A Weekend of Camping

Chapter 2

Here goes the second chapter! I hope this one will be to your likings, so far here is no reviews but the first chapter has only been up for a couple of hours so, I will look at any reviews with suggestions and hopefully put some in the next chapter, but for right now I have a HUGE craving to keep writing and I just can't wait , just to let you know I tend to get writers block sometimes in the middle of a story so if I don't update for a while that is probably the cause. Anyway here is the second chapter, hope you like it!

Clary walked over to Jace who was swearing angrily at a piece of wood, Clary caught 'why won't you light, you stupid piece of wood' and also 'burn! Burn now damnit.'

Clary sat on a chair beside Jace who became quite still shooting daggers at the fire pit.

'Jace , have you ever made a fire?'

'I'm hot enough there's no need for a fir when I'm around.' He looked up at her with irritation written clearly across his face. Clary giggled.

'Do you want some help?'

'No! I can do it by myself. ' Jace snapped. Clary looked down at her feet silently. Jace looked at her, regret in his eyes before turning back to the fire.

'Jace, are you almost done there? I'm hungry.' Isabelle complained. Jace turned to look at her from where he was crouching in front of the fire pit,

'Why don't you come and make the fire then?'

Isabelle held up her hands inspecting her nails 'Please, and risk chipping a nail , no thank you!'

Simon walked over to Jace and Clary 'How about I help?'

'Why? Do you think I can't do it?' Jace asked grinding his teeth.

'Jace, ' Clary said wincing 'that's not what he means.'

Jace looked over at Clary, her eyes trying to see what he was thinking. 'Fine' he muttered before getting up and walking into the tent. Clary look at his retreating figure in confusion.

Someone's grumpy.' Simon muttered.

Clary got up and followed Jace into the tent.

Isabelle sighed, Jace was clearly just jealous that Simon could do something better than he could. Jace was so used to being the best at things, and now that Simon could do one thing better than him Jace was in a huff. She got up from where she was sitting and walked over to Simon, who had already gotten a fire started and was now tending to the flames.

'Look at you go.' She murmured.

'Hey Izzy, Can I ask you a question?' Simon looked up from the fire, slightly worried.

'Yeah of course, what's up Simon?'

'Iz…do you ever think that-' he choked not wanting to finish.

'Think what Simon?'

'Do you ever think that I may bite you? I mean when we're together?' Simon glanced up nervously to see what Isabelle would say.

'Simon how could you say that? I trust you completely.' Isabelle looked over at Simon, 'Wait. Why? Did something happen? Why are you asking this?'

'No reason Izzy, don't worry. I'm just asking.'

Simon looked over at Isabelle as she scooted closer to Simon.

Jace lay in the tent feeling like the world's biggest asshole. He had just stormed out on Clary and the others in jealousy. It was one stupid fire. Why couldn't he make it? Jace lightwood, demon slayer extraordinar, couldn't make a fire. He felt bad for snapping at Clary, he could see the pain in her eyes when he yelled at her. Now he lay on the bed with his arm thrown across his face. He tensed when he heard the zipper opening, he waited for Isabelle to come in and yell at him for being rude to Simon, however when he looked up a pair of big green eyes looked down at him. Clary.

'Jace' Clary began, moving toward him. He waited for him to start yelling at him too. She came over and sat down beside him 'Are you okay?' Concern was clear on her face.

'what?' Jace looked over at her as she came to sit beside him.

'Are you okay Jace?'

'Yeah, why wouldn't I be?' Jace hoped that Clary wouldn't try to answer.

'I wonder why,' she said sarcastically 'Jace… you aren't jealous are you?'

Jace rolled over and looked at her 'why would I be jealous of the Vampire?' Jace saw Clary clench her jaw, he knew she hated when Jace, or anyone, called Simon Vampire. Right now though, he didn't care, he was mad and he didn't feel like being nice. When he was mad he was a jerk to everyone else, oh Jace knew but sometimes he just couldn't stop himself.

'Don't call him that!'

'Why not? That's who he is now.' Jace saw Clary flinch at that, he knew she blamed herself for Simon being turned into a vampire, many a nights had she cried to Jace about it. Jace knew he should stop, that he was doing enough damage but he went on anyway.

'I mean really the things he does for you, I'm surprised that he doesn't hate you, although I'm sure that will come in time. Look what you did to him, his own mother hates him.' Tears sprung in Clarys eyes.

'Jace, why are you acting like this?' she whispered looking at Jace

'Because I'm sick of being backseat to Simon! Make up your mind Clary, are you dating him or me?' Clary recoiled as if Jace had slapped her.

'How can you say that Jace? You know Simons my best friend and you know that I love you more than anything!'

'Maybe I'm not too sure about that.' The moment Jace said that he regretted it. Tears pours freely down her face. Clary looked at him for a minute then turned at ran out of the tent. 'Damn it', Jace thought rolling onto his stomach and burying his head into his pillow, 'my stupid ego'.

Simon and Isabelle sat by the fire as Clary ran past them down the path towards the beach. They had heard the whole thing. Simon was furious and Isabelle was ready to kill Jace. Simon jumped up to go after Clary when Isabelle put her hand on his arm.

He looked down 'Izzy-'

She shook her head 'No, don't, give her time. She needs to calm down. So does Jace.' she added when she saw him turn towards his tent.

Clary ran down the path that lead towards the beach. When she reached the beach she sat on a rock rubbing at her eyes. She knew that Jace was only acting so rude because he was upset that he wasn't as good at camping as Simon. She never understood why Jace was so jealous of Simon when she would only ever have eyes for Jace. Even though she knew Jace was acting out of jealousy she couldn't help but feel hurt at what he had said. She had spent months after Simon changed into a vampire crying to Jace about how it was her fault and that Simon was going to hate her, and for him to throw that back in her face.

Ugh! Clary couldn't think properly. She looked out at the slowly setting sun that was making the water glisten. Clary got up and went down the path that lead into the forest and away from their campsite, needing time to think.

Clary walked for about 10 minutes before she came into a clearing. It was beautiful, there was wildflowers growing everywhere in brilliant shades of yellow, blue, and pink. A slight breeze rustled the leafs on the trees and filled the air with a warm flower scented breeze. Clary looked around wanting to save a mental image of the clearing for later, when she felt a presence behind her. The hairs on the back of her neck tingled as she slowly turned around, expecting to see Jace.

What she saw was much worse than she could have imagined. There standing in front of her smirking, was her brother Jonathan.

He smiled at the look on her face

'Miss me sister dear?'

Hey guys! Second chapter done! I loved and didn't expect the response to the first chapter, however if you want more chapters it would really help me if you would review it, even just to say you liked it or didn't. tell me what you want to happen in the next chapters or what I should improve on. I really want to keep writing but getting reviews from people make me more excited to write and publish. This is also a shorter chapter but I didn't really have a lot of time and I wanted to get a new chapter out soon. I would have got it out sooner but my parents took the laptop for the weekend so I couldn't write anything.


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