken that feeling away. He knew that Clary didn't slip on water in the stairwell, she was lying. He was starting to piece things together, and he WAS going to figure out what was happening.

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