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《 p l e a s e d o n ' t t a k e m y s u n s h i n e a w a y 》 when he heard that he would be attending the same school as the quiet boy who would often play a soft melody on the piano that he really liked, he was more than happy. He really hoped that he could become good friends with Yoongi, only it seemed to him as if Yoongi didn't like him at all.

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: you are always everywhere. But I wish you were here right now.

P r o l o g u e ° S U N S H I N E °

Min Yoongi

“Good morning class! Its always a great way to start off your day with..

Literature!” Their teacher screamed, her voice obnoxiously sarcastic. The children groaned in distaste as they slothily moved their hands to open up their notebooks to start taking notes on everybody's most hated subject- Literature.

Yoongi too, just like everyone else, opened his notebook, his eyes traveling to a certain genius in the class who already had his notebook open. The teacher, Mrs.Kim looked at the mentioned genius while smiling, the corners of her eyes wrinkling.

“Why wont anybody in this class be like Jimin! Look at him, always in the top of the class and such a good student!” Mrs.Kim proceeded to yell at the class. Her initial sarcastic tone diminishing. Yoongi rolled his eyes at the petite little boy (well he could say the same for himself because he was just as small) in the front of the class, his cheeks probably dusted with pale pink due to the mentioning of his name by the teacher.

Yoongi didn’t like him very much.

Jimin was the boy who was good in everything. Literally everything. He was good in studies, sports, music and was very friendly, even to a shy Yoongi who made himself often appear as if he was the most rude person in the class.

It didn’t help that both their parents knew each other for they were neighbors. It placed a heavy burden on Yoongi to prove to them that he was a good child, whatever the hell that was. He’d find himself comparing everything he does to the perfect little boy in the front of the class.

They were only nine year olds. It wasn’t a time for them to be burning with jealously at each other. But every time Jimin walked over to Yoongi’s desk and asked him if he would mind eating lunch together with him and yoongi would brush off Jimins kind offer, he’d find himself cursing the damned little child. Why was Jimin so kind to him? Why was he so kind to everyone?

Why wasn’t he wailing and crying about how his father beats him every single night? Why was he pretending as if those bruises he had gotten was from accidentally falling off his bike but his drunkard of a father projecting every inch of his frustration on the young kid?

Yoongi didn’t like Jimin at all. But he for sure knew that the reason wasn’t because of petty envy.


P r o l o g u e ° S U N S H I N E °

Park Jimin

Jimin wasn’t really fond of the school. As a child, he only had two environments to grow up in ; the school and his home. His home was already one hell of a nightmare and his school wasn’t any better. Jimin as a whole didn’t like the idea of going to school so suddenly after being homeschooled for so long. The idea frightened him. But when he heard that he would be attending the same school as the quiet boy who would often play a soft melody on the piano that he really liked, he was more than happy. He really hoped that he could become good friends with Yoongi, only it seemed to him as if Yoongi didn’t like him at all.

Yoongi was a boy who would sit at the back of the class, seeming to be glaring at everybody but really, he was just a tad bit lazy and maybe sleepy too.

Jimin knew that Yoongi knew how to play the piano. He’d play it every night and Jimin from the wide open window at his house would listen attentively to the same melody being played over and over again.

It was like an escape for Jimin somehow. The quiet boy and his soothing melodious piano playing was a way of escaping the tormenting world. Jimin was only a seven. Yet, he thought and perceived the world in such a rational way that no other seven years old could ever. It could be said that he was all grown up and maybe it was because of the early homeschooling he received or the fact that he had skipped two grades when he went to public school for the first time that his mind was maturing faster than any other youngster’s.

He wanted Yoongi to at least talk to him nicely. He liked Yoongi, he liked Yoongi a lot.

He liked Yoongi because of the song he played on the piano which he could hear clearly from his bedroom (if the window was open)

You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy. When skies are grey. You’ll never know, dear. How much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.

He had learnt his first nursery rhyme at the age of five when he went to school for the first time. In the beginning he fumbled with his words over the enchanting song while the rest of the classmates lazily sang the song as if it was a song they had been singing all their life (They did.) And the flame of excitement had died down already.

But Jimin was soon able to catch up and he found himself humming the tune every now and then. He liked the song.

But it wasn’t because he really liked the song, he liked the song because Yoongi played it every time and he assumed Yoongi liked it too.

What Yoongi hyung likes. I like too.

Min Yoongi, a ray of sunshine in Jimins life, whom Jimin wished would shine his entire light on him to light up his dark unforeseen world.


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