Kitty Gone Bad (Miraculous Ladybug)


Adrien thinks he should be a regular teenager like his friends, so he sneaks out his father's home and lives life on the streets of Paris

Action / Fantasy
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The Thought

Adrien woke up at three in the morning, tired as usual, over photo shoots and other things his father made him do, without his suggestion. As usual, his father never listens of what he wants, not a single word. He just a cold-hearted father who cares about his son less, and work more. This angered Adrien, making him want to skip the photo-shoots arranged for him. He wants to be a regular teenager, not a FAMOUS teenager. People would want his life in a heartbeat, but not including him. His life was terrible without his mother by his side, let along his father as well. he got dressed and left out his room to eat his already-made breakfast. Always as usual, his father is not sitting at the dinner table, but in his office, working on a new fashion design for his company.

His assistant Natalie approached him and coldly pronounced, “Adrien, you leave in ten minutes after you finished your breakfast to school. You will then be picked up at twelve in the afternoon for your photo-shoot for Mr.Raphael's campaign for the best teenage model in all of Paris. Understand?" He nodded his head sadly, causing his curious assistance to question, "What's wrong, Adrien?" She showed no emotion whatsoever. He answered, "Nothing, Natalie, I just want to be like a...regular teenager. I'm sixteen, and I don't have a job." Natalie then scrunched up her face, seeming like she didn't like that idea, then retorted, "Why, Adrien, you do have a job--" He interrupted, "A REAL job, Natalie. A paying one. I want to hang out with my friends everyday, get ice cream from Andre's. Can't I do that?" Natalie then shown a little stroke of sadness on her face, it washed over her. "I'm sorry, Adrien--" He then grabbed his bag in anger and replied, "See you, Natalie..."

He walked out the door, slammed it and proceeded to the car where his body guard, Gorilla was. He angrily went in the car and slammed the door. The Gorilla looked at him crazy, and grunted. Adrien shrieked, "GO!" Hot tears was flooding his eyes, his head feeling hot. The Gorilla then proceeded to drive Adrien to school. He mumbled, "Faster..." The Gorilla grunted questionably. Adrien then wailed, "Faster, you growling IDIOT!" The Gorilla was furious of how Adrien was acting, but he obeyed his command. He then arrived at school, tears finished dropping down his burning cheeks. he wiped his cheeks, and apologized to Gorilla. "I'm sorry for acting like this, Gorilla. Forgive me?" The Gorilla grunted acceptably, molding Adrien's lips to a slight smile. He waved good bye, and headed into the school.

He saw Marinette in his vision and waved sadly at her before heading into the classroom, but Marinette wasn't having it. She grabbed Adrien by the shoulder and quarreled, "Adrien, why are you acting like this? What happened?" Adrien brushed off her shoulder and uttered, "Not right now, Mari..." Marinette then felt hurt, but tried again. Soon as she entered the classroom , along with Adrien, she grabbed him by the hand, spinning him towards her and insisted, "Adrien, tell me what's wrong, please..." In her mind, she was saying, "What the hell am I doing?! Don't worry, just pretend he's Chat Noir, Marinette. You're fine..."

She then heard Adrien's comeback, "It's my life, is... empty without purpose. Is my only purpose in life is to take pictures, put in fashion shows, and other bullshit? I think my life has more to it than being famous, Mari." Marinette was speechless, didn't know how to respond, but she stuttered out, "W-well, you have us, your friends. Y-you're not not alone, Adrien Agreste, you have Nino, Alya, and me, your Mari." He was shocked at her words speechless, his cheek began to glow a bright red, and gotten hotter. "T-thanks...?" Marinette then formed her frown into a bright smile, that made Adrien blush even harder than before. She walked to her seat, next to Alya and Adrien walked to his seat, next to Nino.

"Did she just...make me...BLUSH?"

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